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  1. AA Brokerage

    Yes I do know this AA brokers very good , they give you very good advise and a very good service, many of my friends use them are happy with what they offer
  2. Best steakhouse in BKK

    When I came to Thailand in 1978 Neil's Tavern was the place to be for the best steak, and yes it was or in Siam Square or in Rum Rudee
  3. There is not much in Petchaburi, and there is als not much in Chao Samran, so you have to go a little bit more south, sofitel hotel is about 25 km south, 7-8 km before Cha-am, in Cha-am there are many more good hotels
  4. 1971 with Neckermann travel one of the first cheap trips to Thailand, in Euro about 450 euro for flight from Frankfurt and back, hotel transfer and breakfast for 17 days. our hotel was Raya hotel, next to the nana hotel
  5. Went to Hua Hin Immigration a few days ago for my 90 days and one year, no form like this at all
  6. Taking a Buddhist statue out of the country

    Most postparcels are going true a scan, if they see the Buddha statue they will conficate the whole postparcel, this happened to a friend of my
  7. Is this actually a good place to live?

    Disagree. I live and work here, and would not want to live anywhere else I do agree with you, I live and before worked here, and also would not to live anywhere else.
  8. I am living here for more then 26 years, trafel often, but in 26 years no police or other official have ever asked me for a ID or passport
  9. Local police rounding up the foreigners

    Same for me, almost 30 years in Thailand, no problems at all from police or immigration, even never anybody have been asking for a ID, lived most of the time in Bangkok, but now for 7 years outside bangkok, still no problem
  10. Less Farang Living In LOS?

    Thank you for saying it, for me exactly the same