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  1. No. A can of worms that could wreak havoc on Junior Football Geez! I’m glad I’m not a kid growing up these days. Can’t get on any sort of personal wheeled transport without wearing a helmet. I know its safer,,, but,, imagine growing up without feeling the wind blowing through your hair.
  2. Manager and managed going nowhere I guess. Who’s going to be 2018 surprise? Possibly the only cert is it ain’t the Dockers , I ‘d like to see the Saints come September. Good song.
  3. Shooting in Vagas. ?? Best Dusty and Dane get over there pronto and sorts things out.
  4. Thanks for that Gazman1. I would love for Richmond to win as I like their song and as a West Australian I naturally hate Croweaters, Hate Adelaide’s jumper colours,,,, just don’t like them. BUT! With Don Pyke (a Weagle) as the coach, I think they will have a plan and a counter plan for any move that the Tigers try to take. I hope the Tigers win but my money is on the Crows,,, Dammm them!
  5. If I was a lawyer scaring up some cash for another luxury holiday,, I would argue for the concussion to be put aside as there is no proof of when it occurred.
  6. I don’t care who gets married to who,,, but please stop showing turd burglars swapping spit, I find it nauseating. In fact ,, the whole huggy huggy kissy kissy trend makes me feel ill
  7. Hi Gazman1, Thanks for hosting the finals tipping. My email "[email protected]" I would like to raise a glass and sing the Tigers song on GF day. Can't see the Weagles getting there after the "Kick it to the tall men" style of play.
  8. Good idea FJ joboss dream picks: GWS M 8 Tigers Dons Weagles
  9. There will be no Eagles trade talk until we make it into the GF. Dee's can have another go next year,,,
  10. Nice trophy,, I'm gonna improve come 2018 season.
  11. Best you sign up quick smart. Get some good seats at the new stadium. If you are out of town for a home game, I’ll keep your seat warm.
  12. . http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/dennis-cometti-commentary-lines-we-will-never-forget/news-story/658aecbfb1c0d5be9902db6feed1a347 Another smart chap from the West.
  13. Oh Gawd??? Must be losing it... I think I will start pinning my home address to my chest when I go out.