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  1. Junta moves closer to regulating media

    will this be closely followed by the Junta's nuclear armaments program ? .....just like cousin Kim's.
  2. If the LoS gov do not get their poops in a row fast - the Wiley Oriental Gentlemen from up North, will put a dog leg on the rail route and head down through Burma and by pass this place with the flooded plains and level crossings, that are ignored by all and sundry that get behind a wheel. From what you read here 6 years ago it might already be happening...https://asiancorrespondent.com/2011/04/burma-china-agree-to-build-rail-link-to-seaport/#3ycTj7Bcl2upk0rO.97
  3. D' Luck Cinematic Show

    I was talking to an English friend just yesterday and he went to this show with his Russian Wife....it happens... He said it cost the equivelant of over 70 pounds each for a Thai culture show. Some story about a Thai boy learning stuff from a book ( that I find hard to believe ) and it is all special effects i.e. when they are on a boat the back drop looks like a real ocean the stage is actually flooded etc etc...... not my sort of thing and certainly not for that money. The fact the name looks like the corruption of how the Thais might spell deluxe and also pronounce it, is enough for to avoid the place. As it might say in a good travel guide...nothing to delay the traveler here......
  4. 5 to 6 years ago you never saw an African woman in Pattaya...... I suspect they are not here to see the physical difference between the Asian Elephant and the African one......the last round up reported on here was an obvious farce and I never heard of any of them being deported from breaking visa regs.
  5. Articles like this bring out the comic genius of many TV posters and the usual ones that do not get irony.....love it. Strangely reminds me of an English bloke, never married but had a good job at the Nissan car factory, went on holiday to Texas of all places and met a Southern Belle barmaid. All his friends told the bar maid he was a good catch and his house was a "Palace"...... that really means he kept his 2 up 2 down terraced brick house clean and tidy. She was thinking along the lines of Buckingham. She drove a Red Ford Mustang but just about to have it repossessed for failure to make the payments - but he saw classy Texan blonde with the big knockers who must have a Dad like JR Ewing. When she got round to getting to the UK (he paid) reality hit both of them in the face and him in his wallet. So not just a Thai thing...its a multi-culture mess up that sometimes works but more often fails, and more likely to if the women "worked" in a bar beer ! I'm standing by to slagged off for the last comment from all the guys happily married for 40 years to a bar girl.......living in Coventry.
  6. "According to a wage report issued in 2012 by the United Nations' International Labour Organization (ILO), India ranked 69 out of 72 countries listed, with the average monthly wage equivalent to $295 U.S. dollars or just over 18,117 rupees. The countries with lower wages than India include the Philippines, Pakistan and Tajikistan" currently you get 0.52 baht for 1 rupee......that wage is then 9,000 baht a month ....remind you of any where ? about what I see 7/11 employees getting.....I don't see them rushing off to buy flights to Kerala for 2 weeks ?
  7. For me this subject is now "Fake News". If you google road deaths and worst in the world etc....you get massively different stats. Lots are based on per 100,000 of population. Others seem totally made up. Along with the Thai figures. All that nonsense about if they die later in a hospital it is not a road death - its just death. Tiny countries like Andorra with about 7 deaths per 100,000 seem like utter carnage when you realize the population is only 72,000 ......... If you try to find death by guns per 100,000 on WiKi....they don't have figures for LoS on the list but the U.S.A. is over 10 people..yet not a week goes by and read about people shooting one another here. So where are the stats for that ? and how many happened on a road rage incident - is that a Road death ? Probably not.
  8. Police prohibited from bar connections

    I never saw a bar in Jomtien with chandeliers.....
  9. Police prohibited from bar connections

    How stupid am I ?..... I thought it was to do with the Lawyers...... "A bar association is a professional body of lawyers"................................but in LoS everything is skewed.
  10. Does this mean they forgot to put toll stations at both ends ?
  11. I need a very good private investigator in Pattaya

    IMO If this is about a relationship - and you are thinking of using a Private Sleuth......don't ... The list of people not to be trusted here is a long one, starts with bar girls and it also includes lawyers and Private Dicks...Do an extensive search on Thai Visa and you will see the carnage over the years. And even thinking about using a Private Detective tells you that the relationship is doomed any way....move on - There are loads of fish swimming upstream in Thailand...SE Asia, China, Russian Federation etc....etc
  12. Not UK Wales........I worked in Wales a few years back....Haverford West - every week-end whole groups of Spidermen. Batmans, Witches, fairies, Robin Hoods, Vampires etc etc it went on and on....They came from surrounding towns like Fishguard, Pembroke, Millford Haven and free busses were laid on from the these outlying towns and took them back at midnight before they all turned in to Pumpkins......"Whose coat is this jacket boyo?"........
  13. The shoes....check them for smooth slippery soles...if yes.... accident. So should sue the shoe company...
  14. Are these experts - experts with pumps ? Thailand has few experts, I can think of only a couple of Golfers and a Badminton player.......
  15. I have read several books written by North Korean defectors. basically the Chinese border is porous. It is the only land route to get in and out. The next struggle is traveling overland in China to then get over the Laos border and down in to Thailand. As it states in the article there is a process that has been operating for some time in Thailand whereby they are sent back to South Korea. It is a long dangerous and tortuous route and shows how desperate these people are. As for comparing NK with LoS, I tend do agree, most of the censorship and mad military laws have direct similarities and if you disagree I suggest you take off the rose tinted specs and smell the coffee.....