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  1. Getting rid of Pigeons.

    Looks like a collection of metal wires seated in plastic holders and presumably some sort of net but did not closely examine what exactly you got. I only took the pic as I remembered this thread so trying to be helpful.........
  2. Not sure that they are any better but I have been with Lloyds International based out of Jersey for a few years now. With a history with Barclays you may find it not too hard to open an account with them and worth looking up the various options online first to see of they are suitable or not. They do have relationship managers and are generally quick to respond to queries. However I try to avoid asking them anything other than to do with running my account.
  3. Getting rid of Pigeons.

    Seems a little expensive but noticed this in local Home Pro on a display end today - specifically to stop pigeons and birds-
  4. @claynlr are none of them exposed to the rain at all? It looks well finished off but there appears to be quite a lot of architrave finishing or was that a design feature?
  5. Thanks - do they speak English? Can you please say whereabouts they are - thanks.
  6. I am sure JSixpack will be along at some point with a line by line rebuttal of all your points to reassure you that as champers above says
  7. UK Embassy

    Maybe not now but 3 years ago they did or that is where the reply and letter came from. Anyway the original point was that they had responded quickly to an email - which was before anyone knew the OP had written directly to the ambassador.
  8. UK Embassy

    I did not say they transferred the stamps - you need a letter from them before Immigration will action - ok?
  9. 180 days, rumors????

    So not exactly relevant to the OP then.............. And not the case in the UK (at least yet) - which is also not relevant
  10. UK Embassy

    When I had to get my extension moved to a second passport (the first was getting too full) I emailed them and received pretty good service. You could try email but I guess it will also depend on what the question is to do with.
  11. I am struggling to understand how the cat did not get bitten and if it did how it survived?
  12. Presumably you could before and is only a, hopefully, short-term issue. If not then a bit of a serious flaw for an offshore account?
  13. Would make more sense under a separate heading in the Home Country forum............?