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  1. What could be more interesting for expats is that whoever hire a foreign worker (housekeepers included) must get a special permit called "quota" (to renew yearly) which allows to him/her to hire the personnel. Without this quota he is liable of providing illegal job. The work permit of the worker is indeed "bound" to the "quota permit" of the employer.
  2. Your rent of 80K is high already for what you have got. I suggest to tell him that if he wants to raise the fee you are moving away. He will stay YEARS without a tenant..... And you will find something a bit smaller but newer for your actual fee or even less.
  3. Then you don't need it for 3 years more.
  4. You did not mention the age of your kid. If he is attending a compulsory school, you must include the certificate of enrollment released by the school.
  5. WARNING! Samsung J7-2 just exploded !!!

    I would go to the police, file a complain and then bring a copy to Samsung. I am pretty sure that your case will catch their total attention. And if you use any social network just publish all this.