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  1. Motorbike map Bangkok in and out?

    About 3 weeks ago, I rode down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai using routes created on both Google Maps and a Garmin GPS with the most recent ESRI Thailand specific map. Everything was fine until I got to the northern edge of Bangkok. Both devices tried to route me on to roads that don't allow motorcycles such as Rama 9 and a toll road. Seems that they have no function for motorcycle routing and treat everything as a car. You can skip the toll roads by telling it to avoid them but there is no function I have found that avoids the roads that prohibit motorcycles. Good luck David Sent from my SM-T719Y using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. She doesn't know how lucky she is. Back in the day when I practiced law, I had a few clients that would have taken her and her family out as he was leaving. David
  3. In a couple of days I will be picking up a 2016 Honda CB500X and would like to buy 1st class insurance cover for it. Would appreciate any suggestions for agencies and some idea of the cost. I'm in Chiang Mai. Thanks David
  4. Can you tell me more? I have a retirement visa and a multi-entry permit. What would the fine be for? David
  5. Seat mod or new seat needed

    He has done 3 seats for me over the years and each one has been great. Highly recommend him. David
  6. Does anyone have a link to the current form to apply for Certificate of Residence? Searched and did not find anything. Thanks David
  7. @kelboy Just got my purchase of a CB500x started today and saw your post. I am planning a ride from Chiang Mai to Singapore and back later in the year. Did you just go to the Malaysia border or cross it? If you crossed, can you tell me a bit about the procedure? Thanks David
  8. Use of Overseas Credit cards

    I have 2 US issued CapitalOne cards that I use. The only problem I have ever had was trying to purchase train tickets on the SRT website. Strangely, one card works with no problem and the other is always declined. No one seems to have a clue as to why. David
  9. Medical Specialists Pinned List

    I have been seeing Dr. Morgan at HCMC for almost 6 years and never had a problem. I am a former pre-med student (many years ago) and I learned enough to make me very picky about who I choose for medical care. Dr. Morgan and her staff tick all the boxes. As for CM Mediclinic, I have also used their services on one occasion. Facilities were clean and orderly - looked very recently done. Staff was competent and spoke English well. Front desk was manned by a youngish Western guy - no idea if he had any medical training. The doctor I saw was competent and efficient. She looked fairly young so my guess is that she had been practicing for 5 years or less but that is only a guess. No staff that I saw other than the two of them. Was there about an hour and only saw 2 other patients - one when I arrived and another as I was leaving. As for location, HCMC on Hang Dong Road is much easier to find. CMMC is located on one of the streets in the Wat Jet Yod area and takes a bit of navigating to find. For ongoing care, I'll stick with Dr. Morgan's clinic but CM Mediclinic should be ok as well. David
  10. Maybe but Malaysia is not Hanoi. With the exception of George Town, Hanoi has more of interest than Malaysia generally. David
  11. For anyone interested in doing a visa on arrival in Vietnam, here is a very good write-up on TripAdvisor that gives a very detailed description of the process. The description matches my actual, on-the-ground experience when I went. Hope it is helpful. David
  12. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Not sure about the 90-day notices. I am in and out of the country so often I haven't had to do one in about 3 years. David
  13. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    @triffid That is correct. The 6,900 baht fee was inclusive of the extension fee and the 90-day notices. David
  14. Where is this? See photo

    A great view looking up or looking down. David
  15. Where is this? See photo

    I don't know the place but based on the pictures, I would think it would be in the mountains west of Hang Dong rather than south. David