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  1. Yes, but could be branch specific as my company does in BKK. In some other countries branch specific doesn’t matter, but it does or certainly did do back when we did ours.
  2. Yep, pretty normal. My company is based in BKK and they opened a K-bank account for me 15 years ago when I started with them. Same for all employees. As stated above it’s easier and cheaper for them to manage payments. If in doubt, just insist on having a bank book and also open the online banking access. Don’t have any ATM/debit/credit cards etc. Make transfers online to your current account when needed. This is how I manage mine, so I know that nobody can physically withdraw from this account without me being present.
  3. 3BB Fiber Internet Pricing Beyond 200MB plans

    Snapshot from my 3BB app showing current pricing
  4. Manchester United

    ^ yes it’s a bit daft when the ball is coming at you at high speed and your hands are naturally around your waist area. If your hands are flailing about above waist/head height then it can be a fair call. Difficult for the refs to make a snap decision.
  5. Manchester United

    I was born in Salford but went to secondary school for 3 years at Mile End (Stockport School). I would say there were defo more blues than reds there back then. This was Ron Atkinson years, approximately.
  6. Replacing Iphone 6s battery in Thailand

    Just did the battery check on my 6S at the new iCare in Central Pattaya. It passed with flying colours but I haven’t had any issues with slowing down or anything, just thought I’d try. They said try again towards the end of the year before the offer ends.
  7. I rent cars every year from Enterprise UK, using my Thai license. Much easier for both parties as you don’t need to show any proof of residence as you do with having a uk license and being a uk non-resident. I still have a UK license but I haven’t lived there for nearly 20 years. I put my mothers address on the latest one, which is not really legal, I believe. So I just stick to using the Thai license, less hassle.
  8. Considering a Macbook Pro

    I just said in that older post that I’ve gone through 3 windows laptops at work (broken down), whilst I’ve owned one MacBook Pro in the same timeframe, which had no issues apart from a free new battery under warranty. How’s that not a good sample base? You’ve clearly been very unlucky with Apple products, whilst I have with windows laptops at work. I’ve had 5 iPads and 3 iPhones and none of them have failed or needed repair, likewise all the android phones we’ve had in the house, never any technical issues.
  9. Considering a Macbook Pro

  10. Considering a Macbook Pro

    Yes, you go with what’s best for you. I’ve had the same MacBook Pro since 2011. I put a 500 gb SSD in it a couple of years ago and it runs great. Very well built, and still looks like new. I run MS office for the Mac, without any issues. I don’t do any video editing or gaming stuff. I do think that the current MacBook line up is a bit pricey but I do believe they will outlast a windows computer. I’ve gone through 3 x windows laptops at work in the same time that I’ve had the same MacBook Pro. It all depends on what you need it for, as I find that nowadays I can do a heck of lot just on my iPad.
  11. That is one film that I will never forget. I remember watching it at the movies when it first came out and thinking it was nothing like anything I’d seen before. Just so different the way it was made. I watched it with a bunch of oppos, serving in the armed forces at the time and we were talking about it the moment we left the cinema, and for days after. Normally when you watch a movie you’ve forgotten about it by the time you get to the front door of the theatre.
  12. I think Harbor opens at 10am and Big C Extra at 9am, but not all shops open inside at those times. Depends what you’re after at 9am?
  13. Cranky dock and flashy Youtube probs

    For your answer to number 1, have you gone into “system preferences” to change how the dock works? I think you can choose if it pops up or if it stays fixed.
  14. Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    I’ve renewed my 5 year license 3 times after expiry, therefore I’ve had an extra 3 years of validity. 18 years as opposed to 15 years. I’m on about the total time of validity.
  15. Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    When you’ve had 3 x 5 year licenses then yes, the extra 3 years validity on top is pretty handy. If you’re just doing it the once then suppose it’s alright, but some people hate going to that place, so any extra time is a bonus.