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  1. All of this reminds me what a lousy place Phuket can be.
  2. Someone know if you can topup your 7/11 smart purse with CC?
  3. No I can't sell but The usufruct can be transferred to another person by me.
  4. The mother of a thai friend wants to divorce her husband. The husband won't agree and commented senseless with things like he will sign the divorce if his wife gives him 1mio THB. The facts are that the husband is living in Bangkok for years and his in a village in Isaarn. The husband does not financially support his wife for years and just come back to the village once or twice per year. If he comes to the village he's drunken mostly and beats his wife. The are witnesses who would testify the beating. Actually I don't want to interfere. But when I told my friend that a divorce can also be settled by a court especially when the husband does not live with her anymore and when he just beats her, then my friend asked me for help. My question is now if this is a straightforward thing and how much will it cost about and how long may this take?
  5. Just want tell the OP that the usufruct is an excellent Idea and can be for a lifetime not just 30 years. I did it a few days ago and it is really soothing to see your own name on the Chanote of the land. I dont know where you are but expect that the officers try to demand bribes. So come well prepared and inform yourself good. I bought this usufruct agreement from Isaan Lawyers: They also replied a few e-mails for free. The officers in the land office are not happy about usufructs because they know its some kind of legal loophole to give a foreigner control a land. When I was there the officer tried to advise against doing it for lifetime. She didnt know I understand a little thai and was pretty shocked when I told her that I know what she is saying :D
  6. Hello, I successfully registered an usufruct agreement today at the land department. There was one big problem. At first, the officer refused the application because the owner of the property is the mother of my child. The land department officer told us that the sale of the house was kind of illegal because the mother of my child did not stated that she has a child with a foreigner when she bought the house. She even would not be allowed to sell the property because she gave a false statement when she bought the house. She should have said that she has a child with a foreigner. Solution was that I had to sign a form that the money is from her and that I have no intention in ownership of the property not to mention that there was a demand of tea money for the resolving. I don't feel that this was right because I am not married to the mother and I think it is a total unfair rule that a thai citizenship looses the right to buy/get land if she has a child with a foreigner ONLY if the father signs that he won't try to get any rights to the land. All in all it was a very depressing visit. The officers even advised her against doing this because they thing foreigners should not have the right for an usufruct. The officer lady was pretty shocked when I told her with my limited thai skils that I understood what she said.
  7. So the average citizens who can't effort eating daily at an A/C cooled restaurant are rats and cockroaches for you?
  8. I think this incident starts a very dark new chapter in Thai history. 😔 Am I allowed to say that? Very scary, indeed.
  9. Wow this is very embarrassing if this was really done in silence by current government.
  10. Hello, my mother from Germany is going to visit me in Thailand next month for 28 days. She will live with me at my condo for the period of time. I heard some bad stories about entry refusals because of not showing cash, hotel bookings, etc. Should I prepare for anything? She has has not much money and will unlikely travel with much cash. And even if she has enough cash, she has no hotel bookings. How should we prepare? Is it correct that I have to report her stay at Immigration?
  11. I am learning thai right now and may can help. The stamps says that "No money" ไมมีเงิน.... Immigration probably asked for enough financial proof. They only ask this when you have already multiple Thai visits in your passport. The big question is when was your uncle last time in Thailand and how long was he in Thailand? He got refused because he did not show financial proof that he was able to qualify as tourist. Its indeed very strange if they really had hotel bookings and a return ticket with them. Please keep in mind that I am still learning Thai and I maybe misunderstand it.
  12. Hello, current situation. It's about a house in bangkok with value around 3mio THB. The mother of my son (Thai) is willing to give sign over me a property in Bangkok to me as much as the law allows it. We both know that I can't own the land because I am a foreigner but I heard that an usufruct agreement is a very safe way for me to not legally get thrown out of the property. Can someone explain me the full procedure to me? Do I need a lawyer? I would like to have this done before end of next week.
  13. Some of them are not lesser criminals to me.
  14. Maybe it's not about the models it may could be that no one has money to effort a new car?! But it is good to hear that at least in the luxury sector all is fine. The rich get richer and the poor can't effort nothing at all. But hey I'm just buggin... government says all is fine and everyone is confident :) Soon, English will also replaced with Thai language as world language.