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  1. Air Con Recommendations

    Just an update a a thank you to@KhonKaenKowboy for his input. Ended up with a Daikin 18000 BTU inverter. Bought from Home Pro in Chiang Mai. The posted price was 35,400 baht but after all the discounts and promotions it came to just at 24,000 baht. That included delivery, parts and labor for installation, and unistalling and hauling off the old unit. After having the noisy old Carrier unit, the quietness of the new unit is taking a bit of getting used to. My computer is about 6 meters away from the inside unit and if it were not for the small green light being visible I would not know it was on. And just in case that is not quiet enough for you, it actually has a quiet mode. [emoji16] The 3 guys that came did an excellent and very professional job. They took about 3 hours total. They really paid attention to details. Even as they were leaving they were above average for Thailand. As they were taking the old unit down to the elevator, some of the rust colored water leaked out on the floor just in front of the elevator. Wasn't a lot and from my experience here most would have just left it for housekeeping. These guys took the time to clean it up. Overall great experience. David
  2. Air Con Recommendations

    @Deepinthailand I'm curious about what the problem would be having inverters when there are power cuts. Is it a technical issue? We have a few here but not many. I did a web search and didn't really find any information on problems. Thanks David
  3. Air Con Recommendations

    KKK, The air con in the condo I live in has just died - compressor. I I have a question about the right BTU rating to choose. The condo is about 38 sqm and is 3.85 m x 9. 86 m with a separate, enclosed toilet. It is on the 12th floor of a 14 floor building and is not on an end. The windows are north facing so I don't get much direct sun even in the hot season. I have tried 5 or 6 of the online BTU calculators and they generally agree that after adjustments for things like sunny side, etc. a BTU rating of about 12000-14,000. In talking to repairmen and salesmen, they generally are talking about 18,000. Quite a nice price jump goes along with the move from 14,000 to 18,000 BTU especially in the Daiken and Mitsu inverter models I am interested in. So can I get your thoughts on BTU ratings? Any suggestions appreciated. David
  4. My bet is that the security that is mentioned is job security. David
  5. Irish whiskey cream tea

    Just heard back from the E&O and it is a Ronnefeldt blend. Thanks for the link. They do carry it at Gaysorn. David
  6. Irish whiskey cream tea

    Thanks guys. I just sent off an email to the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in George Town, Penang where I had the tea and asked what brand they serve. If I hear back, I'll post what they tell me. David
  7. Irish whiskey cream tea

    I didn't see the packaging for it but looks like it would be either the same or similar. David
  8. Irish whiskey cream tea

    Had a chance to sample some Irish whiskey cream tea at afternoon tea in Penang and really enjoyed it. Was wondering if it is available in Chiang Mai and if so where. Thanks David
  9. Hi all. I am looking for an iPad to run one app that I need for genealogy work. Regular size since the mini is too small and at least 32GB. Only need wifi. Anyone have suggestions of where I might be able to buy in Chiang Mai. A reputable seller would be nice as well. :) Thanks David
  10. Bonine or meclizine hydrochloride

    Bummer . Thanks Sheryl. I'm off to Malaysia next week so I'll check there. David
  11. Does anyone know if Bonine or its generic, meclizine hydrochloride is available in Thailand? I've had no luck here in Chiang Mai. Any help would be appreciated. David
  12. Hi all. Does anyone know of a reputable place either in Chiang Mai or Bangkok that does electrolysis hair removal? I've searched everywhere and have not found anything. I'm looking for electrolysis for two reasons: 1) it is the only proven method of permanent hair removal and, 2) laser hair removal doesn't work well on lighter hair such as blond or gray. Any information appreciated. David
  13. Dry cleaner wanted

    Thanks helpisgood. I'll give it a look tomorrow. David
  14. Dry cleaner wanted

    Hi all. I have a large wool blanket that needs a good cleaning. Anyone have any (good) experiences with a dry cleaner here in CM? Thanks David
  15. The no sympathy part was about him being out a large sum of money. Obviously he could have paid for it. Even though I hate paying for it, insurance is a necessity. David