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  1. ^ I know what you mean but sure as hell, the passengers wouldn't back you up. You'd be another interfering Farang Ki Nok!!
  2. Thank you. So you had to queue up with the others at the "L" section for the transfer?
  3. When you go to Chaengwattana to get a stamp transferred from your old passport to your new one, do you need to get a queue ticket for the Non Immigrant "O" Extensions in section "L" and wait for a long time with the marriage and retirement extensioners, or is there a separate desk (hopefully empty!!) solely for transfers? Thanks.
  4. Five top cops transferred after massage parlour raid

    Never heard of the words "sack", "dismiss" or "fire"? No, thought not!
  5. Yes, I cycle a lot. Still have to be ultra vigilant!
  6. No doubt they will be given FULL protection and an escort the whole way. Not like some other poor sods on bikes who have been annihilated by the selfish, scummy morons on the roads here.
  7. Chaeng Wattana Road to be half-closed for a month

    The Cultural Centre/Esplanade Cinema is nowhere near Chaeng Wattana Rd!!
  8. Vans cause of most accidents among public transport

    Yes. It's those bad bad vans again. Poor drivers must be tearing their hair out.
  9. Same shambles as the 90 days reporting online fiasco?
  10. Ah well.............. this is the kind of scum family that will get back into power once the political ban is lifted.
  11. Hi All My computer crashed and I lost a lot of files including my extension date, when to put B400k into the bank and when to apply etc, and I just want to make sure I get the dates right!! With regards to a Non Immigrant O (Marriage) extension at Chaengwattana: * How many days/months must the B400k be in the bank before applying? (2 months?) * When is the earliest time you can apply before the expiration? (1 month?) Thanks!
  12. Hospital Bomber Sentenced To 27 Years

    Bombing a hospital. Som nam naa you disgusting vermin.
  13. In order to apply for a Russian Tourist visa from the embassy in Bangkok, you need to produce a Visa Support Letter or "Invitation". I have had a good look thru Google search, and there are many online companies that will do it for you in the same day for a small fee (usually $20). *Has anyone used or heard good reports about any of these companies? *Are online and printed Support Letters accepted by the embassy? * Is this a legit channel to apply for a visa? Any first hand experiences or dealings greatly appreciated Thanx
  14. The Pattaya mayor has announced all out war on: . jet ski scam opeators . corrupt police, officials and other assorted extortionists . drivers who fail to stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings . wreckless drivers . drivers over the allowed alcohol limit (not necessarily "drunk" drivers) . raw sewage effluents into the bay . woman-boys (I refuse to use the word "lady") street thefts . songthaews who park and stop wherever they like . rampant corruption and blatant mismanagement . bars failing to close at designated hours . pickpockets and thieves Now THERE'S a headline!!
  15. Insight: The thinking behind Kim Jong Un's 'madness'

    He wouldn't know a vegetable if it jumped up and bit him on the arse. Lay off the Mars Bars, fatso. (Mar's Bar's might help a few readers here understand better)