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    Ammco Bus - Terrible Experience Today

    I used the Ammco bus from chong chom to Siemreap recently (5 March 2018). Service was very good, clean bus with aircon. Friendly rep from Ammco met us in O'smach (Cambodian side at Chongchom border crossing) at about 7.15 am and the bus left at around 7.45 , as we were the only people on the bus there was no reason to wait till the scheduled time at 8am.We arrived ,in Siemreap at around 10.45 am might be worth noting that the bus didn't, terminate at the Angkor city hotel as advertised, but instead stopped at the Ammco booking office in the center of Siem reap. Which was actually better for us as it was nearer our hotel ! The return journey was equally smooth.The scheduled departure time was 3pm (5am is also an option) we (6 people) again arrived a little early at around 2.15pm and the bus was there at 2.30 and again as we were the only passengers it departed immediately and arrived at O'smach / Chongchom at around 5.50 pm. All in all a good service There's a few points I would mention for the benefit of other potential customers. Firstly, having spoken to the Ammco rep (he''s a nice guy) he told me that the minimum people he needs on the bus is 5 passengers which is understandable as it is quite a large bus with around 25 seats so it is essential that you contact them first(0985851914) if you are less than 5 people he will probably be able to organise a taxi for around the same price. Or if you are flexible with your travel dates you could travel with another group to make up the numbers. They are considering buying a minibus in the future so this may change. Secondly the Thai side of the border, Chongchom, opens at 6am but the Visa office on the Cambodian side only opens at 6.30 am. There were 3 Europeans in our group who needed Visas (1500 baht each, they don't like dollars ! Don't forget your photo !!) And 3 Thai ''s who don't need visas for up to 14 days but who still also need to have fingerprint's taken and get stamped in, they had to pay 100 baht too. We were all done by about 7.15 but I think it could be busier so best to get there early. It's a much nicer border than Aranya and convenient for people who are already in Issan especially for us as we live in Kapchoeng. It's not widely advertised but hopefully if it becomes better known the bus service may get even better/more regular. Hope this helps cheers