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  1. Flat roof leaking.

    I have just had my flat roof tiled it has a slight slope front to back. Hopefully it will be all good.i have read about a sealant you can put over the grouted parts
  2. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Lol......I have seen the pictures on crf250 Chiangmai Facebook page where they are trying to fit wide tyres on the front then when the suspension compresses the tyre rubs onto the fork leg😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. 450 THB Lazada Macbook Charger

    Yes I have this problem to.if you touch the casing while using the touch pad it stops it being fidgety
  4. Mac Air battery replacement - Lazada

    Yep installed it myself MacBook Air 2012 model,I did this in the U.K. about 8 months ago ,Apple will not sell you batteries to install yourself,I was gonna check out istudio over here see if they would sell a battery to install yourself.
  5. Mac Air battery replacement - Lazada

    I haven’t bought one from Lazada but did by one from eBay ,they are all copies mainly ,You don’t get no where near the 9 to 10 hours use that you would from an original battery and they also seem to cause some issues with the touchpad.
  6. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Give me a couple of days to test the new set make sure there all good.
  7. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    One of them is leaking oil and the bottom legs are pretty corroded.
  8. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Swapped out my old forks for some shiny new ones:)
  9. I just paid 180 per square meter,I supplied all materials,I think this is good price ,was advised price can average anything from 180 to 250 m2. total area I had tiled 55m2.
  10. Buying a scooter new or 2nd hand ?

    I just bought a 2nd hand scooter only 2 years old and am having a nightmare with it,,will add some pics later of what you can expect to find with 2nd hand bikes.
  11. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Ordered some more parts..555
  12. Unusual for alpine star,,,had mine 3 years used U.K. and Thailand even wear them on the plane over here no issues,,,,the plus side once you complain to head office of well known company you are always gonna get refund or replacement,,,
  13. I have met a thai guy mining he has spent a fortune on it cards rigs etc,,he says he is doing well ,however the site he was using was hacked,and has been offline a few weeks. i have been thinking about getting into the mining but really everything I read about it just don’t sound to positive,,quite a high outlay , difficulty rating getting harder,mining gear becoming outdated/slow over short time spans for not great returns from what I can see,maybe I’m missing something. i was trading for 3 to 4 months but don’t really have the time to it at the moment so just holding my coins now,,,certainly showing nice profit anyway,,more than what I can see I can get from mining. would be interested in hearing some more detailed info regarding mining myself.
  14. Thai Airways frequent flyer card?

    Dam people starving ,people no water to drink ,suicide bombers everywhere,paedo files everywhere,human trafficking and slave trade is rife and now I don’t get to get my silver status air miles card,,this could just push me over the edge:(