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  1. You may be better off asking this in the GPS forum - or asking a mod to move it?
  2. Index had a good selection but not really cheap...... OP if you move you can take it with you........
  3. Sorry moonseeker but why 12 x 15,000? That total figure is hugely different to what Rimmer quoted for what you would have thought would have cost more. If that is going to be a norm then company ownership just got very, very expensive in the short term..........
  4. Sorry but can you explain why you think there would be any sort of linkage to this?
  5. Kwasaki I hope you are not suggesting that if he takes the "full" Thai test he will actually be trained to ride............ Unfortunately many of us who move here have not ridden motor cycles in our home countries and getting proper training is not a very viable option. Not saying that's right but it is what it is. Just as most Thai driver training in cars teaches them to pass a test which actually has little to do with actually driving on the roads.
  6. Yes but he is also talking about second hand and the thread I mention also has some comment about online watch retailers
  7. If the OP is looking for good quality "replica" watches there is a very long thread particularly about Jack's, but also mentions Mr Wong, in the forum for those "addicted" to Pattaya...... It is a very long thread but seems to be a lot of knowledgeable watch people posting in it. Jacks is the second watch shop in from Pattaya Klang end on Soi Buakhow.
  8. Agreed and the sign on the left when turning from 2nd Road into Klang was changed a long time ago but for some reason not this one and others. By the way OP these signs and threads on them have been going for at least 4 years - as I fell foul going the other way that long ago. The fine then was 400 baht - what is it now?
  9. Depending on the office you use you may get lucky. Worth investing in an IDP before you come (£5.50 at a post office) and then applying for both licences at the same time. I did this some years ago and was given a car and bike licence even though, like you, I had no UK bike riding experience and the IDP did not mention a bike endorsement. I also did not sit through any tests other than the basic colour, vision and reaction ones but that was some years ago. Comments directed to the OP not Kwasaki of course
  10. Agreed if you are in the front. As the OP stated though what I do not get is once some vehicles have started to move off there are often 1 or more who seems to leave far too big a gap or drive so slowly through the junction potentially impacting your chances to get through whilst still green.
  11. Try the pinned threads on licences at the top of the Pattaya forum - You do not say if you hold full 5 year or Temporary (1 or 2 years) and what visa type you are on so requirements will be different based on those variables. No. Unless you have a work permit you will need a residence certificate from Immigration in Soi 5.
  12. I think you miss the point - he is transferring out of Bangkok bank into a K bank account. OP the only issue is to make sure that whatever mobile provider you are using is aware that you need international roaming and that provider's messages will be received in China. I know for a fact AIS/1-2 Call works but don't know about True or Dtac. As fxe1200 mentions if you have already established the transactions then the OTP is not needed.
  13. OP sorry if I read this wrong but if you are transferring into your own account from outside why would you need an OTP? Normally my experience is that OTP for most banks is only the first couple of times you transfer to a new specific account from your account.
  14. So effectively they did not charge you any extra for the gas or for the parts? That is most unusual. Standard cleaning starts normally at 400 - 600 but any gas refilling, and certainly parts, has always been extra in my experience.
  15. Has it always been like that? I have a 5 year old Triton with a SuperUp lid - similar to yours. The underside is padded and has a switchable light underneath (presumably for passengers as I have never used it ). Mine still works fully from inside or outside without the engine running but have had in the past annoying occurrences where it refused to open......... The problem was intermittent and eventually (last year sometime) I had it properly checked out and found that part of the cable running to the battery was completely dead/corroded or whatever. They cut that out and has been ok since. OP that seems a good price as mine was 30k back then