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  1. A swathe of new measures being introduced next year aim to reduce the death toll among motorcyclists by 50% a year. I don't know if this is possible but The number of riders and passengers wearing helmets has increased greatly in Chiang Mai. That has to help a little.
  2. Funny post, but it is a good question.
  3. Standing or sitting on the ruins is disgraceful and possibly damaging, doing the splits, maybe not so much.
  4. ramrod711

    Chauvinists aggravating problem in South

    I'm an atheist, all religious rules are ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. Having said that, wear a scarf on your head, put your hat on backwards, I don't care, but don't hide your face. Not for your passport photo, drivers license photo, or any other identification you may use. Don't cover your face in a bank, or immigration or at the airport. It is a security issue not a religious one. I can only imagine what would happen if I donned a mask and entered a bank.
  5. I have never used an agent for my annual renewal. I have used the former appointment system and for the last 3 years a "line sitter"and I always renew 45 days early. If people are lining up at 20:00 the night before I will begin using an agent. As worgeordie says, "we all know why it happens in Chiang Mai". It's a disgrace!
  6. Not surprising, they can't even find the pipe that dispenses sewage into the sea.
  7. Help desperately poor Thais? How about just getting the hell out of their way. Two poor Thais were sentenced to 30 years for picking mushrooms on government land. Their sentences were later reduced in another court, but picking food from public lands is a crime for hungry people?
  8. I couldn't agree more, but who cares about the poor, not the rich. Video: Pick-up hits 30 million baht McLaren - one of only three in Thailand
  9. ramrod711

    Thailand prepares for ASEAN chairmanship in 2019

    As much as I usually enjoy arguing with you, I am in total agreement on this issue. As others have stated, no election, no chairmanship. Do the elections in Singapore count as "real" elections?
  10. ramrod711

    Supermarket Closing Down

    Good information, thank you.
  11. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/the-koch-brothers-dirty-war-on-solar-power-193325/
  12. It is for the thousands of Canadians who will suffer when 10% of medical residents in some major cities leave. And because the Saudis occupy the most skilled positions, in some cases, that's 50% of specialized medical residents at some teaching hospitals. The Saudis were paying their salaries too. Emergency rooms at some hospitals are going to close because the chief resident is Saudi and the trauma specialists who shoulder much of the work are Saudi. This is a medical crisis in the making. Canadians do not know how dependent they are on those Saudi doctors. Why would residents leave? Because they can hardly wait to get back to SA so that they have the opportunity to be beheaded, crucified or suffer from gender discrimination? Please.
  13. Precisely, their human rights record ia disgusting, 600 people have been beheaded since 2014 and they crucified a man recently. I hate to think that Canadian principles are "up for sale", to hell with them.
  14. Saudi Arabia has also ordered roughly 15,000 Saudis studying in Canada to leave. So it isn't all bad news then.
  15. ramrod711

    Household debt issue will need a human touch

    Household debt has increased considerably – rising 49.14 per cent of gross domestic product annually on average from 1991 to 2017. That's official household debt, the guy who shows up at my neighbors house every week doesn't look very official. He stretches out a paper on his motorcycle seat and the neighbor signs it, I can only assume that the interest rate is a bit higher than the banks.