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  1. Newcastle United

    For the sake of the Geordies,. I hope he sells up soon. <deleted> scumbag http://www.espnfc.com.au/newcastle-united/story/3277762/newcastle-owner-mike-ashley-receives-takeover-bid-report
  2. Football Related Vids

  3. This could also be his level. Man U too big a job., The Spanish stint. Wrong country. Sunderland were always doomed no matter who took over. This could be a good move for him to get his stock up again.
  4. Bilic out. Moyes in?

  5. world cup football

    To be fair. It was the earlier results that hurt us. Gordon done ok and got us believing a again.
  6. Premier Prediction Comp

    Cant see a problem with adding someone now. Not a as big a league as previous years. But i would say no more in the coming weeks.
  7. world cup football

    <deleted> the World Cup. Its <deleted>! But! If! They get there. I will be supporting Australia. And...................................................................................................every team that plays England.
  8. Over 30 days

    Ok. Thanks Joe.
  9. Thought i would ask here. My friend who is Thai and has 2 kids is heading back to Thailand for a holiday. The both kids have Aussie passports. But as they will stay over 30 days. She was going to get them Thai passports. But someone told my wife. If the kids are under 15 then they can technically overstay as they are minors and are with mum. Any truth in this?
  10. The Scotland Thread

    Are you paying? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. The Scotland Thread

    Get that into you. About time we had a bit of luck. Totally deserved. Their keeper was outstanding.
  12. Glasgow Celtic

    As a commentator hes supposed to be impartial and professional. I also agree that Sutton is a <deleted> gobshite.
  13. Premier Prediction Comp

    Still a long long way to go.
  14. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Lads. Just a friendly reminder to keep it civil. Thanks. As you were.