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  1. jvs

    Question if i can sue someone

    Did the OP mention this guy was Thai?
  2. jvs

    New topic (about guns)

    you are going to get it now!I know i did!!!
  3. jvs

    New topic (about guns)

    Sorry about that but i felt i just had to react .
  4. jvs

    Convert vinyl LP to MP3

    OP,if you will be listening on your phone there is no need to use flac, downloading from Youtube will be just fine. If you have very high-end equipment it may make a difference but most people can not hear that anyways.
  5. jvs

    Im getting very bored

    Find yourself a good book and try to enjoy being your own company.
  6. jvs

    How to deodorize your ride?

    2009 does not have one either!!
  7. jvs

    How to deodorize your ride?

    We had a rats nest in our 2009 Ranger,in the blower motor.I took it all apart and cleaned it out the best i could.Next day a slight smell,not so bad. The day after a horrible smell,very bad. Took it apart again and there was a complete nest along with smashed dead smelly rat babies. Cleaned it again and it smelled bad for a month,maggots were blown from the aircon. Took it to the shop this time and they told me the Rangers seem to attract a lot of rats for some reason.(we had to fix wires from the signal lights four times already) TheTiger we had kept the rats out od the blower if we put the aircon on recirculating.In the ford they can still get in.A plate was put over the entrance of the fresh air and now no more rats. There is some kind of chemical for cleaning but we did not use it. The problem seems to be fixed now.
  8. Not something special,lots of places create more space like that. The cars in front are in neutral and the wheels are straight,you push them out of the way so you can get out.Often a parking attendant will help you push.
  9. I am sure you are right,that day will come. I will cross that bridge when i reach it and i am not going to worry about it too much. I know some people can't wait for the goverment'to take it all away from us'but i am quite sure that is not going to happen. Like most things here the company route wil most likely be phased out slowly ,no new ones and the excisting once will die out soon. I do agree with most people who are saying this will end but i do not believe in the scaremongering. To use your example about overstay,those who did got plenty of warning. Please see post Number 93.
  10. As long as the BIB lets things go and everyone else says'mai pen rai' things are not going to change.