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  1. See Petesc55 post 3 above this. I would not worry too much if that is what you want and it says Viofo then it probably is.
  2. Agreed that anybody interested in dash cams should be aware of the G1W but did you actually listen to the reviewer? He made the point that Viofo had taken the G1W and put there slant on it for what its worth. The issue I suggest is more whether Viofo as a manufacturer are a better quality bet then some of the others. Same as the A118 - mine supposedly made by a company called Blueskysea..........
  3. It may help the OP (either way ) if you said what brand/model and price?
  4. Mitsu Triton Owners Manual 2017

    Not surprised - I cancelled an order from here some years ago. Mitsu head office call centre speak good English and were responsive when I had a query some years ago. I think I paid about 600 baht for my manual but I ordered it the same time as the vehicle so tell your mate to be prepared to pay more.
  5. WIFI Contract True Vision

    Bills are the same format for Thai's and farangs and all you need to do is get a Thai speaker/reader to explain the headings and what they mean. Whilst not the most transparent format you can normally work them out. My guess is the reason your bills are higher than the "package" amount is that you (or someone) is using more of your calls/data then was included in the package price? Either that or one or more constituent parts are priced wrong. If it is beyond you then perhaps you could try posting a scan of the bill (front and back) and someone may be able to make sense of it for you..............
  6. Visa and Mastercard publish their rates and is usually much better than what you would get in a bank - especially changing baht. The actual rate will depend exactly when the charge is taken. Depending on your bank their may also be a foreign currency usage charge - my Amex is 3% for example.
  7. Rolling Live in Soi 8 has good live music and a good vibe later in the evening. Some other specifics as ideas - Scooters bars (Soi 6, LK metro and Soi Buakhow) for (usually) some interesting scenery and reasonable drink prices Billabong on LK - but not because of the live band.......... If you want sport then maybe Retox Game On at the bottom of Soi Honey and Second road or any one of the bars in Soi New Plaza (runs between 2nd Road and Soi Buakhow opposite Soi 8/7. Someone recommended the band at Triangle bar on corner of Soi Excite and Chaiyapoon with a couple of infamous massage shops opposite.......... Best value club Walking Street Disco (otherwise know as Red Car) - beers 110baht, usually lots of scenery after 12. I bar/Insomnia I think 160baht. For a quieter dinner and respite from the "action" Pattaya Beer Garden at the entrance to WS., Day time - go karting near Bali Hai, 10 pin bowling or massage at one of the literally 1000s of massage shops. Cheapest I know for straight Thai massage 100 baht per hour at the end of Soi Buakhow new Central road - about 10 shops.
  8. Because part of the bank had a UK (and Dutch) banking licence so was covered by the relevant guarantee schemes at the time - "Because no immediate repayment was expected by any Icelandic institutions, the Dutch and British national deposit guarantee schemes covered repayment up to the maximum limit for the national deposit guarantees – and the Dutch and British states covered the rest." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icesave_dispute Although the govts. went beyond the scheme limits for compensation - something I do not think they will do again..........
  9. QROPS and moving pensions

    Theoretically you cannot add any more money to it if you are non resident. https://www.gov.uk/individual-savings-accounts/if-you-move-abroad-or-die You should still be able to change the holdings within.
  10. Sophon Cable 150 digital channels

    Yes well on the analogue channels sheet the channel nos. bear no relation (or little) to what I have as well. Also that list still shows Universal which has been replaced by Warner Bros. I have never understood why the channel nos. varied so much - 2 TVs in different locations in the house and some of the channels were on different numbers.............. My guess was it could only be to the internal scanning/numbering formats used by the TVs.
  11. My understanding is different to yours. To drive here legally in theory you still need to have an IDP backed up by your home licence. If you are going to be here for more than 3 months you are supposed to get a local licence.
  12. OP the only other thing you may want to consider is whether the rep is working directly for the Insurance Company or contracted by them which apparently for the guys who get called out to the accidents happens a lot. My ex had a situation where there was an obvious conflict of interest with the rep. We went to our broker who spoke to their contacts at the HO of the Insurance Co and resolved it - the contracting co are apparently no longer being used........... Whichever it may be worth contacting the main office of your insurance co. for clarification. As an aside for others who may read this it is also one of the potential benefits of using a good broker.
  13. Who said the $ were obtained in Thailand...... No comment So if the person is even asked and says he earned it working offshore what is the bank manager going to do? The point is I don't think we know enough from the OP to make these kind of blanket assertions.