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  1. If the local taxi drivers had any say in it I would not be surprised if they specifically set it up so the baht bus terminates shy of the airport. That would surely keep the taxi drivers happy.
  2. I agree with you that your average Mr Wang from Wuhan is far less likely to come to Phuket, fall in love with a bargirl, and move here to run a cafe etc than your average Bob from Bristol or Bruce from Brisbane. However taking a bigger perspective if the clampdown on Zero Baht tourism actually works then it is possible that in order to claw back as much money as they can from Chinese tourism, the Chinese ( corporate or illegal interets - not individuals ) do acquire local businesses or have locals front businesses on their behalf. They are doing it already We've already seen crackdowns on Chinese tour guides, Chinese tour companies, Chinese bus and boat owners and chances are these people are not just going to give up and go home. They'll just find a better way to keep doing it and get thier share of the pie. For that to happen then you'd need Chinese tourism to be sustainable and grow. Investment wouldn't happen overnight but slowly they could acquire the venues and retask them so that maybe in 10 years time nightlife in Patong will be about popping out at night for a bowl of noodles and a cold Tsing Tao, followed by a foot massage , and some late night entertainment by cracking a bottle of Remy at the local Karaoke. Paradise.
  3. I should have been more specific. There is an actual form that they have in Singapore which most banks sent out to existing offshore customers last August/September that asks for Tax ID and an a number of other things. When opening an account you do have to provide other KYC documents including proof of address where they accept a utilities bill or in my case my credit card statement from a local Thai bank. For some corporate accounts where I am a benificial owner they ask for proof of address every 3 months.
  4. Depending on the bank You don't need an actual tax number you just sign a form that says Thailand is your country of residence for tax purposes but you are not working/retired and you don't have a tax number.
  5. Do some regional research. Register at Glassdoor.com and check IT salaries in the banking and finance industry. They may not have any in Thailand but they should have them in Singapore and HK. Also check out The Robert Half reports you can register and download their regional reports https://www.roberthalf.com.sg/jobs/all-jobs/all-locations/all-types/technology For senior expats the salary differences between Bangkok and Singapore/HK are not that great but the housing allowance they get is far more than bangkok. Don't sell yourself short, I'd say ask for your US salary and ask if their are any other benefits, housing, medical, kids school fees, home leave etc. A local Thai senior analyst with 8-10 years experience earns 200-300k baht per month at foreign financial firms and I think foreign IT managers at similar firms would earn more . I know a foreign IT project manager at the Thai office of a US IT company who is making usd15k per month plus 100k baht housing and other perks. If what you can offer cannot be found in Thailand at the same level of competence or skills then you should be able to command the same salary as you do elseware. If you are applying at a large US based consulting firm they will definitely have a salary range for the job and rather than you telling them what you want first get them to tell you what the budget is for the job. Salary is the last thing you should mention anyway.
  6. I finally reached my brreaking point with ILikeHD and HDprime. Last week I subscribed to Flawless and the quality is so much better than what I had with ILikeHD. I only used to use ILikeHD to watch the F1 and it was pretty much unwatchable, I watched the race last night on flawless and I got buffering on 3 occasionns, I stopped and restated the feed and it was good to go. I paid £53 for the sports package for 1 year but now that i've seen the quality i should have stumped up £75 for the full package for one year .
  7. These people have a variety of products and they deliver. Although I haven't tried it There is a call line for HG products you can call and tell them what you want to do and they will tell you the best product http://www.naradee.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=191_452&product_id=470
  8. The article doesn't make sense. The company generated 10 million baht in sales value ( not profit) last year and she claims she is generating 40,000 baht every month for 850 farmers that's 34,000,000 million baht per month. It's not possible you can't have annual sales revenue of 10 million and pay out 408 million annually to the farmers growing the coffee.
  9. I will check thanks for the info
  10. Would anyone know where to buy the yamaha ysp 5600 sound bar in Thailand ? Yamaha has a pic of it on their Thai site but doesn't seem to offer it. I've tried paragon and central chidlom but they don't have it. Lazada Malaysia carries it but lazada Thai does not. The latest model they seem have here is the ysp 4300 and that doesn't have the Dolby altos. My tv area is not set up to take a full home theatre so I just want a tv sound bar even though for the price of the ysp 5600 I could probably get a full home theatre that sounded better.
  11. Please read the mail from Ubon Joe again. He said I could do it on a 30 day entry. Then he said I could do it by entering at Suvarnabhumi airport. They are 2 different statements. Interpret them how you want to but please dont put words into his mouth.,
  12. The latest in this saga. I made a trip to Poi Pet and came back on a 30 day visa exempt entry. I then asked Thai elite to arrange the PE visa and this is what they came back with. It sounds ridiculous and I can't believe it's actually the case. any advice ? After we re-checked with Immigration Bureau again, the Immigration officer strongly insisted that a Thailand Elite member will be able to obtain or convert to Thailand Elite visa type “PE” at Immigration Chaengwattana if he/she enters to Thailand on tourist visa. However, Thailand Elite member must never have obtained a Thailand Elite visa type”SE” in the same passport even if it has expired under Immigration regulation. The Immigration officer kindly suggests you to do as 2 options as below; 1. You can request to obtain a Thailand Elite visa type “PE” upon your arrival at Suvarnabhumi or Phuket international airport only if you don’t have a plan to get a new passport. 5 – 7 days advance notice is required to inform to our staff. 2. You can obtain a Thailand Elite visa type”PE” at Immigration Chaengwattana if you have a new passport without Thailand Elite sticker visa. Truly sorry for any inconvenience but highly hope to have your kind understanding under Immigration regulation.
  13. I used Thai garden design to get an idea of what was possible for my front yard when the house is completed. It cost 5,000 baht and they did up a rendition with all the plants and trees they recommended. I did that over the net, and since then the owner has come to my place a couple of times to discuss things with the project manager. ( my place is in Hua Hin and he lives in Hua Hin and I later found out he has worked with my project manager before so I think that's why he visited ) They work anywhere in Thailand http://www.thaigardendesign.com/design-your-garden/
  14. I'm in the market for a new one of these as well. I took a look at the architect show on Tuesday where they had several models and prices of the ones I looked at were between 45k and 89k. I've seen them on amazon for around 30% cheaper but the import tax may negate that difference.
  15. Something different would be to have something made in laser cut panels