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  1. It has always been a big question mark for me... Buddhism does not explain all. Not only Thailand is Buddhist but it is only in Thailand that you can see that huge proportion of ladyboys. There must be some rational explanations. Food might be one. More exactly food poisoning with all the chemicals and pesticides they use here... But in all cases, I believe Thailand is the only country in the World with this huge proportion of ladyboys and transgenders.
  2. toonsai

    Copyright law to ban Internet plagiarism

    Hey guys, let's make a hub!!!! Any suggestion? Thailand hub for fight against plagiarism... Let's organize a press conference at Panthip
  3. If only there was some effective trade sanctions... There should be.. Then they will start to worry. In the absence of any moral, hit the essential. Thailand the hub of insanity
  4. Blah blah blah... Loads of crap and BS. Thainess at its best. They will only understand when there will be an effective ban of fish, shrimps and all sea food from Thailand. Then only they will feel downhearted. Based on numerous reports and what we all know, Thailand should be blacklisted by all international chains. The other major problem is the World hypocrite attitude. Condemn but no action taken. Thailand is the hub for modern slavery. Not only on fishing boats but also with Rohingyas and all illegal workers in Thailand.
  5. Thai is at the image of the country. It was great 20 years ago and it has been going down the hill since. Mismanagement, greed, corruption. It summarizes well THAI and Thailand.
  6. It's impossible not to do the usual Thai bashing with such ridiculous announcements... At least they are very consistent. It must be on each official road map: - Make fake polls - Cover the truth at any cost - Create a hub every few weeks - Finger point at Burmese or Khmer for all problems - Farangs cannot understand - Thailand does not need any assistance
  7. No more Thai Teflon... The good General will bring back misery.
  8. The farce continues. Thailand continues to insult the victims and their families. The "Good" General willing to restore happiness and fight corruption does absolutely nothing to stop this farce.
  9. 50,000 chicken in 1,800sqm... They call this a "farm".... I call this a slaughterhouse. Free range chicken does not exist in Thailand. Free speech does not even exist for humans
  10. Prayut should help to save the Queen with some lese majeste laws and ridiculous comments
  11. When the UK investigators will release info from their tests? I guess they have crucial info.
  12. The 1999 law was never enforced, except for witch hunts or the ones who do not fully cooperate to the Ponzi scheme. The 2015 revision will not fundamentally change anything. Thailand will remain deeply corrupted from top to bottom, alienating any chance of improvement.
  13. The Thai Guides Mafia... Thais hate competition. So many protected areas which lead to low standards, very poor quality and service level and of course, high prices. 90% of Thai tours are just scams.
  14. Thailand the hub of Quality Tourists... The major problem is that Thailand is no more a Quality destination. Only the smile is here, but behind the scenes, it all about scams and garbage