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  1. Backwoods

    My New White Isuzu Mu7 Choize

    Chrome backround for handles are not only decorative, but lessens scratches behind hadles that all vehicles get! By the way, I am only 5'6" and can afford to buy without selling anything, and an Escalade is just a refurbish version of the old Chevy Blazer! I have driven them and full of plastic same as all the rest, and don't deserve the Cadilac emblem!!
  2. Backwoods

    My New White Isuzu Mu7 Choize

    I think he bought it so you would ask stupid questions like this! I don't know what dirt village you live in, but I see LOTS of MU-7 in and around Bangkok, perhaps you are jealous? Can't believe how many people like you think all others should ask your opinion before buying anything. As for his wife and kids if he has them, those are subjects you should definately keep your mouth shut about, Talk junk about a mans truck, but family putdowns are tabboo, here and most places. Suggest you look for a consulting job since you are an expert, and let some of us ask and receive advice from someone more civil!
  3. Backwoods

    Testosterone Gel

    One 1 ml amp of Testoviron Depot (by Shering (sp???) Germany) only costs 150 or 200 baht at the outside pharmacies, 300 in the hospital. The rest from 1500 baht is doctor and nursing charges. Yes doing monthly. And about the finger - checking the prostate. I noticed one hospital bill shows the medication as "Nebido IM (1000 mg/4 mL) Injection," which is made by Bayer. If your monthly Testoviron Depot is 1 ml and my once-every-three-month injection is 4ml, that could account for my relatively long injections. Seems like online pricing for Nebido is $200 to $300 (roughly THB6000 to THB9000), so the price I'm being charged is in line with that. I was receieving 1ML every 2 weeks by injection, and yes they used a big needle on me as well, that was in the states, and I stopped when comming here! Rid rage was a bit of a problem with me as I got irritated very easy, butit did increase my libedo! I was getting it to strengthen mussels as well as my heart, and not sure I want o mess with it again!
  4. Backwoods

    Where To Find Dijon Mustard In Issan

    I can only tell you that Villa has it, and I get it and spicey brown there!
  5. Backwoods

    Bogus Drugs And Counterfeit Viagra In Thailand

    So, did you get some decent porn when you bought your pills? Not just window shopping were we?
  6. Backwoods

    More Thais Getting Overweight

    While we have built a fairly large kitchen by Thai standards and cost me a fortune, My wife is packing on some pounds and eats little Farang food! Her problem is no exorsize and eating 20 times a day when awake!! Much as we tried, she will not exorsize, but because she eats almost exclusively Thai food, cost is at least cheap!! A chubby wife is not enough reason to get mad, but I have got her to use Olive oil and stap deep frying everything!
  7. Backwoods

    Thank Mcdonald'S

    Walk through any open market, and find everything from hog nose, lungs, tongue, entrails, liver, heart, feet from chicken and hogs, not to mention bugs, road killed fish aged to rotten perfection. Not much in Asia that doesn't get eaten, so pork from McD's is no different from any stand, or restaurant. If they are using the same sauce as back home it was Bull's Eye. Talk about unhealthy, everything is deep fried, or set on counter for hours before cooking!
  8. Backwoods

    How To Find A Good Breeder/Puppy

    Puppies made their debute on the night of 17th! Male and female and mama taking great care of them. Took to vet for tail docking and dew claw removal and wellness check up today, and they are very lively little critters!
  9. Backwoods

    Dogs Names

    Before comming to Thailand I had a pet pig, named "Pork Chop". My 2 Yorkies are called "Little Bit, and Minnie. Minnie is pregant and xray says 2 puppies, so they will be "Teenie and Tiny"! And, By the way I do Have a siberian husky named princess and she loves laying in the sun, go figure???
  10. Backwoods

    Dog Traders Given Bail By Isaan Court

    How about putting in that effort to confront the problem of kids on drugs or in gangs? Pickpockets, muggings and all the scams on the tourist trades. I do have dogs, breed them responsibly, but have also worked as a big game guide to hunt trophy animals. PETA is a joke, big mouths that do nothing but make noise! Hunters pay for almost all of the animal regulation programs and provide habitat as well as enforcement and protection, PETA does protests, they serve no animal in any way. Again you are on foreign soil telling natives how they should become civilized. While I do agree this was not a thing to watch, it has been a culture for some people and not your bussiness to get involved as far as opinions.
  11. Backwoods

    How To Find A Good Breeder/Puppy

    If you don't find, I will be putting up my puppies online, but will be a while as they are just due this week! KC of Thailand registered yorkies. She is big as a house, but Xray shows only 2 pups, but will pre sale as soon a they are delivered and will have all shots and registration papers. Just a heads up! Expected whelp date is friday so the count is on!!!!