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  1. So how do you think they came in, if not passing through immigration? Crossing the Cinnomon mountains with Cambodia on foot? Being airdropped from nigerian cargoplanes? If not involved in scams or drugs, the Thai police will still have a field day checking up on visa's . .
  2. Just a question for Ubon joe: does immigration follow up at what address you register with? My landlady refuses to fill out the TM 30 (she's scared of being taxed), but a friend who owns her home said I could register there...
  3. I really don't get situations like this. It is a well known fact that the British health insurance does not cover Asia. Leaving home without proper insurance for a far away country is about the stupidest thing you can do next to drowning in a puddle whilst drunk. I just checked the price of continuous travelinsurance, with a maximum out-of-the-country validity for a 180 days in a row, and it came to 107 euro's per annum, for full medical insurance including flight and what havenot. All taken care of over the internet, within 5 minutes. You can't always get what you want, but in this case the safety net was two mouseclicks and 100 quid away....
  4. Bullie

    Child abuse

    Firstly: please remove the picture asap. It is not helping at all. Secondly: If they are your children why did you not take them away? Why did you not go to the German embassy, the children are also German, even if you are not married with the mother. Lastly: sincy you are turkish, maybe you have a turkish passport also? I'm sure Erdogan's turkish embassy would be more than willing to help young turkish children in Thailand if they are being raped.
  5. Bullie

    Thai Granny Gets Id Card After 94 Years

    It's her own fault for not paying the appropriate bribe. A mere 300.000 baht gets you fast tracked, I know from personal experience.
  6. Aren't biometric passports a thing of beauty..... You need not worry at all. Unless you are posing as your twin brother, of course!
  7. I don't know about the Americas, but in the Netherlands tourist-visa are only issued to people who can prove through bankstatements that they are employed somewhere. Anyone else has to get a non-immigrant- O single visa, unless you are formally retired (again, bankstatements) when you can obtain a non-immigrant -O multiple visa.
  8. It is a terrible ordeal. My wife came to Thailand as a Cambodian war refugee after Pol Pot in 1983, and was given leave to stay because of Thai co-sanguinity in her family. We have been applying for Thai citizenship, or at least a passport so she can travel, for 10 years, and last year we finally managed to send the application formally through the Amphur (at a cost under the table of 300.000 baht) and on its way to Bangkok where it is now "sitting". Meanwhile my wife is not allowed to leave the province, is not allowed to work legally and can not own land or start a business. Also, even if she wanted, she can not go back to Cambodia, there is no living family, there are no legal documents. It sort of feels unjust to put somebodies life on halt for 35 years.
  9. Whoop-di-do, so with a little bit of luck they now do not have to pay overstay on the current trip. It is good to finally know the exact worth of 13 Thai lives: a week's holiday, and a rather useless elite-card for the duration of 5 years. For most working stiffs a visa-exempt stay in Thailand of 2-3 weeks a year is all they can swing anyway, apart from the fact that your loved ones still would need visa's on extended stays. Then again, the farangs in question are getting away lightly. For all we know they could have been given the honor of being appointed honorary Thai.
  10. I don't really see the relationship between congratulating Thailand for a happy ending to the cave drama and stopping illegal aliens from entering the U.s.A. The people who entered the U.S. with their children were warned that they would be taken away from them under the new rules. Trump is a strong and forceful leader that fullfils his promises: they were forewarned. Although I feel sorry for the children in question, it is their parents who I blame for their current predicament. Children were used more and more to enable an illegal stay in America: that time has now passed. No doubt in Europe the same path will be followed in the near future. No welfare state can allow this illegal immigration to go on without loosing its own existence.
  11. Correction . Thai DUTCH kid, educated in the Netherlands. So no wonder he writes better than most Thai adults. We have a proper education system here.
  12. Well, it sounds about right what with High season starting at the end of October. But then again the ministry could just as savely have stated that the sun will rise tomorrow.
  13. Now that's something I have always appreciated in Thai people. They usually are so polite, but this woman takes the cake...
  14. That's the reason why I have a full-blown cutthroat razor lying right next to the bed, at all times. To defend myself against my drunken spouse.
  15. What, for Pete's sake does this have to do with UK? We are talking Thailand here....