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  1. Can someone recommend the cheapest place to buy good bath towels Hua Hin/Pranburi area? I am from the USA and I'm stunned at the price they get for them at Lotus/Tesco (.250-350B) Thanks
  2. Chiang Mai Chosen #2 in the World!

    Yup. A DREAM city in my book...E X C E P T for the terrible vehicle exhaust pollution. It's astounding and bewildering that the government does control this, in such a really wonderful, thrilling city!!! So regretful!
  3. Hi David. I sent you a private message, about a special secluded mountain top resort with dramatic views and beautiful grounds. i think it would be perfect for a Yoga retreat. Bob
  4. Everyone who responded!...You guys are great! Thanks!!!! This forum is something!
  5. Thanks bangmai, but I checked thruogh the Thompson's site and saw no options for white paint or coating white paint.
  6. Can someone recommend an exterior paint that is completely stain-proof and a source for it? My friend has a wood deck around a pool that is painted white and the paint gets stained from leaves and flowers that fall sit on the surface over night (or if my friend's is away for a few days). Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  7. fireplay - thanks, great ideas. One thing. I searched and searched on the internet and could find nothing or any reference to a "nam lamphueng". Please tell where that is. Thanks.
  8. Just called Health Care Medical Clinic in Chiang Mai - current price is 5600 baht (approx $164.00).
  9. Want tobuild a swimming pool ?

    If anyone needs a high quality in-ground pool to be built, I know the people to do it. They built two for me and I am really happy with them. One is 4 years old and problem-free.