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  1. topt

    Dog export

    Did you search for previous threads? I went through the process myself in early 2017 and ended up using the shipper for a lot of it as had 2 large GSDs to send to Italy. The costs were not cheap however. This quote is from me posted in another thread -
  2. topt

    5000 baht just to change green book?

    When I was involved in this recently the main Chonburi DLT did it on the basis of what they estimated the value to be which was more than it was bought for........ Sorry OP but I cannot remember if based on a %age or scale but at 5k I am guessing the value is about 900k?
  3. Been hearing worse stories for last 2/3 years where friends have had Chinese groups staying for short periods in the same complex. Washing their clothes in the pool was not the worst of it......
  4. 2% charge minimum 600 baht. https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Save-And-Invest/Save/FCD-Account-for-Non-residents
  5. I don't remember ever paying any transaction charges in the UK - although using online banking for god knows how many years it may have been so back in the mists of time? Same for UK.
  6. topt

    Getting driver license

    Yes it has changed since then. My gf took both car and mc tests earlier this year at Regents DLT and had to make appointments for both. If you failed either practical or the multiple choice "highway code" parts there seemed to be quite a lot of flexibility in just coming back and retaking within a certain period of time however.
  7. I am presuming you mean Fujimori in Peru? He was however born there.
  8. topt

    "FREE" VPN for Android

    You may want to have a look at the comments in this report specifically for Touch - depending on your level of paranoia....... https://www.top10vpn.com/free-vpn-app-investigation/ Have a look at the link above re Hola.
  9. topt

    renewing motorbike tax in Pattaya

    Agreed I have experienced that in the past both for testing and buying the tax. If testing is required I also go to a local centre first. However I have been more than a couple of times this year to renew the tax/insurance for bikes and car including this morning. Once I had bought the insurance and collected a queue number there were only 3 numbers in front of me so it was very quick. I was a bit concerned as I would not normally go on a Monday and when I arrived (about 11) the place was packed with parked vehicles. I can only presume they were from people applying for licences as the downstairs seating are was less than half full.
  10. topt

    Bangkok hit by freak rains

    Don't you mean inconsistent?
  11. I am presuming your wife is a foreign national - IE not Thai? To get you started here is a list provided to me by AA Insurance brokers. I can confirm the prices are the same as going direct as I already had some of the quotes prior to talking to them. You would need to check out the levels of cover to see if they meet your needs. Most of these policies are more for in patient only where you can add OP but the cost goes up significantly. 08-13-2018 comparison PDF.pdf This list does not show some of the Thai based insurance policies which may be cheaper but with much lower limits. I would also suggest having a read of some older threads in this forum with a lot of good information from @Sheryl There was also a couple of recent threads in the Health forum. Hope this helps get you started
  12. Check the link I posted or this one - https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/share-dealing/dealing-charges But yes if in an ISA then the fee is on the lot but is capped.
  13. Pib thanks for guinea pigging the DeeMoney process. If I needed to send any money back, and their costs remained competitive, I would certainly look at using them. I just hope they open a few new office locations outside Bangkok to register.
  14. topt

    Body shops –why are they so slow?

    I think you nailed it here. Depending on what else they are doing and when parts/paint turn up and staff are free they will get round to it at some point in the time scale they gave you - if you are lucky........ sorry - did not see the two replies above saying basically the same.
  15. topt

    SOI 80 or Bintabaht????

    Was there just after Songkran and a couple of months ago but with other golfers - Bintabaht was much busier then Soi 80 during the last visit. Depending on where you are staying you could do both. I would suggest taking a walk up Soi 80 and see if anything takes your fancy, a lot easier and quicker to do there first, and then go Bintabaht.