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  1. topt

    Car insurance renewal for financed car

    This is what I would expect but is it 100% true for all companies? The reason I query is I know where someone took over a still financed car and the insurance on it was only second class - but the car was more than 4 years old? Thanachart for both finance and insurance.
  2. Unlikely as two distinct jurisdictions. However ever since the Cyprus crisis this has been promulgated as a possibility in any jurisdiction. The UK and the EU have government backed guarantee schemes for bank deposits up to specified levels. It is possible that above these levels there could be issues which is why most consumer advisory sites recommend spreading larger amounts over multiple accounts in different banks to be on the safe side. Pension schemes can go bust but I cannot see any way they could be touched for a "bail in" of the sort you mention. "Unsecured depositors" would also mean the share/bond holders in a lot of cases. Edit - but that has always been the case.
  3. topt

    Household Items Insurance 2018/19

    Go to a local broker like AA Insurance or similar and request some comparative quotes especially mentioning specific values for individual items. There should be no difference in the premiums whether you go direct or via a broker and they can start you off. I have had a policy with Safety which took over Thai policies from NZI some years ago and the premium for named items seems reasonable. As with all insurance strongly suggest you go through the small print for whatever you short list. There was a post not so long ago bemoaning a premium from Axa so try others -
  4. topt

    Learner Driver Insurance

    Thanks I have Axa but don't remember seeing that clause. I must re-read.
  5. Have you bothered to check the Nomads site I gave you as that will give you a good idea? Search for long stay/backpacker policies to get more options. How much more "advice" do you need..........
  6. topt

    Learner Driver Insurance

    Which insurance company is this?
  7. This was reported last week/2 weeks ago and the dates in the story give the 6th as the last day of closures so the story is a bit on the late side........
  8. I note that this "discussion" did not include a representative from any tour operators or seemingly any Thai's at all and no report of any dissenting views.........One way to get a consensus I suppose.......
  9. topt

    Water tank suction?

    Very curious hackjam - what kind of tank? I have both an old underground and a newer stand alone vertical shape and the base of both are about 5/6ft from the hatch opening so impossible to get to without getting in it?
  10. topt

    DTAC September 15th

    According to the news today DTAC have just won an extension to December anyhow.
  11. topt

    BMW Thailand unveils 520d Sport

    Interesting figures thanks. However I notice that the CO2 figures above say 102g/km but in the article Big difference.....
  12. Federico not Fred...... I remember selling some of their range of wines back in the late 70's early 80's and trying to switch buyers from bog standard Mouton Cadet to their Banda Azul which I thought had a lot more going for it at a cheaper price. I loved this Gran Reserva but cannot remember the vintages we had. Thanks for the memory
  13. There was a good group in Guangzhou when I was there and I went to a couple of their socials as I knew a few of them. Apparently you could also walk if you were not much of a runner....... I also think I noticed a sign in Retox Lengkee some time ago about it being a base for the Hash in Pattaya?
  14. Number plate looks like it could be read and if so shouldn't be that hard to find the owner of the bike - start from there if the police can be arsed.......