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  1. Another whiz piece of journalistic excellence! The details explaining how it was done, and interviews with some of the women, were enthralling.
  2. Is this to secure your future in the case you have none?
  3. Possible scenarios unfold in the mind... I don't like this one, but it seems possible: the Brit guy thinks he's with a woman... 4 a.m. rolls around and still no sweet honey for the Brit... no $$ for the lady (boy)... this could put a strain on things and force some action, I would think. Morals of the story.... verify sex up front, stay away from Pattaya, don't smoke near balconies, and keep your clothes on if you want to save face. As an Indian sage once said: "Stay where you are."
  4. My 6-year old daughter's U.S. passport has expired, and we need to get her a new one before taking the wife and her to the United States with me. I'll be coming from the U.S. to stay for a nominal amount of time in Thailand, during which we will get to the U.S. embassy on day one or two of my visit to apply for the new passport, after which I would like to limit my stay. The info on the web for American Services states that the new passport will be ready "usually in about two weeks." So I'm wondering how large a period would be safe. Do any of you U.S. citizens have recent experience and remember how long it took? We'll be up in Khon Kaen, so will probably have the new passport mailed to us there. Thanks for any report on this issue!
  5. "There ought to be a law." The penalty for hit and run ought to be 10x the normal. I feel for the woman killed. and for her family... and the driver has his own hell to live with following this .
  6. Yes, this sounds like a strong possibility in this situation. I was just reading about some singer who was about thirty years old when he drank himself under the table one night and went to bed to do this very thing.
  7. I'm not even British (American, rather) and it takes something well-put and right on the mark for me to say this, but "Bloody good," Rob13. Right on.
  8. I didn't know was doing news from Mexico, too. There is plenty of lunacy and there are plenty of lunatics in Thailand without having to go to the far corners of the earth to find more. When I read a story here on I begin reading with the understanding that I am reading something about Thailand. So, my mind misleads me with such assumptions, it seems. I would vote for a more purely Thai experience here. The news from Thailand seems to have enough of the bizarre to satisfy my yen for it.
  9. You think if we believe you here on thaivisa, your wife will believe your story too? Sounds a bit far-fetched to me! But good luck!
  10. Thaivisa friends.... for the benefit of others reading this and less seasoned in the lingo, I would suggest the use of abbreviations only after introducing the term spelled out fully the first time. This is very helpful in learning what the abbreviations or acronyms mean and doesn't exclude the ignorant. In this case, "O.A." and "VE" are mysterious terms to me. Maybe if I just thought about it enough, I would figure them out. Thanks!
  11. Sorry for this woman's misfortune. Many know that one needs to be vigilant to the right, the left, above and below when walking in Thailand. It's not wise to trust stepping on this kind of thing. I'd think Thais would know this instinctively. Well, maybe when all the food vendors have been cleared off the streets, some of these problem spots will be fixed.
  12. Someone, please tell me: what benefit is obtained from minivans using bus stations? Is this somehow safer? Same question regarding GPS. How about more stringent driver licensing requirements, safety inspections of the vans, and increasing the farea a little to cover the expense? If the only competitive elements driving these minivans are low prices and speed, that's asking for more disasters. I myself would gladly pay twice the existing price to ride a bit slower in a safer vehicle, and have a better chance of arriving alive.
  13. And yet another tragic fall. The frequency should be alarming to 'the authorities'. Does anyone ever pause to think there might be a way to prevent some of these? Perhaps a beginning could be for the reportage to include a description of how safe each of these balconies is. Are they a safe height, so that any fall would have to be intentional, at least? Reportage might include this kind of information in the stories. And might there be a way to intervene, or at least an attempt to intervene, by warning hotel guests with a safety sign on balconies, and a HOTLINE number to call for those thinking of jumping. I know, this suggestion might seem laughable, but just maybe something could be implemented. May all beings be safe.
  14. Yes.... we would best put that in our notebooks for future reference, should a similar situation come along some day. Argh.
  15. Oh, Really! Sounds like you might be of service to the BIB, perhaps?