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  1. I have just installed upvc windows in our soon to be finished house. I researched company's and products for 6 months and provided you don't go with the cheap Chinese profiles you won't suffer from discoloration issues. Figure to pay an average of 10-11k per square meter for good quality upvc. Decent quality alluminium will cost 5-7k. Sun parididse are the most expensive alluminium windows in Thailand but the quality is probably the best in Thailand. When I renovated my condo I replaced some windows with sun paradise windows and the cost was around 17k per square meter. I would say that my upvc windows in my recent build are better than the sun paridise windows and my average cost was Just over 10k per square meter.
  2. I used a law firm in Hua Hin called chavalit and partners, there is a British woman there called Jane (forgot the last name) took 20 mins at the land office and a few thousand baht. Your wife will need to attend and you will have to sign something that says you don't have a financial interest in the house.
  3. As far as cost goes it really will depend on the quality of materials you use. Price out everything you want to use like tiles, flooring, ceiling gypsum, piping, air cons, paint and any other thing then check labour rates. For instance I'm paying 200 baht per square meter for tiling and i supply the tiles, cement and grout. For ceiling gypsum there is a store across the road from halfale or a little further north they charge 220 or 240 per meter fully installed. Other things ask around on this forum or the Hua Hin forum. A foreign project manager will cost 100k + per month.
  4. I am getting Franke in my new kitchen. Boonthavorn carry them.
  5. Thanks Kannot. I was the member that asked you to post. Did you get that fabricated locally to your design? I notice in some pics in the thread that some of you have lighting on the gate posts some do not. For those that don't was it a conscious choice and is their a reason why you chose not to have lights.
  6. I use Trakt. You sign up for a free account on trakt.tv and then when you stat Kodi up you just go to a video addon like exodus and in the settings you can add your trakt account. When you add the account it creates a database at trakt to store your tv series and movies. When you find a tv series you want to save just bring up the context menu and you will see trakt manager or something like that click on that and then click add to collection. later when you launch exodus scroll to "my tv shows" then click "collections" and anything you've saved into trakt appears. I save all my tv series and so whenever you change boxes or update Kodi you just add your trakt account and you have all your Tv series . i have multiple boxes and I'm always fooling around with Kodi so trakt works very well for me. I have around 100 tv series saved in trakt..
  7. Monoprice which is constantly ranked one of the best sells their speaker wire on eBay and they are set up with the global shipping program. I bought my speaker wire from them and it took about 10 days to get delivered to my door. The global shipping program is a little more expensive than regular post but I've never had a problem with import duty. The link is for 18 gauge but they do have 12, 14, 16 gauge or pretty much whatever you want. Make sure you buy from the monoprice eBay store rather than a 3rd party offering monoprice wire. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Monoprice-4043-100ft-18AWG-CL2-4-Conductor-Oxygen-Free-Pure-Copper-Speaker-Wire-/391040067335
  8. Thanks Crossy I believe they have the proper equipment so I'll see what they come back with. My priority is safety so at least I know it can be done now. Thank you.
  9. I used a company called Prime Asia for my UPVC windows and I am very satisfied. They are an official distributor of one of the 2 "global " UPVC manufacturers and the installation and service was was excellent. Pricing wise they were in the middle of the pack on term of UPVC, my average price was a little over 10,000 per m2 but I had a lot of windows and some special window profiles imported from the USA so I got a decent discount. The lowest price windows in my lot were 6,500 and the highest price 15,000 but I got an overall discount on top so that may not be representive of actual pricing.
  10. I am finishing a house build and am just about to move from a PEA temporary power supply to a 3 phase permanent supply. The mains cable was installed whuch runs arround 50-60 meters from the house and crosses under the street to where the meter box is located. There are 4 cables that make up the mains cable . Some A$$hole has cut 1.5 meters off the neutral wire cable from between where it exits the ground as will attach to the meter. The electrician originaly recommended we dig up all 4 cables, remove and replace the damaged cable with a new one then lay them again. He said the PEA would not allow a joint in the cable. They then said it would be possible to make a joint in the cable the house side of the street which would be underground. But then there is still the question of whether the PEA needs to be involved or not. Its a a pain in the ass. The person who clipped the wire probably got 100 baht for it or it was done out of spite over some beef between contractors or whatever. I have no idea as I'm not on site I just visit every few weeks. In any event it's happened and needs to be fixed. My main concern is safety. Is is safe to join a cable and could it cause me problems in the future. The electrical contractor is a professional foreign run company and they would be able to do this but I'd rather just fork out the money to do a full replacement if it means by not doing so I'd be exposing my family to a dangerous situation or setting myself up for problems down the road.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys
  12. I would like to raise the floor of my pool at one end by 20cm to make it more shallow. The area is about 20 square meters. A pool contractor has suggested putting 7cm of sand and 13cm of cement with rebar. I am worried about the sand as originally I thought the way to go was chipping and roughing the existing surface ( there are no tiles) add a bonding agent after the rebar and finally pour the cement. Will the sand increase the chances of the new floor cracking or settling ? Is this something that shouldn't be even attempted? People have suggested a removable platform but I have no interest in that . thanks
  13. These guys will have a sealant you can use http://www.naradee.com/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=191_207
  14. I use Real debrid integrated with my Kodi on a windows 10 htpc. I also have AIS fiber. Not all the RD streams work but I get more working streams and better quality streams with RD than I do without RD. It's nowhere near as good as it should be but it's better than not having it. The price is cheap as well. I only use it for Kodi so I'm not sure about using it for torrents etc as I have no experience.
  15. Kodi is life changing in terms of home entertainment, the catch is that it is ever evolving and requires some learning to maximize its potential and keep it current and up and running. Once you lear the basics you can add more addons fix problems and maximize your viewing experience. You can also get pay addons for a small fee that optimize your streams or provide access to premium live veiwing platforms. Even though Kodi is free and you can buy a "box" from as little as 2000 baht to as high as 30,000 plus I whole heartedly support people who for a fee will source a quality box, program it, and teach you to use it for a fair price. If your cost was 6300 ( 3 months of True Visions) then you got a good deal. I would say if it's an ok box you've paid probably less than $100 for the sourcing, programming and teaching how to use, of the box. That's a good deal, investing a few dollars to have someone do that for you is justifiable in my opinion. When I bought my first box around 4 years ago I paid a guy almost double that. He made 2 trips to my house and spent several hours teaching me XBMC ( Kodi) and frankly it was probably the best money I have ever spent in Thailand. I've since moved on to more powerful boxes and HTPC's but my Kodi learning curve was jump started by the guy who sold me my original box. While people may say I was ripped off I see it as a small price considering the phenomenal veiwing pleasure I have had since being introduced to Kodi. Consider this. As we live in a Buddhist country that believes in reincarnation, you can now sleep easy knowing you can enjoy tv and movie veiwing content for your next 10 lifetimes without watching a rerun. Now that's a bonus.