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  1. You really don't know?
  2. The husband will probably see it different.It was not his fault,his wife made him angry you see.
  3. I would not interfere,it is not your job to do so and in the end they will blame you. My advice,laugh and walk away.
  4. It is not only known criminals that do the mass shootings. So called normal people do it also!!
  5. I do not really understand what you are saying.I think the post i commented on was understood different by some people. I am all for banning guns and i laugh at all the "cold dead hand" people.
  6. jvs

    New Ranger any opinions

    They simply did not do what was on the bill,took them 6 hours just to change oil and filter.When i asked them about some other work they were supposed to do i just got a blank stare.A few girls over there do speak english very well so it is not another case of misunderstanding.I will try Phetburi next time.
  7. You are right,according to Ann dog meat is now 1000baht a kilo!
  8. jvs

    New Ranger any opinions

    I also own a Ranger and went to the dealer in Hua-Hin,just once. will never go back there,very bad service.
  9. A little off topic but i am not sure if that is legal,she could get into trouble for doing that.
  10. I rest your case,a like and a thank you!!!
  11. I still do that!!!Sell them at chatuchak and wait for them to come home!!!Some don't and some do.
  12. These changes do not affect me as of yet but in my home country a call from the Embassy to my pension fund would go as follows, Ring ring,Pension funds how can i help you? Yes this is the embassy in bangkok,i would like to know if the amount mister jvs shows as income from your office is true. Pension fund :sorry there are privacy laws and we can not give you any information about this,have a nice day: You see people the embassies can not verify your income even if they wanted to!
  13. Say 5000 UK citizens go home.where are they going to live?Seems to me a bigger problem for the UK instead of Thailand.
  14. It is very diffucult to get away from using diesel fuel in one form or other.Without diesel fuel sigarettes could not be distributed along with everything else. Besides, this topic is about non smoking laws but as usual people use diesel as an argument,usually this comes from smokers. I do not wish to inhale tabacco smoke while out having a meal some where,i do not care even weather it affects my health or not,it stinks and so do the people who smoke it!!