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  1. Defiance after Abhisit reprieve

    I don't know why anyone bothers to resort to the hopelessly flawed and biased legal system. Did the Red Shirt lawyers seriously think that the courts were going to convict Stormtrooper Suthep who did the elite's dirty work and paved the way for the coup, or his Geordie sidekick Abhisit?
  2. Connecting neatly into the BTS would be far too obvious! Best to build it a decent walk away like Makkasan/Petchaburi MRT. In keeping with Prayuth's wish to make Thais fitter and healthier.
  3. Which 'small airport tarmac' did you have in mind that doesn't have any promotion seeking immigration official prepared to shop someone like Yingluck. Far safer to fly from Lao.
  4. As she was from Chiang Mai, a discreet trip to the mountains of Nan, helped across the border to Laos by sympathisers then a few hours to Luang Prabang, few Dollars to airport immigration guys there and a private jet to Singapore followed by Emirates business class to Dubai would be my guess......
  5. "Got wind of the verdict". The 'verdict' was reached before this case ever got near a court.
  6. Page Of Remembrance

    I also knew Dennis for most of the 25 years I have been coming and going to CM. He was a pillar of the expat community, a real character, known and liked by everyone. I used to enjoy a beer or two with him occasionally and when I had my pub I had his trekking sticks and lemon juicers etc on consignment. The trekking sticks were his invention, but the lovely story that went with it was, If I remember correctly, from the imagination of an American friend of his. For those unfamiliar with this fine product and others that Dennis produced, take look at this video:- Dennis: I never did find those tongs you said you consigned to me...and later charged me for, ....but that, and you, were all part of my Thailand experience! Whether you go to a Great Synagogue, Great Temple or are just Resting for the first time in many a long year, may that Rest be In Peace.
  7. Access to U.K. TV Stations

    EPL is the English Premier League and is at the root of what this is all about. The premier league - fairly understandably want to protect their very lucrative TV deals a round the world including here in Thailand. True Visions, as the rights holder here in Thailand no doubt encouraged the junta to act on illegal streaming. What is annoying is that all the UK channels like BBC2 and Channel 4 have disappeared with them as they seem to have operated by the same people.
  8. Football fiasco: Two Britons, Thai accused of Premier League piracy

    It looks like Expat TV is just collateral damage in the governments main desire to close down 365 Sport so that their friends and relatives who own Untrue can keep their football income stream going. I'm not bothered about live football and never watched 365 Sport - I can go to the pub to watch any games I want, but I like watching the Beeb and Channel 4. This I am now doing for free using UKTV. It has great quality and catch up. So why have I been paying for Expat TV for the past few years? Answers on a postcard.....
  9. Thaiexpattv

    So we don't know whether this fiasco is the fault of the Brits, the European Court of Justice or the Thai junta. Not much progress on this after 142 posts on this thread. Like most things in Thailand - time will tell!
  10. Thaiexpattv

    Thanks to Thai Visa forum contributors to this thread, I do at least have a few options for watching BBC2, my favourite channel by a mile. None of them have the 9 day catch up or ease of use of Thai Expat TV. I hope it comes back because as Sparkles says, Thai Expat TV set my viewing patterns. I would happily buy a UK TV licence from over here in order to get the service back.
  11. Pheu Thai opens fire at submarine deal

    That's the clincher really isn't it! The waters off their Sattahip naval base are too shallow for subs to operate invisibly. That rather blows the navy's argument for the subs out of the water. Peua Thai are quite right. The money should be spent compensating those who lost their livelihoods when the junta shut down their streetfood and market stalls so that rich developers could cash in. It should be spent on increasing the minimum wage which hasn't risen since Peua Thai raised it several years ago. And it could be spent on providing soft loans for small businesses now that there has been a clampdown on loansharks.
  12. Songkran festivities watered down

    Completely unreasonable to enforce the pick-up and minibus rules until the unelected government provides affordable subsidised public transport for the masses who can't afford to get home any other way.
  13. Thaivisa becomes part of the Nation Media Group

    cementing forces with a newspaper owned by fat-cat Thai elite shareholders is hardly a progressive move for TV, I feel. Fine to use their news content, but I'm sure most of us preferred George's stable-ish hand in charge.
  14. But I am assuming (maybe naively) that as you have found your way onto ThaiVisa and posted over 100 times, you are not a clueless tourist. Clueless tourists will always be ripped of to some extent the world over. Sure there are some rogue drivers - with anything up to 200,000 taxis in Bangkok there are bound to be a few. All I can say is that I've never had any problems. I speak rudimentary Thai, but not enough to win an argument. I've taken taxis home after a good skinful and although drivers uniformly refused to use the meter I could always find one for 100 Baht whereas the meter fare is 70B and I usually give a 20B tip, that's only 10B more than the meter. As I used to be a minicab driver in London maybe I'm a bit biased in favour of the taxi drivers.
  15. If you stand in the official queue and get a ticket you can report any driver who refuses to use his meter. I have never had a taxi from either airport refuse to use his meter in 20 years. In downtown Bangkok it happens all the time and in Chiang Mai you can't get them to use them for love nor money, but from the airports no problem.