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  1. Sticky labels - removal of ?

    Use your wife's hairspray. Should come right off.
  2. bathroom plumbing needs air vent?

    The first thing to do is to go check your cesspit to see if it is full. A few hours of heavy rain plus the runoff from your room can fill up your cesspits very quickly. I just had the same exact thing happen to me this week. Emptied cesspits, then heavy rain that night and the toilet started to not flush properly. When I checked , the cesspits were filled to the point they covered the exit pipe so the toilet could not flush properly. At the end of the flush trapped air bubbled back into the toilet.
  3. How painful is cataract surgery?

    No, my eyes were sensitive to light BEFORE the operation, so having my eye clamped open and an extremely bright operating light was causing me extreme pain. But I guess I just fall into that 1% of people that have a problem with the operation.
  4. bathroom plumbing needs air vent?

    I had the exact same problem this year. I had tried most everything. Finally ended up replacing the toilet and when I checked the old toilet I found an old washrag and a small cosmetic bottle trapped inside the toilet. Plus since the toilet was 20 years old also it had quite a bit of lime buildup restricting the outlet hole. Before you start digging you may want to remove your toilet to get a look inside. A local can remove and replace the toilet in an hour or so - cost 500 baht if you an't do it yourself. Or if your toilet is old you can buy a new one at Homepro starting at 2000 baht.
  5. How painful is cataract surgery?

    I had cataract surgery 4 years ago. It was one of the most painful experiences that I ever had. The doctor said he almost stopped the surgery because I was having such difficulty but could not explain the pain. A year later I figured why it was so painful. It was the bright lights shining into my eye. I then remembered that even the eye exams had caused me discomfort.. The eye I had operated on is so light sensitive that I cannot go outdoors without sunglasses or covering my eye.
  6. Coffee Plungers

    I manage to break the glass eveary few months. Finally ordered 600 ml all stainless steel from aliexprss for 626 baht.. Wish I had done this to start. Stainless Steel Coffee Plunger
  7. Yesterday I received call from AIS advising that in 3 or 4 days my phone will stop working (2G) and that I need to come to the AIS shop in Korat.
  8. Troubleshooting: ADLS line on/off

    What may be happening is that when you get disconnected your router is automatically reconnecting at the speed you are paying for, but since this higher speed is unstable you keep getting disconnected. When you call the ISP they reset you to a LOWER speed that is more stable. They will not admit to you what they are doing because they do not want to upgrade your lines or want you to switch to a cheaper plan. Log into your router and check the upload/download connection speeds when stable and unstable and you will probably see a difference. You may want to downgrade to a cheaper plan if you cannot get the speeds you are paying for.
  9. Add Daughter To Land Deed

    Does that mean even if taxes and fees were paid a new title cannot be issued in my wife's and daughters name?
  10. My wife and I are are near 70. Presently the land/house where we live is solely in my wife's name. I doubt that she has made a will. Our daughter who is 23 and lives with us and has given us no trouble at all. I want to try to insure that my daughter inherits the land/house without any legal squabbles. I asked my wife last year to sign over the deeds to my daughter but she was adamant in her refusal. She was afraid of my daughter falling in love with a bad dude and kicking her out. But if I can convince my wife to ADD my daughter to the land deed will my daughter inherit the house/land without having to worry legal claims and court battles in the event of my wife's death? My wife has her own money and land they she obtained during our marriage but I don't care about any of it. To add to my worries my wife is a COMPULSIVE gambler and liar. She has a 53 year old son from a first marriage who spends his days getting drunk, doing dope and planning the next home robbery. This month I had a medical emergency that was a close call and made me realize that I need to resolve this situation.