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  1. Patong - The Wake

    I think your being way to harsh xylophone. Some of the things you mention as pitfalls would be highlighted by a simple google search. If googling something is too much trouble in doing due diligence when you are about to spend a huge amount of money then you are asking for trouble. Yes some lawyers mention 30+30+30 leases but there are probably 10 sites saying they’re not legal (enforceable ) for every one site that says they are. If a developer guarantees you a return, that’s a commercial contract and a person should understand with any contact there is a risk of nonperformance. If a person wants to ignore all the red flags being thrown up and still make the investment then it’s on them. Sure there could be real instances of forged owenership but they would be the exception and not the norm. I don’t know if Mysterion is in the property industry or not but what he is saying makes absolute sense to me and i’m not in the property industry although I do own multiple properties in Thailand. Finally I really do enjoy all your posts but on this topic your outrage mystifies me, as I cannot reconcile the content of your posts on this subject with your board signature that you attach to all your posts which I assume reflects you credo or motto in life. I qoute: ”isn’t it amazing how many people tread through life carefully so that they can arrive at deaths door safely “ It maybe explains your sceptism over doing due diligence but it is bit ironic that you still feel the need to express the outrage you do rather than applauding Mysterion and others for taking the risks he does instead of settling for “ treading through life carefully so that they can arrive at deaths door safely “
  2. In Hua Hin I paid 200 baht per square meter and supplied the cement and grout. In Bangkok they ask 600-800 baht per square meter or more.
  3. Where to get furniture made?

    Try https://www.facebook.com/hultadesign
  4. Patong - The Wake

    The second mouse gets the cheese.
  5. Grout Sealer

    Here you go http://www.naradee.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=191_207&product_id=313
  6. The godfather of reggae Jimmy Cliff
  7. This used to be be the case most of the shops now take payment on bitcoin or crypto currency or get cash converted. Some shops made more on their bitcoin balances than they did selling pot.
  8. Patong - The Wake

    I guess there may be some truth to that as my wife was contacted by a real estate agent last week asking if we were interested in selling our condo as they had a Chinese buyer looking for a 4 bedroom unit.
  9. So why is Boris moaning about Russia destabilizing Europe when the UK is in the process of exiting Europe. It’s not his business anymore and if the European country’s feel they need to have a word to Russia then they certainly don’t need Boris to do it.
  10. The not enough chairs excuse is a bit weak as the empty chair in the foreground is being used to rest a Louis Vuitton knapsack on it.
  11. Good tv series

    Season 3 of Narcos probably wins the best returning series award.
  12. Good tv series

    So I would say the best new series this year are Snowfall, and Mindhunters, both mentioned a few times but they are standouts as far as new series go.
  13. Good tv series

    That first episode of counterpart was really good. I’m normally not a fan of parallel universe stuff but this first episode makes me want to watch more.
  14. Indian Man Checks Into Hotels, Steals 120 TV Sets Over Four Months

    My company use to own 3 hotels in another country. Chinese were by far the worst at pilfering anything that wasn’t nailed down. I’d say in order of frequency Towels, robes, sheets, and blankets hair dryers glasses, cups, water heaters and any other minibar equipment writing sets batteries from remotes remotes light bulbs pictures lamps tv’s Faucets electrical outlet covers.
  15. Good tv series

    Mindhunters is one of the best new fall TV shows. I didn’t think I’d like it but it was excellent TV.