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  1. Table Fan Motor Running Hot

    Vocal Neal, do you remember which side of the road the rewind shop is? I remember that there used to be an old boy fixing TV's etc not far from Max Value. I passed that place on Sunday but it was closed. Not sure if it was just closed or closed down
  2. Table Fan Motor Running Hot

    Thanks a lot Crosby. The Amorn service shop in the old Siam Plaza will do a rewind for thb 300. Another Amorn shop that stocks motors didn't have any. I will investigate the Phrakanong shop later.
  3. Table Fan Motor Running Hot

    Thanks Crossy. I ran the fan for 15 minutes and it was extremely hot. I couldn't send this back to farm. I wouldn't sleep nights! I'm trying to locate a place that either refurbs or sells fan motors in Thailand (preferably Bangkok area) but I am struggling. AliBaba sells them cheap providing you are purchasing 2000 of them....... If anybody knows where new or refurb motors can be purchased, I would appreciate it.
  4. Hello All, I had a delivery of old, dying and dead table / pedestal fans from Grandmas farm yesterday. Most are shot although some will be useful to rob parts from to Frankenstein a useful fan or two. One of the fans looked clean and tidy, although the motor shaft was tight. I split the motor and oiled up the bearings as best I could and left overnight. This morning the motor turns freely. The fan runs well now, although the motor is getting very hot. I changed out the capacitor with a new one just to check, but it is still running hot. Can anybody advise on any checks that I can make before I toss the fan in the rubbish? I have a multi meter but no other electrical test equipment.
  5. Hi All, I will be travelling to Savanakhet next month to renew my 1 year multi entry Non Imm O visa Based on Marriage. Are there any changes from last year? I have checked various forums and found that some people where taking along Kor Ror 2 along as well as a Tabien Baan? Last year I did not need these. If anybody could confirm exact requirements I would really appreciate it Last year I took: Passport and passport copy 2 X photographs original and copy of marriage certificate (both sides) Copy of wife ID card and passport (signed) 5000 THB for Multi Entry Visa