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  1. It sounds like the Post Office near Wat Phra Singh,on Sam Lan Road in the Old City.
  2. fcgprg

    Y is the Chicago Tribune blocked in T'land?

    It is working for me .
  3. fcgprg

    Would you buy a Kia in Chiang Mai..?

    Check with ex pats autos they are very helpful.
  4. fcgprg

    Pension advice in CM

    It is from the Date you start receiving your pension, the amount you will get less any contracted out years is given on your pension statement forecast. If you visit the uk yes you get the current level while in the UK then it reverts back to the level that was on your pension statement when you leave the UK again .
  5. fcgprg

    Advice on purchasing an old condo

    Check the management fee accounts for the condo,the expenditure should be displayed in the Office ,also enquire into the sinking fund for the building and the amount in the account.If all that is in order make some enquiries with owners of the units not tenants.Tenants will not always tell you the truth in case it causes them problems in the future with the condo owner. Take a Thai speaker with you that is the only way you will get anywhere near the truth.
  6. fcgprg

    Buying house and usufruct

    First and foremost you need a Thai Lawyer who speaks English before you do anything.
  7. fcgprg

    Gnat Infestation

    Just spray them, you wont be worrying if you get bit by them during the night and end up with dengue fever.
  8. I confirm that very good service.
  9. The only difference I have now if or when I transfer funds again is the unique 18 digit reference number which Bangkok Bank London sent by mail.Transferwise is also a good way to transfer funds and a fraction of the cost.
  10. fcgprg

    Tropical Crotch Rot

    Same here.
  11. fcgprg

    Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    All finished yesterday, back to normal today.
  12. fcgprg

    AIA Insurrance Agent in Chiang Mai

    What is recommended by the ex pats club?
  13. fcgprg

    Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    No problem parking before 11 am when I have gone at that time. After 12 is a different matter though, difficult to park late afternoon some days.
  14. fcgprg

    Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    It is busy most days from late afternoon and evening. at least that is my opinion on the numerous days I go at that time. A massive improvement from 12 months ago again in my opinion.
  15. fcgprg

    Shell company

    Interactive Associates Thailand legal and accounting solutions. Are one Thai company, that can set up Thai Holding companies