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  1. everyone knows they are many,thousands of them.previous comment right lots of tea money in the making..i know many who don,t have a license they will be applying now i imagine
  2. really is he the one who said young thais should behave themselves in public 24/7.this is pattaya and really this goes on everywhere in pattaya.he is on cloud nine on this one
  3. not always the farang on the beach who makes it dirty.the thais will do the same too, a double edge sword for when fines may be issued .see what happens after the high season and how many fines are issued.will the beach need a clean up after that
  4. i thought it would be better to not hide it.all around the world young people do the same.if it goes underground that will be worse and then you never know what happens
  5. many have brought houses or land thru this way.they must have known now for years.closing this one as well now. my friend brought a house in cm not in his name the girlfriend only. if they come down on this she can not afford to pay the mortage either.but i imagine many in the same boat
  6. if he had first class insurance the company would not be happy to pay out millions of baht.so he can buy another and do the same.speed and brooze had alot to do with what happened,but no mention of it
  7. unless you can make the car dissappear in bkk,that will not happen.he must have rose tinted glasses to believe in 3 mths it will be sorted.
  8. not at school or a place of learning.they will do it behind closed doors now.it will not stop them
  9. it is not a bar fight this time to be shot.just don,t upset thais in a bar or music now it seems
  10. probadly would have being a interesting taxi ride if the sound was on.something out of the usual for bkk taxi ride.
  11. we all knew that it did not exist bar fines and sex sold at the bars.it was all lies to what i was told before. and seen with my own eyes.what are ladies in nana walking st doing when the bar closed looking for directions home i imagine
  12. could have being worst just a scratch on the bumper,but this time of day would have had traffic anywhere.i wonder if he had first class insurance did the rep come out and check out the damage
  13. must have being some accident or fraud to be paid that much.why did they pay out that money if they was a problem..they can hold a payment back if something wrong
  14. bristolgeoff

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    met a chap going out again must be they by now.he went to khao san rd had fun and enjoyed.his friends wanted to see as well.told them it all gone .no more of that kind of night life.they were backpacking as well.they killed off that one in thailand
  15. that is serious money and fraud.money on he will be joining a few others abroad with a new passport to boot.yingluck and takism will be new best buddies along with red bull