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  1. Send in a brown envelope?
  2. They did not mention the SNS.
  3. Can you get me in ouch with member Mr Kai please?
  4. Ten years ago i build my own kennels and had everything hot dipped galvanized in Thailand. Panels still like new,and i use them for other animals now. Not chainlink but vertical bars made of light steel but very strong.
  5. He will probably get the death penalty and because he confessed it will be lowered to life in jail. I hope they will never let him out again.
  6. I had it happen a few times,i had to pay for the fuel because the driver had no money. No big deal to me.
  7. I need to repair a JBL woofer,it is an old speaker but worth repairing or replacing. Can anyone help me find a place where this can be done? It is build in 1994 and has a 300mm bass.
  8. I can not really tell you why people want to own a pitbull but to me it is just a dog. Like i said before he does not know he is a pitbull. But if he would ever show true aggression towards us he will have to go,there is always a chance this could happen. This would not result in me condemming the whole breed,just like you might still be watching fox news.
  9. So you are calling me a drug dealer?
  10. Sorry to hear so many negative opinions about pitbulls.Are they really illegal to have in Thailand? I have seen them at dog shows so i do not think you can not own a pitbull here in Thailandbut i could be wrong. Our pitbull is 18 months old now and an absolute joy to have a round. We live somewhat outside and alone and he is supposed to be our security. We have many animals and he does not touch any of them,he absolutely loves people! We never had to punish him physically,a word is enough. He loves going with us in the car and he is very friendly to new people he meets. If you need prove you can pm me and visit us. I have never told him he is a pitbull and i am sure he does not realize it either. He looks fierce and is very strong but a danger to us ?
  11. I did not know that,i better not tell my dog then.
  12. They can get very big!
  13. Why do people try to argue with Ubon Joe?It is good to point out if he makes a mistake but that never seems the case. Trying to prove your point in a thread like this only makes it more confusing for the op.
  14. Never have a problem,just tell them in Thai you want to look around first.If i do want to socialize i just go to the nicest looking sales girl and talk to her a bit.
  15. Thank you,always good to hear some ones experience.Any idea how long a liner will last?