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  1. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Mae Sai is a long way to go for meatloaf, might be worth it though. Happy trails and good luck.
  2. Someone should also tell Thais. This morning I followed a guy on a motorcycle out of my village. He was drinking orange juice from a plastic bottle which he threw on the roadside when he finished it. Pot, kettle, black.
  3. I don't know. Personally I think he is wrong, I believe the money still flows from that source. My point is that Thailand has been there done that, the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. I don't care if PTP are the next government, if they cut ties to the Shins, but they won't because they are all in it for the money. They proved it in the past, the poor people in the North East deserve better, when the Junta get's the boot, let's hope they get better than what they have, and what they have had.
  4. I'm beginning to like this guy.
  5. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Best of luck John, sorry to hear that you're shutting the doors. Always appreciated your posts, almost as much as your food.
  6. Something must be done. At this rate the elite will have no one to exploit. I suppose paying people a living wage might encourage people to have larger families, but that would be totally out of the question. After all a middle class is an endangered species everywhere on the planet.
  7. One thing can be predicted for certain, what ever this cretin says will be total bull#hit.
  8. Pressure mounts against Premchai amid rumours

    If he hasn't already fled the country, he could use the other reliable method of escaping responsibility and become a monk.
  9. Canadian Consulate

    I certainly hope so, they have been doing mine for the last 10 years. Two very nice ladies there. I provided a copy of my income tax return and a copy of a monthly bank statement showing my pension deposits. Good luck!
  10. My two cents on ex-police chief Somyot 

    Ain't it the truth. Just go along to get along, pad your pockets and make the right connections on the way. Every Thai knows it, it's a sad fact of life.
  11. Premchai adviser speaks to police

    If I was a Premchai adviser I'd be telling him to head for Dubai.
  12. So the premier should give justice to Prawit,” So he would like to see Prawit smeared with honey and staked to an anthill then?
  13. Completely misleading, I thought this was another Prawit thread.
  14. Recommended Thai BBQs (Moogata)

    I estimate 250 meters south of the highway 121 overpass on highway 11. There is a huge Thai Watsadu sign directly across the highway. The plaza is home to 8 or 10 businesses but they are all closed in the evening so parking is available. If you are travelling south on highway 11 there is a traffic light just past Thai Watsadu where you can make a U-turn. It isn't a large restaurant but there are also tables outside.
  15. Not to mention that the police are rotten to the core and are friends of the Shins.