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  1. I mentioned a while ago that the reason people went to that night market is also the reason why people complained about it.Now all is gone. Now you have lots of room to walk but no reason to walk there. It was part of the uniquie feeling Bangkok would give you. The last night spend in Bangkok on your way home and buying T-shirts and souvenir things for the folks back home. I do miss it and don't go there anymore.
  2. It is very unfortunate that because of religion airport security is what it is. (Not entirely true but it is not far off).
  3. Some body here said it was not counterfeit but Chinese monopoly money,if this is true and the taxi driver accepted it he has no recourse?If you pay with play money and t is accepted you are in the clear? Interesting.
  4. Believe me,a young Thai person who lost both legs and lands this job is a very fortunate person.
  5. I'm sorry ,you can not have her.Ann stays right here!
  6. Pay attention all you rude under dressed grumps,important learning oppertunity here!!
  7. Well just try using it next time you are on a plane and let us know how that worked out for you. If we all stop using airtravel then they have won!!Not before that.
  8. Yes you are right,nobody says hello to me anymore at the airport or on a plane, Hi Jack!Would also raise some flags.
  9. Sorry i do not agree,if the police would do their job the parents would not allow the kids to take the bike.When the kids are racing around the parents are out working to pay for the bike. I do see what you mean,if the parents say do not touch that bike it should stop this.Question remains how will they get to and from school. I guess looking at it this way raises more questions.
  10. All good and well but what is the alternative?This is a problem not easy to solve,these kids do not think about death at this age,did you? If they do not allow them to enter the school yard on a bike without a license and a helmet they will just park on the street. If they somehow could force them to all take a school bus they would get on the bike as soon as they get home. The answer?Maybe the police should do their job a little better? I see young kids everyday riding bikes with a death wish.
  11. Read it again,he arrived in 2012 and he was charged with rape in France earlier that year.
  12. Well it is kind of hard to use a mirror if it is turned towards the inside to make the bike narrower.Some don't have mirrors and complain when they get a fine.
  13. I think the trouble for them began after he send much more money to Thailand than he legally made in Holland.Red flag.The Dutch government wants to talk to him about that,before they could not find any evidence. He has done 3 years here already,one more and he will be sent back to Holland. Once back there he will have to explain a few things. His ordeal here will last just one more year.
  14. Yeah like only wearing a seatbelt in a car during rush hour.
  15. The amount of face she gained is not to be looked down upon.