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  1. I suspect people have been smoking on the beaches of Thailand for well over 60 years.....or more.? The dog ends are not going to disappear overnight because they have banned smoking. Until they get proper beach sand cleaning machines there is going be to all manner of rubbish imbedded in the sand...look at Pukhet - they found a "Torpedo" that was "a hundred years old".....is there an imogi for tongue in cheek ?
  2. These guys have not killed anyone, raped and maimed anyone, scammed anyone for millions of baht, and yet, the TV 90 day reporters living here on the Junta's whim get up on their high horses and "demand to have them jailed and deported". All they have basically done is used bed linen, water and electricity and borowed a couple of motorbikes for a while without paying. Big fricking deal. If it was a couple of Thai lads doing this, it would never make the news. And, if caught 500 baht fine and a few wai's and all sorted. Their biggest crime here is that they have scammed the locals, that is not how it is supposed to be, as we all know it has to be the other way round.....surely ?
  3. More rains predicted for Bangkok

    Does anyone in the whole of India and the S.E. of Asia know what the word annual means? And no its not a book you get at christmas with all your favourite Dandy, Beano and Oor Wullie characters in it....... Proper forward planning would mitigate some of the problems caused by annual torrents and deluges.
  4. In Thai script on the side it says Krungthep (Bangkok) to Ratchaburi and has (in phonetics) Nang 20 (Sitting passengers) Dooan (Standing)- nil passengers. The rest is unreadable ? The Baht busses in Pattaya has in Thai script 11 sitting on the side and nil standing. But everyone knows you can get 18 jammed in any old way. I notice this only on older vehicles now - newer ones don't have it on the rear body work. The 11 is actually for 5 on each side and one in the passenger seat in the cab. Never happened.
  5. In the Visa Forum some guy was deported for "basking". So hopefully this basking shark won't be busking.
  6. A bucket of coins...

    Bobobo ....I'm not upset - I just think it is bizarre that we (including me) are discussing this subject....at length...now.
  7. Once again in a high profile case....."DNA test inconclusive" in a Thai criminal investigation...nothing new there.
  8. Somebody threw a rock at it........!!! Obviously the expression stirring up a hornets nest is not known in LoS. I have been stung twice by these types of Hornet. Once badly on the hand, it is a strange sensation, throbbing, massive swelling, terrible itchiness for about 3 days. Then wait for this...!!! 2 weeks later to the exact day the sensations comes back again. My ex Thai GF's father told me this would happen and I was a bit dismissive until he was proven right. The itch is the worst bit, you want to tear the skin off. Nasty.
  9. Great photo. This displays the 2 polar opposite extremes of human society. An armed group of militia dictating their will on the masses and a minority group totally detached from reality even when they are not spaced out on chemicals. They should both be banned from the human party.
  10. A bucket of coins...

    Then again ...people that have little or no money, would never have this discussion, face to face or let alone on a social media site.................... buckets of loose change for crying out loud. and it begs the question - what do Baht bus drivers do with their hundreds nay thousands of 10 baht coins?.....keep them in buckets ?
  11. It is human damage to the local environment that causes flooding. Its been raining on a regular basis since the last ice age and laying concrete and tar all over a massive floodplain is only going to get you one thing. A very big swimming pool. For basically a thousand years all Thai houses were made of wood and built on stilts. There was and still is a very obvious reason for that.
  12. Does anyone know or have they seen anything posted at the courses around Pattaya if they will be closed for an extensive time period ? I am asking in the Pattaya forum because I will be heading there next week. thanks in advance.
  13. A bucket of coins...

    I suggest not keeping loose change in buckets....after you have about 200 baht in coins go in to any 7/11 or Family Mart and change them for notes. They take up less room and are a lot lighter for carrying around.
  14. Chinese tourists are a menace when they get near water. There has been literally scores of them drowned in Thailand over the last 3 to 4 years that they have been pouring into the country. All coastal resorts have had their fare share of drowning's. Even resort and hotel swimming pools are too much for them. I have seen news articles where they report that they get "cultural " inductions before they leave to explain their disgusting habits, spitting lumps of green snot everywhere being one, are not appreciated outside the former Red Curtain. Maybe they should get swimming lessons as well or told to stay out of the water.
  15. Navy wary of ‘wrong move’ with Phuket beach torpedo

    "OK, you take the hammer and when I nod my head you hit it".