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  1. kokesaat

    Ford Ranger or Toyota Revo

    I bought a Revo Prerunner E in May 2018.......having sold our third Toyota truck in the over 20 years we've been here. The truck we sold was a standard, 2 door Vigo 3.0G.......we were always satisfied with it.......but after 10 years, it was time for an upgrade. We've very happy with the Revo (like most new car buyers, I suppose). The tech is great.....eco and power mode, bluetooth, great sound, improved styling. I'm a conservative driver.....use eco mode almost exclusively......50/50 mix of highway and city driving. With over 2000km on the clock now, gas mileage is averaging out to just over 38mpg......16.3kpl....a marked increase from the 32+mpg I was getting on the older truck. Happy camper all around.
  2. kokesaat

    White waterhose for waterfilters

    If you have an Amorn store nearby, they carry the hose.
  3. They're case moth larvae. We didn't have any sign of them for 10 years, but then for the last 10 we can't get rid of them. They're merely annoying......if you see them crawling up the wall, roll them slightly with your finger and they'll die. Or vac vac vac any sign of them several times over the course of a few months. That should diminish the population.....but probably won't get rid of the remnants. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/592071-how-to-get-rid-of-case-bearing-moth-larvae/
  4. Yes, indeed. I went to Viriyah with my old policy, my wife's ID (policy in her name), and her bankbook. The agent canceled the old policy and transferred about 6k into my wife's account. No problem.
  5. In April I renewed the insurance on my 10 year old truck (comprehensive) with Viriyah. I sold off that truck yesterday and bought a new one that comes with a full coverage policy through the dealer (also with Viriyah). Is it possible to cash in the remaining time on my old policy......I paid about 10,000Baht? Anyone have any experience doing that?
  6. kokesaat

    Toyota C-HR HV Hi hybrid

    I'm retired, so no need to drive fast or peel rubber. More likely I would squeeze every last drop out of battery drive just for grins. I'm curious whether there's a similarly priced car out there (1.2 mil-ish) with equivalent safety features. A 5 year warranty and a 10 year battery warranty are big pluses as well.
  7. kokesaat

    Toyota C-HR HV Hi hybrid

    The top benzene model doesn't come with all the safety features of the hybrid.....unfortunately.
  8. kokesaat

    Toyota C-HR HV Hi hybrid

    I spent a few hours at Toyota Udon today.......thinking I was going to replace my 10 year old VIGO with a REVO. But was disappointed with the lack of newer technology safety features even in the top of the line truck. On my way out, I spotted the CHR for the first time (we've been out of country for a few months). I was pretty impressed with the gas-only version (mid), but then saw a sign that advertised the hybrid features.....10 year warranty on battery, free labor on all work for 10 years, 5 year vehicle warranty vs. 3 year. So, I asked to see the hybrid.......and it has all the bells and whistles that I've been looking for......auto lights, auto wipers, loads of air bags, brake assist in the event of front collision, lane departure warning, among other things. Granted, I haven't looked at other hybrids......but have to say, Toyota will get another look, this time with my wife in tow.
  9. kokesaat

    Classifiers for Takeaway (Food)

    I prefer my wife's jasmine rice to that in most restaurants. When I order dishes to go, I usually order เป็นกับ, หมูผัดขิงเป็นกับ, for example. I generally pay 100 baht for a bag like that, but it easily provides two good meals for me at home. I'm not sure what เป็นกับ means.........??go with??, but the restaurant staff always understands when I say it.
  10. kokesaat

    Need Name of Tiny Insect

    Sorry for the delay in uploading a photo. The photo is of a brass bell that we have hanging on our porch. From time to time, the bugs will congregate on the string below the bell and the piece of brass that catches the wind. These insects do not bite, but they're a menace. If anyone has any tested remedies, I'd appreciate the insight
  11. kokesaat

    Need Name of Tiny Insect

    We have a large overhang on our village home where we dry our clothes. Tiny black insects sometimes like to swarm around the plastic/stainless sock/undie hanger. I want to search Thai websites for a possible herbal/natural cure for these bugs......but need to know the name of them first. The best I can describe....they're tiny, they don't bite, if a tiny thread is hanging outdoors for a few days the bugs will cover the thread, they're only around in the hot season. Any chance anyone knows the Thai name?
  12. kokesaat

    Should I move immediately or stay?

    20 years ago we were 90% finished with a house we were building in the boonies outside of Udon. One evening on the way back to our rental in town, we stopped by the village ?restaurant? where I ordered a fried rice to go while my wife waited in the truck. I sat at a cement table probably 20 feet from the cook....watching him sling ingredients into the wok while his wife sat inside with 2 children feeding them supper. Out of nowhere, a man walks up to the cook and pops him point blank. Twice. I literally jumped out of my sandals, into the wrong side of the truck (my American brain was working), leaped over my wife and drove off to the police station less than 1km away. I explained what happened but the police were not interested. That same night, 3 other people were shot in downtown Udon........All those shot that night were reportedly dealing drugs and had reportedly been warned to stop. Our neighbor was an Army general (the honest kind)....when we asked for advice, he basically said there's nothing we could do. My wife talked to many of the villagers who knew the guy was dealing drugs (truck drivers would stop to order a to-go dish and the cook was put a few pills inside). No one seemed to show any compassion for what happened. For a short time, my wife and I weighed whether to leave Thailand and go back to more civilized living. We didn't.....now lived in our house for 20 years with no problems at all. We have no regrets. We've learned that no place is perfect.....whether it's here or back in the US. pluses and minuses no matter where you live. Good luck with your decision
  13. Udon has a large park, well within walking distance of at least one newish condo unit and a bevy of apartments. Nongprajak......maybe not on the same par as Lumpini, but it's not bad. You can check it out on google earth.
  14. A year or so ago while visiting the Mekong in Nongkai, I was standing near a Thai father in a teaching moment with one of his young daughters. They were standing next to a photo-opportunity spot sporting an antique dial phone. The father was explaining to his daughter how people made phone calls.....back when grandma/grandpa were still around (I followed the conversation in Thai). He then held his daughter up so she could 'dial' a number.......just like people did when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Back when I was young, we had to change the channel on the TV ourselves, change gears in the car ourselves, open the windows in our car ourselves, wash the dishes with our own hands, and call an operator when we wanted to make long distance phone calls. Thank God those days are behind us.