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  1. "A feeble attempt at payback for Akara' claim against the Thai government for closing down this mine.....which in turn, removed important salaries from the region. Akara have all the evidence which has been tracked for years....." It may not matter how much evidence Akara has in a country where the court system can so easily be compromised. It would certainly help the government's case (or at least save some face if Akara's claim goes against them) if the class action were to be successful. Anyone want to bet on the outcome?
  2. Swiss paedophile in Thailand jailed for 16 years

    A Swiss jail is too good for him. I wonder why the Thai police didn't apply for his extradition so that he could he could spend the rest of his miserable life as a guest at the Bangkok Hilton. Is there no such treaty between the two countries?
  3. I imagine these guys will have hunted in the park before with no adverse consequences. The cynic in me suggests that someone from very high up ordered that they be taken down this time so that the publicity deflects attention from another high profile corruption case.
  4. Massage parlour raid hits human trafficking

    Well done to the police, who it seems can enforce the law when put in a position where they have no other option. Much publicity is given to foreign sex tourists, but the reality is that most of the sex trade in Thailand (and the human trafficking of young girls associated with it) appears to me to be aimed at satisfying the "needs" of domestic phu yais.
  5. The problem is that civil servants are not recruited based on their intelligence or ability, but rather on pay-offs or patronism. Almost all will have been involved in some kind of irregular money making activities, and are easy marks for this kind of scam.
  6. I totally agree. The sad thing is that it probably only happened this time because a police General saw a great opportunity for a New Years photo op.
  7. Govt prepares to defend gold mine

    Let me put it this way... the American academic was told by the university to make no public comments about it and cease all contact with Akara executives .
  8. Govt prepares to defend gold mine

    I understand that there WAS a study (conducted by Mahidol University and headed by an American researcher) which found NO evidence of abnormal environmental pollution or villager health problems directly attributable to the mining operation. From other sources, my understanding is that this was (is) all part of an attempt by powerful local entities to take control of and re-open the mine.
  9. Sadly, unless you are "connected", YES and (always) YES!
  10. Army Won’t Allow Civilian Inquiry Into Cadet Death

    I am sure that nobody would ever have to worry about having to follow them into battle. Their kind always 'lead' from a comfortable spot in the rear and leave others to die for them.
  11. Does anyone here have experience with Montessori in public schools? I find it hard to believe that it would be offered to all students with no calls for a LOT of extra tea money.
  12. Warrant sought for Jomsap’s arrest

    This being Thailand, could it be that someone offered Suriya more than 400,000 baht to change sides so that he or she can save face? Just wondering !!!.
  13. Beauty queen arrested over maid’s death

    The case came to attention when Jariya’s 48-year-old mother Janthira Srisak filed a complaint with the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation for Women and Children that her daughter had been missing for over five years. The reporting is not complete here. I imagine (would hope) that it did not take the mother 5 years to report her 16 year old daughter as missing. If so, is this yet another case of the police doing nothing to provide justice for working class people until one of these Foundations gets involved.
  14. Movies ‘inspired’ grisly murder

    Simple answer. The 'head honchos' in Bangkok always want their picture on the news and moments of 'fame', even though they may have nothing to do with a case.
  15. Construction of new parliament faces more delay

    I thought everyone would know what a gloden is! It's the Geordie word for a covfefe.