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  1. I know one person who,s marriage finished years ago.he still gets his visa.he lives at the other end of Thailand.she has moved on.they must be a arrangement between for it to work.so he is happy I imagine the other party is too
  2. does not matter if it was rebuilt 30 years ago,you are in another country.if someone caught u in england you would have paid a price for what u done.in thailand you have to now follow their rules whatever they give you.good luck in the bangkok hilton unless the king steps in and says you are free,but you must leave straight away and never return.
  3. to be fair cm immigration is well known for problems.i know people who go 4 in the morning for 90 day reports and it could take all day or very quick.it has being like this for years.never being easy just ask any expat in cm and they will tell you a similar story or they use a visa service instead
  4. bristolgeoff

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    how many don,t have a license or anything else. 11 million fines unpaid i think they will never be paid,good for the bin only.good luck in getting the money.the only fines that are paid are the ones that farangs pay because of no scooter license .they are caught and police are they waiting for the cash at the roadside.you see it everyday.pay the money then you can and the ticket is good for 7 days.this is thailand and change takes forever as we all know
  5. with the cameras in the airport should not be hard to find out what happened.why in swimming trunks and over the top.interesting to find the facts out if that comes out
  6. It will worry the overstayers if legal all is good
  7. bristolgeoff

    NACC executive admits pulling gun on Bangkok cabbie

    he will have his reasons and nothing more heard of about what happend with the cab driver
  8. bristolgeoff

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    he is in for the knocks on the door give us money for killing our family.he has got no where to run now
  9. pay the family plenty of cash,bit more tea money to you know who.no jail time if u lucky.jobs a good one
  10. someone grassed him up after 6years he kept a low profile on the island.maybe a thail lady jealous or something happened with them.they are many more hiding as well
  11. the car owner was concerned his vehicle not damaged otherwise he calls his insurance company to assess the damage.the dead one had no helmet the green shirt at lest he had a helmet.he seemed he wanted to move into another lane not looking it seems.the one that died seemed to be going fast and could not avoid the accident.just another day in thailand
  12. bristolgeoff

    Ram Hospital Prices?

    The ram is expensive if you are the white man anytime.if you can afford it go for it.do you have insurance or something Sent from my SM-T580 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Next week in a taxi and he will be the one using no meter .just like the previous comment said
  14. bristolgeoff

    Key suspect in alleged Bt800m bitcoin scam arrested

    His passport revoked just like a few others who paid a lot for another one.they were charged but are still free and everyone knows where they are Sent from my SM-T580 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. What is the dowry needed.the family can say not needed but would,nt because of losing face I imagine Sent from my SM-T580 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app