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  1. Let me guess that this woman is attractive and not a stinking hopacrocadillopig? From this make your own conclusions about black magic.
  2. Yes, this new model is a cracker for the price. Same processor as the 6S (M9?), very zippy. This will do me for at least another 3 years. My mini 2 is over 3 years old and still performs great on the latest IOS and battery still lasts over 8 hours with full usage, standby for days.
  3. Sign edited for next year!!
  4. You're either the new TV road safety troll or should be drafted in immediately to solve Thailands road safety issues. I said 'Thailand is a poorer society' not a 'poor country', due to the way it is run in comparison to other countries. We all know there is plenty of money higher up the chain.
  5. I took my side car out with the mrs/kids and other kids and we did a loop around 3rd, Klang and 2nd at around noon. Definitely not as much traffic as experienced before and we seemed to keep moving fine, just the odd wait. Not really any gridlock as experienced before. We headed back home around 3-4pm and I can still hear some of the music trucks playing now at 8pm, but sounds like the volume has been turned down. It did seem milder than before but as other people mentioned it seems to have gradually been going this way anyway. As a side note I had a package delivered (DHL) to my house at 11.30am this morning and the delivery driver said the traffic wasn't too bad coming into Pattaya, which was surprising. He said he didn't leave the depot in BKK until after 9am.
  6. Check the pinned thread in the top of the Apple forum. Like I said earlier if you phone Apple Singapore they will tell you exactly the closest place to you and issue you with a job number.
  7. You have to judge it by how many Apple devices you have and how often they need repairs. In my case I've had multiple Apple devices for the past 8 years and only one repair, which cost me nothing apart from having to wait 3 weeks. If you opt for Samsung you will get the same or poorer service. Apple will actually replace your device in many cases if the damage isn't caused by you. My mate took his MB Air in for repair and they just gave him a new one which was actually a better model! If you don't need a high end smart phone then try a cheaper Android, locally made. This might work out better but be prepared for possibly more faults and shorter life span of the device. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Ok got you John. I still wouldn't be bothered about the dates on this sign as there has been nothing said on Thai news regarding this extra day that has never, ever been added before. I still think they are including the dates for Bang Saray etc, even though it doesn't specifically say that.
  9. He we go.....Some flagship Samsung phones are also sealed units due to being waterproof. Sounds like your Samsung has a battery connection problem due to it coming loose from the contacts due to it being a removable type, not the same design as iPhone batteries or other phones with sealed units.
  10. Call Apple in Singapore, don't go into any unofficial repair shops until you have spoken to Apple and they have given you advice/job number. If you live near one of the official 'icare' shops then go and see them, but I would call Apple first anyway.
  11. Yes, that's as you are heading out of Jomtien John. Doesn't matter what the sign says, Jomtien Beach will be dry as always on the 20th....If not I'll be riding down there on the 20th wearing my pink mankini...
  12. Good, so you'll know it's either 'fake news' then or maybe 'alternative facts' with them confusing Jomtien with Na Jomtien/Bang Saray etc..!
  13. It doesn't matter what you've read this year as by the 20th everyone will have buggered off to play Songkran in Bang Saray area. If Songkran continues in Jomtien on the 20th then that is something I won't have experienced in the past 25 years, in my case.
  14. Regarding Songkran in Pattaya/Jomtien on the 20th it is either an error or fake as there are Thai news articles talking about road safety and Songkran preparations for Pattaya on the 19th, nothing mentioned for 20th. I think many of us on here can go back lots of years and confirm that we've never had Songkran on the 20th in Pattaya, only it moves down to Bang Sare direction. There are events set up for this evening on the 3rd road (DNA & Mor Lam concert) which are set up to run into the main Songkran day tomorrow.
  15. I'm sorry I don't know what you're rambling on about. Thailand is a poorer society and educating people on road safety and enforcing laws will take longer and cost lots of money. I don't think Buddhists are generally interested in the basic science of road safety when their beliefs go something like 'what will happen will happen anyway'.