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  1. i am on my second proton in Thailand, the cars are great, however spare parts, after sales service are not really that hot. I needed some spare parts, so i ordered them through Proton head office, now three months later i am getting them shipped from Malaysia. general items such as brake pads, oil filters etc will be no problem but i needed a new glove box door............ just too hard. rang a proton dealer in KL and "yes sir we can have it in two days". so just be aware.
  2. moose7117

    The next bike...

    BMW 650 SCOOTER ??? expensive but ohhhhhhh so nice !
  3. Am a gold member with Thai Airways and flown between here and oz nearly monthly for the last 10 odd years. i have flown with Qantas, Virgin, Air Asia, Tiger, Scoot, Singapore air, PNG Air and MAS as well. not to mention all the local airlines that work has paid for. Thai Air is always first choice due to convenience and the service imho is only rivalled by Singapore Air. However on a lighter note Fixed wing pilots, especially jet jockeys, are well known as prima donna's, Real men fly ROTARY. Rob
  4. What ? Are you three foot tall or something ?
  5. so far Luke miller, Christna Annersly, Unnamed Frenchman, D Miller H Witheridge, J Louet, Dissapeared from Koh Tao, these are the ones i could find with a two minute google search, not to mention the chinese guy that drowned, the bird that got run over by a boat. god knows how many locals. please don't defend the place as it was once a lovely island that has descended into a s%$thole.
  6. that depends on what you class as suspicious. obviously all the cases of "Suicide" are not included.
  7. what happened to the body ?
  8. there is a mobile unit that floats around between Kuru Buri and Prachuap Khiri Khan city that gets people going south.
  9. moose7117

    500+ Foreigners Arrested In New Nationwide Raids

    1; yep 2:yep 3: nope, cause i don't give a rats what other people think and it don't effect me. it aint my country and i aint got no right to judge. i just hate stupid people, regardless of their ethnicity.
  10. moose7117

    MotoGP in Buriam.

    this was the main grandstand. it is along the start finish straight. the pits were under our feet. and the tickets were not numbered.
  11. moose7117

    Moto GP Thailand

    I finanally figured how to post pic's.
  12. moose7117

    MotoGP in Buriam.

    UHM.........where were you sitting in grandstand, from where i was i could see 95% of track. When the riders where going down the long straight after turn one the get very small, its a long way, but there was a tv screen in front of grand stand so you could get a close upon turn 2. that is why the first rows of grandstand were empty. better view from up top.
  13. moose7117

    Moto GP Thailand

    yes there were stages in the merchandise area on parties after the races.