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  1. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Been looking at your bike,if it nearer to me could Ben interested....delivery available....fancy a ride to krabi.....
  2. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Just cleaned up front brake piston/calliper,,,,,went to do rear which is completely jammed,,but can’t be arsed to take rear wheel off,paid for upgrade clutch which ch will arrive in a week,,,,maybe I clean bike before then😂😂
  3. Yep I’m waiting for my engine to blow up then just by 2nd hand 300 engine🤗🤗
  4. crf 250l clutch/gearbox issue

    Dam eBay seller didn’t deliver my ebc clutch kit in time from uk.......or I left it to late to order... Anyway they want 47 dollar just to deliver that clutch and spring set........I take it Honda don’t use ebc kits think I’m gonna just order the the 250r plates and 300r springs from local dealer or sunset cycle .....will have to check prices
  5. Want to Buy a Mining Rig in Thailand

    From what I was reading there seems to be a shortage of some components in the country to make rigs at the moment.
  6. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    Yep I forgot how bad the original grips are ,,,they are like rock hard plastic. Think that was one of the first things I changed on mine,,,in fact the bars are pretty crap mine bent first time I dropped it,,,,just change to renthals does the job,,although I’m sure the rentals I have at the moment are fake....555
  7. It's your yellow one I'm interested in,,have a fetish for yellow bikes,,,, I been back a week and the crf fired upfirst time after sitting for 6 months,biker l.ooks so sad more corrosion and rear brake seized,ordered new clutch 6 days before leaving and it failed to arrive ,so searching for somewhere that delivers Thailand now
  8. Umphang

    sounds like nice little adventure,,,,,,,good on ya.
  9. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    I have typed many replies to this thread , but keep deleting them ,,,think I will leave it at that.
  10. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    just what have you complained to honda about.. too little torque from a 18bhp engine?????? cannot pull away in 3rd gear at 2,000rpm????? the engine makes noises????? personally i don't think any of these things are issues with your bike or any other crf thats just how they are.....maybe try a ktm 690 if your looking for torque...... the other poster is right you do moan to much and possibly dissect and think about things to much
  11. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    My crf easy to ride slow ,,,ever heard of slipping the clutch ,,,,,as said this is pure rider error/mistakes
  12. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    By the way your talking Sounds like the power of the crf is just to much for you,,, you already said when you rodecit to pub quiz you opened it up and it was fastreally sounds like you are just riding around co stantly in wrong gear at 1/4 throttle and scared to rev it,bike engines are made to rev high,I have several bikes and none of them will take off quick under 3000rpm in 3rd gear that includes 600cc bikes. Honestly it's ridiculous mentioning torque and 250 cc in the same sentence,,,,i would guess 95 % of people that have these bikes on this forum are happy with them,,yes you get the comments that they are a bit heavy and lacking power but again it's a 250 so can't expect big power.definately rider issues here
  13. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    Ignore my post earlier about 45 t rear sprocket,,,,,you want 42 or 43,, can't remember whatvi got and I'm no where near my bike,,,,fuel controller not needed in my opinion.,, others love em but they are not for meme
  14. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    i love riding mine:).....leave the front sprocket alone and go 45 on rear.
  15. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    my crf sounds terrible sort of sounds like its running really dry,but i think that is just the sound of a single cylinder low hp bike, it doesn't give me any problems engine wise. id bet the not pulling (bogging down)under 3,000rpm is more a combination of new bike ,wrong gear selection and riding what is called only 1/4 throttle, have it in a lower gear and don't be scared to rev it,,but at he end of the day it is only a 250 so can't expect supersonic acceleration especially if two up,,,change to 2 or 3 teeth more on the rear sprocket will also help.