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  1. jvs

    Pedophile Swiss expat arrested by Thai police

  2. jvs

    Living in an oven

    Try to make a draft in the house,open thew indows and do not use the aircon.If you use aircon you will never get used to the heat. Use a fan or a few instead.Near the coast it also gets hot,we have a breeze here most hot days but it is also hot air that is being blown around.Wake up early around six and do you walking,when it gets too hot go inside and relax.It is too bad you do not have a few large trees which can provide shade that helps a lot. This year we have not used the aircon yet,we sleep with a fan and that is enough.
  3. jvs

    Living in an oven

    I have been in one of those houses in Pala-u,nice and cool. Made mostly of red dirt,din daeng.Was surprised how nice it was and i saw a young Thai man one youtube who was teaching people how to build them.
  4. jvs

    Living in an oven

    Well let's say i did not see the mention bout my wife.Picture was taken on a day with no wind,rare. We do not live in a jungle,do you live in a concrete jungle? We have lots of animals and enjoy growing our own organic food. Yes we do have electricity and even water!!!!We have two trucks(4x4) to take us to civilication in case we want to go there. I speak some of the native language but the tribe here seems pretty friendly. Sometimes we see an airplane fly over and then we make an offering to the god of the skies. Seriously now,there are people who live in towns and sometimes go to the countrieside to wind down.I am one of those who will go to town if i feel the need to have noise around me. Jakethepeg have a nice day.
  5. jvs

    Living in an oven

    No it is near Cha-am,8 km from the beach.
  6. A guy i used to know before was the worst homophobe you can imagine,he would take every oppertunity to bash gay people and made sure people knew he certainly was not gay.I often wondered why he would do that.Then i read somewhere; homophobes are just people who are scared dicks taste good;.I never did ask him but maybe this is true?
  7. jvs

    Living in an oven

    Breakfast with a nice view,i am not complaining,lots of wind ans lots of shade from large trees.I do not think i can ever live in a condo or in a house with close neighbours.
  8. jvs

    Anyone know a skillfull tree cutter?

    If the trees are after the elec meter the company will not cut them for free.Anything on their side of the meter they have to take care off. Many municipalities have a truck with equipment to reach trees,ask them.
  9. Founded in 1961 and still performing!!!Still the same setting for most of those years.One of the truly great bands they had a few hits in the US but mostly perform in Holland.Great memories.
  10. Are you also contemplating getting a good travel insurance?
  11. Peoples emotions are already programmed,kids are shown gun violence from a young age and the gunslingers are glorified heroes. The internet is not much better because there is no one to tell them what is real and what is the right way to react. Yes people kill,using guns.
  12. Another person in denial,just how many people do you think he could have killed with a club?or a knife for that matter?Guns are made to kill! I can defend myself from a knife a lot easier than from a gun attack and you?