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  1. I have not read all of the responses but i heard all of the old cliches, do not buy,do not bring more then you can afford to loose. How about Do not make babies until you are really certain of your partner.
  2. Well if you actually went to the beach you would have seen what is the matter.Waves all the way up the beach reaching the stairs of some hotels.Yes disaster for beach vendors and no go zone for tourists.
  3. New cattles

    Lots of Friesians in Thailand,the best breed for producing milk.
  4. Pigeons.

    If they are sleeping under your roof you can chase them off with a laserlight pen. They hate it and use it a few times they won't be back (for awhile) Use it after they settled down for the night.
  5. Centipede bite

  6. Pigeons.

    Are they coming just to eat or are they also nesting on your property? Different solutions for this.
  7. I can clearly tell most posters never suffered from depression,good for you.!! You wake up in the late morning and you want some coffee,you see the coffeepot,the coffee and you know what needs to be done but somehow you can"t.You feel really bad about this and you decide to take a drive somewhere,you pass a lot of places where you can buy a cup of coffee but you don't see the point. You are almost home again but you pass your drive way because you have no idea what to do once you are home. Nobody can understand what you are going through when you are depressed,those who never had it i hope you will be spared from it. There are a bunch of people on here who show no compassion and think they are good enough to judge these two poor people. How can you stand to look at yourselves?
  8. ammunition box / ammo box stockist?

    It has been awhile since i was in Pattaya but i am sure they do have an army surplus place there.If you have any Thai friends they can surely help you. I know of 3 such places in the area where i live. Take a picture of the thing you want and show it to motor taxi guys.They will know.
  9. ammunition box / ammo box stockist?

    where are you located?I have seen lots of them around.
  10. Need advice on old Pattaya Jeep

    This poorly informed poster is not as poorly informed as you think,thanks. Anyway the matter has been solved,you may be very bright but a little slow.
  11. If you happen to have a yellow book they accept a copy of that also. Asking for a map is nothing new,they have done that for years.
  12. I think you got it all wrong,the idea behind this is not to give them better guns if they ever do to decide to commit an armed robbery. There is nothing in this article that suggest the people selected are convicted armed robbers. Can not come up with this scenario even in hollywood? Think again,The US government has convicted crimenals working for them!!