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  1. No accounting for humans and taste - I don't like Malee ?
  2. The International SOS Medical group that I have complete First Aid Training with on several occasions through my employment, no longer advises or trains "Mouth to mouth". Unless you are carrying the correct type of throat tube to administer this. You cannot account for ingesting blood, or worst case the patient puking up into your mouth. Not good. Only chest compression should be done. They have to be done correctly with a steady hard fast rhythm. Any time I have seen any one in Thailand trying to do this - mostly on the television - and a few times for real. They have no clue. I have even seen them half assed doing it with one hand. As for the deceased, he is obviously overweight and I would guess had too much to drink as well, bad combo along with the extreme heat and exertion.
  3. Chabaa ( spelling may not be correct ) Valencia is the one I go for....and any of the other juices made by this company. It has been a few months since I was in LoS but the price is around 45 baht for a box the size of the one shown above from Malee.
  4. They even write in Thai script on the road to drive with care and slowly.....- pointless.
  5. Speed up completion of something that has not even been started ?......and wont in my lifetime.....
  6. Stayed in numerous new and older Condos (View Talays) in Jomtien / Pattaya and all had sprinklers in the room, all had fire escape stairwells with fire doors on each landing, all had smoke detectors, some even have fire hoses on every floor and certainly fire extinguishers. ( not sure if they would work ? but)....as mentioned already this seems to be a cladding issue and it certainly looked like it in any video or photo I have seen. I have also attended at least a dozen offshore oil and gas / Marine fire fighting courses in my time and all the training says. :- Get out !!! ASAP... if you can, put a wet towel over your mouth and nose, try to stay calm, get down low and go... Utter madness that the people were told to say inside the building? forget all that getting crushed in the rush. The Thai woman in the news article did the right thing.
  7. Surely - I cannot be the only guy with blues and fair skin that eats Durians ? I do not get the fuss..... Jack Fruit has a much more pungent aroma - sometimes I think westerners get the 2 mixed up ? I can eat both but prefer Durian. Strangely I cannot stand Avacados - the only other fruit that is "fattening". Allegedly ? If you want a fruit that stinks badly - try Palm nuts - they serve it as a drink in LoS and just smells of wet sweaty socks. The other fruit in the photo above in the brown spiky case (I don't know the Thai name) is pretty tasteless. I spent some time in China - I saw the mountains of Thai Durian in the supermarkets and the queues to buy them.
  8. to create the supply and the demand for foreigners.....then surely that has to start with locals. Foreign deviants don't come to LoS looking for underage Eskimos.
  9. At last.....My nasal receptors have been vindicated. From day one of being in LoS I have been unable to understand why a mush of vegetables and a long dead pickled land crab cannot be described as disgusting.
  10. I think I know where these aircraft parts are now. Heading for Bangkok on highway 7 just as you start to leave Pattaya. Not long after you come down from the flyover exit on Sukh. If you sit on the left hand side of the Jomtien to Airport bus you are high enough to look over to where this plane is. I assume it is the same one as the part looks identical to the ones in the photo. If you are in a car and driving I don't think you could look accross to see it....
  11. zero tours. - He spent more than all the Chinese added together...
  12. it will work just as well as the Meters in the Pattaya taxis
  13. If this is the fault of a town called Pattaya ? then it is America's fault a guy murders in cold blood on Facebook....no ?
  14. check the print for DNA - if its Indian origin - Buddha - if its Thai then they are hot on the trail of the missing monk...... where has all the news about that gone ?
  15. It is obvious what is going on. The clean up is all show and no blow. People are getting paid off (hub of human trafficking) and they do not know what to do with them...where do you put 39 robust African tarts...? There is no room for them in a local pokey.