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  1. Amazing, sharks in the sea...whatever next? Fish? The row of tooth marks suggests this shark (if it is a Bull shark? ) is not very big. Also Bull sharks have a squarish jaw and this injury pattern seems oval shaped Here is an interesting link.... on the sharks of Thailand https://sea-bees.com/english-blog/8-shark-varieties-in-thailand/
  2. 39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    Here are some stats for you all. 1. None of them can drive a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. 2. Most of them will get drunk and get on or in a vehicle. 3. Many of them will die and get badly injured. All of them deserve #3 which is what you get for #1 and #2. I have been out on the roads round Pattaya / Jomtien and Satahip and over the last 3 days the madness of the madmen and women has gone up exponentially. Accidents are avoidable - moronic drunken selfishness on the roads and resulting carnage sadly are not. Best of luck to all TV readers over the next week or so coz we are all going to need pots of it.
  3. A very misguided and misplaced charitable move for a very deadly situation. Would these activists let possibly malarial Mosquito's carry on sucking on them or do they swat them flat ?
  4. A tourist goes on holiday and spends money in a foreign country, stays in a hotel, resort, guest house, or a friends house and they bring millions in foreign currency to that country. A criminal is a person that commits crimes. No matter their nationality. When are these 8 year old xenaphobic bullies in adult bodies going to start telling the difference ? Probably never. Not even when the millions stop coming.
  5. Ehm ...Red to Black, Black to Red...and Blue to ****
  6. Totally out of control. They appear to have no clue as to how to deal with this. You do not have to get bitten to get Rabies. Even minor scratches from an animal that has been licking itself. Getting licked by or getting their saliva on the smallest nick on your skin can pass it on. Any person coming into contact with known rabies patients and animals should be quarantined and blood monitored for months. Let WiKi be your friend and maybe your savior. I suggest anyone in Thailand right now or heading there reads this link below and acts accordingly.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabies
  7. If it was not for the Thai script with their names on the back screen. I would have thought it was a Chinese wedding.
  8. Has same sex marriage in Thailand become legal....?
  9. And then you smile about when the press turns up.....
  10. For those that have ben reading news on ThaiVisa for the last 10+ years - they are fully aware that this madness was going to happen. How many hundreds of threads have there been regarding these dangerous Soi mutts. Still the dog lovers want them inoculated. I am a dog and cat lover. But you have to see the reality of this situation. Rabies death for a human and the consequences for everyone coming into contact with them is dire on a level you cannot believe. Real dog lovers, take care of their dogs at home and give them all the correct medication they require, they don't go around feeding marauding packs of deadly poisonous monsters. Does any one who has children really want to see what happens ??? Twice I have had to be treated because there was the possibility that I had come in contact with an animal that had rabies. The first time was when I was 6 years old, held down by 4 adults and injected directly in the stomach every day for 7 days - my parents had to get the injections for 14 days. 8 years ago in Thailand I had to get the injections, 4 of them - thankfully, now it is in the arm - but still painful. You reap what you sow, and Thailand will suffer badly if any tourist, Western, Chinese, Russian or Japanese dies from this, and even more so if they take the disease home with them on a plane full of other people....!!!
  11. The only thing missing in missoura's photo is a beach covered in rubbish. That one shot shows nearly everything bad about the country. Walking across a road distracted on a phone, infant child on a motorbike, no helmets on any Thai riders, Motorbike driver with virtually no control of the vehicle holding the child, Thai motorbike driver unable to signal properly. Stray dog on the road (possibly rabid), motorbike parked facing the wrong way suggesting it was driven the wrong way up the road. Converted pick up truck to water tanker - suspension and brakes probably totally inadequate for carrying such a load. One cubic meter of water weighs 1 tonne. low hanging power cables ready for a high sided vehicle to drag down and electrocute passers by. Tourists set for a trip to hospital with excessive "road rash" due to inadequate clothing when on a motorbike. Any other stuff ?
  12. Chicken Run is the only way to describe that section of road. There is a pedestrian bridge but they never seem to use it. I was driving in Pattaya/ Jomtien at the start of the month and I lost count how many near misses I had with Soviet and Chinese tourists - if they were looking for traffic they were looking the wrong way - i.e. left instead of right for the first half of the road or never looked at all and marched out. In former Soviet nations it is completely normal that when a pedestrian gets close to the kerb to start to cross the road, traffic squeals to a halt. In LoS this is a suicidal move, coupled with morons who drive the wrong way up streets. Our male Indian cousins have a different approach they just wander all over the road in groups of four and more,with their pinky fingers linked....? I would hazard a guess that only regular Thai Visa readers and long term ex-pat residents know that Thailand is the deadliest place on the planet for road deaths. The average tourist never has that information in their holiday brochure. Just fake photos of clean empty beaches from south Thailand with the word Pattaya in Russian Cyrillic on them.
  13. I'll say it....Algerians.
  14. For those that were upset about my comments - like the deceased I don't care - it was stated he was a tourist - so how was he staying in the condo a "long time". I have personally seen the mess jumpers make twice in Jomtien. it is horrific and on the first occasion I had just walked passed the landing site 15 seconds before. Blurred out press photos do not do the mangled mess justice Many people have jumped and landed on innocent people below. Damaged cars and property. Jumping is not "the way to go". I could suggest dozens of cleaner less hazardous to others methods - but I would be flamed as being callous again...but hey, I can move on. The dead guy can't and maybe some of his relatives will struggle to do so also.
  15. No comment needed for this disaster. It will need a mega global consensus and effort to clean the entire planet....but the world leaders are too busy sabre rattling and worrying about where they can scam more money into their offshore accounts. Then go on the book selling, after dinner speech path to getting more stupid amounts of money for hot air.