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  1. taninthai

    Smell from toilet ONLY after heavy rain.

    This ...I didn’t have to actually lift my toilets..as the Thais had cemented them down...but a blob off silicon over the holes that are used to screw the toilet to the floor cured the bad smell from mine.
  2. taninthai

    Honda Africa Twin

    Right so have two models and they are both shortened versions for this year,got it nowAs said Ducati have done this on there supermotard aswell,the guy paid a small fortune to get it changed to EURO spec.
  3. taninthai

    Honda Africa Twin

    I’m confused you talk about standard Africa twin and a adventure sports version?? is there two versions of this bike or is the adventure sports just the latest model update which they have released as the lower version.
  4. taninthai

    Triumph Tiger 800 XCA

    I thought someone commented on the other thread that you can still get the new Africa twin at the right height?.. i like the triumph but if it was a choice between the two think I’d take the Honda,
  5. taninthai

    Honda Africa Twin

    That new model certainly does look weird,it’s not just Honda doing this Ducati have also done it with the hypermotard
  6. taninthai

    Considering a Macbook Pro

    Interesting about the keyboards I have a MacBook Air 2012 had it sincec2012 and it’s always been perfect,,during my last 8 months didn’t use it as just bought iPad Pro,anyway tried switching MacBook on after 8 months and it wouldstart up and then switch off,you also couldn’t charge it. took it in shop and they said key board seems to have a short got wet or something,the MacBook was left in a sealed silicone case under a cupboard on concrete floor for 8 months ,I put it down to Thailand climate <deleted> electronics up yet again,there was bits of mood/ mildew on the case,,,so in U.K. at the moment new keyboard cost me £135,,,,,was not at a apple shop and don’t know if it’s original or copy keyboard but it all works fine now.
  7. taninthai

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    You are never gonna make Chiang Mai bkk Chiang Mai in a day,did Chiang Mai to bkk on a big bike two weeks ago,left Chiang Mai 7:30 am got stuck with bike problems for 3 hours and arrived bkk 8:30 pm,this was hitting speeds up to 150/160km/r was absolutely shattered as you get near Ayutthaya the roads are filled with lorry’s sand and dust everywhere,,,,the roads also get long straight and boring at times,back roads and more time is the way to go.
  8. taninthai


    The quote from advpulse link above Honda are claiming 40 something hp ,600 mile oil change and 1800 mile valve checks,,as said in my post I don’t think it’s a bike for me.
  9. taninthai


    Well that sounds a little better,,,,I haven’t really got a problem with the power of my crf250 for off roading,it’s only when road riding it has lack of power,with oil changes 600 miles and valve checks every 1800 km for the 450l I think I’d just stick to my 250l,also have another bigger bike for road trips now so only use crf for nipping to shops and off roading.
  10. taninthai

    GPS for my bike

    I too was thinking of buying dedicated gps about a month ago,,,talking to other people everyone seems to just recommend a phone,google maps does the job and can download offline maps to use with it,dedicated gps seems to be just to expensive if you want a decent one.waze ,TOM TOM and Sygic are other apps to use with phone.
  11. taninthai


    ^^^^^ completely agree,,,,,,but surely them figures got to be wrong,,unless they release this and discontinue 250 l........lol
  12. taninthai


    Definitely not gonna be 35 bhp piece of junk ,I think it will be quite well specced and built bike,but think this will push the price pretty high....personally if it’s priced up around 350k I would rather buy 2 nd hand Ducati supermotard
  13. taninthai


    There is still rumours of a 700/800 cc Africa twin coming,,but can’t see it myself.
  14. taninthai


    Yep just see this this morning,,,,,,suppose have to wait see if sold here....could be a little pricey at around 350,000 bht.......20 kg lighter than the crf 250 l...lol https://adventuremotorcycle.com/news/2019-honda-crf450l
  15. taninthai

    What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    No lucky enough the chain just dropped straight of no damage to anywhere on the bike,,,chain had only been fitted 2,000 km previous but it was a cheap crap chain and was giving me constant hassle kinking and stretching,the guy bought me out a heavy duty o ring chain and it’s been all good for last 1000 km.