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  1. globalThailand

    Multiple applications for visit visa to UK

    Thanks Tanoshi! I've managed to get a better understanding of the online form. For those that would like to know how to fill in multiple forms and 'save' their progress you have to hit 'return to this application later' It will take you to this page - I suggest you email yourself the link and you'll get a mail with the applicant's name in the subject Then sign out and start with a fresh application Is it just me or is that not at all intuitive? ... very different from what it was last time I did this (where it was clear you could access multiple applications through one user account)
  2. Good people of the forums My in law's (mother, sister and a couple of her kids) are planning to come to the UK for a 2 week trip. It's been a while since I helped out with any tourist visa applications and it seems the the visa types and application process has had a bit of a revamp. Online application has been around a while, but previously you could log in to the 'portal', fill in multiple applications and submit and pay when you are ready. Unless I'm mistaken it now seems that you can only fill in the details for one person at any time (ie you have to go through the form, submit and pay before moving on to applicant number 2). Is that correct? If so, do you also need to arrange the VFS appointment at the time of payment / application? Since the form filling is somewhat time consuming and there are 4 applications to get through I'm concerned they'll end up with different appointment times (or even dates!) ...hoping I'm mistaken - seems like a backwards step if not!
  3. Good stuff 7by7 - also looking forward to the response! I can not help but think it's a scam when the fee is 10x the actual cost of processing. Unfortunately I don't hold out much hope that this will change any time soon.
  4. globalThailand

    UK NHS Surchage

    I see there's a petition to parliament about this - doesn't look like it's gained much traction looking at the numbers but for those that might be interested in signing up it's here. (Deadline is 12 Aug 2018) https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/212023 The NHS needs, among other things, more money but IMHO this is not the way to do it, and frankly the money they hope to raise by doing so is a drop in the ocean. Raise my taxes and fix the NHS - I'll gladly pay! But for the migrants working and already paying in to the system this is entirely unfair. A good number of my work colleagues are non EU nationals - one chap was stunned after working out the next round of visas will cost him near 8 grand for him, his wife and child.