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  1. We were recently at the Thai Embassy in London registering our childs birth and doing the Thai passport, our child was born in the UK and has Thai mother and I am a british national. We were told a child must have a visa to stay more than the 30 days on arrival, we did'nt have it so were told to inform immigration on arrival, they understood our situation and said it would not be wise to continually use this method and they are aware of it as a problem with many children staying over.
  2. Hi , just an update to my thread, we recently attended the Thai embassy in London with the intention of getting my son a Thai birth certificate only , but it was explained to me and my wife he could only apply for birth cert and passport together, luckily I had two copies of all documents required plus the photos , so after a bit of a panick my wife with a bit of assistance from folk there and embassy staff got the forms filled out and we submitted the application for both and had our baby's passport photos taken by the embassy. The woman also said they strongly advise against babies travelling on a non Thai passport and staying over the thirty day visa on arrival , she said our baby should be ok this time as he is travelling with his mother so it will not cause any trouble but we really should have applied for a visa beforehand and she will need to inform immigration on arrival. When they checked in at the airport there were no mention of visa's. My advice regarding the Embassy is , arrive as early as possible, be prepared with your forms and supporting documents, and be patient you will get there, the embassy waiting area is very small and with visa collections from 11am to 12pm it was chaos. And finally they only deal with enquiries from 9am to 12.30pm. Best of luck to everyone doing similar and thanks for all the advice from you guys :)
  3. His mother has a Thai passport so hopefully it will be fine. I told my wife to visit her local immigration office in Thailand when they arrive and explain the situation so hopefully they might extend his visa.
  4. We can't delay going because its all booked to go, and the dates for London are also set so its not financially possible for us to change everything since we are travelling down from North Scotland.
  5. Thanks mate. sounds very worthwhile then, does it mean he could be selected for the army in later life or is that only if he is registered in Thailand ?
  6. What are the pro's and con's of registering his birth at the thai embassy in London, thinking about it now I am not really sure what the benefits are for my son ? Could anyone advise Thanks
  7. Hi Tim, we basically only arrive in London on the Thursday evening so have only one day to register my sons birth before my wife and son fly to Thailand on the Saturday. Registering the birth shouldn't be an issue , and I am not sure about the E-passport because its says by appointment only but I cant find anywhere to make an appointment on the thai embassy website in London. Yes we definetly want to avoid a military call up further down the line , that was on my mind.
  8. My wife (Thai with Thai passport) is planning to take our little boy back to Thailand for 5 months, he was born in the UK April 2017 and holds a UK passport, when he travels his birth will have been registered at the Thai embassy in London a couple of days before. They are both travelling together from London to BKK with a return flight booked. Is this likely to cause any problems for flying there ? As I would imagine he will get the standard 30 day visa on arrival, will my wife be able to get his visa extended at her local immigration office ?