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  1. I am flattered to be offered a spot in the fantasy league. I will decline as I have two more rounds of Chemo to go and it does knock me around. Plenty of confusion and fatigue big time. Could possibly pull a rabbit from the hat but with the confusion would possibly misplace the hat and the rabbit would starve, or eat the hat. Next year 2019, all you will see are a clean pair of heels as I blitz the field. Also planning to star in the tipping.
  2. Freeloading… Hospital stays and ongoing care …free Disability pension… free Seniors card…. Free transport + Health Care card … Alll meds at $5.40 a script. I would say that I am officially a….. BLUDGER! Thank you Australia.
  3. Dockers v Saints.. Dockers are playing half hearted Last week was a piss poor effort. Hope they are awake and come to play tonight. Not going as my Sister is taking the step grandchildren. Two boys 9 and 11. Didn’t you love going to the footy when you were a boy. Go Eagles!!
  4. But..... I like it. Still comes down to fitness, athletic ability, quick hands and a straight kick. You can’t have perfect without some imperfect. There seems to be more free kicks and I a sure the 50's are up.
  5. But..... I like it. Still comes down to fitness, athletic ability, quick hands and a straight kick. You can’t have perfect without some imperfect.
  6. Hi fellas, Still alive, although I did call for the morphine and to let the angles take me away in an intense experience in ICU. A nurse, who I knew, said "We don't do that service here you will have to come back yourself Joseph," 3 minutes later I was back with the living. Than F%%% too, because when I was down there I had turned into a weird slug/bug (indescribable) and had to wriggle my way up a slimy tunnel to get back to the light. Through the fog a Chemo and the fallout I wasn't able to get past telstra and get my tips regestered. Missed the fantasy team too... Had a killer team picked out after studying the "Fantaty" magazine for three solid days. Got Dad and Granddad's medals out for ANZAC day. Going for the Bombers, my second favourite team after the Mighty Eagles. Only thing off about being an Eagles supporter is the embarrassment when other supporters complain about ticky touchwood issues like "Eddy Everywhere likes the Blues more than the weagles,,, boo Ho HO"
  7. Bet you it wasn't him that went broke. Beware anyone that comes out of Bond University. The "ratbag" factory.
  8. Haha!! Wish it were true Alex. Fact is I can’t pay my rent, Yes “rent” Lost the properties to a financial adviser who is reported to be swanning it up in HK. I always say “I’ve been financially advised into poverty” I don’t own a Range Rover, but a 1999 Hilux Workmate. Good reliable vehicle. Who would have a new car and park it 300 metres from the beach to be covered in salt spray every day. At least the Hilux can wear a bit of rust with honour. I guess I portray that I am flush. Just it’s always been a successful strategy to get a few roots over the years. But I did make provision for my daughter's education and tucked it up into a trust that even I couldn't raid when she was 15. It gave her security to know that if she studied really hard she had the means to achieve goals. And she did and has.
  9. Must have been prepared by a chief that sports a man bun. Any sauce for the cardboard box come with that? Looks like we will be taking our own. The Schultz sandwich being a favourate. Schultz Sandwich: Being any home prepared food that can conceal a 4 oz stainless steel hard liquor flask I see nothing.. nothing..... nothing..
  10. Haha!! Thanks for the support Alex, Hang it on me as much as you like, just be prepared to be the easiest hook.. Better drop your pants and check your nut sack for content if you are really going to bow out of the footy tipping. You may be growing grumpy and impatient in LOS but don't forget you are an Aussie. I would miss your knowledge.
  11. Thank guys Good to see you FJ. Recon you will like this memory of mine. Me in the middle amongst the Generals Ford Fairlane ZH 351 Windsor with a warm cam 650 double pumper Genie headers FMX box 9 inch LSD 8 inch front and 10 inch rear tyres Absolute Rocket. Good horse float tug. Smooth and fast. Most comfortable seats I’ve ever sat. Could do circle work till it dug a hole. Squeaked and rattled and went like the clappers.
  12. Well it’s happened fellas. Iv’e joined the Big C club. High grade B cell Lymphoma. Pic of my welcome home door after my first course of Chemo at Sir Charles Gairdner Resort.