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  1. UK pensions

    Can you provide the link to this as I cannot seem to find a relevant article? Thanks
  2. Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    This may be one of the biggest problems to solve? Nobody mention Casa Pascal or whatever it is called as a possible close contender?
  3. xylophone I hope you took the time to stock up on the sensory delights of good and reasonably priced wine whilst you were there
  4. In Thai of course.............
  5. State where - this was a UK card used in Thailand...............................?
  6. Pattaya Traffic Violation

    Not having a go but what chance is there of stopping corruption where this is the prevailing attitude from locals?
  7. Food court money Oh dear

    Why did you not say something to her? Then you could have reported a good deed...........
  8. 3bb D - LINK DIR - 842

    From here (last bullet)- http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/products/dir-842-wireless-ac1200-dual-band-gigabit-router So not a replacement
  9. It's the Socks and Sandals Thread

    Perhaps they care more about potential skin cancer issues then fashion?
  10. Alcohol sales ban

    I have no issue with any words you used - just providing some factual background
  11. Alcohol sales ban

    And @sanemaxcloser to 2/3 years but definitely more than 1. Edit - found this http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/restriction-liquor-sale-time-takes-effect-today/ So 3 years and there were threads on TV at the time
  12. Alcohol sales ban

    I believe this is Big C On Pattaya Klang? The tape is very recent but I have never been followed by "a security guard" in all the times I have looked around the booze area. Maybe you look shifty..........
  13. From the article - Really not sure how he can say that as people did not have to stop to go through the toll booths.......... My third hand understanding was that on the first day yesterday at some booths it was a little chaotic. Anybody have any first hand experience? Closing all the "gaps" will certainly make it safer all be it less convenient.
  14. I used to do that until once the local DLT test centre online access failed, so they closed for the rest of the day (after waiting already for an hour), and generally a long queue. Now I get the actual check done at one of the local places (with the blue cog sign) which is only 5 minutes away and avoid most delays - apart from then queuing to pay at the DLT which is unavoidable if you are doing yourself.........
  15. Highway 7 toll

    See my post #2 above and link to news..............