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  1. Suspended sentence. That'll be it!
  2. Safety, speed signs painted on railway road

    Yep. That'll work. It would be funny if it wasn't pathetic.
  3. Yeah. To hell with the foreigners.
  4. The "champion of the poor" with at least 37 properties and no less than 16 bank accounts? .........She looked after farmers....... What? Helped tie the noose to hang themselves?
  5. The only thing I can say is................................
  6. "Smart Bus Stops" finally coming to Bangkok

    DESTINATION DUE REMARKS Din Daeng 5 mins Stopping in middle lane only Lat Phrao 3 mins Will stop if you're lucky Silom 3 mins Won't stop if nobody wants off Rangsit 2 mins arrsehole driver Thonglor 1 min Prat with a chip on his shoulder driving Vic monument now Sullen snappy conductress
  7. Former MPs brother charged with procuring girls

    ...........Boonyasit is the elder brother of former Pheu Thai Party’s Surin MP........... Aaaah. Those stalwarts of decency.
  8. Rice pledging scheme verdict draws near

    Hope she will be joining her puppet in the clink soon.
  9. Opposition leader defiant after Jatuporn sentenced

    Maybe you'll organise another "Million Man March" to protest?
  10. Don't see the prat wearing his backward-facing baseball cap in this photo. On another note.................... "The punishment for animal cruelty is a jail term of two years" but running over and killing 2 girls in your HiSo car whilst pissed out of your tiny mind gets you only 2 and a half years AND out on bail. Brilliant.
  11. UK Visitor Visa: Results

    Thank you OG.
  12. UK Visitor Visa: Results

    OK thanks BB.
  13. A quickie. My wife went and applied for a standard 6 month UK visitor visa and forgot to use the SMS service to notify her of the return of her passport from the British embassy to VFS in Trendy building. I presume they will let her know that her passport has been returned either by phone or email? They dont have a contact number in their website. Thanks.