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  1. Christmas Day Lunch

    I'm starting to turn my thoughts toward Christmas Dinner 2017 too! I'm quite happy to spend money on a decent buffet but would prefer somewhere with a beer-and-wine-included package as the price of a 2,000 Baht buffet can end up by spending twice that on ridiculously priced hotel plus-plus booze prices. None of the hotels seem to be advertising these on their websites, but possibly that's due to Chiang Mai's puritanical alcohol prohibition laws. Has anyone found a good buffet including alcoholic beverages? Failing a good deal in the hotels I'll probably go to one of the pubs where the food is not as good but the drinks are cheaper.
  2. New craft beer place--Nimmanhamin soi 9

    To legally brew craft beer in Thailand you have to be able to brew 10 million litres a year - which no craft beer start up could possibly manage, so they brewed in Savannaket and now some have moved to Cambodia where it is brewed by Kingdom Brewery. Effectively its a Cambodian beer with a Thai label and Thai owners. That is how the government protects the 'crap beer duopoly' -slightly more subtle than you suggest Bruce, but only marginally so!
  3. Monday 27th Nov anyone going to Mae Sai

    Why don't you take the bus? Green bus go direct. Also are you quite sure you can do a visa run at Mae Sai?
  4. Border runs

    Did you miss the sign? Or do you have evidence that it is possible to do repeat visa runs contrary to the notice? I would hate to think of anyone depending on doing a visa run there and being turned away.
  5. Border runs

    That is a misleading post. There is no connection between the two. Mae Sai/Tachilek is now a fully fledged international border. I have seen guys turned away from the border because they din't have the correct visa. When was the last time you were there?
  6. Border runs

    I've never been to Naga World in PP, but its definitely more relaxing than the casinos in Poipet. There is no sports betting at Regina where I go (great for low-rollers like me). Maybe there is at the big one a klick or tow further east. I bring a bottle or two of booze back in a rucsac each time and I have never had a fake one yet, nor have I been hassled by immigration/customs. Never witnessed your missionary story either.
  7. Which are the best highschools in CM?

    Varee has 3 programmes: The international school is the most expensive at 120,000 Baht per semester (half year), this teaches the national curriculum for England with adaptations for Thailand. The English programme teaches the Thai syllabus largely in English and costs 58,000 Baht per semester and the Thai programme which teaches in Thai with English lessons costs 28,000 Baht per semester. All three offer the M6 certificate which would be needed to gain admission to Chiang Mai University. My stepson went through the Thai programme and is now at CMU and my son is now in Varee international school.
  8. Border runs

    There is a sign, clearly posted at the Mae Sai border immigration office that states 'no more visa runners'. I go up every few months instead of doing a 90 day report because I enjoy going to the casino in Tachilek the cheap beer in the market and Western food at the border. There are scarcely any Westerners there these days and the market and bars cater to local Thai tourists rather than Farang. Mae Sai is now somewhat down-at-heel, whereas Tachilek has a certain quiet exuberance - in an almost complete volte face from a few years ago. They readily take $10 bills as the entry fee on the Burmese side so 325 Baht entry rather than 500 Baht.
  9. Namton's house has a sign above the bar saying 'my bar, my rules', those 'rules' include denying customers a lump of ice in their cider because that's what ordinary people do to Leo and he doesn't want his oh so precious little place dragged down to the level of Leo drinkers. Run by the errant son of Hi-So, drinking away daddy's fortune. Great to hear that Beer Republic has re-opened, much more fun in my opinion.
  10. I'd rather watch The Funeral than watch Baseball (or Rounders as we call it....)
  11. The general rule of thumb for drinkers in Thailand these days seems to be to always carry a decent buffer stock and furthermore have a place to hide it from ones local family.
  12. New scam at Suvarnabhumi

    A few years ago there was a scam involving arresting anyone who picked up a bottle of Scotch and then stepped over an imaginary line on the basis that they were shoplifting. The bottom line is - don't buy anything at Suvarnabhumi as the chance of encountering problems is significant - wines and spirits at Swampy are grossly overpriced anyway. Like the Chinese tourist, mentioned above I'd probably try to neck as much as I could and then spit into the bottle. That might be a safer way of getting even with corrupt officials than trying to take photos of bent coppers. Never a good idea in a tetchy third world dictatorship.
  13. Bar Closure during funeral week

    About 20 years. Try looking up 'irony' in your favourite online dictionary....
  14. Bar Closure during funeral week

    So are bars in Pattaya and Bangkok free to disregard this 'request'?
  15. Bar Closure during funeral week

    By the way 10 years on Thai Visa. 2,000 posts about 4 per week. I like to pace myself!!!