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  1. ramrod711

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    Good news for the prisoners and their families. I can't imagine how they must feel to depart the land of smiles.
  2. ramrod711

    purchasing a vehicle

    As far as I know, you need proof of residence to buy or sell a vehicle. That can be a certificate of residence or a yellow book. sfokevin had a good idea, let the dealer help you, they may be more convincing when dealing with a government agency.
  3. ramrod711

    'Suthep’s new party' to seek registration today

    Of course you realize that I didn't say that, Samui Bodoh did. I quoted his post and that was one section of his post. I get into enough controversy with my own posts, I don't want to be held responsible for his. Have a nice day.
  4. ramrod711

    'Suthep’s new party' to seek registration today

    All of which supports my statement that none of the previous politicians should be allowed to run. They had their chance, get some new blood in government. Suthep, Abhisit, Thaksin, Chalerm and all the rest belong on the scrap heap.
  5. ramrod711

    Copy Shop at Kad Suan Kaew Mall ??

    There is a shop near the Tops entrance in the motorcycle parking area. I have no idea what their capabilities or services are, but they do advertise immigration photos. As for the printing, and copying Buddy internet across the street can do it. Good luck.
  6. ramrod711

    A litany of broken promises

    I have looked at the history, I have read the banned books and I am still not satisfied that there isn't a better alternative. You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. I came from a democracy and my inclination is not to support a military government, I would like to see a party that is determined to help Thai people, not line their pockets. I haven't seen that in the time I have been here. To support the corrupt Shins is not, in my opinion, to support democracy. Thais can do better, hopefully they will.
  7. ramrod711

    A litany of broken promises

    I had only been in Thailand for one year at the time of the 2006 coup and had never seen anything like it in my country of birth. I didn't know what to expect but knew it wasn't really my business, I followed the news coverage and learned about Thaksin changing the law to allow the sale of Shincorp to a foreign company without paying tax. I didn't know about the previous coups but I watched the peaceful protests to the coup. People were in the streets, some put flowers in soldiers gun barrels and chanted their opposition, I didn't comment. In 2010 when the protests were coordinated by Thaksin and violence was commonplace I joined Thai Visa and spoke out. I was sickened, Thais killing Thais and cheering their deaths all so one billionaire could cling to power. I have asked before, why does it have to be this family, why can't the opposition find someone else? Seems to me that it's about the money, no leader with a passion to better the lives of his or her countrymen has emerged.
  8. "These are not remote inbreeding woodsmen". The entire story is about inbreeding. I understand and agree with your condemnation of their actions though.
  9. For some reason the banjo scene in the movie "Deliverance" come to mind.
  10. Catchy, one is reminded of PPP, PTP and TRT. If you see an idea you like, copy it.
  11. Although this guy, from that party speaking about "wasting a lot of state budget" is hilarious, I don't disagree with him on this issue. It seems to be the only way to put an end to coups. Voters will never learn that their choices have consequences as long as coups continue.
  12. According to the New York Times, governments all over the world may be facing pressure to raise drug prices. WASHINGTON — President Trump vowed on Friday to “derail the gravy train for special interests” as he outlined what he called a comprehensive strategy to lower the cost of prescription drugs by promoting competition and pressing foreign countries to raise their drug prices to alleviate pressure on American consumers.
  13. This may be the best (most secure) way to go but I don't agree that the lease is useless if it's registered at the land office. I lease my wife's house, when we went to the land office, her, the lawyer and I, the official there lectured my wife as to the power of the document and what she was doing. It's kind of irrelevant anyway, I don't stay where I'm not wanted, never have and never will.
  14. Not that it would surprise me, but are you saying that he didn't order the extrajudicial killings of 2800 alleged drug dealers? After some of the "facts" that you have presented on this forum one would suspect that you are joking when you tell me to "stick with facts".
  15. Well sure, that's true but this is Thailand where the PM can arrange a government loan to a foreign country so that country can buy products from his company. In the immortal words of Yingluck "that is democwacy". Makes me laugh to see some of the comments on here, seemingly endorsing sainthood for the former mass murderer of 2800 alleged drug dealers. No need for lengthy trials, I said they are guilty.