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  1. Yingluck and Thaksin spotted shopping in Beijing

    As expected she turned up like a bad penny with the puppet master
  2. his fault because he drove up the wrong way on the road.the car driver is at fault because he is farang and if he was not there the thai person be alive still.they could be knocking on his door for money because he killed the person. all the farangs fault and nothing to do with with what the thai done on that night. that is the way it may go down as this happened to a friend of mine in a similar case
  3. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    I bet she did well in tips and what is all the fuss.coffee sales went thru the roof I bet as well
  4. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    what a location in bkk,,what will they replace it with.somebody will build a new mall or apartments there.love to be a fly on the wall when they decided to do it
  5. they known for many years their time is up.they must be careful otherwise they are caught and finished.i think many people know who they are and the police play a waiting game.they are good at that
  6. why not blame each other and hope the thai police believe them.
  7. you can prove it then not a problem,but it is all gone and your ex wife by now has sold the lot and taken you to the cleaners.hope you get it all what you lost back
  8. Butts Out: Smoking Ban To Hit 24 Thai Beaches

    day time no smoking,then the night if the thais are sitting on the beach where do they leave them.just like helmets drivers not old enough to hold a license.u see it everyday in thailand with children or whole famlies driving scooters without a care in the world.if you hit them our they have a accident you have a problem
  9. one more to the list please go to my go fund me page and help pay my bills.thanks for the cash
  10. head injury must mean no helmet or a cheap one
  11. the pickup is the most popular vehicle in thailand i imagine,people use the back of the pickup everywhere.trying to stop it will be miracle i think
  12. going up as usual
  13. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    it will look good if the numbers are down for the numbers people.still plenty of time for whatever happens thou
  14. Woman believed to be ex-PM Yingluck seen shopping in UK

    could be if true she will be moving on now for sure after the pic
  15. he has allready got good behaviour time for prison.bonus