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  1. His mother has a Thai passport so hopefully it will be fine. I told my wife to visit her local immigration office in Thailand when they arrive and explain the situation so hopefully they might extend his visa.
  2. We can't delay going because its all booked to go, and the dates for London are also set so its not financially possible for us to change everything since we are travelling down from North Scotland.
  3. Thanks mate. sounds very worthwhile then, does it mean he could be selected for the army in later life or is that only if he is registered in Thailand ?
  4. What are the pro's and con's of registering his birth at the thai embassy in London, thinking about it now I am not really sure what the benefits are for my son ? Could anyone advise Thanks
  5. Hi Tim, we basically only arrive in London on the Thursday evening so have only one day to register my sons birth before my wife and son fly to Thailand on the Saturday. Registering the birth shouldn't be an issue , and I am not sure about the E-passport because its says by appointment only but I cant find anywhere to make an appointment on the thai embassy website in London. Yes we definetly want to avoid a military call up further down the line , that was on my mind.
  6. My wife (Thai with Thai passport) is planning to take our little boy back to Thailand for 5 months, he was born in the UK April 2017 and holds a UK passport, when he travels his birth will have been registered at the Thai embassy in London a couple of days before. They are both travelling together from London to BKK with a return flight booked. Is this likely to cause any problems for flying there ? As I would imagine he will get the standard 30 day visa on arrival, will my wife be able to get his visa extended at her local immigration office ?
  7. Well after submitting the biometric data and two further requests from the home office for more information the visa was finally granted The letter stated: Grant of leave to remain five year partner route. Does that mean that we have to apply for a further period of leave to remain or can we apply straight for indefinite leave to remain ?, Near the end of this visa ? I understand my wife will now have to do new English test requirement and the life in the UK test. Is there anything more I have missed ? Thanks
  8. Well hopefully we are on the right track now and things will work out, we will just go do biometric data and then its a waiting game till we hear something. Ill update the post as soon as I hear anything. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. FLR(M) latest version sent with covering letter, hopefully we will hear something back from them this week.
  10. I cant fill in all the passport details such as issue date and expiry
  11. Yes it is a complete joke that I am having to resend another form after we sent the correct form the first time, we paid the health surcharge and filled that number out so basically if it wasn't the right form I would have filled in the payment for the lower price and it would have been rejected for that reason, which I could accept. Or if there is a mistake on the original form which they could highlight again that's fair enough. But this is basic stuff there making mistakes with and the letter was very vague to the least, yet you can't get hold of anyone on the phone to discuss the matter and there seems to be no ownership of the mistakes. All I can do is fill in the same form again and send it to them. If possible could anyone give me a brief rundown on how the appeals procedure work and the costing involved cause no doubt it will have a big £ sign attached to it. Thanks for your assistance.
  12. How many versions of FLR(M) have there been since the price increase ?
  13. So we basically have 10 working days to resend the form and working 15 days to submit the bio metric data, though we have lost two days in the post due to where I live. If we reapply with a new form what will happen to the application taking into account my wife's visa expiry date is only nine days away. I can only get holidays to submit the bio metric data 12 days from now which will mean we will be submitting it when the current visa has expired. Would this be ok ?
  14. Thanks for replying We used that version of the form and paid the updated fee of £811 which has already been deducted from my card. And no I did not make a copy, terrible mistake I know I really don't understand how they have rejected the correct form
  15. We received a letter today saying we have not submitted a valid immigration application, The reason stated is we have not applied using the current version of the specified form, we used FLR(M) 04/2016. We now have ten days to re-submit the application or its rejected as invalid and my wife will become an overstayer. I am 100% certain I submitted the correct form but when I phoned up I could get no other help apart from re-send the form. Its a complete nightmare and I really can't understand why they have said we submitted the wrong version of the application form. Am I missing something ? Thanks