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  1. Discount on New Toyota Hilux ?

    I'm also in the market for a new Toyota. Does anyone have info/specs on the new Revo, including expected release date?
  2. PEA Auto-Debit......

    You can set up an online account with PEA....allows you to view your bill...green after the amount denotes 'paid', red denotes 'unpaid'. Our meter is checked around the 19th, the online link will reflect the due amount around the 23rd, and the amount is withdrawn from our bank account around the 10th. https://epay.pea.co.th/epay/index.jsp?argcContent=frmExit.jsp
  3. Hearing Aids

    I've had occasion to do business with both Eartone and Audimed in Bangkok over the past 15 or so years. I bought Phonak through Eartone and Oticon through Audimed. I have severe hearing loss and basically can't carry on a conversation without my hearing aids. Comparing Eartone and Audimed (just facilities and staff), I'd have to give a thumbs up to Audimed. The audiologist there seemed very competent and was able to answer a multitude of questions about my hearing and my purchase. I recently purchased a pair of Oticon OPN, which is the latest offering from Oticon. Whereas my previous upgrades only moderately improved my hearing, I have to say the OPNs are a major improvement from my older set of Oticon Alta Pro. Expensive, yes. But well worth the expense in my situation.
  4. One of the best things to happen in the 20 years of living here is the advance of fiber to the jungle. Once I got fiber, I cut off UBC after paying 18,000 Baht per year for mostly trash TV. Now I subscribe to netflix (less than $10/month), a VPN (less than $6/month) and I have access to thousands of viewing possibilities.....all at the times that I chose.....along with subtitles for the elderly.....along with outstanding channels like PBS that offers frontline and a host of other documentaries. My only challenge these days is to get in my 10,000 steps each day. As long as I can do that, I'll take all the TV I can get.
  5. We've had 2 Daikin 18.5000 btu inverters for about 4 years. Problem free, quiet, great dehumidifier as well. We have them cleaned each year and I clean the filters each month.
  6. When I came to Udon in 1996, I was the only expat (that I know of at the time) with a computer, and one of the first people in Udon with a Loxinfo account. When people told me tales of sending correspondence to Social Security or Veterans Affairs and not receiving a reply....after 6 months........I told them about email. One by one, the seasoned expats jumped on the computer bandwagon. It's been the same with a few people I know who have resisted resisted detested the idea of buying a smartphone. But one by one, they fall. And once they have one, I've yet to hear a complaint.
  7. China will lead the way.....as they're about to do with electric cars. We'll follow. As I read the past few pages of this thread, I realize that Chuck, Saul's brother in Better Call Saul, has a lot of company.
  8. I've read a few stories about bus drivers reading the newspaper while driving......in the US. 20 years ago, I believe there were TV shows that featured a husband engrossed in his paper while ignoring his wife telling him something. Get over it.......it's a Sign of the Times......and it'll pass. There's really nothing you can do about it, anyway.
  9. Tropical Crotch Rot

    The hair dryer I use is an older one of my wife's....she wanted a new one........and I use the older one without any attachments. I keep it hanging next to our laundry basket......I toss in dirty clothes after a shower and use the dryer to dry off damp areas. The dryer has 2 heat settings and two fan settings. Not related to the problem here....but I had ear problems for several years......corn cobs could grow in there, despite my best efforts to keep the area clean. For the past 2 years, after a shower, I blow warm air toward my ears.....not directly, but close enough to dry them. Miracles!
  10. Tropical Crotch Rot

    I had a 10 year case of athlete's foot before I came to Thailand. My military doctor prescribed dermovate.....but cautioned me about using too much or using it for too long. My foot problems never cleared completely. After I came here, my foot problems grew worse....and I had underarm and crotch blotches as well. Somewhere along the lines of trying a variety of cures, I read about the proper use of strong creams like dermovate: Dry the area completely. Apply a very thin amount, twice per day. Once the problem starts to clear up, taper off to once per day. Then once per two days, then three etc. Another trick I 'learned' was using my wife's old hair dryer to dry my feet after showers or after walking outside if it was wet. Long story short, my multi-year foot problem is mostly gone. I might apply dermovate twice a year or so for a 2 week (tapering off period)....and always do so at the very first hint of a problem. It worked for me
  11. First, I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. It says "The Orchid Nursing Home and Long Stay". It's 17km from the center of Udon. Although it's still not open, there has been recent activity there, moving hospital type beds and such. One village official told me they are hoping to provide a medium-level (cost) type of facility that will cater to upper class Thais and foreigners, especially Japanese and European. I realize this doesn't do anyone in need today any help.....but it's a ray of hope for those in the Isaan area who are looking for such a place. I'll keep everyone posted as I see further developments.
  12. My wife of 43 years is a US citizen, here on a US passport with my last name, but has a Thai ID card and bluebook with her maiden name. She's obtained 20 annual extensions while I renew my retirement extension. No issues. I know plenty of dual citizen Thais who enter Thailand on their Thai passport and the US on their US passport......but we chose not to do so as it just seemed too confusing when we first arrived 21 years ago. It still seems confusing.....and the 1900 baht for my wife's annual extension is a small price to pay for less confusion in life. Of course, if we face the same situation as the op is facing, we may reconsider.
  13. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    United, our regular carrier from BKK to our home in Texas charges $100 per extra bag........50lb limit......so 3 or 4 large boxes for a few hundred dollars is probably as cheap as I can go. I can live with that.
  14. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    So, can anyone give some cost comparisons for, say, 100-200 pounds. No rush in shipping. The weight could be spread among boxes. Just personal possessions that we'd like to take back with us.
  15. Hearing Aids

    Come to find out the Oticon OPN doesn't stream with Android. Too bad.