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  1. Maybe so the cameras can zoom in on the "packed" crowd to look good on telly.
  2. Bombers can’t believe it, Swans can’t believe it, Nobody can believe it, But it’s true,, What a game!! What a season!!
  3. OMG!! joboss leads the fantasy. Yep,,, I know it's only the first game of the round and I’ve used up my captain,, But, I’m taking it....
  4. I reckon that the Maggots are on the take. Those that umpire at close games get preference for more gigs. IMHO Something is going on because there are some dodgy decisions made a crucial times.
  5. I'm spitting a bit,,, There is no way I picked a margin of 91, I think the AFL tipping site is being run by some Indian high school kids. They were the lowest tender.. My margin was 15.
  6. Lighten up Alex, Your largest fan base is Men from the West. Andrews eyes are wide open, in fact, I think he is scared of heights..
  7. Went for a swim this afternoon in the fresh waters of my Cottesloe beach. Weagles on a BYE where probably attending BBQ’s and picnicking on a sunny Sunday.
  8. Agree Alex, Natural selection for the expanding code is good for Footy.
  9. Harsh,,, WEAGLES: 31 years AFL. 3 Premierships 5 Grand Finals 3 Brownlow’s,, 5 runners up.. 4 Norm Smith’s 3 Coleman’s 4 Goals of the year 2 Marks of the year Begat several senior coaches and numerous significent contributors to footy,, Ha,, Glass half full.
  10. I wont be queuing up to throw Baht down a vending machines throat. Travel insurance is a part of my holiday preparations. It's just polite if nothing else.
  11. Was going to put forward my support of the compulsory insurance to clear immigration idea, but then I read your "Don't argue with a fool,,, etc,,"
  12. “struggling writer” … Struggling with spelling, pronunciation and syntax maybe,,, Creative content and knowledge base is distinction class.
  13. Is there a new bakery that is chic for buttered croissants in Hawthorn? Hope they can wash their hands at half time. Spectemur Agendo. Let us be judged by our acts.