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  1. I would be more worried about "my enemies".What is going on with them OP?
  2. Floyd is only going back because of money also but he should have no problem with his opponent if he plays it smart.
  3. Good going!At least she did not blame it on some one else. She admitted it was her fault,nothing about losing face here. We need more of this in Thailand.
  4. Hydrogen

    no not really,i already said there are two camps.Like religion,you either believe or you don't.For every video that says it can't be done there is another that says it can. One other aspect is your engine will be cleaner. I already paid for my solar panels so as far as this project goes i consider it free electricity. One panel on the roof and the battery ,in 24 volt should be able to make it work. I will just fiddle around with this and it keeps me busy and i will learn something. Next stop Jupiter.
  5. He would have been arrested,work permit and all that.
  6. There is an under pass not far from where it happened.
  7. This is the same U-turn where a German couple got killed not long ago. A little bit further down the road there is a new U-turn that goes under the highway. This part of the road has gotten very busy and dangerous,in the last few years a lot of new businesses have opened there.A lot of people decide to go to McDonalds at the last moment?
  8. Hydrogen

    Yes that is what i was talking about,it can be done for sure.
  9. Hydrogen

    Solar panels produce free electricity.
  10. Hydrogen

    I was going to use the elctricity to make more hydrogen not drive an electric motor. Trying to figure out if more voltage (less amps)has any effect on creating more gas.
  11. Hydrogen

    Thanks for your help.(not)