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  1. Yes, it was really meant for post #12, seems to be the way the quote thingy misses bits off.
  2. Plus this one was in Sriracha not Pattaya
  3. Netflix is now available in Thailand

    On the whole I found iflix content pretty poor compared to Netflix, so I stopped using it. Also, Netflix viewing quality is much better if using via the app on a tablet/iPad etc.
  4. Netflix is now available in Thailand

    I think it’s great plus you can trial it free for one month to see if you are happy with it. Plenty of UK stuff on there, including Derek.
  5. Yes, cracker that. Is there a season 2 on the way?
  6. I’ve been with 3BB since 2008. I find them pretty steady. Currently on 3BB Fibre 100/30 mb / ฿700 per month Very few problems with 3BB over the years and techs pretty prompt if needed. Pattaya Klang, Big C Extra area
  7. Data Roaming AIS-Prepaid for Singapore

    Singtel at airport, cheap as chips
  8. Centipede bite

    There was a guy on thai visa that said he was bitten on the neck/shoulder area by one, whilst in bed. He said it caused him shoulder pain/problems for 6 months.
  9. Centipede bite

    And which particular version of god/gods would you be referring to? The one that created all these beasties that can cause harm and the one that created parasites that can burrow into children’s eyes? It’s the natural world dude. These creatures have evolved to suit their surroundings, and they need to protect to themselves against predators. They weren’t created by some sky fairy who thought “I’ll snap my fingers and make some cool bugs and beasties today cos I’m bored”!
  10. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yes, I had one of the burritos. Very tasty and filling. I agree the way the food is presented makes it look boring somehow.
  11. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Just tried that “Easy Health” on 3rd road opposite Soi Lengkee. Nice healthy menu options and smoothies etc. https://www.facebook.com/easyhealththailand/
  12. Centipede bite

    The smallish ones that curl into a ball when you touch them are millipedes - these have more legs than centipedes (milli v centi). Centipedes legs stick out to the side and they look nasty!
  13. Centipede bite

    Ok, which was the most painful out of the lot?
  14. Lifecare Lab (blood test clinic) update

    I can’t attach a screen shot at the moment so you will have to follow the link to their Thai Facebook page that I posted earlier and scroll back to December 2016. This will show you exactly what 20 items are included for 999 Baht, which includes EKG. They offered it to my Mrs 3 days ago, so they must be rerunning it as a 10 year promotion or whatever.