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    HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    Its been down all afternoon on my big screen tv, but working on my laptop, i sent them an e- mail at 13:39, they replied at 13:39, We are looking into this, please try again in about 15 minutes. at 16:40 i emailed again as still not working, they replied at 18:21 We had a major server malfunction today and it took longer than we expected to resolve. We apologize for the downtime , everything is back to normal now. As compensation, 24 hours have been added to your current packages. i have just tried my tv and hd prime is working again through my android box.
  2. himmel

    HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    Hi, i did as you suggested and yes they were very helpful all fixed now. Thanks
  3. himmel

    HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    Hi Bangkok Barry, yes the upgrade is very good on my laptop, so i thought i would try it on my big screen tv, so i uninstalled the app hdprime, then went to google store to reinstall app but could not find it, Hum problem, go to google typed in hdprime , scrolled down to hdprime login clicked on that and hdprime page came up, login got it but the problem is i cant get rid of google search bar at the top of the screen, have you had that problem , can you help me, im not very technical. Kind Regards
  4. himmel

    HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

  5. himmel

    uk v thailand cataract operation

    Had both mine done in Buriram six months apart, about 3 years ago, still need glasses for reading, but not for anything else.
  6. himmel

    Mosquitos Ruining My Life - Am I Crazy?

    Hi Ryanhull, could you please elaborate on your modified electric mossy tennis bat, we have three that no longer work, payed 300B each for them, but after maybe a month or two the rechargeable battery no longer works. Regards.
  7. himmel

    Marriage affidavit

    Hi, im from the UK, (Retirement Extension) the form Illegibility to marry asks, Usual Address, i've lived at my g/f house for 3 years, so this would be the Address to put on the form, Yes, because my flat in the uk has been rented out for the last 8 years, and i have not returned the UK in that time.
  8. himmel

    Affirmation to marry doc/advise

    Hi all, Question, Affirmation of marital status form, Usual Address. as i've lived here in Thailand for 4 years, at the same address for 3 years, i:e girl-friends house, i take it this would be the address to put on the form, or would it be my flat address, in the uk which has been rented out for the passed 8 years. I know it says Usual Address, just wanted to be sure.