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  1. New scam at Suvarnabhumi

    A few years ago there was a scam involving arresting anyone who picked up a bottle of Scotch and then stepped over an imaginary line on the basis that they were shoplifting. The bottom line is - don't buy anything at Suvarnabhumi as the chance of encountering problems is significant - wines and spirits at Swampy are grossly overpriced anyway. Like the Chinese tourist, mentioned above I'd probably try to neck as much as I could and then spit into the bottle. That might be a safer way of getting even with corrupt officials than trying to take photos of bent coppers. Never a good idea in a tetchy third world dictatorship.
  2. Bar Closure during funeral week

    About 20 years. Try looking up 'irony' in your favourite online dictionary....
  3. Bar Closure during funeral week

    So are bars in Pattaya and Bangkok free to disregard this 'request'?
  4. Bar Closure during funeral week

    By the way 10 years on Thai Visa. 2,000 posts about 4 per week. I like to pace myself!!!
  5. Bar Closure during funeral week

    So in summary: The rich - Makro, Tesco etc and I dare say, large hotel bars are allowed to open ( I bought a bottle of Hong Tong for emergency use in Makro this afternoon), whereas decent hard working bar owners (I have some experience of this...) are told at the very last minute -that they cannot. It was ever thus....
  6. Bar Closure during funeral week

    That depends on the establishment's 'relationship' with the local constabulary.
  7. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    I'm sure that's exactly what they're hoping for: 1. You can't register it without insurance. 2. No insurance is available therefore 3. You can't register it so 4. Lots of lovely lolly can be made from fines for not registering. Now that's the kind of law the BiB like!
  8. Past flooding has often occurred on weekends such as this - with a public holiday: all the senior officials clear off for the long weekend leaving junior minions to look after the dams. The problem being that these underlings don't have the authority or ability to know when to release water. Flooding ensues.
  9. No, he means it isn't that serious if you live in Central Bangkok lots of money has been spent diverting flood waters there - its the rest of the country that can go hang. Same old, same old.
  10. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    Fill in a very short form and....much more importantly....Pay a fee of course....which will be the point of this whole exercise!
  11. Booze sales banned on beach starting in Oct.

    One of the pleasures of life is an afternoon on Pattaya beach - child plays in water, makes sandcastles, Mum plays Candy Crush on phone, Dad reads a book, both eat some food, drink a beer or 3, have a foot massage etc, under an umbrella provided by the vendor. The whole experience costs a couple of thousand at most. Take any one of those elements away and the enjoyment diminishes. My guess is that the powers that be are planning to drive out the vendors and set up posher, more expensive kiosks - run by their mates - and paying kickbacks to the authorities.
  12. Defiance after Abhisit reprieve

    I don't know why anyone bothers to resort to the hopelessly flawed and biased legal system. Did the Red Shirt lawyers seriously think that the courts were going to convict Stormtrooper Suthep who did the elite's dirty work and paved the way for the coup, or his Geordie sidekick Abhisit?
  13. Connecting neatly into the BTS would be far too obvious! Best to build it a decent walk away like Makkasan/Petchaburi MRT. In keeping with Prayuth's wish to make Thais fitter and healthier.
  14. Which 'small airport tarmac' did you have in mind that doesn't have any promotion seeking immigration official prepared to shop someone like Yingluck. Far safer to fly from Lao.
  15. As she was from Chiang Mai, a discreet trip to the mountains of Nan, helped across the border to Laos by sympathisers then a few hours to Luang Prabang, few Dollars to airport immigration guys there and a private jet to Singapore followed by Emirates business class to Dubai would be my guess......