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  1. DMC1

    Can stolen iPhone be disabled?

    Report the stolen iPhone serial/IMEI number to Apple
  2. DMC1

    will a UK iphone se work with thai sim card

    If you buy direct from Apple it shouldn’t be unlocked
  3. DMC1

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    Yes, I looked at the middle one and asked if they could put the top model wheels on it as I didn’t fancy the sunroof on the top model either. They said no problem, just cost a little bit more. Everything else is the same spec.
  4. DMC1

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    Yes, possibly, never took a proper look. However, I think the ZS is top value and similar price bracket as eco. HRV is nice but plus another 2-250k on top and then you have to add on the sat nav. When I looked at HRV when it was released it didn’t include sat nav and they wanted extra for it. For me, I don’t use my car a great deal so the ZS price range is about right for me.
  5. DMC1

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    How about the new MG ZS? Built in Sat nav/voice controlled smart computer. Same or more space than eco sport. I had a test drive and preferred it to the eco sport. Just depends on the service/reliability reviews.
  6. DMC1

    Solar tubes

    Here’s the quote for anyone interested. I think I’ll give it miss this time!
  7. DMC1

    PU Closed Cell Roof Foaming...

    I used ARC in Pattaya 10 years ago. I think it was ฿500 sq/m. There is also another company called LOHR, although at the time they didn’t have great reviews and didn’t include the additional roof spinning fans in the price. It works great for sealing the roof and the house cools down quicker in the evening with the AC on. The problem is the heat can get trapped during the day, if you haven’t got the AC running, although this isn’t really a big deal for me in our house.
  8. DMC1

    Solar tubes

    Ok cool. I was looking at getting more natural daylight into my bathroom area. I have a simple plastic tile at the back section of my house, where the roof is different above my kitchen and this gives us amazing natural light from just a small 3ft square panel. The roof above my bathroom and rest of the house is like in the phot in the OP.
  9. DMC1

    Solar tubes

    No luck trying to find these in Thailand. Tried “Solartube” who have a Thai link but no replies. Also tried Velux Thailand, no luck there. Any ideas?
  10. Yes, looks like it’s still on Netflix, added to my list.
  11. Ok cheers for. How about the 2 part drama about the British serial Killer, Fred West? “Appropriate Adult”. I thought this was really good.
  12. Can’t find Moorland is it “the moorside”?
  13. DMC1

    Replacing Iphone 6s battery in Thailand

    Not sure, the tech just said try again in December to see if it’s degraded enough. The phone has been great for over 2.5 years, no issues, slowing down, crashes or anything. I was walking near iCare, so just thought I’d give it a go.
  14. DMC1

    Replacing Iphone 6s battery in Thailand

    No need to be rude! Some of the info supplied by the other poster is incorrect as there are no official Apple stores in Thailand, only resellers. The only authorised Apple places are the iCare Authorised repair centres. Some are located at/near the resellers. I was posting my experience of going directly into iCare, not by going online. There is no proper way, only a different option. I can only report what the Apple tech did in my case. As there is nothing wrong with my phone and the waiting list is long, they won’t change my battery at this time under the program. I’m not going to report him to Apple as I will probably be upgrading my phone in Sept/Oct anyway. The poster above above went by the online route (he didn’t say whether he did the battery replacement in Thailand or not?). He registered in January and got the battery in April. That’s 3 months, so you’d better not wait until the end of the year.
  15. DMC1

    Replacing Iphone 6s battery in Thailand

    Read your own post above (#29) You clearly said that you called Apple Care and they told you that the replacement would be done at an Authorised Repair Centre ([email protected] or Pattaya Central 4th floor etc). If you don’t go to a shop then how are you going to get a battery, unless you post/mail your phone somewhere? I’m telling you now, you ain’t going to get a cheap battery in Thailand without them carrying out the battery diagnostic check as there is at least a 4 week waiting list for batteries - hence they are only giving them to people that have defective batteries.... Laters...