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  1. rexall


    Research confirmed that on previous versions of Shield, switching to a different launcher/interface was straight-forward. Yes, teevee and movies are "much easier to use" if you care to subscribe to the paid services on offer such as Netflix. The Thailand Netflix library offers only a fraction of the titles available to U.S. users.
  2. rexall


    Warning Will Robinson! I just returned a brand new Shield to Amazon. Really disappointed! After futzing around with it, internet research confirmed what I had already figured out. Shield version of the Google Play Store only provides access to a handful of apps (literally!), and there is no direct way to switch to Nova Launcher. From what I learned, this was--as one would expect--quite easy on previous releases, but that nVIDIA deliberately made it difficult (essentially impossible for non-techies) in subsequent updates. There are rather complicated work-arounds with (for me) a steep learning curve, but I decided not to bother with them fearing that the next update might prevent them from working, and I would have to do it all over again. It seems the Shield (as sweet as the technology is compared to other boxes) has become just an expensive Roku, acting as a pimp for Nutflux, Hulu, Plex and other paid services (which might only be stripped-down versions in Thailand anyway). As my contract ended this month, I have already returned my evil Playboxes to AIS and will make do with my two Beelinks which are not bad at all for the price. I was so pissed at AIS that I tried to switch to 3BB, but now evil, smelly foreigners (at least in Khon Kaen) are required to pay 6 months in advance! I didn't have that problem when I signed up with them previously. And they didn't care that I had been a loyal customer for several years before I switched to AIS simply to get the Playbox! Life is complicated in paradise, ain't it?
  3. rexall


    PIB, I have had several different brands of android tv boxes including the Playbox and they all have the connection issues you describe. Sometimes the audio does not come on for several seconds or even minutes. But--get this--if I unplug the teevee (not the box) and immediately plug it in again, the audio comes on immediately. Can't figure that one out. I suspect that a LAN connection will fix the problems, and am trying to motivate myself to run cables from my router to teevees upstairs and downstairs.
  4. rexall

    EMS Guy Sucks!

    Fri 10 Aug 2018, 12:38 pm I live in Central Khon Kaen City. The regular and registered mail postman (same guy) always beeps his horn and gives me a minute to get downstairs to collect my mail. The EMS guy DOES NOT! He just leaves a notice in my mailbox and then escapes. I don't recall ever seeing the guy around here. I wonder if he even bothers to bring the packages with him or just a stack of notices. I don't think I have ever gotten an EMS package delivered in the 15 years I have lived in this house. The inconvenience of going to the post office and waiting on line to collect mail is annoying ... but in context, it is especially annoying as you pay a premium price for EMS to supposedly insure faster and more reliable delivery. Pain in the ass! Well, maybe I should stop complaining and be grateful that the mail arrives at all.
  5. rexall

    Will Homepro cut PVC pipe to spec?

    Wouldn't you need a hacksaw to go with the blade?
  6. rexall

    Will Homepro cut PVC pipe to spec?

    I realize that I can get a cutter and do it myself, but Homepro has the right equipment and can do it better than I can and get it done in 20 or 30 minutes. For goodness sake!
  7. rexall

    Will Homepro cut PVC pipe to spec?

    Tks! You know for sure?
  8. I have project requiring a couple of dozen lengths of 1 or 1.5 inch PVC pipe cut to various specific lengths. Does anyone know if Homepro or one of the other big box stores will cut for me? I realize that I can get a cutter and do it myself, but Homepro has the right equipment and can do it better than I can and get it done in 20 or 30 minutes. Thanks, lah!
  9. One of the big issues is that small guesthouse type hotels often (usually) are unable to obtain a license because of regulations that do not apply to their particular situation or are impossibly to comply with such as having 30% open space in their storefront (or something like that, as best as I understood one owner's explanation). So THE question becomes: Is this to provide health and safety to consumers, or to provide protection to big operators against competition?
  10. Yeah, but that's a damn shame, isn't it? Impose a bunch of regulations without properly thinking it through. Then when the thing proves unenforceable or the unintended consequences prove worse than the problem you were trying to fix, quietly stop enforcing. Then leave this long shadow of a stupid law over people living uncomfortably outside of the law. No way to run a railroad!
  11. Wait! Wait! It gets better and better! Someone please confirm or deny, but info from a falang friend who builds and manages property in Pattaya. He says that any foreigner who rents out anything must now have a work permit (implementing an older law from 2006). Well, the only way to get a work permit under those circumstances is to form a company. However, the cost of forming a company, having Thai partners, employing 4 Thais @ B9K per week and all the other costs exceed any rent you could collect on one or two condo units. In other words, for all practical purposes, you can't do it. I usually don't have much interest in or stick my nose into any of this, but I find this and the Airbandb and guesthouse issue very disappointing, even disturbing. Sigh!
  12. I don't know all the details, but apparently there are certain requirements that make it difficult or impossible for the small operators to comply, if I understood correctly, such as--according to the owner of the place I was staying--having 30% of the frontage as garden/open space, or something like that. And a lot ofsimilar regulations that that are just not applicable to small, storefront operations, don't make sense are are difficult or impossible to comply with. This week, there are a loosely affiliated group of owners and their attorney dialoging with as many gov agencies as will give them a meeting to appeal for some way for these businesses to become legal, regularized and brought into compliance.
  13. Not quite correct. No more guesthouses legally on Airband until and unless the current crisis is resolved. There is currently a nation-wide crackdown on guesthouses which face imminent closure if the guesthouse owners cannot prevail on the gov to call a moratorium on enforcement while some solution can be worked out.Someone said 50 guesthouses on Krabi have been closed. I just returned from Chiang Mai and 95% of the guesthouse fronts are shut. I assume there are still guests. There were only a few at the Britannia where I stayed and they were only honoring bookings made last month. Old Town is dead. It's a pity because so many tourist operators (taxis, restaurants, tour operators, travel agents, laundries, massage places and so on) depend upon the guesthouses and have a symbiotic relationship decades old now. It is really sad. Budget travelers, go elsewhere! Busloads of Chinese, come on down, spend a few dollars and go the hell home! Even more "sinister," if the guesthouses are closed in Old Town and elsewhere in Thailand, businesses will fail, property values will drop, making the area ripe for Chinese and moneyed Thai developers to buy everything up, bulldoze the place, and replace with sterile, upscale crap, as god intended! I anyone is concerned about this, I wold be grateful if you could SHARE this widely, tweet, facebook, vlog and blog about it. If the gov doesn't realize what an ill-conceived move this is in short order, it will be too late, and an entire Thailand tradition will pass away into memory. Sigh!
  14. This is related, and the crackdown apparently extends way beyond Airbnd to all guesthouse and small hotel operators country-wide. I have been staying at a guesthouse in Chiang Mai this week. The entrance is kept shut as are the entrances to seemingly 95% of the other guesthouses in Old Town due to owners fear of the current gov crackdown. They have currently formed a loose association and with their attorney meeting with some officials--not to protest--but to request a dialog and for cops to call a moratorium on the crackdown while seeking a solution to regularize and bring the guesthouses into compliance. -- "Guesthouses," usually small family-run hotels have been a cottage industry in Thailand for decades serving budget travelers and lending charm and character to tourist areas. Many travelers prefer the small-scale intimacy, charm and personal service to the more sterile and cold-blooded commercial hotels. To each their own, of course. However, this industry, the livelihoods of generations of guesthouse owners and operators are at risk as the gov moves to make it difficult or impossible for such places to continue to operate in Thailand. Not only does this effect the guesthouse operators but also budget travelers who will have fewer options and my be entirely priced-out of visiting Thailand. Of course, in our opinion, it would be better for the big hotel operators/owners (many of whom are members of the government) to work hard to provide better service and lower prices rather than colluding to squash an entire industry comprised mostly of innocents with little or no defense against the gov and big business. While undoubtedly there are many levels to this story, I rarely ask my facebook friends to share posts, but I make an exception this time. If you love these little guesthouse facilities or are just opposed to abuse of power from gov and big business PLEASE SHARE this with friends and colleagues. Thanks! -Rex[/size -- THE NATION- Facing a crackdown on unregistered accommodations, the operators of 200 small hotels and guesthouses in Chiang Mai’s Muang district on Friday jointly hired a team of experienced lawyers to petition the court to legalise their businesses, as well as asking for help from related agencies . . . Read more => http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30346274
  15. rexall


    I am always behind the tech curve. After this AIS mess, just now discovering that there are many iptv alternatives that meet or exceed the programming offered on Playbox, ranging from free (mobrobo) to around US$20/mo. Mobrobo seems OK, but the quality of the streaming is spotty and you are forced to watch several minutes of ads before accessing a channel, no way to bypass the ad that I have figured out. Will be trying another one, "Area 51-" for US$5/mo. which has gotten good reviews and has been responsive to questions I raised.