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  1. I can image that if you where around in the cave men era'd have been saying " why the hello do we need the wheel" and seeing the traffic congestion now in Pattaya you'd have been right again lol
  2. "I can buy an annual car insurance excess policy which costs about 35 Pounds"..... sounds/is very interesting can you tell me which company do you use and a web link would be very handy in deed .. cheers
  3. Not illegal if you are still linked/registered to a UK address.. (but hey)
  4. Hi ! folk ,. You can now renew your UK driving licence online ..very very quick and efficient...... I registered and applied online on Tuesday (am) 16th May 2017 and the new driving licence arrived at a UK address on Friday (am) 19th May 2017 and is now being kindly forwarded to me by recorded airmail . At last a online service that actually delivers . see attached link below. (just copy & paste)
  5. Maybe donate them too the Father Ray Foundation least then they have a chance of going to a worthwhile cause.... dropping then off at a bar there's a good chance you will only be lining the bar owners pockets ....Just a thought.
  6. All the large DIY stores sell it as do most of the small Thai style hardware/builders merchants.. Just download the photo I posted on TV onto your phone and show it to an assistant in the shop ..That always works for me ..
  7. I have been using this to spray inside and out side my home once a month for around 6 yrs ..and up to now has done the job . about 800 baht for the large bottle that lasts me about a years. Chaindrite_Stedfast_30_SC.pdf
  8. Pain in the butt ..maybe you should consider the bars where you drink
  9. Lazada Just put foldering beds in the search facility on delivery
  10. If you need a bigger size it might be worth going to a ships chandlers at ocean's the same CO2 cannisters they use in Life jackets ......
  11. You can buy a WIFI (wireless) HDMI dongle from Lazada for around 500b that should do the trick
  12. The way to get around the BBC knowing you are using a VPN .. is first open another UK site (can be any site)and then turn on Hola too the UK VPN ..... after that s up and running you can open BBC Iplayer that way you are all ready in the UK on the VPN ......and the BBC can not detect the VPN turning which is how they block you .
  13. Download this from the internet it is a free VPN then hook up your PC to your TV using a HDMI cable and you can watch world TV to your hearts content . As long has you have a reasonable internet speed you should have little to no problem ....
  14. I just love it when a self imposed Critic and can not take criticism
  15. One on Lazada 11500 cash n delivery 2nd Feb > 7th Feb (if ordered today).. I've never had a problem with Lazada ... but sometimes deliver before the said delivery date just something to be aware of