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  1. I have never had a problem finding anything I need (sometimes takes a bit of looking), but I can't always find what I want. David
  2. With Schwab, the ATM fees are reimbursed to your account at the end of each month. David
  3. Hi all. Does anyone know if there are Tai Chi classes in Chiang Mai? I'm primarily looking for Yang long form but would consider the simplified 24-form. Any information appreciated. David
  4. I use the Capital One Venture Reward card. I use it to pay for just about everything - food, Internet, airfare, travel, etc. It has an annual fee of US$59. I get 2 miles per dollar spend. While their interest rate on a carried balance is a bit high, I never carry a balance so it doesn't matter to me. Even after the annual fee, I manage to net about US$200 per year in rewards. For getting monthly spending money into Thailand, I use my Schwab ATM card. You get the best rates, no fees, and ATM charge reimbursement. I've used it all over the world and never had a problem. Both are highly recommended. David
  5. From the US and I use Charles Schwab. No fees and they reimburse me for the ATM fees each month. And I use Capital One credit cards so no fees there either. David
  6. Guess it has been longer since I used the ATM than I thought. Still a nice example of greed though. David
  7. Well out friends at Krungsri Bank (the yellow one) have decided it is time to pay for another swimming pool. Used the ATM near the Shangri-La Hotel today and the fee has now gone up to 220 baht, a 10% increase since I last used it. Don't know if that increase is just for Krungsri or all banks but my bet is on all of them. Amazes me what they charge when you can do an ATM withdrawal anywhere in Japan for free. David
  8. Had a great Songkran this year. Flew down to Penang on the 13th. They actually do Songkran there ... one day ... at the Thai Buddhist temple on the northwest side of Georgetown. I arrived after it was finished. LOL Stayed in Georgetown until the 18th eating some great food and sightseeing all while being nice and dry (except for the sweat - hot and humid there). Back again next year. David
  9. On the 13th, I flew from Chiang Mai to Penang with a change of planes in KL. My standard backpack weighs about 6 kg full and my camera bag about 4 kg. Both look fairly small. Neither were checked at CNX or KL. At KL though, the boarding for the flight to Penang was a bit chaotic. There was no bag weighing but there was no serious passenger screening at the gate either. By the time a little over half of the passengers were loaded, all the overhead bins were full. My best guess is because a large portion of the people that I saw getting on ahead of me had more than one carry-on bag and at least one (some had 2) personal items. The gate agents just waved them through. When I got on, they tried to have me gate check my backpack. I very politely refused since I had some camera equipment in it. The on-board flight attendant was very helpful and managed to squeeze it into one of the bins. Because of all the people that had to check their bags at the airplane door, we were about an hour late leaving the gate. On the way back today, it was a different kink of chaos. The Penang gate staff were actually weighing bags and size checking them if they looked overly large or heavy and requiring passengers with more than one carry-on to check all but one of them. Not sure if they were charged or not. Basically resulted in another hour delay leaving for KL. In KL, no active checking going on for the flight back to CNX. My bags evidently didn't look large enough or heavy enough because they weren't checked anywhere. David
  10. Booked mid January for about 4,750 baht return. David
  11. Same here. Heading out of Thailand for six days in Penang. There is actually a quite nice Thai temple in Georgetown and they do Songkran there. One day and it is over. Plus it is held in the courtyard of the temple. If you walk around the edge you don't get wet. If you get bored with that, there is also a very nice Burmese temple right across the street. They don't do songkran. :) David
  12. I would have sworn they were Californians. David
  13. Gone. Thanks for the interest. David
  14. For when you get old like me and still like the security of a disc lock. Disc lock reminder David
  15. Hi all. I have about US$50 in Vietnamese currency left over from my last trip to Vietnam. I won't be going back in the near future and thought I would check to see if anyone headed that way would be interested in exchanging baht or USD for it. It would be more than enough to get you from the airport into town and have a bit of food and a beer or two before having to hunt down an ATM or currency exchange. Will exchange at the current rate on Thanks David