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  1. There is no inflation in Pattaya only deflation. Baht Bus was 10 baht 12 years ago and is still 10 baht. As is a slice of water melon .
  2. Good example of why things go wrong on the roads here. The road is 7 vehicles wide. Not 6 or 8 or 4 Redesigning it so that you have "proper" bus and cycle lanes is a non starter coupled with major cultural issues as well affecting the use of any Thai roads.
  3. It has been obvious to me and many others that have zero financial background that this has been going on for possibly over a decade. Why has it take western governments so long to wake up and openly admit it ?
  4. Luxury cars Luxury watches Luxury yachts. Surrounded by abject degradation and squalor. They have no shame..................................
  5. Hugo Boss........................... Was a Nazi and designed and manufactured the Nazi Uniform. The SS black uniform and Wermacht and Wafen SS uniforms before branching out to men suits and accessories.... So before you post on here and decry the swastika take a look in your wardrobe or aftershave label !! I own nothing of Hugo Boss label and have never bought any of it.
  6. Massage parlour raid hits human trafficking

    Have you any idea what these females go through to end up in this sh*thole place? Obviously not if all you are worried about is the cost and cleanliness of the trafficked and underage sex workers....
  7. Myanmar 6.0M Quake Felt in Chiang Mai

    Imagine an 8.0 on the Richter ? Could happen. I read recently that 2018 was going to be a bad year for earthquakes due to the moon. There are 2 full moons this month............ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/earthquakes-why-do-they-happen-moon-tidal-stress-nature-research-evidence-japan-a7239896.html
  8. Not sure if insurance policies cover being negligent with your important pocessions....in a 3rd world country......... I nearly typed Trump's apt description of "some other nations".
  9. Grandpa, grandson drown in Ratchaburi pond

    "Police believe the grandfather took the boy to bathe at the bank of the pond behind his house but the boy accidentally fell into the water, the grandfather tried to rescue him and both drowned" Total conjecture - would not stand up in a real court of law. Here is more conjecture, Grandad and grandson murdered and bodies thrown in pond. Why did they have to be found by divers ? What was holding down their bodies from floating? Most corpses have enough gas/air in them to make them float.
  10. No shortage of volunteers on TV with that girl to get to her hard to reach places...put me down to help any time....I won't mention my hard place
  11. More than 420 children went missing last year

    These people have no shame. But, the world is a dangerous place. I worked in Brazil for a time and nearly every lamppost had small posters with photos of missing kids and people pasted on them with a phone number. I've seen the same in African countries, but Brazil was the worst. I've maybe seen 2 in Los in 12 years. The Rescue foundation temple in Naklua in North Pattaya has / had ? a wall with gruesome photos of dead people that had not been identified in car crashes, murders and suicides. Not for the fainthearted.
  12. Someone holding a UK Passport from central England might turn up in one of these.....not beyond the realms of possibility.
  13. Mmmm - good looking women. But back to reality, I know several ex-pats who have / had Vietnamese partners....and if you think Thai women can burn money, then let me tell you Viets are Premier League when it comes to cleaning out a bank account. Of course I will now have dozens on here telling me the opposite. I only state what I know personally.
  14. It stopped being a paradise when the first footprint was put on the sand...................... Glad to know I am now officially one of the 10% "others". it is more than a dirty hovel it is a filthy, stinking dirty hovel.
  15. If you watch the video you will see Maa - Ladyboy host with the Bob cut hair. He/She/it knows / Nose what he is talking about when it comes to extensive plastic surgery...