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  1. Table Fan Motor Running Hot

    Vocal Neal, do you remember which side of the road the rewind shop is? I remember that there used to be an old boy fixing TV's etc not far from Max Value. I passed that place on Sunday but it was closed. Not sure if it was just closed or closed down
  2. Table Fan Motor Running Hot

    Thanks a lot Crosby. The Amorn service shop in the old Siam Plaza will do a rewind for thb 300. Another Amorn shop that stocks motors didn't have any. I will investigate the Phrakanong shop later.
  3. Table Fan Motor Running Hot

    Thanks Crossy. I ran the fan for 15 minutes and it was extremely hot. I couldn't send this back to farm. I wouldn't sleep nights! I'm trying to locate a place that either refurbs or sells fan motors in Thailand (preferably Bangkok area) but I am struggling. AliBaba sells them cheap providing you are purchasing 2000 of them....... If anybody knows where new or refurb motors can be purchased, I would appreciate it.
  4. Hello All, I had a delivery of old, dying and dead table / pedestal fans from Grandmas farm yesterday. Most are shot although some will be useful to rob parts from to Frankenstein a useful fan or two. One of the fans looked clean and tidy, although the motor shaft was tight. I split the motor and oiled up the bearings as best I could and left overnight. This morning the motor turns freely. The fan runs well now, although the motor is getting very hot. I changed out the capacitor with a new one just to check, but it is still running hot. Can anybody advise on any checks that I can make before I toss the fan in the rubbish? I have a multi meter but no other electrical test equipment.
  5. Hi All, I will be travelling to Savanakhet next month to renew my 1 year multi entry Non Imm O visa Based on Marriage. Are there any changes from last year? I have checked various forums and found that some people where taking along Kor Ror 2 along as well as a Tabien Baan? Last year I did not need these. If anybody could confirm exact requirements I would really appreciate it Last year I took: Passport and passport copy 2 X photographs original and copy of marriage certificate (both sides) Copy of wife ID card and passport (signed) 5000 THB for Multi Entry Visa
  6. I am looking for a small, prototype run. Hoping to use a cheap mold first to double check that the project will work. It is a small product, only +/- 80mm X 80mm. It could be reduced initially if that would reduce costs.
  7. Studmeyer, I am currently in a similar situation to you. Did you find a suitable company to help you with your project?
  8. Rental bikes at Suvarnabhumi?

    OK, thanks Mal. A buddy from out of town wants to have a look up there. Probably better to rent from town.
  9. T-Slot Track and Bolts

    Hello All, Does anybody know where I might find T-Slot Track and Bolts in BKK? Please see the link below that shows what I am looking for. Thanks in advance https://goo.gl/DG22iX
  10. Hello All, Does anybody know if you can rent bicycles at the bike track at Suvarnabhumi Airport?
  11. Woodworking Vise in Bangkok Area?

    Thanks a lot K. BENQ. I'll have the Mrs call them.
  12. Hi all, I have tried to find a wood working vise for some time now. I have tried Klongtan Thom market, wood street area, Thai watsadu etc. Thai carpenter dot com are out of stock until September and Cromwell tools are just too damn expensive. Anybody know anywhere else that I can try?
  13. Visarun Savannakhet

    Great. Thanks a lot for your help
  14. Visarun Savannakhet

    Hi All, It appears that UbonJoe is the wise Sage on all things Visa. Is it possible to get the one year multiple non o visa based on marriage from Savannakhet even though you are not a resident in Laos? I noticed on the Consulate website that it mentioned it was only open to laos residents.