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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know of a reputable place either in Chiang Mai or Bangkok that does electrolysis hair removal? I've searched everywhere and have not found anything. I'm looking for electrolysis for two reasons: 1) it is the only proven method of permanent hair removal and, 2) laser hair removal doesn't work well on lighter hair such as blond or gray. Any information appreciated. David
  2. Thanks helpisgood. I'll give it a look tomorrow. David
  3. Hi all. I have a large wool blanket that needs a good cleaning. Anyone have any (good) experiences with a dry cleaner here in CM? Thanks David
  4. The no sympathy part was about him being out a large sum of money. Obviously he could have paid for it. Even though I hate paying for it, insurance is a necessity. David
  5. As noted in The Sun, "Jamie, who was running his own internet café in Phuket at the time of the attack ..." Sound like a tourist to you? Me either. My bet is he was working on a tourist visa with no work permit. As for no insurance, The sun noted that he "spent $10,000 of his savings (£5,900) on the treatment as he had no health insurance." Obviously could have afforded insurance - much cheaper than USD$10,000. Unfortunate that he was attacked but all things considered, no sympathy. David
  6. I can confirm that as of this afternoon, you can do an ATM withdrawal at Maybank on Sivatha Blvd with no fee. I used a US issued debit card. No indication that other cards would be different. When you see the screen that says something like "see your bank for details about fees" just click continue.
  7. Sheryl, i was just doing some research for my upcoming trip to Siem Reap and one of the resident expats there mentioned that the Maybank ATM doesn't charge an ATM withdrawal fee. Will definitely check it out. I have used Canadia Bank in the past but I understand that it now charges about US$4. David
  8. He's done 3 for me and I wouldn't go to anyone else. He takes his time and does high quality work. A real craftsman. David
  9. I had missed it. Thanks. By the way, I just updated my 57LM and did so with no issues. David
  10. Any links to where you got the information? I have a Nuvi and have not seen anything about LM being cancelled. David
  11. I have never had a problem finding anything I need (sometimes takes a bit of looking), but I can't always find what I want. David
  12. With Schwab, the ATM fees are reimbursed to your account at the end of each month. David
  13. Hi all. Does anyone know if there are Tai Chi classes in Chiang Mai? I'm primarily looking for Yang long form but would consider the simplified 24-form. Any information appreciated. David
  14. I use the Capital One Venture Reward card. I use it to pay for just about everything - food, Internet, airfare, travel, etc. It has an annual fee of US$59. I get 2 miles per dollar spend. While their interest rate on a carried balance is a bit high, I never carry a balance so it doesn't matter to me. Even after the annual fee, I manage to net about US$200 per year in rewards. For getting monthly spending money into Thailand, I use my Schwab ATM card. You get the best rates, no fees, and ATM charge reimbursement. I've used it all over the world and never had a problem. Both are highly recommended. David
  15. From the US and I use Charles Schwab. No fees and they reimburse me for the ATM fees each month. And I use Capital One credit cards so no fees there either. David