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  1. ........... had been drinking "after work" ............ before, during and after no doubt
  2. And smoking on a beach will land you a fine of up to B100,000
  3. As long as you teach people to be greedy; well, that's ok then!
  4. Prawit tells Yingluck to come out

    Come out, come out wherever you are! You're not playing fair. I'm gonna tell my daddy on you.
  5. ...............Crossing streets in Thailand’s famous seaside resort town of Hua Hin in Prachuab Kiri Khan province will be soon safer.............. famous last words!!
  6. ..............setting up such checkpoints do more harm than good................ Finally!!!
  7. Loei Airport to Chiang Khan

    ..........From Loei airport an Airasia shuttle will deliver passengers to their hotel for 250 baht......... I forgot to book this when booking the air tickets, and you cannot book afterwards. Only for passengers who booked the transfer while booking the flight!! Is there a pre paid taxi counter at the airport? Are there metered taxis waiting? Don't mind paying B500 to a decent driver. Thank you both!
  8. Loei Airport to Chiang Khan

    How much roughly is a (meter) taxi or songthaew from Loei airport to Chiang Khan? Thanks
  9. Give us an impression of lifting something heavy, Donald!
  10. Pongporn returns as NBO head after row

    Your fingers are the wrong way round!!
  11. Nonsense. Wai to the family (in front of a lot of cameras, of course) and become a monk for a few days. That'll sort it!
  12. Maybe these lowly pawns are awaiting for a fat envelope from Dubai as a reward? Yeah, dream on. "Use 'em, abuse 'em and lose 'em'' is the family motto.
  13. Swiss man rolled by lady boy after Walking Street romp

    Well......he'd only spend it on cuckoo clocks and Toblerones anyway!!