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  1. Years ago i came home and found out my car was gone,along with the girl who was staying with me.Never saw her or the car again!!!Six months later the police found the car wrecked and abandoned somewhere in Holland,still with the French plates. Not long after that i got a bill from a towing company for towing and storage.Did i pay?Hell no! The carwas not that great anyway but my Pogues cd was in there!
  2. Yes new members seem to be doing that a lot lately.Too cheap to pay for an ad which nobody looks at anyway. Next topic by a newbie i will just ignore.
  3. There is a very big difference between juices,if you make your own juice from vegetables then there is not much sugar in that.If you by fruit juice in the store you are drinking sugar water.
  4. We bought agood slowjuicer about two years ago,cost nearly 7000 baht but is a very good machine. We use it a lot and every now and then we do a week of juice fasting. You can drink juice every time you feel hungry and that gets better over time.We buy a lot of cucumbers(around 10 baht per kilo)and use that as a base.If we would have gone to a juice bar we would have spend a lot more money already.I think this juicer paid for itself within half a year.How much do they charge at the juice bar?
  5. jvs

    Stereo system

    Yes that is ok of course but what kind of equipment did Wilson have in mind that is good enough for his music?Taste and sound experience is different for everyone and th days are long gone when i bought new stuff because of a raving review.We all learn and usually the hard(expensive) way.
  6. jvs

    Stereo system

    Daocat555 before buying a sub you should experient with the placement of your speakers.Maybe just a little closer or further away from the wall?Play with your settings and see what DFX can do for you.Many help on the net.Also check on youtube channels about your speakers.
  7. jvs

    Stereo system

    I have an old but very nice component system (in my mind anyway)and i hav downloaded a lot of music over the years.I listen to some classical but mainly older pop/rock and blues. They say that you have to be a very good listener to be able to tell between mp3 and flac.I believe this is true,special when you get older. I have downloaded the full version of a little program called DFX and it makes a lot of difference to the sound.It has all kinds of options and it is free. I just sold a pair of Yamaha ns 777 speakers,good sound but i got my old system and that sounds even better to me.
  8. Mother and daughter,totally different category of music but i like them both.
  9. jvs

    I'm scared of having kids

    Make your decision soon,if she really does want kids and you don't it will be the end of the relationship. Do not be selffish and if you do not want kids let her go so she can find her happiness. You two need to talk.
  10. jvs

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    You do not need to be very wise to understand a wall will not work,but you need to be stupid to believe (the experts) I already posted before why a wall will not work,lets leave it at that. Remember the experts went to war because of weapons of mass distruction?They were never found!
  11. jvs

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    If you would allow drugs that in itself would stop a lot of crime. If you check how much money some states are already making on marihuana being legal,that money could be used to improve the quality of life for many people.
  12. jvs

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Yes you are right,comparing a short wall around a small place to a wall 2000 miles long.You are so smart! You know the difference between securing and guarding?