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  1. alot of good comments here.indeed why not scream,she must be important somehow for that money.also the husband (korean) .he is holding a tanzanian passpport.that is also a strange fact.released and the chinese escape.all very strange.will be interesting to see the end result but i know it will be not known
  2. this is driving in thailand,what more can u expect.deaths and accidents everyday
  3. if it grows who knows what will happen,give the people a vote that seems the reason for the march
  4. broken toilet chuck the rubbish out.alittle clean up.not nice for the owner ,but not that bad.could be worse if walls are damaged or doors broken
  5. don,t know what happened if ctcv was one,now deleted or broken..but i would leave it alone and walk away.it maybe better for your health and holiday.you survived the attack so that is it
  6. bristolgeoff

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    if he did not run and spend time in the bangkok hilton,yinglick too.then after they time spent locked up,no problem.never will happen thou
  7. a lot of Thai baht he left it on the ground. What does he expect 5000 pound near enough.well gone by now
  8. bristolgeoff

    Agent to get Motorbike Tax Decal

    from my experience the one near the holiday inn,i have got it sorted the lot within 30 mins.that is waiting sometimes for the test at 60 baht.then the rest follows easy.not a long wait and after or before tesco for a drink and something like a baht shop to browse nearby.
  9. they seem to make new requirements without notice to get a visa.this leaves everyone guessing what can you do except check before leave
  10. it seems the bike rider did not stop a quick look and off he went to cross.a major road with trucks he should have known better and waited until clear,but this is thailand
  11. they got what they wanted maybe a bit extra for another holiday after they are better.but no taxi they will walk.take the train to the airport as well..
  12. they is alot u can do if you want.many clubs where sport is available bowls and golf.you can play bridge 4 times a week at the bridge club.chess club too.they is alot you can do apart from loi kroh rd and the boxing ring.pool league is also popular along with quizz nights at the un irish.they is a lot in cm for the expats if you want to get out
  13. they is a case now of a traveller who thought the bank insurance was enough.had a accident not her fault.worked in the travel business too.waiting in hospital now for the op and money from the go fund me page.if she had the right policy then no issue for treatment.i always have the correct insurance and check the policy,so i think it is a good idea to have it before you leave.i think they are sick of people begging for help and the hospital treating them then wait
  14. you are in the business get travel insurance,instead you go to the begging bowl like everyone else.please help me