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  1. My wife of 43 years is a US citizen, here on a US passport with my last name, but has a Thai ID card and bluebook with her maiden name. She's obtained 20 annual extensions while I renew my retirement extension. No issues. I know plenty of dual citizen Thais who enter Thailand on their Thai passport and the US on their US passport......but we chose not to do so as it just seemed too confusing when we first arrived 21 years ago. It still seems confusing.....and the 1900 baht for my wife's annual extension is a small price to pay for less confusion in life. Of course, if we face the same situation as the op is facing, we may reconsider.
  2. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    United, our regular carrier from BKK to our home in Texas charges $100 per extra bag........50lb limit......so 3 or 4 large boxes for a few hundred dollars is probably as cheap as I can go. I can live with that.
  3. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    So, can anyone give some cost comparisons for, say, 100-200 pounds. No rush in shipping. The weight could be spread among boxes. Just personal possessions that we'd like to take back with us.
  4. Hearing Aids

    Come to find out the Oticon OPN doesn't stream with Android. Too bad.
  5. Hearing Aids

    Not for the faint of heart, but Audimed is offers about 80,000 Baht off a pair of Oticon OPN hearing aids until 16 Aug for Mother's Day. Cost after discount and with accessories is about 204,000 Baht
  6. Yeah, I can't imagine the bank opening an account without that person being there in person..........and the SF1199A needs to be signed by that person as well. I think the best answer is.....wait until he arrives here to make the change himself.
  7. A Thai friend, now retired in Seattle but planning to move back here, wants to have his SSA direct deposited into Bangkok Bank of Udon before he leaves the US. He does not yet have an account in Udon designed for that. Question: Is there a way for that person to set up his SSA for direct deposit to Udon BEFORE he leaves the US? I'm assuming a relative in Udon wouldn't be able to do that for him. Help is always appreciated.
  8. First, I'm jealous of his ability to yak it up in Thai. Second, if I was 40 years younger and had youtube available back then, I could see me doing some of the same things as Nate. Actually, quite innocent stuff, I'd say.
  9. Home Study Materials

    I suggest googling 'esl conversations' (english as second language). You'll find hundred, thousands even, of very good websites many with sound clips. Youtube also has hundreds++ videos.
  10. I've read through the SSA 'living overseas' pages. I don't see anything that talks about penalties for not registering as living overseas. So, my question: Although I initially registered through Manila, later, during a stateside visit, I registered for medicare through a stateside address. I asked the lady to update the system with a new address (our daughter's). She did. That was about 3 years ago. No problems since....and no annual letter from SSA. Does anyone know of a legal requirement that would prevent me from using my daughter's stateside address? Also, of the 20+ Americans I've known who have died in my area over the years, all were reported to the American embassy either through the hospital, tourist police, or embassy wardens.
  11. Exterior Paint.

    Many years ago we used a good grade of Captain exterior that lasted 7 years. Then in 2011, we repainted with TOA Supershield titanium 15yr. There's no indication we'll need to repaint any time soon. A few lessons learned over 20+ years of living in Thailand. YOU buy the paint! TOA seems to be the leader these days and a trip to Global House (for example) will give you plenty opportunity to compare. DO NOT LET the painters cut the paint with water. They will.....because it's easier to apply and you'd be hard-pressed to know the difference for the first year or two or three.......then it comes off like powder.
  12. Inverted aircon

    I've seen billboards around town advertising for the Samsung Windfree inverter air conditioners. More info at https://samsunghvac.com/products/wind-free™.html
  13. I've lived in Udon for a few decades. From the time where there were zero coffee shops until coffee shops sprouted up all over town. Extremely few survive, and those are usually co-located with gas stations, car washes, or other sustaining businesses. A few things to consider: Thais are not keen coffee drinkers. I rarely see a Thai drink hot coffee, and more rarely see a Thai drink a coffee product in the late afternoon (contrast to a Starbucks full of customers in the evening in the US). Just recently, 7-11's have added a coffee corner with freshly ground coffee brewed on fancy coffee machines. The cost is much less than what is commonly charged in a coffee shop. A few years ago, I visited a new coffee shop in town. The owner spoke excellent English. She served only coffee and toast products. I asked about her English. She had worked for Chanel in Bangkok for several years, saved up her cash, and longed to open her own coffee shop. Two months later, the shop was closed. Good luck with your venture, but I'd vote with the seasoned expats who advise against the business.
  14. Quick question: Would it be possible to use a Union Pay ATM from Bangkok Bank in an ATM in the US? Anyone with experience?
  15. Home phone?

    I live in the jungle......countryside of Udon. The landline was a lifeline for our first 10 years or so because you couldn't use a cell phone for lack of a signal. In the past year, a cell phone tower popped up within half a km of our home.....4 bars all the time. This past month, I went to TOT and had the line disconnected. 100 baht is 100 baht.