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  1. Simple answer. The 'head honchos' in Bangkok always want their picture on the news and moments of 'fame', even though they may have nothing to do with a case.
  2. I thought everyone would know what a gloden is! It's the Geordie word for a covfefe.
  3. My wife is in a similar syndicate where participants bid each month for the right to get the money early. For example, if you bid 200 baht then you have to pay each person who hasn't yet taken the money 200 baht. The only exception is the first month where the "sponsor" (a trusted friend who arranges it all and guarantees completion if anyone drops out) gets first call on the money for no bid. In the early months people are often desperate for the dough and bid high amounts, making it quite a good deal for those who aren't in a hurry to take their share out.
  4. Why only him? There may be more to this than meets the eye. A former intelligence chief under the Thaksin government and also sacked last week from a senior palace position, one wonders whether there is some kind of "clean out" going on.
  5. Every comment so far is so typically negative. All young (Buddhist) men in LOS are expected to become a monk for a few weeks in their life, whether they have a girlfriend or not. How about giving him the benefit of the doubt and ask why the police in Bang Pakong seem to be too lazy to help and send him on his way?
  6. This will go the same way as the case against the lady who was head of the TAT. The FBI found that she and a US company were involved in bribery in relation to the Bangkok Film Festival. Evidence sufficient to send those at the US end to jail, but so far little appears to have been done in Thailand. People at this level have so much dirt on those around them that no one can afford to see them charged. A convenient disappearance or "suicide" in custody maybe, but I don't think we will see any of them in a courtroom. .
  7. The fact that one of them so readily admitted to being the boss means only one thing. The real boss is sitting comfortably at home (or in his station, barracks, etc.).
  8. How can the merger fail to happen when the great one has ordered it? Insubordination... off with their heads !!!
  9. Bad reporting / translation error? The way I read it the lawyer is saying that they could sue the driver's estate (damages limited to the "sum of all the inheritances"), rather than the family. Anything for him to make a dollar !!!
  10. Bestrin would only settle this if they were still able to make money after paying the 40% duty and 230 million baht fine. Seems like there was a lot profit in the deal, and that those in the pay-off chain will have a less than merry Christmas.
  11. I think you will find that Bestrin Co Ltd is a Thai company which sourced the buses from China and routed them through a Malay entity to avoid import duty. This is a typical corruption tactic where the money flows through a Thai "middleman" which takes a big slice off the top and passes most of it around to the government and political cronies that helped them win the contract.
  12. Spot on! The only indicators that seem to be going upwards in Thailand are the fabricated tourist arrival numbers. I seem to recall that a few weeks ago the big property developers were begging for government help because there were not enough buyers. It seems their pleas were heard, so now more people will be able to buy grossly over-priced dog-box sized apartments that they stand little chance of being able to pay off.
  13. Well done. A rare positive story with no government spin.
  14. "the company had been notified by the National Council for Peace and Order that Mo Chit Terminal lacked adequate capacity..." Is he actually admitting that they couldn't figure this out for themselves? Surely a police general would know all there is about running a transport company (NOT!) One of the biggest causes of inefficiency in public sector businesses in this country is this "jobs for the boys" mentality when it comes to filling senior positions.
  15. “We believe the incident is related to unrest in the region,” Col. Patcharapon said. I wish the police here would wait for evidence before they speak about a crime. A low, cowardly, despicable act for sure. But what mileage is there for insurgents in this? I suspect that there is more to the story than we are being told. There could be many reasons for this shooting other than this off-the-cuff postulation from the good colonel in order to see his name in print. 'Mafia' debt collecting perhaps... with protection from you-know-you?