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  1. hi,nang thong areas does have a few places for rent,up the road,past banana resort,6 to 10k a month.bang niang is cheaper,and if you get here before the seasonal divers arrive,you should find something,i know of a 2 bedroom house,not far from bang niang market 8k.remember ,khao lak diving is a seasonal thing,so oct to april,after that your boyfriend will have to find something to do,unless you are seasonal workers too.Here is nothing like phuket,for many reasons,and is not for everyone. But good luck on your move,welcome to Khao lak.If i can help,message me.
  2. phang nga immigration are happy to see farangs =) Where is the immigration at Phag Nga? or are you talking about Krabi? hi,phang nga is clearly sign posted,do not enter phang nga,continue on the road to krabi,1km,turn left and then left at next traffic lights,always easy there.
  3. hi,my wife took the test,in the uk. a lot of the questions are nonsense,how many irish left ireland for uk during potato famine,when you do the test,it is multi choice,you are given earphones to listen to the question,the problem we found was,the questions were long and drawn out,as if to confuse. you can buy a book with all the questions,from the govnt and a book with all the seems it is just a money thing. a bit of patience and it will get through to that time,i think you only had to get 18 from 25 questions. but there was a possible 500+ questions.good luck,you can take the test online, a practice test,english people i know who took the online test,failed. try this
  4. Sure are ..............time for a couple of shooters i would say. then we become as bad as them.surely she is not living in the same area.that would be silly.i suppose you could not tell anyone anyway.