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  1. insurance with the policy saying scooter up to 125,also u must have a license to ride a bike in your country.simple stuff that many get so wrong
  2. who has gone missing lately or a gift to say thankyou from someone.so many stories will come out over this.all will be denied
  3. good luck in that.one thing thailand has not done to decrease in numbers just like drinking on holidays and a few others.new year is coming and people will have a guess on how many will die from drink driving.
  4. the metal post thru a part of his leg,once free he was gone because of where the metal went thru.all you can say is RIP
  5. Carnage in South Pattaya as "epileptic" man plows into people/bikes

    why was he driving if he knew his condition was bad.this is thailand,but he should have not got behind the wheel
  6. lots of motorbike groups in thailand,they are just one of many.the name hells angels carries bad thoughts among people everywhere
  7. Pregnant woman, 20, dies in Phuket motorbike accident

    one more to the total and maybe a helmet could have saved her daughter.
  8. Thailand Michelin Guide 2018 to be announced today

    street food can be very good and just as good as any restaurant in bkk.the restaurant prices are dbl or more,so i think most people in bkk would eat st food mostly
  9. he is only moving the embassy from one city to another.that is not a issue as many countries have embassies in seperate parts of the country
  10. 4-in-10 Thai Shoppers Toss Clothes After 1 Wear: Survey

    they are not expensive and many young ladies have many shoes in their wardrope and many tops along with alot others.the cost is small so one wear and put away for another time
  11. whether they like it or not some countries will not have a say when this happens.germany once again trying to control europe.but we all know that
  12. Don in dark over claim of UK passport for Yingluck

    she can not hide forever,someone will let the cat out of the bag soon.or she will show her hand.she has to do her time in the prison one way or the other
  13. not at a temple wrong place to do that.thais and farang do worse elsewhere for sure.
  14. how to kill chinese,leave the lift door open and let them push in.how stupid are these people to overcrowd a lift
  15. Swiss man gets bashed after turning off noisy bike

    he should have known better in thailand especially.i have a honda wave and i saw a couple of ladies sitting on my bike i think outside 7/11.i said something like did u ask permission or something like that this is my bike.they got off and said sorry,i said no problem.i would always ask permission to sit on someones bike or ask if i could ride it,if i knew them.this is something you don,t do not your ride.lucky it was not worse