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  1. hi guys do you think would be a problem if i traveled to KL 2 weeks ago for just a weekend , and i'm going again to KL for a weekend after only 2/3 weeks ? obviously with a fly out of KL after few days thanks
  2. probably going to KL or JKT for a long weekend, then when returning to thailand, i wouldnt have a flight out yet . coz...the entry card has that side to be filled with the flight out...mmhh..
  3. thanks, can you explain better the last point ? it's a non B single entry. where would i extend it for another 90 days ? outbound embassy ?
  4. hi guys lately i was looking around bangkok to get some information regarding thai lessons to be able to get an ED visa for a year and study thai. it's my first time enrolling . somewhere i read there is a minimum of 8 hours per week required, but actually the majority of the schools proposed me 6 hours per week. is it correct ? some said every 2 month i should go to chaengwattana to extend the permit, others said every 3 months. which one is correct ? i've never experinced that, so a suggestion would be more than welcome best
  5. Thai language school-is Walen any good?

    beìng ìn bangkok how long does ìt take to get the ED papers ready from Walen after regìstratìon? 1...2..3..4... weeks ? ì mean, the papers requred to go to a consolate for obtaìnìng the ED vìsa :)
  6. that's cool. good and would be an ìssue ìf ì stìll dont have a flìght out pre-booked?
  7. hì guys my non B ìs goìng to expìre at the end of MAy. job ìs done. ìs ìt possìble ì can get a 60 days tourìst vìsa at nearby consulate ? let's say at KL for exemple ? or ìf ì exìt by the border and re-enter wìth the 30days exemptìon vìsa, can ì then extended ìt at bangkok ìmmìgratìon ? 7 days or ìs ìt 30 days ? thanks a lot