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  1. AJBangkok

    Android box and IPTV - Kodi problems

    I actually have a nivida shield as well and yes it’s good but at the end of the day my NUC is easier for me to manage and the shield I’d gathering dust most of the time.
  2. AJBangkok

    Android box and IPTV - Kodi problems

    You may want to consider a windows based box. I use a intel NUC which runs windows 10 has an i7 processor and 16mb of ram. It’s overkill for Kodi but I never have to worry about updating hardware and software is automatically updated. There are plenty of windows based boxes on the market but they are more pricey with the cheapest ones starting around 6k I think. I’d get as much ram as you can if possible
  3. AJBangkok

    father legal right to see his own child

    If you are paying to support the child then you have a right to see the child. Within Thailand you have little chance of finding a legal remedy so as harsh as it may seem your only option would be to leverage the support you pay to gain access to the child. if you are not supporting the child then you have nothing to leverage with the mother and even from a legal perspective ( if the Thais would even get involved) it’s not a favorable position to be in and would hinder rather than help justify granting you access.
  4. AJBangkok

    OGB - Old German Beer Garden Soi 11 closed.

    I heard several months ago it was going to close when the lease expired due to a massive rent increase.
  5. Try Palm hills golf course there are some very nice houses with beautiful vistas and it’s not that far from down town Hua Hin
  6. AJBangkok

    F1 2018

    In the post race interviews Bottas said his job was to support Hamilton until he wis the title and that can’t come soon enough for him.
  7. What makes you think you’re a “guest” here. Were you actually invited? Don’t fool yourself, you’re really not a guest but an unwanted interloper and treated as such. I’m not complaining as personally I can live with that. The social, personal, and bureaucrat limitations of being an unwanted interloper don’t (at least for me ) outweigh the easy life and benefits of living here.
  8. AJBangkok

    F1 2018

    What a bad day for Ferrari. I expect Verstappen is not getting a Christmas card from Marrenello this year.
  9. AJBangkok

    F1 2018

    Ferrari really screwed up as a team. The drivers can’t really point the finger at the pit wall and vice Versa. This season has really underlined that it is a team sport. Vettel has for the majority of the season had the car under him to have a comfortable lead in the championship but somehow the operation of the entire team including him has not facilitated that. Vettel is a 4 time world champion with Red Bull so it’s not like he doesn’t know how to race and win so maybe Ferrari should think about hiring Christian Horner to get it right. Yes redbull had Adrian Newey and he built the dominant car but right now Ferrari has a better car so its about the team gelling together and exploiting that. Just on dominant cars the Ferrari pace seems to have fallen off in the last 2 races and I wonder if it’s got something to do with the mysterious battery pack where the paddock has been speculating that Ferrari had somehow managed to extract more HP from the battery than was allowed. Where there's Smoke there is usually fire and the FIA inspected them multiple times but the rumors never went away. I wonder if Ferrari were caught and in the last 2 races have reversed whatever they were doing. The FIA and the new owners of F1 don’t want a cheating scandal and they don’t want Ferrari leaving the sport so I wouldn’t be surprised if something was found then it may have been brushed under the rug. cheers
  10. AJBangkok

    Good tv series

    There is a new Australian TV show ( I get it on Kodi ) called Mr Inbetween. The first four episodes are out and it’s about an enforcer for hire. It’s more black humor than anything else so far and quite entertaining.
  11. AJBangkok

    newsletter font too small

    It’s happening to me as well
  12. If you do the math 15,000,000 Chinese tourists at 300 baht per tourist =4,500,000,00 baht or about $140,000,000. I’d say with that much at stake those signs won’t stay up too long.
  13. What you might need is a Tax Identification Number. If you are based in Thailand then you can go to the local tax office and get one. You don’t need to pay tax to get one and you don’t need a work permit. You don’t need to fill out a tax return even if you have one. If they ask why then say your bank wants it. There is a form to fill out so I suggest you google Thai tax identification number. With that number you should be able to open an account at interactive brokers which is the biggest online broker in the world. Alternatively if you have an offshore account in Singapore then upgrade it to a premier account and you can buy funds through it although they do charge high commission rates. a Thai broker will probably open an account for you but their access to international products will be limited. I’m sure other on the forum may be able to offer better advice.
  14. You are probably better to open a brokerage account and just buy funds yourself. You will have to do some work researching the funds but if you stick with open ended funds and ETF’s it’s not that hard to manage it yourself. But as another poster said managing is one thing and making money is another. Good luck
  15. So how about some of those transporters like on Star Trek or one of those wormhole gates from Stargate SG1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys that sold them the “bomb dectors” also have a few of them in stock.