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  1. Now that's something I have always appreciated in Thai people. They usually are so polite, but this woman takes the cake...
  2. That's the reason why I have a full-blown cutthroat razor lying right next to the bed, at all times. To defend myself against my drunken spouse.
  3. What, for Pete's sake does this have to do with UK? We are talking Thailand here....
  4. Well appearently they are self-learning in the Isan now. What with the rain not coming, and fuel prices going up it is one unhappy lot up there. There is a lot of talk, and a storm is a'brewing. Thing is, since everybody and his uncle has a smartphone now they are not backward anymore: they are up to the times, AND selflearning, possibly to the detriment of Prayut...
  5. Correction: they will not give me a multiple TOURIST visa. The multiple O-A might be a way to go, but is very expensive what with notaried birthcertificates and residence extracts, not to mention the hefty bill for a medical examination. It would run to several hundred euro's , it's more easy and costeffective to just do a borderrun.
  6. The law also applies to permanent residents, which I thought they were. Instead they are defined as having "temporary leave", although they are allowed to live in Thailand forever...
  7. I see what you mean, but it would cost several hundreds of euo's for the medical exam, and the notary, apart from the hassle. Besides, I don't want to stay full-time in Thailand, I just want to visit for 5-6 months every year. Just popping across the border (1 hour drive from my home) for a visa exempt is easier and cheaper. So again: will they let me through two times in succesion on a VE after my single non-immigrant visa-o has run out?
  8. In that case I could get a multiple non immigrant O easy! My son is born in Thailand, my wife is Cambodian (Polpot refugee) with indefinite leave to remain in Thailand on grounds of cosanguinity. Still: no dice, ambassador himself turned it down.
  9. Not in the Netherlands. I tried! Being employed is a pre-requisite. Also, I can't prove I'm retired since I receive no pension. I just decided there's enough (more than enough) money in the bank to stop working, is all. I did show them statements of my savingsaccount. Back to my original question: is this doable?
  10. Not in the Netherlands or Belgium you cant. Last year they made it a pre-requisite to actually receive a pension, no matter how much money you have in the bank. So in my case I will have to wait until I'm 67 for that, when my state pension kicks in..
  11. Since I am financially independent, and over 50 years old I am entitled to a single nonimmigrant O visa. However, I would like to stay for 5 to 6 months without having to resort to putting the equivalent of 800.000 Baht in a Thai bank. Since I stopped working I am not entitled to a multiple tourist visa (In the Netherlands only available for people who are . employed or students) Which is strange in itself, because I have ample time, whereas someone who is employed does not usually have 4 or 6 months to play with... Last year I resorted to two stints of 3 months each, which turned out to be quite expensive what with all the flying and taxi's and such plus the miserable time spent in a wintry Northern Europe in between. So I came up with this cunning plan: Get myself a single non-immigrant O, which gives me 3 months in the country, then a border run to Cambodia, which gives another month, followed by an extension of 30 days at immigration, and again another border run for a final month in Thailand, winding up with (about) 180 days in total. We live quite close to the border, so effortwise very doable. My question here is: Is it legal, and will they let me in 2 times in succession on a visa exempt. Bar previous Non-O multiple and single visas I have not other stamps in my passport.
  12. Bullie

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    They forgot to mention the feather that sticks out of every Thai person's arse... Apart from Americans I have never met a people that is so convinced of its own special uniqueness which elevates them over everybody else.
  13. My son was forced to buy 3 (three!!) different outfits, including a military-style boyscout outfit, which he is forced to wear once a week. I personally strongly disapprove of this, but my wife decides and she does not "want any trouble". Thing is, it's 6 pieces of clothing, one new belt, 3 (three!!) differently coloured pairs of shoes and a hat. All in all it set me back 2,500 baht and at the end of the year he will have outgrown the clothing. Why not ONE airy, sensible COTTON pair of schoolclothes in stead of this amalgam of thick cotton and polyester, making my boy sweat profusifely all day? All clothes AND shoes were sold through the school. I smell something rotten here....
  14. Hmm. I find it utterly amazing that Russian tourists would describe anything with the words "utterly wonderful", unless they were educated in merry old England. Apart from anything a short search learns that there are over 140 hotels and resorts in the direct vicinity of Don Manao. So why spend the night in an open police cel? Feels like a concocted feel good story, in my humble opinion.
  15. That's very much a matter of opinion. To me she comes across as a rather skinny laughing hyena with a severe overbite.