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  1. Then you don't need it for 3 years more.
  2. You did not mention the age of your kid. If he is attending a compulsory school, you must include the certificate of enrollment released by the school.
  3. I would go to the police, file a complain and then bring a copy to Samsung. I am pretty sure that your case will catch their total attention. And if you use any social network just publish all this.
  4. I confirm that extranet is still down. In the past I was used to go to Suksawat branch for 90 day report but now it has been replaced by Big C in Ratburana. Did anybody go there for 90 day report already? Is it usable by us for this purpose?
  5. I am the father of a 10 years old Thai citizen. Previously married with a Thai spouse, now widowed. According to this: "2.18 In the case of being a family member of a Thai national (applicable only to parents, spouse, children, adopted children, or spouse’s children): Each permission shall be granted for no more than one year. (1) The alien must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (NON-IM). (2) The alien must have proof of relationship. (3) In the case of spouse, the relationship must be de jure and de facto: or (4) In the case of children, adopted children, or spouse's children, said children, adopted children, or spouse's children must not be married, must live with the alien as part of the family, and must not be over 20 years of age except in case of the person hereof is of illness or disability and cannot live without support of father or mother: or (5) In the case of parents, the father or mother must maintain an average annual income of no less than Baht 40,000 per month throughout the year or must have deposited funds of no less than Baht 400,000 to cover expenses for one year. In case the father of mother requests to be under maintenance of children, the age of father or mother must be 50 years of age or over. For other necessary cases, the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner of Immigration Bureau is granted the authority to make decisions regarding approval on a case-by-case basis. (6) In the case of marriage to a Thai woman, the alien husband must earn an average annual income of no less than Baht 40,000 per month or must have no less than Baht 400,000 in a bank account in Thailand for the past two months to cover expenses for one year." it is clear that I should keep 400,000 baht in the bank for at least 2 months before applying for the extension in the paragraph (6) (marriage). But in paragraph (5) (parenthood, which is now my case) I don't see any mention of the need to keep 400,000 baht for any amount of time before the application of the extension. Is it like this or am I missing something? Thank you.
  6. As far as they do not make any problem to anybody, why don't you let these people waste their money the way they like? Are you in any way involved in this?
  7. The only logic here is that the OP is a troll
  8. Obviously the people who made this clip are tourists who have not a clue about the real attractions of Bangkok, it seems they copied their list from a tourist guide....
  9. I'd ban within 500 light years, it is more reasonable.
  10. These guys organize great events in all the best rooftop of Bangkok, give a look: It seems that tomorrow they are in Zeppelin....
  11. Always a pleasure to read illiterate and ill-informed speculation in the pages of ThaiVisa of a Monday morning.
  12. Sorry, but what about members with Windows Phone? No app for us and so no discount?