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  1. DMC1

    How much are new medium sized Ipads?

    I buy online from Apple Thailand using my Apple ID. Free delivery. Additional Apple icare support is ฿2800 - personally I never bother with icare on iPads as you get one year cover anyway. I only get it for laptops. 9.7” iPad with 32gb, WiFi and can use with Apple Pencil is ฿11,500. Very good value, unlike the phones!
  2. DMC1

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yep, D Cafe and Benjamit also gets my vote
  3. DMC1

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    I think Amazon has just actually pushed up their prices 5B per coffee, but that’s after years of the same price. Amazon is OK for a cheap half decent iced coffee, but I think Black Canyon tastes better. Don’t really get the prices of Starbucks for Asia, but there you go.
  4. Yes, I thought it was good, looking forward to SE02
  5. DMC1

    Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    It’s certainly a nice error to have, but just make sure that the Thai date is also in 10 years....I’m sure it will be.
  6. DMC1

    Manchester United

    And FA cup runners up! I was surprised that United finished league runners up last season to be honest.
  7. Been out a while but I’m loving Marcella S02 on Netflix. Really dark and twisted, good stuff....
  8. DMC1

    Thai passport renewal in Pattaya?

    My Mrs did hers again in March 2018 at the Avenue. It’s better to book your queue number in advance. She didn’t this time, and was there early, but her queue number was still around 180. It was 3 hours before she got processed which takes all of 10mins!
  9. I served with Foxey and Aldo Kane back in the mid-nineties. They’ve done some really good TV since coming out of the forces. Aldo’s also done some great TV stuff with Steve Backshaw, if you have a search. Plus the pair of nutters also rowed across the Atlantic a couple of years ago - “Team Essence”. I’ve been stuck in Thailand for the past 17 years working in O&G....oh well.
  10. DMC1

    Considering a Macbook Pro

    Yep, my 2011 mbpro with SSD is still going strong. Best laptop I’ve ever had. I also doubt I’d buy one of the newer models.
  11. I find that there’s plenty of content on the Thai Netflix and the added bonus is it’s safe to download or stream. I never seem to run of stuff to watch on it. $8 per month, can’t really beat it.
  12. DMC1

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yes, always sad to see somebody have a go at something like this and then for it not work out.
  13. DMC1

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    This seems popular with Thais, anyone tried it? Coffee shop with interestingish menu https://m.facebook.com/dripoly/
  14. DMC1

    Replacing Iphone 6s battery in Thailand

    Yep, mine’s replaced already last Friday. The day I went in they had just ordered a load of batteries. He said could be a 2 week wait, but they arrived within one week.
  15. DMC1

    Second passport

    Yes, if you have multiple passports and want to keep them then you’ll require the company letter every time. I actually use Darren @Key Visa (Pattaya) to do my passport renewals. It costs 5K Baht for the service but saves me having to go to Bangkok twice.