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  1. Can someone recommend the cheapest place to buy good bath towels Hua Hin/Pranburi area? I am from the USA and I'm stunned at the price they get for them at Lotus/Tesco (.250-350B) Thanks
  2. sagra

    Chiang Mai Chosen #2 in the World!

    Yup. A DREAM city in my book...E X C E P T for the terrible vehicle exhaust pollution. It's astounding and bewildering that the government does control this, in such a really wonderful, thrilling city!!! So regretful!
  3. Hi David. I sent you a private message, about a special secluded mountain top resort with dramatic views and beautiful grounds. i think it would be perfect for a Yoga retreat. Bob
  4. Everyone who responded!...You guys are great! Thanks!!!! This forum is something!
  5. Thanks bangmai, but I checked thruogh the Thompson's site and saw no options for white paint or coating white paint.
  6. Can someone recommend an exterior paint that is completely stain-proof and a source for it? My friend has a wood deck around a pool that is painted white and the paint gets stained from leaves and flowers that fall sit on the surface over night (or if my friend's is away for a few days). Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  7. fireplay - thanks, great ideas. One thing. I searched and searched on the internet and could find nothing or any reference to a "nam lamphueng". Please tell where that is. Thanks.
  8. Just called Health Care Medical Clinic in Chiang Mai - current price is 5600 baht (approx $164.00).
  9. sagra

    Want tobuild a swimming pool ?

    If anyone needs a high quality in-ground pool to be built, I know the people to do it. They built two for me and I am really happy with them. One is 4 years old and problem-free.
  10. sagra

    Transportation to Airport?

    I can highly recommend a Songthaew driver I use, for trips to the airport or anywhere near of far. I have use him quite a few times. His name is Khun Nakon. He speaks English and his number is 0850635185. If you use him please tell him Khun Bob recommended him.
  11. sagra

    Honda Wave 125i 32K km Service

    And the place you had this work done is?????
  12. sagra

    place to buy suitcase stand?

    Great! Thanks for the ideas!
  13. Can someone please recommend a place in the Chiang Mai area (especially the North end of the city) where I might buy a suitcase stand? I mean the type of folding wood framed stands they have at hotels where you can sit your suitcase on and open it. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  14. Thank you all! This thaivisa community is amazing!
  15. Thank you very much. Can you please direct me to a page with details about the process and about what things I will need to take to the immigratioin office? Also, the address of the Chiang Mai office would be helpful. Thanks again! Love Thai Visa Forums! Bob