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  1. How can readers 'judge for themselves when the magazine is unavailable? Prawit is technically correct in that the junta didn't actually ban this edition of Time, but the distributors Asia Books and Kikonuya were simply too scared to import it.
  2. Listening to my (Thai) wife has kept our marriage going strong for 16 years. After all that time I may still only have a rudimentary understanding of the nuances (I still use that word) of the Thai thought process. You, however, clearly have none.
  3. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    The girls who were performing back then are probably the mothers of those performing nowadays! Mind you after a few beers it wouldn't really matter if it was still the mothers!!
  4. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    When I last went to Spotlight which is about 15 years ago, the gals were mostly chunky farmers daughters from Phayao!
  5. My wife says that this package shows due deference to the fact that the motorcyclist died. that it does not make light of this fact and that they were just reporting a news item in a manner that their viewers would understand. I trust that those who have jumped on their keyboards in the posts above speak fluent Thai and understand the nuances of the story from a Thai perspective.
  6. millwall_fan

    Despite stacked odds, election is essential

    Election not fair in Thailand See what happen? People drink bottle of Lao Khao. Wait till next election!
  7. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    So it looks like my informant was kind of correct but somewhat premature! When you say Spotlight is still the best Go-Go bar in Chiang Mai......isn't it the only Go-Go bar in Chiang Mai? Know ye of any others?
  8. millwall_fan

    Despite stacked odds, election is essential

    We have been here before. There is all this debating and posturing by the chattering class and The Nation. But unless there is widespread manifest fraud in the elections, Puea Thai will win. This will surprise The Elite as usual because they have all forgotten to ask their maids and butlers and other servants how they will vote and there are millions more of them than there are in the Thonglor wine bar set. Things do not look too hopeful however as the NCPO is now trying to take action against Puea Thai for "holding a press conference where it criticised the NCPO's performance in administering the country." (This according The Nations rival English language organ). The merry-go-round continues....another coup within 5 years!
  9. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    BobBKK 'You stupid boy!' Seriously: I've got every episode downloaded, but I confess I can't remember which episode it was......another excuse to start watching them all again! It would have been a reaction by Walker to one of Corporal Jones' reminiscences about the Battle of Omdurman or long forgotten battle!
  10. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    '1900 and Frozen Stiff' was a phrase coined by Pte Walker in the British TV comedy Dad's Army to describe an indeterminate time in the distant past. I hope that clarifies things for you!!
  11. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    Thanks for that sanemax! My apologies for the false alarm, TV people! Great news though. Mad Dogs has provided decent food and beer since I first came to Thailand back in 1900 and frozen stiff.
  12. millwall_fan

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    I have just heard form a normally reputable source that Mad Dogs bar by the moat has closed down as the landlord has sold the building without telling Nick. If true this would be a very sad end to one of Chiang Mai's longest standing Farang bars. I really hope this news is incorrect. Can anyone confirm or deny it?
  13. millwall_fan

    Wine cask prices...

    The price has risen because the cask wine producers were exploiting a loophole in the law that taxed 'fruit wines' lower than regular wines. So by adding fruit ( or possibly just sticking a label on the bottle saying 'fruit wine') they paid less duty and so could charged less. our puritanical military dictators just closed that loophole meaning all wine is now taxed at the punitive rate of 450% which is scandalous.