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  1. Before I left, (moved out of Thailand now) I used them a lot and had food delivered from several downtown restaurants that I've never been to in person. I thought it was a great service, especially for trying restaurants that are difficult to drive to/park near.
  2. Fishing in hua hin - cha am

    Hua Hin Fishing Lodge off the Pala U road is a nice place for a relaxing day of fishing and the restaurant is good too when you need a break,
  3. Best eaterie in Hua Hin

    That is a very vague question and all answers will be by the taste of the individual answering. I suspect if you get 100 answers you'll get 80 different ones. One thing Hua Hin has that not many other places this size do is a plethora of great eating establishments. You might want to narrow it down by more formal or casual, on the beach or doesn't matter, indoor or outdoor or doesn't matter, a few preferences of types of food etc., if you want good answers.
  4. First, I have nothing to gain from this. The landlords are so nice that I told them I would help rent the villa as we are moving out. We've been living in this bungalow on west Soi 94 (near Yamsaard School) for two years and it is a quiet, safe neighborhood of only 1 street with 6 homes. It's a 120 square meter 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with modern kitchen (granite counters, nice wood cabinets, large refrigerator, etc.). Every room has an air conditioner. There is a large front yard good for a dog which is ok (we had 2 when we moved in). Most of the rest of the homes on the street are owned by Scandinavians who are here part time, either off shore workers or snowbirds. There's a large partially covered front porch and covered back patio with a new clothes washer/dryer. It was fully furnished (with even TV) when we rented but we had our own furniture so had the landlord store theirs and the landlord does all the outdoor landscape work (mowing, watering, trimming, etc) so it provides for a carefree life. Covered parking for two cars or a car and several bikes. The location is remote enough to be quiet, but 5 minutes drive to all the restaurants and bars on Sois 94 and 88, less than 10 minutes to Market Village and Villa Market, about 10 minutes (depending on traffic) to the center of town. We have really enjoyed the convenience of being close to all the restaurants and shopping in the area. The landlords are very nice and responsive to any needs or anything that goes wrong with the house. They are looking for long term renters only (1 year or more) and are asking 23k per month. We are moving back to the U.S. and this rental will be available around January 15th. If anyone is interested, pm me and I will give you the landlord's contact information.
  5. Golf in Hua Hin

    ^ Yeah, I was an avid golfer and looked forward to golf in my retirement. After playing about twice a month only because of the cost here for a few years I decided that it wasn't worth the cost in the misery of this heat and gave it up altogether three years ago. Now I'm preparing to move back to the U.S. where lots of courses are $20 to $30 a round and looking forward to taking it back up.
  6. Christmas lunch/dinner in Hua Hin?

    Check out Terrace 90 (soi 90). They usually have 2 or 3 good Christmas buffets.
  7. You can find anything on Soi 94 from Thai to German, Italian, Venezualan, Japanese, American, Russian, etc... great eating street.
  8. What are the roads like?

    The roads off the main road are full of potholes and some extremely tall speed bumps that could possibly damage a very low sports car. You don't need a truck, but a very low car would be in jeopardy. My wife drives a Honda Civic and it has barely ok ground clearance for some side sois.
  9. Golf in Hua Hin

    Majestic Creek has some membership deals that are less expensive or for less time than many of the others.
  10. How's life in Hua Hin?

    Great idea, but just how do you do that with zero control of anything outside your own property? Are you going to pick up the garbage all along the roads and beaches thrown there by Thais who don't care? Are you going to go around gathering up all the soi dogs and getting them off the streets? Are you going to report all the many scammers and criminals to the Police? Are you going to personally fill the potholes in the road?... Make vendors and motorcycle taxis stop taking up all the parking and using the sidewalks? Are you going to build parking areas downtown and put in more traffic controls or through roads to ease the congestion? Are you going to stop all the motorbikes you see breaking the law like riding the wrong direction on the wrong side of the street and chastise them? Are you going to stop Thais from double parking totally blocking traffic on busy streets or narrow sois? Not being facetious or critical of your post here. I'm asking seriously. Exactly how do we as powerless foreigners "do our part to make HH an area we all can live comfortably in, and be proud of!"
  11. Also, I wouldn't think a Monk would own property, as they commonly are expected to rid themselves of such earthly things and live in a Wat.
  12. How's life in Hua Hin?

    Well said. I am one of the "Hua Hin was better 10 Years ago" brigade mentioned above, and I still think Hua Hin is one of the two best places to live in Thailand, but as posted above, by moving here I have turned a place I loved to come to on holiday since 1981 (Thailand, not always Hua Hin) into a place I don't care for any longer and look forward to leaving, permanently if I can work it out. Maybe if I manage to get out, in a few years it will once again become a favored holiday location.
  13. Golf in Hua Hin

    I think all the courses have membership options, most for longer periods and they go for 200k up. Some are lifetime or 15 years and transferable so you may be able to find a "used" one for less than 200k. There are several golf societies in town. The oldest and probably the biggest has a home base in Bernie's Inn which is in a walking alleyway in the bazaar area on the left on the road to the beach. It can also be accessed between bars via a walkway from the Hilton street. They play all courses and twice a week and good savings on play can be had by joining.
  14. How's life in Hua Hin?

    Hey! Being a former sex tourist (a long, long, time ago ) and a current wino, I resent that remark!
  15. Moving house supplies - boxes etc

    Homepro has boxes in 3 sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape and everything you need to safely box up your valuables for a move. As you walk in the store, the packing/moving stuff is about half way back on the left side near the wall at the end of an aisle.