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  1. Best you sign up quick smart. Get some good seats at the new stadium. If you are out of town for a home game, I’ll keep your seat warm.
  2. . http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/dennis-cometti-commentary-lines-we-will-never-forget/news-story/658aecbfb1c0d5be9902db6feed1a347 Another smart chap from the West.
  3. Oh Gawd??? Must be losing it... I think I will start pinning my home address to my chest when I go out.
  4. AlexRRR quote; "even Jo...im sure he would like to get the boots in ...hehe" These boots are made for walking and walking is what they will do.. these boots are currently walking through piles of doggy doo... Eagerly anticipating Sundays Eagles v Dees clash of the retirees
  5. Just put the slipper in,,, Don't worry about the facts.. Your ruthlessness brings me a smile. Perpetually entertaining AlexRRR.
  6. mmmmm,, thats what it looks like. Thanks for pointing this out. I know that I did tip, even changed my margin for a hawkes win by 8 points on Friday afternoon. Oh well,,, just another small bump on life's road
  7. 3/9 my tips for this round. Apparently I tipped the Lions over the Eagles,, Now, why would a Weagle do that?? I don't think those Indian high school web coders like me..
  8. Great conversation,,, all about me,, so nice to be popular
  9. That sucks,, Those Indian high school student webmasters playing with the rules again?? Oh well,, ~~ there is hope in 2018 Thank you Chooks for setting up the Fantasy ,, Been a lot of fun to participate. Thank you AlexRRR for your creative commentary.
  10. Just an off field Captain's knock. Being banished to Adelaide was penance.
  11. Talking of spoons,, Master AlexRRR, I’ve been polishing up a silver one from the heirloom So you can use it to partake in a nice serving of doggy doo When you get knocked out of the Fantasy finals.. I know you are interested, if not , I don't care,, just want to boast.. Daughter is currently in New York doing a "Global Lawyer" course towards her degree. Heres a shot of her at the Pentagon.
  12. So,,, It's ok to pork the bosses missus but not your secretary? What's it got to do with footy?
  13. I lost a ruckman and was pipped by 14 points. I take a positive from that.
  14. Haha,,, Bad kicking aside. The Eagles hit their targets on the field and some Dockers hit the Eagles targets too. Seems when the Eagles wear the "budgie" jumper they attract the ball.