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  1. ^ I agree with most of that apart from that iPads should easily go for 3 years not 2 years. I used a mini 2 flawlessly for 3 years and the person I gave it to absolutely loves it and it's still going strong. My cousin has had an older iPad 2 since it was released and is still quite happy with it for media consumption and email tasks. That must be 5 years old now, easily.
  2. The Air 2 and 9.7" Pro are exactly the same size/weight but neither of them are part of the current iPad line up anymore. If you must have this style then you'd have to get the Pro for longevity. Other than that go for the 2017 9.7" or even the 10.5" Pro!!
  3. I use it mainly to call people who don't have internet connection from my IOS device such as elderly relatives in other countries who may not have internet and just have a landline phone in the house. I don't use it for anything else.
  4. I use it for Skype credit calls only and I agree it's an awful update. I can't understand it, difficult to navigate. I'll probably ditch it.
  5. The old Central Marina used to show plenty of English movies in the 90's. I watched loads in there, Arnie, Mel Gibson, Will Smith blockbusters etc. One of the reasons they stopped showing English speaking movies is because Central Pattaya beach is the same movie company, so they put the Thai dubbed stuff in one place.
  6. You certainly can make phone calls from any device with an internet connection Ace. For example, you could use Skype credit to call to landline phones or mobiles in other countries. I use Skype credit on all sorts of different devices to call elderly relatives in other countries who don't use the internet. The only problem is the size of the device for portability.
  7. Yawn... someone else who hasn't a clue about iTunes and the fact that you don't need to use it if you don't want to.
  9. Yes all those formats and it's as big as my little finger, so not 'lugging' around! It's basically a USB flash drive, been around years. You can buy them in most resellers or Amazon etc.
  10. ^ Stevkyt I don't use iTunes for anything, this is a complete myth. If I'm not watching Netflix or YouTube etc. I just plug in my small ixpand drive (USB to lightning) directly into my iPad and play whatever I've downloaded in many formats - no issues. You can also save these files to your iPad to watch whenever. I've done this for years. Android tablets will be lucky to run smoothly for 2-3 years due to OS updates whereas iPads will go at least 3 years of updates. Drag and drop is incorporated into IOS 11 with file system. I'm not sure what you're on about with memory? Do you mean storage? Never had any issues as I keep movies/tv downloads I'm not watching on my ixpand drive. If your last iPad experience was with iPad 2 then that was years ago.
  11. If you want to compare displays then look at the 9.7" pro version. Air gap? I mean come on, you seriously need to be a sniper for that even to register. I honestly wouldn't buy the Air 2 as it is out of production plus the laminated displays are more difficult to repair - if you did happen have any issues. If you like the Air 2 form factor then see if can get a deal on a 9.7" pro model as these have even faster processors. I do believe that the 9.7" pro is also going out of production to be replaced by 10.5" pro and 12.9" pro. The 9.7" will just be the regular iPad.
  12. Play with both of them. I am telling you these are really first world complaints. The new iPad is faster (newer processor) than the Air 2 so if there's any stutter it will be the Air 2 which I also find hard to believe. The screen on both these iPads is beautiful. My eyes can't detect the difference. I would say the Air 2 display performs better in direct sunlight - but I would never be in that situation!
  13. Did you not check out the new regular iPad? Pricing starts at ฿12,500 for 32gb/wifi (I have this one). Personally I would look at this newer so called 'budget' model as you get the updated faster processor. The iPad Air 2 has a laminated screen and is slightly lighter but I've used both devices and can hardly tell the difference. The iPad Air 2 is still a great device but I'd go for the newer version to be more future proof. You will find, however, that iPads will go for years through multiple IOS updates. Personally I don't bother with Apple care on iPads/iPhones as you get one year anyway and Apple care only gives you 2 years, I think. I only purchase Apple care on laptops as it extends warranty to 3 years. Whichever device you choose they will both run easily for the next 3 years.
  14. If you want windows get a windows machine. I've had the same MacBook Pro since 2011 (upgraded SSD). Still runs like new, unbelievable value for 6 years use so far and superb build quality. If you're happy with windows, then shop around a bit more. If you're willing to try Mac OS, then make the switch.