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  1. Not sure about the babies new passport, have just renewed my son's (15yrs old), I used the house book as it's the only thing with his name and address on but it was rejected, had to get a letter from his school saying he was a student there.
  2. Make sure the photos are countersigned and the house book is only good if issued in the last year.
  3. Don't think it's a case of can't be bothered, more about knowing nothing about it.
  4. Been unbelievable this year, don't think a day has gone by since March were it hasn't rained

    Birds in your garden

    Sounds like a red wattled lapwing to me.
  6. Just done my son's and we had a message back within a couple of weeks that it was ready to collect.

    Growing vegetables

    Why not try a small aquaponics set up, there's a thread in the farming section.

    banned dog breeds

    Never heard this before, I have 2 which were bought here and I've looked for banned breeds but Thailand doesn't come up with anything.

    What Kind Of Turtle Is This ?

    Could be this
  10. Don't know about that article: "While the cost of living has risen in France and Cyprus in recent years, it remains considerably cheaper than the UK in Spain, Portugal and Italy." I work in Italy and everything is more expensive than the UK. Nobody knows what's going to happen, never even been mentioned at work, just waiting to see if we get a new contract at the end of the year .
  11. The whole process is a load of contradictions but you still need documentation to show which country he resides in, have just done my son's and had to get a letter from his school stating he was at school in Thailand.
  12. The only thing would be his proof of address wether in Thailand or UK

    VFS passport pick up

    Thanks for that, knew I couldn't be the only one ?. They've still not replied so will just go without an appointment and see what happens.

    Birds in your garden

    Yes I get them, Saiyok Kanchanaburi.

    VFS passport pick up

    It says on the collection letter that you must email them and give an exact time and date when it will be collected.