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  1. Hi, It must have changed then as the current link to PDF form for FLR M says as posted above. What is Beta ?
  2. Anyone know if its online applications only for FLR M ? Thanks
  3. Quote from FLR M form first page. (This form is for use only if you are requesting a fee waiver for yourself or any dependent children that are applying with you) (If you are not requesting a fee waiver you must apply online)
  4. Ok, thanks for the reply. The bit that confused me was where it said fee waiver applications by post and normal ones threw the online system. Maybe i misunderstood or read something not for the FLR (M)
  5. Hi , could anyone help with these questions. Are FLR (M) applications only done online now ? Do supporting docs in thai need new translations ? Or are the ones that were done for the last visa suitable to use ?
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    100 % worth getting for the wife then. What's the limit on trips back to Thailand on ILR ? Thanks
  7. raven0099


    Can an individual just stay on ILR permanently and not do naturalisation ? If that is possible are there problems that arise regarding working, additional health surcharge etc What are the actual benefits of being a British citizen if you already have ILR ? Thanks
  8. Hi , Yes it was as you stated and thankfully all good and she passed the B1
  9. Thanks for your advice. We did as you said and went for the B1 and my wife passed :). What would you recommend as a time frame for applying for the next visa , 1 month before current expiry or could I leave it a little later ? We are going to have to apply for another period of FLR because my wife has not done the life in UK test yet.
  10. This sounds like a much better system than the current test. I wonder what the time frame is for this to be implemented and will all passes of the current test be up held for visa applications ?
  11. Thanks Is B1 English quite difficult ? Id say her speaking and listening are at quite a good level , reading and writing , spelling not so good.
  12. Hello, We are here again with current visa (First period of leave to remain to expire Jan 2019) . So I am trying to make a plan for next visa which will be a further period of leave to remain (FLR M) I have a few queries listed below if anyone would be able to help. We will need to do an English Test which I am assuming is A2 Life skills or should we go straight for B1 Life skills ? Will we have to repay the Health surcharge ? Will we have to resubmit biometric data ? Finally I am struggling to get a test booked as it doesn't display the country ? Thanks
  13. Hi Folks, I need some advise regarding my wife's next step to extend her visa. I have listed some of the facts below. We are legally married for over three years, my wife is currently in the UK on the first part of the settlement visa, she has a job working 25-30 hours a week. She has not done life in the UK test or the English Test/Esol classes. Her visa expires at the end of May. During the course of her visa she has only been in the UK 11 months to current date. She also spent 4 months in the UK on a tourist visa. The reason she was back in Thailand so much during her visa were a combination of home sickness and her mother being ill, she also has a daughter in Thailand but the ex-husband has custody, no visa applications have ever been made for the daughter and it will stay that way as she is now a teenager and will stay in Thailand. I am a British national and i have my own 3 bedroom house mortgaged, I was made redundant on the 2nd of December 2015 but I am starting a new job within two weeks earning 32-35k a year before tax. I have no kids and we live in the house alone, my wife and my name are on the council tax bill. I really don't know what to do next and just want to see what some of the visa forum members think. I understand its highly likely my wife can not extend her visa and we might have to start all over again, I was also advised that a second settlement visa application from Thailand does not go down too well with the embassy and it may be difficult to get another visa. P.S I just tried the life in the uk test three times online , three fails lol Any help or advice is much appreciated.