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  1. It may be a little bit of topic but i have a question i would really like answered by people who have guns for self protection.It is an honest question and i would like an honest response from responsible gun owners. I think we can all agree that driving a car in the US is not a right but a privelige. You abuse that and your license is taken away from you. One of the things That will do that is drinking while under the influence of alcohol.When you are over the legal limit and you get stopped or involved in some kind of accident you will be arrested . Now the question,when you are at home do you drink alcohol?How much?What is the legal limit to still be allowed to use your gun in case of a break in?If you are over the driving limit should you still be allowed to handle your gun?Does this mean you have to be sober all of the time in order to handle a dangerous weapon like a gun?What does the law say about that? Please this is something i would really like to know.
  2. Yes that is what i think also,the Brits do not have to adjust to changing lanes but most other people do.I pulled some one back who stepped directly in front of a moving car,she wanted to cross the road but looked the wrong way.
  3. Yes of course you are right.What stupid government does allow people to have weapons so they can fight this same government?
  4. You are so right,i said in another place a while ago to be very afraid of this 'me too; campaign.No male is totally innocent if you go by the feminists rules. I totally agree to charge guys who have really committed a crime but some of these accusations are just unreasonable.
  5. I have bought second hand motorbikes and second hand cars,never a problem.You have to know where to look for.We were given a 21 year old motorbike with 65000 km on the clock it had not run for years. Spend 8500 baht to get it all fixed up and looking like a new bike again. I would take this bike on a world tour,just as reliable as a new one.
  6. Her is another wise crack,they can tell by just smelling it,a hiso's shit doesn't stink.
  7. An old friend of mine in Canada told me once,'the feet taste best once the maggots come out of them. He hunted bear so much he smelled like one!!Yes bear meat is eatable not only in Thailand.
  8. If the driver would not have a vehicle he could not be driving,if a bomber would not have a bomb he would not be able to use it,if the shooter would not have a gun,well you can figure it out?
  9. Ok i am giving up,no one is as blind as a person who does not want to see. I am sure we will have this same conversation again soon,unfortunately.
  10. These are all very old arguments,to convince me you will have to come with something a lot better.
  11. Most of those 42 Thousand Americans that died because of drugs have themselves to blame.How many of the victims of shootings have asked to be shot???
  12. You are beyond help,i hope you don't have a gun but i hope you are not being serious.