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  1. Due to the temperature in Thailand you realy don't need a yogurt making machine. Just put put one of these small cups of yogurt in a bowl with half a liter milk stirring it to dissolve the yogurt close the bowl and put it away for 6 hours. YOGURT MACHINE JUST WARMS UP THE MILK TO 30-33 DEGREES WHICH IS THE AVERAGE TEMPERATURE IN THAILAND.
  2. A security source said Yingluck went to Koh Chang in the eastern seaboard province of Trat and flew in a helicopter to Phnom Penh, from where she reportedly took a chartered plane to Singapore. She was accompanied by a senior state official who helped facilitate her departure without having to pass proper immigration process, according to the source. You see you can rely on the thai government and state officials. They might even pay for the tickets and transportation. Is the government now an accomplice of her flight attempt?
  3. Could the men in black who kidnapped ko-te in Vientiane last month have something to do with her disappearence?
  4. I think Hollywood or Bollywood want to make a movie about this story, financed by big brother in Dubai. They get there money back one way or another that is for sure.
  5. When I remember well Prawit suffered te same ear problem, the Ménière disease, when he left Thailand for a medical treatment last month. What a coincidence.
  6. Lumpini Park Large Tent Frames

    I thought it was ment for hosting the Yingluck supporters on aug 25
  7. 980kg ganja seized in Sakon Nakhon

    where the other 20 kg go you think?
  8. Probably he will blaim the previous governement that they did not do there job well and that is the reason for the flooding.
  9. 90 days report after going home ?

    When you enter Thailand from abroad you have to visit your immigration office for a new TM 30 (proof of residence) they will also tell you and change the 90 day report slip in your passport or at least change the date stamp on it.
  10. why did you drive on the right lane, enough room on the left lane. if you did so the pick-up did not have to overtake you on the left lane. you behave same thai drivers do so dont blame someone.
  11. mind your words, they are looking for someone who build these things. better keep low profile.
  12. mekhong river trip

    I think the mekong is unfortunately only navigable from nong kai to bueng kan not all the way to nakhon phanom.
  13. Where to buy/get better chicken

    google around, there are some farang who sell all kind of chicks, just feed them properly and you get your eggs and chicken.