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  1. Dress code

    Smart Casual always works for me ... and a few phrases of Thai doesn't go amiss. and always respect the uniform/person dealing with you :-)
  2. Puppy information needed

    Seems to me these dogs are becoming more of a fashion accessory for kids these days .....offer to buy them a 1/2 decent smart phone instead... it will work out cheaper in the long run and less hassle and a phone doesn't sh*t or pee .And Phone just needs an occasional top up ( WHICH YOU CAN USE AS A GOOD BEHAVIOR INCENTIVE for the kid not the dog ) ... Just a thought
  3. Magners Cider

    Hello All . Can anyone point me to a Bar that sells Magners Cider... ( Not Magners Pear Cider) In the South/Central Pattaya area.. Mulligans Bar has only had the Pears Cider the last few times I went there .... And I am not interested in Black Rat cider ....it tastes like it was made from black rats (putrid). Thank you in anticipation
  4. Looking for a good doctor

    Apichai Jirapradittha , M.D. internal medicine dept Bangkok hospital ...speaks very good English and I have always been happy with his friendly and professional attitude ...He is my first choice primary case doctor ....and he always asks me if I want need a prescription or wants to buy myself from a outside pharmacy .For me he is well worth the 45km round trip for peace of mind ...
  5. 142 x 52 = 7384 = 321712.76 baht (at todays rate) 800000 - 321712.76 = 478288 baht is need in his bank account 90 days before his visa is due
  6. Where can I buy the beer bottle condoms?

    Makro ... the isle next to the TV's etc bottom shelf
  7. TOT Office Ban Amphur.

    Thank you for taking the time and effect cheers
  8. TOT Office Ban Amphur.

    Hello every one. Can anyone tell me this office is still open ??? and if so what days is it open and the opening times too......and if anyone has the Ban Amphur office phone number I would appreciate you sharing it with me The reason I ask is I went to the office this morning 28/10/17 at 08:45 hrs and the shutters where down .. Thanks in anticipation ...
  9. Expat cops

    What people want to do in there spare Time is entirely up to them ...At least they are trying to assimilate and give something back to there adopted country .....To many bar stool bar flies like to criticise well meaning people because that is the only way they can justify there meager existence and life's .... I respect people who want to help and make a difference ......just sitting on a bar stool drinking and being negative about everything(out of there narrow minded comfort zone) does not make Thailand a richer place .. Peace
  10. Blade Runner fans?

    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate . Lady-boys walking hand in hand with Arabs in Pattaya All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die".
  11. Blade Runner fans?

    Blade Runner is in my top 3 Movies ...But to be honest meeting up with a total stranger and sharing a bucket of pop corn in a darkened environment scares the be juzus out of me .. But I will be going to see the movie ....but it'll be a Billy no mates experience for me ...
  12. Replacement cables for a weight machine

    HomePro have just open a new Shop in Bang Saray just 2 km from my home ..popped in and I bought what I think I need to make just one replacement cable ....if that works over the next few months I'll make and replace all .... Thank for the tip off mucho apreciated
  13. Hello all > I need replacement cables (Nylon covered) for my home multi gym .does anyone know where I maybe able to get some made up in the Pattaya area ? Thanks in anticipation ..
  14. Hello Everybody. I fancy a change of scenery and was thinking of going to Bang Chang for a night out on the "Strip".......Never been before so can any body recommend the bars to visit and the bars to avoid and the reason why ????? and a good place to eat too Plus I do not drink and drive so recommendations for a half descent hotel/guest house close to the strip would be nice to know too with parking . Thank in advance Cheers
  15. this palm ...the frond die /dry and drop off in the wind (dropped 3 today )