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  1. taninthai

    Tires online

    29 tyre has good selection and responds well in good English on the line app.
  2. taninthai


    The red mud called ding daeng is approx 1200 bht a truck ,just had some land filled this week,however he decided to use something different from the red mud and it is sinking when I walk on it..lol...typical Thai ,,,he coming back to look at it saterday,the small grey gravel costs a lot more.
  3. taninthai


    If it does come here think it will be same as current mx bikes here only available at Honda bigwing shops ,definitely can’t see it being available from all the smaller Honda dealers. there is quite a big mx scene in Thailand but them guys will be buying proper mx bikes not this road going version.
  4. taninthai

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Really bored off this ,takes a Minuit to load each page ,with this message constantly popping up you would have to be mental to pay to sponsor this forum.i can’t actually use the forum on iPhone with safari browser as adverts cover the top half of the screen
  5. taninthai


    My opinion on the Honda 40 bhp version is that it’s a great bike but way way overpriced with a slightly annoying service intervals,,,I personally think Kawasaki is gonna come with something that may be an improvement over the Honda offering,I beleive kawa has a new 400 or 450 cc engine in the ninja 400 so it’s a waiting game to see what they bring. For me I’m still happy with my crf 250l and don’t really have any plans to change it.
  6. taninthai


  7. taninthai

    Need your input for new bike

    Surely you might be better asking the wife what she likes and feels comfortable on,then going to shops and test them,,,,,there is not much difference between all the scooters,it boils down to personal choice of style design and colour.
  8. Is your friend setting up his own company or is a Thai company employing him,if a Thai company employing him will need correspondence from the Thai company,I suppose this will be in with the lawyers paperwork along with the work permit application,if your friend is using a lawyer or agent he should be able to best advise what to put on forms.
  9. taninthai

    New Battery

    Strange I have never had to charge a new battery ,it should have enough power to start your bike then just take it for 2o Minuit ride and it should be charged.
  10. taninthai

    Revisiting Sihanoukville.

    Wow some nice info and pics,it was 8 years ago when I was last there the road to the beach was just a dirt road and as you went onto beach there was loads of bars to the right offering bbq every night,utopia could be a crazy night out ,very very different place now.
  11. taninthai

    S1000RR 2019

    After a little consideration my comments are a bit wrong on this as I have been seriously considering buying a 2nd hand 2nd generation of these bikes,although this would be bought in the U.K. where you can pick them up for 400,000 bht and yes it would have been used mainly track with a little bit of commuting and possible little tour to Europe. main reason for wanting to buy one was simply to experience the electronics on track ,currently used a completely standard 600 rr for 4 years on track. decided agaisnt buying one at the Minuit and am continuing on with my plan of sticking with the 600 and modding it a bit as nothing more satisfying than blasting past a new 1000cc superbike on my 8 year old cbr....lol. However would I buy a brand new or even 2 nd hand one in Thailand,,,,answer still no,would be a waste of time for me as no proper tracks or not enough Trackdays on, and bike not really suited to how and where I ride to n thailand
  12. taninthai

    S1000RR 2019

    Yep don’t disagree people use them for all sorts of things that don’t make it right though million bht + on a sports bike to commute to work on thatbyou can’t reall get out of 2 nd gear seems pointless to me,,,same on tight twisties a good rider on smaller bike would leave this bike behind on tight twisties. nothing agaisnt sport bikes I have one ,it hasn’t gone on the road for 4 years track only,,,,,,,personally I prefer something more upright for roads and touring etc etc...Ducati hypermotard/strata,versys,s1000r,cb650........ If I had the money yes I’d have one and pose around on the road a little with it..why not it definitely has feel good factor, but there is much better options available for mainly road use.
  13. taninthai

    S1000RR 2019

    Great bike for the race track ,,complete over kill and pretty much waste of time for the roads,,great posing value though and looks mean as <deleted> on the road but what percentage are you gonna be able to use on road 20% to 30%.
  14. taninthai

    Trang info please

    Oh dear sorry mr stroppy reply ,,for having the audacity to post on a public forum ,get out bed the wrong side or do you think you are superior for some unknown reason,,,,yes lived around Ao Nang for 11 years thank you ,also visited Trang many times.
  15. taninthai

    Trang info please

    Can’t really compare Ao Nang in krabi to Trang as you said Trang town is a cool laid back non tourist destination where Ao Nang Is the complete opposite Completely westernised it’s more like Europe than Thailand and full of family’s on package holidays frOm Europe.