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  1. Try POP Auto Glass on Sukhumvit going south before the Naklua sets of lights. They have a facebook page. Note however that they can get pretty busy and took best part of 4-5 hours to replace a side window even though I thought I had booked.
  2. topt

    Pattaya Dentist Recimmendation

    I had an Xray from him a couple of years ago. Thanks however for the cautionary tale.
  3. topt

    Divorce and property abroad

    Curious, if she has a 100k plus per month salary what is the reasoning behind asking for the 10k as presumably you just pay for lots of stuff together anyway?
  4. topt

    Hotmail GRRRRRRR!

    Sorry I just meant the list of folders so it says "Search Mail and People" on the left hand side on mine above "Folders"
  5. topt

    Hotmail GRRRRRRR!

    Do you know how you lost them? With deleted messages you can often recover them even when they have been completely deleted from the Deleted mail folder. I believe they are still stored on Microsoft's web server so you may be able to get them back. Perhaps try searching for them - box above the folder list - if you haven't already. Suggestion for future if you don't know why the archive messages have gone - file the messages in separate folders you create. I have messages going back years in different folders. Never yet used archive.
  6. I have tried to be polite but you can never seem to accept that you just do not know what is really going on in spite of several other posters giving you the same/similar POV. You even admit to never having bought a ladies drink or barfined for goodness sake yet you persevere with the same generalised argument. Your statement is correct as a stand alone with no reference but in terms of the context I respectfully suggest it is not relevant.
  7. topt

    Pattaya 5-Years DL-RENEWAL / Begin July 2018

    Thanks the reason I queried it is that there is one in Chonburi itself but I thought the taxi fees were a bit light
  8. topt

    Pattaya 5-Years DL-RENEWAL / Begin July 2018

    Was this Chonburi city or the DLT next to Regents School?
  9. You cannot, or are certainly not supposed, to do that - and unlikely the girl would accept. My understanding is some/many of the girls have a target set for lady drinks as well. Your suggestion may be logical to you but not viable in a go go.
  10. Have you ever been in a go go and bought a drink for someone working there? I don't think there is an option to buy a drink at the same price you pay for yours and that includes servers.
  11. BigC you could always use the registered no. if you did not have your card. I recently (last couple of months) had 2 occasions where they gave me 40 or 50 baht discount off a few items (at the till) because presumably I had built up a level of points. The first time they asked for my passport no. Boots card always seem to mean I pay less than the advertised price even for items on sale and I remember previously some Tops deals you could only get if you had the card.
  12. For the usufruct to be valid it would have been registered at the land office. If so his name would have been on the Chanotte so something else is not right? The usufruct does not however stop the owner selling the property but the usufructee still has the rights to live in the property. So it does not protect the actual money you may have spent. He could/should have got a notarised copy of the Chanotte and usufruct agreement (which would have been attached to the Chanotte) from the land office as soon as he knew he had problems which may have helped him right at the start.
  13. Article in the Daily Mail - (use VPN as still blocked for me) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-5946191/Visa-require-text-message-confirmation-online-card-purchases.html Apparently First Direct has already written to its customers. Could be an issue if the card issuer does not accept foreign based numbers or wants to know why if you do not have a UK number.... The article does state that Visa suggests other options and to discuss with your bank........ This will affect both debit and credit cards.
  14. You need to look at the overall result based on the amount and currency you are transferring. Although fees are relatively high TransferWise tend to give a better exchange rate so you need to look at the total calculation including the 200-500 Thai bank receiving charge where the Thai bank does the exchange. If you are transferring larger amounts then a bank may yet be a better bet.
  15. Are you suggesting then that it is ok not to pay taxes which you owe? How is this oppressive. If you have paid your taxes no issue.............$51k is not a small amount of taxes for most people.