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  1. Stolen I-phone is turned off and used for parts,my brothers i-phone was stolen 2 days ago and that is what the police told him.
  2. Please don't lock it,i am learning a lot and haven't laughed this much for a long time!Getting to know poster without even meeting them,some i never wish to meet and luckely i will never need a mortgage again.
  3. Change in banknotes?

    It would be a great idea!!All the people who would have to exchange warehouses full of money would need to explain where it all came from. So far it was a good secret,if this is really to happen there will be a lot of panic buying,gold ,land ,real estate. something in the trend of what happened when the Euro came. A lot of people send their money over seas but the government(tax department)is slowly but surely getting most of them.
  4. Reminds me of another Thai wedding,this one. https://www.wereblog.com/lucky-thai-man-married-pretty-twins Does anyone know what is going on with them?
  5. Very new argument,never heard that one before!!!
  6. Yes smokers had their days,now the shoe is on the other foot. How does that feel?
  7. No you can not smoke inside a bar either,that is another law that was enforced the first two weeks or so.Now you can smoke in most bars and i even see people smoke in restaurants. I would love to see the smoking ban in bars being enforced again.
  8. A very sad thing to notice that this year more people will die from being obese compared to people who will die from starvation. If the obese people would eat less nobody would have to be hungry. The food lobby is even more powerful then the gun lobby in the US. The army had to lower the requirements for new recruites only a few can do enough pull ups now. Corn syrup is one of the big evil doers but it will be a long time before anything substantial will change.
  9. Yes but,only when it is not in her village.It would not be very nice living in a house with enemies all around you.
  10. Just add another 20 baht to a packet of smokes for clean-up cost. People are not allowed to smoke in our house so they go outside and after the finish they just drop whats left or just flick it away. They just don't get it!
  11. And that is what the topic was mostly about,besides puffing things up with own body fat.The title was totally misleading but a lot of people jumped on the band wagon.
  12. Quails and duck eggs

    if i remember correctly 15 days of turning the eggs and 3 days in lockdown.Good luck and if you do get any young ones you will have to make sure you give them water in a very shallow container,the drown real easely.
  13. Yes i am sure you do but as happens more often something got lost in translation.Ann looked it up on the website and they explained it as i posted,i report what i heard .
  14. Calling me a criminal could get you into some trouble,it is a serious offence in Thailand to defame a person, but don't worry if you promise to take your medicine from now on i will let it slide.
  15. Finally someone is talking sense,there is no advertising for FGM, it is merely for rejuvenating purposes.They take fat from the stomach or elsewhere and inject it into the genital area.Mostly for older women. I have no idea why people come up with removing vital parts of the female anotomy. Paranoia any one?