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  1. Interesting post - wonder if it will get to stay up................. Beer can be had for as little as 50 baht (small Leo) in a number of places like New Plaza. Get two for 120 in Billabong in LK Metro or 130 at Climax on the corner LK and Soi Buakhow (same owner as Billabong).
  2. Considering you can get a Thai massage in an air conditioned shop for between 100 and 200 baht in Pattaya this seems a tad expensive?
  3. Where is Moo Ban Chang? I am presuming it is not actually in Ban Chang as that would be a very cheap price.
  4. Oh really............. Does not appear to be Microsoft's current view -
  5. I thought it had got better but using in the last 30 minutes shows no change - basically unusable in mixed content. Any idea if this is still work in progress or.........?
  6. OP the other issue you may want to consider is the sourcing of contractors who will do the work. You may find it difficult finding contractors that you would consider competent enough especially if you are trying to flip to a tight budget. More than enough posts have been written on this plus I have experienced it personally even when using a Thai speaker on my side who was fully engaged in the process.
  7. Canton - IE Guangzhou - I was living there before during and after the games. I don't remember specifically any "old ghettos) being torn down (but building was continually ongoing anyhow) but they did spend billions on tarting up the fronts and sides of many, many buildings on many main and side roads and generally beautifying the city. I also do not recall them making any new greenspaces - they already had/have a fair number. They did extend the metro which made a huge difference in getting about. It seemed to me and others who were there at the time that it was pretty much mainly about appearances. I left 3 years ago and pollution was still a big issue - rare to see bright sun
  8. Quick Google search came up with this from late last year for an indication and potential lead managers -
  9. The final rate probably won't get decided until they know how much interest from buyers but yes they will have/be giving indications to the market. Finding someone who knows though is another story. Note the story came from a Thai official so they don't care as the bond is issued by the Laos government.
  10. Agree with the Op that it is very difficult to get a clear answer sometimes from bank staff especially on "stepped" products. Unfortunately they do not seem to use a standard agreed measurement like the APR figure which is mandated for example in the UK. Normally they show you a printed example and you have to work it out yourself. When in doubt just walk away
  11. Just for the avoidance of any doubt I think the last part of your sentence (re exceptions) only applies - If you live in Europe "If you live in another EEA country or Switzerland, you will be entitled to a UK-issued EHIC if one of the following applies to you" so not "unless". I think you were correct in saying that if you are considered non resident by the UK authorities then you are not eligible . Question would only be where is the OP considered resident by the relevant UK authorities?
  12. Go along with your originals and copies plus two copies of relevant passport data and say you want to apply for car and bike licences. If you are lucky you may only have to do the colour, vision and reaction tests but you do not say if you have IDP for bike and car. If only for car you may be lucky........... They do not need/want passport photos as they take there.
  13. Apologies if this has come up before. Since https has been enabled the following has been happening when using IE11 with Win 7. If I leave Internet Options/Security/Custom Level/Miscellaneous/Display Mixed Content at prompt I continually get a bar at the bottom of my screen asking if I want to display non secure items. Whatever I do or ignore pages then act ok. However If I toggle it to Enable then threads tend to freeze up, hang and generally not respond which is very frustrating. This does not seem to happen with other https sites. Other than changing browser anybody have a suggested solution - I would rather enable and not have to pop up all the time but it currently makes the site almost unusable.