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  1. bangkokfrog

    Democrat Party Leadership Becomes Three-Way Contest

    "Alongkorn insists it take a no-tolerance approach to corruption and vote buying." Fine ideals. Sadly, that means it would certainly lose any election in the current environment!!!
  2. "...a claim that three policemen, two civilians and one public prosecutor colluded to secure Jacobs’ acquittal on the more serious charge" I have to admire people like Atchariya who are prepared to wear a target on themselves for what they believe in.
  3. Of course integrity is the top priority. If the candidate promises 500 baht for a vote, they want to make sure the receive it.
  4. There are more than 5 of them, so shouldn't they be arrested for talking politics anyway?
  5. Instead of being totally negative here we should acknowledge one positive. Not inactive posts, but eight of them losing their jobs without pensions or benefits. Shock horror! Some of them probably should have seen criminal charges, but this is a big step in the right direction.
  6. Not sure about the forward thinking school director comment. Look at the regimented (almost frightened to do something wrong?) faces on the kids waiting for their hug and chance to speak English before going into class. Although the teacher may be genuine in her love for her students, their faces show all that is wrong with the Thai education system.