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  1. I think I know where these aircraft parts are now. Heading for Bangkok on highway 7 just as you start to leave Pattaya. Not long after you come down from the flyover exit on Sukh. If you sit on the left hand side of the Jomtien to Airport bus you are high enough to look over to where this plane is. I assume it is the same one as the part looks identical to the ones in the photo. If you are in a car and driving I don't think you could look accross to see it....
  2. zero tours. - He spent more than all the Chinese added together...
  3. it will work just as well as the Meters in the Pattaya taxis
  4. If this is the fault of a town called Pattaya ? then it is America's fault a guy murders in cold blood on Facebook....no ?
  5. check the print for DNA - if its Indian origin - Buddha - if its Thai then they are hot on the trail of the missing monk...... where has all the news about that gone ?
  6. It is obvious what is going on. The clean up is all show and no blow. People are getting paid off (hub of human trafficking) and they do not know what to do with them...where do you put 39 robust African tarts...? There is no room for them in a local pokey.
  7. Unlike many other former soviets - the Kazakhs come independently. There is 1 schedule flight every day from Astana and also Almaty. Many Thais have visited Kaz through national sporting events and tournaments. There are also many Thais working in the Oil and Gas Sector. What both countries are very familiar with is the brown envelope system...........................
  8. Why do TV posters demand the license are taken away..... If your read the stats for how many are on the road with no paperwork at all for the vehicle it is pointless. No insurance, no owner docs, never sat a proper test and all controlled and monitored by a totally ineffective bunch of brainless 8 year olds with whistles..... I am now certain the locals live in their own bubble of Keystone Cop / Harold Lloyd movie world where everyone whizzes around pranging in to one another. Then get up and stagger around cross eyed, waiting for the next Grand Piano to fall on their heads.....
  9. naked coz...."Thailand, hot country." ask any local.
  10. The only other human pastime that runs up scores like this is called Cricket...... and the other one that runs up similar death totals is called war. Significantly, it would appear that Thai people who spend a lot of time with foreigners (Husband/Girlfriend/Boyfriend) and travel out side the confines of the country realize how bad things are in their own country. Sadly, there is not enough of them and none of them are members of the Junta Government. So expect to be reading the same news in 2018.
  11. Only a fool ignores the 2 second rule. Pick a sign post or telegraph pole at the side of the road ahead of you and count out loud as the vehicle in front passes it "GO second, one second, two second" and if you pass the object before you say two, you are too close to that vehicle...I try for 4 seconds but there is always another d*ckhead wants to fill the gap in front of you. I doubt if any locals know this above or could / want to comprehend it. I've avoided many a near miss using this system, and helps you concentrate more what is happening ahead.
  12. Yip another nail in the coffin/bullet in the foot for the much touted family friendly "beach resort" Pattaya.......soon to be renamed Pyongyang II
  13. As mentioned already - this is the norm.....so why would they stop them ? Anyone else noticed that very old small pick up trucks are converted to water trucks and have a tank that hold about 2,000 + litre on the back.....that is on a truck that maybe was certified to haul about 500 kg at most. I have only ever seen one truck with modified new suspension - but you also need to upgrade the brakes....
  14. I think the aircraft carrier was for Harrier Jump jets - now all obsolete and one is used for decoration at the Thai Navy Golf Course. The only aircraft that could land on the carrier now would be a helicopter or two. The thought of a Somchai on a sub with the - "what does this valve/button do?" mentality beggars belief...... Sub marines should be pretty much obsolete soon as well - as they are now making underwater Drones - all future wars for the big boys (i.e. people who don't run around in rags or flip flops) will be done from an armchair with a joy stick .....