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  1. banglay

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    I think if you had to eat Kobi beef every day eventually you would get tired of the taste and crave a burger & fries.....The same goes for Pattaya ...variety is the spice of life ...and Pattaya still has the spice ..So just get off the revered bar stool and wonder further afield you might just find another bar stool to your liking too reminisce the "good auld days" If you have a "Living in the past attitude too life you will never truly be happy with what the future has to offer you".
  2. banglay

    AliExpress, Amazon customs duties and modalities?

    According to iherb website there is no Thai Import duties to be paid on orders under $49 (US). I assume that is a standard rate and I use this as a general rule of thumb when ordering and have never been stung as of yet
  3. banglay

    GABA the supplement Gamma-aminobutyric acid)

    Thanks for the heads up ....if I can not find locally or in Thailand I will give your iHerb a go .Cheers
  4. Hello All .. I want to source GABA the supplement (Gamma-aminobutyric acid ) Pattaya area can anyone point me in the right direction or if not locally maybe good webs site Thank you in advance Cheers
  5. banglay

    Hisense TV's??

    Hisense TV 65" on lazada 31990 baht cash on delivery (Get by Fri 8 - Tue 12 Jun)
  6. banglay

    Beard Trimmer

    Lazada cash on delivery lots to choose from ....I use lazada as my go to shop ..saved a fortune over the years . don.t even have to leave my arm chair or the comfort of my home win win
  7. banglay

    Pets and condos Pattaya and Jomtien area

    Just a thought but have you thought of renting a small house ? often you can rent a house for a similar cost ..and you will get some private outside space for your pooch .My dog would go stir crazy in a condo
  8. banglay

    Wart removal clinic

    Before waste your money going to a clinic try using this home remedy method see link below ... ( It worked for me wart fell off within 36 hours). just clean the area well before with hydrogen peroxide ....Hydrogen peroxide alone would kill the wart over time depending how large it is . Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution available at most pharmacies for 30 baht a bottle ...good luck with what ever way you beside www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTVtLB60iDk
  9. banglay

    CO2 canister refills?

    lazada 10 cannisters 499b cash in deliver delivery usually very fast within 4 days of ordering .....not worth wasting your time and petrol driving around pattaya . I use Lazada all the time and I am happy with there service 99.99% of the time just put CO2 gas in the search and Bob's your uncle
  10. banglay

    Self defence - personal trainer (Pattaya)

    Sorry ...I am not going to get in to a peeing competition here You are totally within your own right too having your own options as am I .........I will not and do not need to prove anything to a total stranger... and I also apologise for my poor attempt at humour ....... PS no reply or response needed or required please ...
  11. banglay

    Self defence - personal trainer (Pattaya)

    Unless you are a devout christian or a flat earther exponent..and totally disagree with Darwin theory of evolution I do believe human being are mammals and descended from the "Ape" which pretty much makes us an animal ....but having walked around Pattaya a few times and people watched their are quite a few people who have struggled to get passed the "Ape" stage .sometimes evaluation just gets stuck LOL
  12. banglay

    Self defence - personal trainer (Pattaya)

    wow you must be a 8th dan exponent
  13. banglay

    Self defence - personal trainer (Pattaya)

    maybe so that is in a gym environment......not may people have the strength of capabilities or the will to do these .if it was that simple ...everyone would over power an attacker
  14. banglay

    Self defence - personal trainer (Pattaya)

    No ..these gym learn you to fight in a controlled environment....an urban attack by a predictor has no relevance.it is a different scenario . I taught basic techniques to females ..the first thing we taught.. was the attacker is not attacking them the attacker is attacking there daughters or sons .... a mother will always fight to protect there off spring .... women in general are more likely to be passive if the attack is on them . this is not a human trait . a mother will all way fight for her off spring no matter what animal they may be .
  15. banglay

    Waterbill explosion - what shall we do?

    Is your swimming pool the overflow type? ...this type have a compensation tank which automatically tops up the water water level using a floating ball cock ....if your swimming pool has a leak it will just keep topping up the water level to keep the equilibrium of the water ...if you have a overflow pool it will be worth tiring up the ball cock and seeing if the water level in your pool drops over time...just a thought