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  1. Expat cops

    What people want to do in there spare Time is entirely up to them ...At least they are trying to assimilate and give something back to there adopted country .....To many bar stool bar flies like to criticise well meaning people because that is the only way they can justify there meager existence and life's .... I respect people who want to help and make a difference ......just sitting on a bar stool drinking and being negative about everything(out of there narrow minded comfort zone) does not make Thailand a richer place .. Peace
  2. Blade Runner fans?

    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate . Lady-boys walking hand in hand with Arabs in Pattaya All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die".
  3. Blade Runner fans?

    Blade Runner is in my top 3 Movies ...But to be honest meeting up with a total stranger and sharing a bucket of pop corn in a darkened environment scares the be juzus out of me .. But I will be going to see the movie ....but it'll be a Billy no mates experience for me ...
  4. Replacement cables for a weight machine

    HomePro have just open a new Shop in Bang Saray just 2 km from my home ..popped in and I bought what I think I need to make just one replacement cable ....if that works over the next few months I'll make and replace all .... Thank for the tip off mucho apreciated
  5. Hello all > I need replacement cables (Nylon covered) for my home multi gym .does anyone know where I maybe able to get some made up in the Pattaya area ? Thanks in anticipation ..
  6. Hello Everybody. I fancy a change of scenery and was thinking of going to Bang Chang for a night out on the "Strip".......Never been before so can any body recommend the bars to visit and the bars to avoid and the reason why ????? and a good place to eat too Plus I do not drink and drive so recommendations for a half descent hotel/guest house close to the strip would be nice to know too with parking . Thank in advance Cheers
  7. this palm ...the frond die /dry and drop off in the wind (dropped 3 today )
  8. The reason I want to kill the palm leave and let them die and drop off slowly is that there is a colony of about 20+ small birds all nesting in the palm .....this way it will give the birds a chance the relocate and as the leafs slowly drop off and they can find a new suitable home..it is the best option for the birds ..but not the palm tree
  9. Hello All. I have a large Palm tree in my garden next to my swimming pool which I want fell ..... But before I cut it down I want to kill it ...so all the Palm leafs fall off before felling it ..this hopefully will cause less mess and debris when it finally comes down . Can anyone recommend a a good chemical to do the job ???? I have already tried gallons of neat beach and bags of copper sulphate to no avail. it is bloody indestructible Cheers in advance
  10. Honda PCX rear Tyre

    Update .... New Dunlop tyre plus valve and fitting 1100 baht .I think good value ...but know doubt someone will contradict me
  11. Honda PCX rear Tyre

    Hello All . I need to replace the rear tyre on my Honda PCX.. can anyone give me a ball park figure to how much it will cost (in the Pattaya area) to fit a new Tyre and inner-tube ,also how long will it take to fit???.........and any personal recommendation in the Pattaya/Ban Amphur/Bang Saray area would be appreciated . I thank you all in anticipation ....Cheers
  12. Solicitor

    Khun Lek Pattaya Real Estate and Consultants [email protected] ...Pattaya Tai She handled my House purchase nearly 10 yrs ago .and she still does my annual house audit...she speak very good English ..I highly recommend her ...
  13. Bunches of flowers

    Seeing it is a special occasion Bite the bullet .and buy the flowers she likes ... and a little white lie will not do any harm ..tell her they where on special offer .. and maybe wear a condom next time it'll save you having to buy flower ...lol ... Ohh !! and congratulations .
  14. Free haircuts

    I can image that if you where around in the cave men era ....you'd have been saying " why the hello do we need the wheel" and seeing the traffic congestion now in Pattaya you'd have been right again lol
  15. Renewal of UK Driving Licence (heads up)

    "I can buy an annual car insurance excess policy which costs about 35 Pounds"..... sounds/is very interesting can you tell me which company do you use and a web link would be very handy in deed .. cheers