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  1. Hospital Bomber Sentenced To 27 Years

    Bombing a hospital. Som nam naa you disgusting vermin.
  2. In order to apply for a Russian Tourist visa from the embassy in Bangkok, you need to produce a Visa Support Letter or "Invitation". I have had a good look thru Google search, and there are many online companies that will do it for you in the same day for a small fee (usually $20). *Has anyone used or heard good reports about any of these companies? *Are online and printed Support Letters accepted by the embassy? * Is this a legit channel to apply for a visa? Any first hand experiences or dealings greatly appreciated Thanx
  3. The Pattaya mayor has announced all out war on: . jet ski scam opeators . corrupt police, officials and other assorted extortionists . drivers who fail to stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings . wreckless drivers . drivers over the allowed alcohol limit (not necessarily "drunk" drivers) . raw sewage effluents into the bay . woman-boys (I refuse to use the word "lady") street thefts . songthaews who park and stop wherever they like . rampant corruption and blatant mismanagement . bars failing to close at designated hours . pickpockets and thieves Now THERE'S a headline!!
  4. Insight: The thinking behind Kim Jong Un's 'madness'

    He wouldn't know a vegetable if it jumped up and bit him on the arse. Lay off the Mars Bars, fatso. (Mar's Bar's might help a few readers here understand better)
  5. ‘Ko Tee’ hunted after weapons cache discovered

    I wish the scumbag bar-steward had.
  6. Wonder how these arrse bandits will fare in gaol?
  7. Looks like Peter Sellers!!
  8. Ahhhhhh Pattaya; the magnet for quality tourists.
  9. "Will be dealt with" means wait till it all blows over and resume as normal.
  10. Another potential candidate for 'Mastermind'!
  11. ..............The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has relocated almost 50 per cent of the houses of squatters along the Chao Phraya River banks to pave the way for the controversial 14-kilometre river walkways project................. So arrseholes and ignorant sh1tes on motorbikes can terrorise innocent walkers?
  12. You thought he was bad? Wait till you see the kunt waiting in the wings!
  13. Embassy joins in remembering road crash victims

    Maybe some of the extortionate fees you lot charge for your......ahem......"services" could be donated to the families' victims.
  14. .............Tourism Director Ornwara Korapin reminds everyone to be “perfect hosts” and not exploit sailors from foreign navies in Pattaya this week for the international fleet show........... After this week , carry on as normal then? Do these people ever engage a brain before making such comments? But they were "urged" so they will comply, no doubt.
  15. Preferably a mob of the lynching variety. Mobs are harder to 'pay off'!