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  1. Although this guy is clearly sick, I'm not sure that pedophile is the right terminology. That looks more like a university uniform to me.
  2. OK, your cynicism takes a different line to mine!
  3. If you learn a foreign language you dont forget it after a couple of years! You may get a little rusty but its always with you. Unless you catch amnesia you dont forget language you acquire. In point of fact though, I was referring to the costs involved: the trip to Bangkok and I believe the 8,000 Baht cost.
  4. That is unbelievably unfair,-- if you have an English language certificate, yo don't forget that English in 2 years! This is just another ploy to stop legitimate migration by the spouses of legitimate British citizens.
  5. millwall_fan

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Medical insurance is a con. They take your premiums when your young and fit and then throw you on the scrap heap when you get older and might need to claim on it - another illusion of the American 'dream'. Thailand is becoming very expensive unless you live at the rock bottom - eating market food, drinking laew kao and living in a chicken shack. I would try Vietnam, Ban Phe Dezza - I was there in the Summer - Vung Tau a couple of hours South East of Saigon has a large expat Aussie community - mainly elderly, living out their remaining years with cheap Aussie and Vietnamese food, pretty girls who dont demand too much, amazingly cheap beer and very liberal visa policies. The only drawback that I found was that everyone smokes, which was problem but if it ticks all the other boxes for you.....
  6. millwall_fan

    Street vendors on the march in Bangkok

    This is all typical of the arrogance of the rich, the elite and the junta: In Singapore when the government wanted hawkers off the streets they built Hawkers Centres in every neighbourhood and provided decent quality fair rent stalls for the traders. Here the rich charge sky high rents for the buildings they own that place them WAY outside the rate the traders can afford, leaving them no alternative but to take to the pavements.
  7. This is all part of General Prayuth's oft stated policy to 'Bring Happiness Back to the Elite'. He has been remarkably successful on that score during his 4 years of power stolen at the end of a gun barrel. Sad for the ordinary Thais.
  8. millwall_fan

    Sunday lunch Chiangmai

    Thin pickings for Sunday lunch compared with a few years ago. I'm looking to go out for a Western lunch tomorrow. Doesn't have to be Roast Beef but most of the French places seem to close on a Sunday. Yummy is too far out of town. any recommendations for Western places in town?
  9. How can readers 'judge for themselves when the magazine is unavailable? Prawit is technically correct in that the junta didn't actually ban this edition of Time, but the distributors Asia Books and Kikonuya were simply too scared to import it.
  10. Listening to my (Thai) wife has kept our marriage going strong for 16 years. After all that time I may still only have a rudimentary understanding of the nuances (I still use that word) of the Thai thought process. You, however, clearly have none.
  11. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    The girls who were performing back then are probably the mothers of those performing nowadays! Mind you after a few beers it wouldn't really matter if it was still the mothers!!
  12. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    When I last went to Spotlight which is about 15 years ago, the gals were mostly chunky farmers daughters from Phayao!
  13. My wife says that this package shows due deference to the fact that the motorcyclist died. that it does not make light of this fact and that they were just reporting a news item in a manner that their viewers would understand. I trust that those who have jumped on their keyboards in the posts above speak fluent Thai and understand the nuances of the story from a Thai perspective.
  14. millwall_fan

    Despite stacked odds, election is essential

    Election not fair in Thailand See what happen? People drink bottle of Lao Khao. Wait till next election!
  15. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    So it looks like my informant was kind of correct but somewhat premature! When you say Spotlight is still the best Go-Go bar in Chiang Mai......isn't it the only Go-Go bar in Chiang Mai? Know ye of any others?