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  1. Completely unreasonable to enforce the pick-up and minibus rules until the unelected government provides affordable subsidised public transport for the masses who can't afford to get home any other way.
  2. cementing forces with a newspaper owned by fat-cat Thai elite shareholders is hardly a progressive move for TV, I feel. Fine to use their news content, but I'm sure most of us preferred George's stable-ish hand in charge.
  3. But I am assuming (maybe naively) that as you have found your way onto ThaiVisa and posted over 100 times, you are not a clueless tourist. Clueless tourists will always be ripped of to some extent the world over. Sure there are some rogue drivers - with anything up to 200,000 taxis in Bangkok there are bound to be a few. All I can say is that I've never had any problems. I speak rudimentary Thai, but not enough to win an argument. I've taken taxis home after a good skinful and although drivers uniformly refused to use the meter I could always find one for 100 Baht whereas the meter fare is 70B and I usually give a 20B tip, that's only 10B more than the meter. As I used to be a minicab driver in London maybe I'm a bit biased in favour of the taxi drivers.
  4. If you stand in the official queue and get a ticket you can report any driver who refuses to use his meter. I have never had a taxi from either airport refuse to use his meter in 20 years. In downtown Bangkok it happens all the time and in Chiang Mai you can't get them to use them for love nor money, but from the airports no problem.
  5. You can't really call the meter plus 50 Baht 'fleecing'. There can't be many airport to city centre journeys of equivalent length that are cheaper.
  6. Thank you all for your answers. In the end I was amazed to find that their online help lady typed excellent English and talked me through the whole process step by step. The trick as Jase the Base says is to find the not too obvious English language button. anyway all installed. Thanks all!!
  7. I have been using LibreOffice since I bought my new computer last October, but now I want to download Office 365. The problem is when I reach their website it is only in Thai and if I switch to UK-English or US-English, it won't let me enter my credit card details without a UK or US address. Does anyone know of it is possible to by Microsoft Office in Thailand and in English? Many thanks
  8. Thanks for that. I do have close relatives in UK, but they love my wife and would make no claim on my estate.
  9. My wife says that as she is my lawful wedded wife she doesn't need me to get a will as she can get probate on the strength of our marriage in order to access my bank accounts. Is she correct?
  10. I have been resident in Thailand for 10 years and yes, they offered their product to us. I was insured with them on several trips. but no longer.
  11. I have used Columbus Direct International for travel insurance for the past few years and was very happy with their products. Sadly it looks like they are the latest in the increasingly long line of companies that do not wish to do business with The Kingdom. I am going to Hong Kong and China for a week in March, does anyone have any advice as to a good replacement for Columbus. (I have done a search on TV but I'm really asking for recent personal experiences. Thanks in advance.
  12. Much as I generally like your idea of a conspiracy theory, most societies have restrictions on the sale of alcohol. One thing we can agree on though, is that it should be no business of the army. Civil society should debate and legislate for such matters in a democratic fashion. My hope for 2017 is that the rules and restrictions for New Years Eve 2018 are decided by democratically elected bodies.
  13. North Wheels is a reputable local car rental firm. Give them a call.
  14. 'The Africans'?? What are you on? so all Africans can be neatly bundled together can they? Actually I really like soi 3. The Arabs and the Africans lend a unique atmosphere to lower Sukhumvit. One of their great attractions is that they drive away the dog tossers. Which your comments tend to suggest is a group you are amply qualified to join.