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  2. When I became eligible for the CPP, more than three years ago, I had the same problems with finding a 9 digit sorting code. I could only come up with 6 digits for bank and branch. As it seemed direct deposit could not be arranged, the Canadian pension office started sending me cheques (I don't have a Canadian bank account), which actually worked quite well. I noticed that the cheques were drawn on the Bank of America office in Bangkok. I figured that direct deposits might come through this same Bank of America Bangkok office and were in fact domestic rather than international transfers. I then wrote a letter to the Canadian pension office discussing the above, included the "domestic" 6 digit code (004 for Kasikornbank and xxx for bank branch) and asked for direct deposit system to be set up. CPP agreed and since 3 years I have been getting my pension directly deposited into my Kasikornbank account. This is a normal savings account with ATM/ debitcard.
  3. On the SMART Member Bank list on the Bangkok Bank website the Bank of America has code number 027. That might be the "missing" three digits. So, the required 9 digit code would then be: 027 002 (Bangkok Bank) xxx (branch code)
  4. I have my Canadian pension directly deposited in my Kasikornbank savings account. Foreign CPP payments are channeled through the Bank of America, who have an office in Bangkok. To arrange direct deposits you have to provide the CPP office with a numerical code for the bank and for the branch. The 3 digit bank code is from the SMART System, for example Bangkok bank 002, Kasikornbank 004. For a complete list see: bangkokbank.com/download/SMART-MEMBER-BANKS-Eng-.pdf The branch code are the first 3 digits of your bank account number. The Canadian pension can also be paid by cheque (in Thai Baht) drawn on the Bank of America, Bangkok office. Takes about 10 days; fee 10 baht.