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  1. Bangkok bank is the best for a number of reasons. Fisrt they are the only bank in thailand with chipped cards that the atm skimmers cant get at u. They are the only bank that provide visa debit card for internet purchases and they are the most foriegner friendly bank for loans.
  2. How does he know no murders will take place in December?
  3. Why keep comparing Thailand to cambodia and other countries. There is no place like thailand. Love it or leave it!
  4. Why does everyone say that the ed visa is for learning thai? U can use it to learn anything. If you want to cheat yhe system learn something u already know. Lime for example i speak thai really well so i stay 6 years on an ed visa already.
  5. The guy is disabled not a retard. He went to jail yeah there are criminals in jail whats he think it was. Why they crack his head open. For no reason? Dont be the retard and believe anything about this story.
  6. If he is 13st now....damn he was a big boy when he got here.Good for him.
  7. Caught this bus last week and found the service great. Driver was good also. My new mode of transport to Hua Hin.