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  1. Not sure about the forward thinking school director comment. Look at the regimented (almost frightened to do something wrong?) faces on the kids waiting for their hug and chance to speak English before going into class. Although the teacher may be genuine in her love for her students, their faces show all that is wrong with the Thai education system.
  2. "A feeble attempt at payback for Akara' claim against the Thai government for closing down this mine.....which in turn, removed important salaries from the region. Akara have all the evidence which has been tracked for years....." It may not matter how much evidence Akara has in a country where the court system can so easily be compromised. It would certainly help the government's case (or at least save some face if Akara's claim goes against them) if the class action were to be successful. Anyone want to bet on the outcome?
  3. bangkokfrog

    Swiss paedophile in Thailand jailed for 16 years

    A Swiss jail is too good for him. I wonder why the Thai police didn't apply for his extradition so that he could he could spend the rest of his miserable life as a guest at the Bangkok Hilton. Is there no such treaty between the two countries?