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  1. You were very brave to pick the Goldies, thank you for your selfless sacrifice,,
  2. A wise and wisdomed man is rarely understood. Even by himself. GWS V Dogs: What a good game of footy that was. The margins look a lot better this round. Congratulations ,, Sceadugengai,, almost perfect..
  3. Haha!! What a storm in a teacup.. I didn’t know that “sledges” where not to be “offensive and irresponsible”
  4. Well I got that wrong. The Roos outplayed the croissant butterfingered Latte sipping Dockers all game. The Dockers players snatched that win when they abandoned the Lyons game plan and went hard and directly goalward. I was there,,, It was great..
  5. Hi FJ, I'm sitting on a park bench outside Subi chuckin down a JD & cola. About to go in a watch , what I think will be a interesting and close game. May the team that has come to play be the rightful winners. Dockers by 11 points.
  6. See the Bombers fly up, up! To take up the ANZAC flag. Our boys who play this grand old game, Are always striving for glory and fame!
  7. Exsackly!! Saving up my Doggy Doo prizes just incase some "Cock-a-doo-loo-do" may have to eat them at seasons end....
  8. Haha! Dockers V Roos round 5.. I'll "BOOooooo" the umpires whatever they guess,, It's good exercise for my lungs....
  9. There is nothing bad to be said about the current WCE.
  10. Haha!! No way,, Weagle 4 ever. Fair weather friend ...
  11. Alex said,, "Its obvious JO has caught the dreaded Dockers Flu the free loader goes to all there games free of charge, we also know his daughter or mrs or someone he's involved with is studying Law at a good uni called Melbourne university, never lets me know when his coming....ho and the cheap charlie wears copy Ray Bans, my dog choo wears the real deal.....His fantasy playing is like his tipping....." Got back home from the Dockers V Dogs game at Subi somehow,, Marty, Ken and I thought it was going to be a blowout so hit the Subi bar for some liquid anaesthetic to soften the blow before the game , had the standard one drink per quarter during the game,, our smiles getting wider and our voices getting hoarser ,, (the umpires got some advice) and then the after game celebrations matched the pre game drinks plus some. Great day at the footy.
  12. Nice to see the Dee’s in the four, Sad to predict they are going South next round when WCE tame the Tigers and Melbourne get run to ground by the boys in the horizontal blue and white hoops.
  13. Yes ,,, It's a "docker",,err, I mean "a shocker" of a start, Missing the lockout is not an excuse,, I aim to soldier on, build my team and make a good showing by seasons end. You can crow as loud as you like Alex,, I am happy 4 u. I may be whipped, but I am not beaten,, yet. Nice to see some 2000+ scores.