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  1. New house - pre planning thoughts

    same as my 3 month build has turned into a 9 month build ,because i got rid of all the so called trades man 7 weeks into the build.
  2. This bike looked in great condition for that mileage,,,,,,,think i will grab a 2nd hand one of these at the end of year for some touring:)
  3. crf 250l clutch/gearbox issue

    great information neilly......thanks.
  4. crf 250l clutch/gearbox issue

    gonna buy the kit from crfs only with ebc springs the one you recommended earlier in thread ,,,will get while I'm in uk and install we I'm back in october.
  5. i must admit some jobs i do think what the f am i doing when i can pay someone a couple of thousand bht to do it ,,,,which is super cheap compared to western rates,,the last 2 days i kinda thought that when i have been up to my arse in muddy sludge putting a septic tank in.....was all going well until the jcb driver started acting like a dick....lol
  6. crf 250l clutch/gearbox issue

    you buy that in thailand?????? what was the cost
  7. one thing for sure its impossible to get any half decent handymen at 300 bht a day, yes thats the miniumum wage but the workers that work for that are more the sort that are on a long term contract building hotels etc. i have some guys at the minuite doing stuff for me at he minuite they work at hotel in the day time(MAINTENANCE MEN) so can only work 3to4 hours aday for me. some prices i paid plaster board ceiling 42m2 7000bht ,tile bathroom 2m by 3m floor and walls ,fix toilet in and build one wall out with bricks to make shelf 6000bht, 27 roof tiles 1.5meter long installed on car port roof 1000bht,tile complete floor of house approx 40m2 tile size 60x60 cost 6000bht. i think they are pretty good prices ,standard of work ok.all labour only prices.
  8. aircon switches itself on after power cut????

    just an update for any one interested ,it was a guy from homepro that turned up today the same guy that installed it ,,,showed him the fault by flicking the electric on and off and he didn't even bother opening the unit up ,,,just said straight off i will put you down as a new unit needed. so a good outcome all round.
  9. aircon switches itself on after power cut????

    i been here a long time i am normally chilled and easy going ,,but the unit is only 4 weeks old installed 21st april, already had 1 new part installed and taken apart 2 times and tommorow will be the 4 th time someone has come to play around with it, few other niggles with it like the fan seems to run more powerfull on one setting than it does on the other even though remote says setting the same ,,,,,see what tommorow brings ,,,,,i can see them saying its supposed to do that.........lol
  10. what the op quotes is basically a days work for 2 men,,,even if they take 2 days its a ridiculously high price,,,,again 8,000 bht to paint a living room is high price painters in the uk don't even get paid that in a day,,,,,,,,,yes obviously if you get a decent job done its better paying a bit more but still both sky high prices really. i prefer to just stuff like that myself ,,,,,,cheap and no one to blame but myself if it comes out rubbish. I'm currently trying to get a 20 meter fence and sliding gate put in same as the one in picture so far been quoted 79,000 then another guy 55,000.......can see I'm gonna end up attempting it myself within the next few months..lol
  11. aircon switches itself on after power cut????

    bought and installed by/from homepro...when it stopped working after 2nd day homepro install guy came out to make sure all the install was ok, he confirmed install was ok and then they referred problem direct to panasonic service and its panasonic service that have been dealing and taking the unit apart since then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hopefully when they come tomorrow they can't fix it and then i can pressure them for complete new unit rather than another new part.
  12. crf 250l clutch/gearbox issue

    raining in england never!...hope it improves got trackday booked bedfordshire autodrome on 31st may.
  13. aircon switches itself on after power cut????

    yeah they do keep sending out there own technicians but its them that seemed to have messed it up in the first place when the guy originally came and messed around with the wiring in the unit just to get it working while they were waiting for new part to arrive,,,then it was a different guy that came and installed the new part,I'm now complaining that i don't really want a unit that has had 4 repairs done to it in 4 weeks,,,,,really would prefer to have unit replaced...........they are coming out on the 20th anyway. all i can say is don't buy panasonic air con.
  14. crf 250l clutch/gearbox issue

    I'm going back to uk next week for a few months think i will just bring new clutch kit over when i return ,,,,,not really got time to mess about with at the moment,,,,,,,,,it just needs to hold out for another 7 days....lol
  15. aircon switches itself on after power cut????

    yeah i have repeatedly tested it by having the aircon switched off and switching the main breaker of and on and it repeatedly switches itself on at full blast and stays on at full blast until you switch it of yourself..........time to call them out again this will be fourth visit in 3 weeks:(