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  1. Someone has never heard of the posse comitatus act which is a federal statute prohibiting use of the military in civilian law enforcement Once again this administration just can't seem to frame executive orders that will pass court challenges. Maybe they should be filling the swamp with Harvard graduates instead of fund managers from Goldman Sachs
  2. The only thing more incompetent than this administration executive orders is their selection of lawyers, who obviously also don't have a clue as to how the government , and the SS in particular, works
  3. This whole hanging wire problem would just go away if the authorities would just charge to use the poles. Trust me, you are not going to pay for a line that is not bringing you any income Use market forces to get the job done. As long as people can just hang what they want to on someone else's property there will never be any change
  4. Misdemeanor's are not considered to be a "criminality" they are legally considered to be infractions, so any record of them would not show up on a criminal records check
  5. What is it with this administration that does not appear to have at least one competent intelligent lawyer that can write a LEGAL executive order ? This is exactly what you get when you pack your administration with ideologues and not competency
  6. If you are looking for a small form factor PC that has desktop specs you might want to take a look at this offering from ASRock. It has a full complement of ports and will take a full sized Intel processor and fan
  7. Same way as you determine fake news, if it doesn't fit your narrative , it must be fake
  8. Yeah, that is the nature of criminal conspiracies, they don't occur in the open where they can be seen and good detectives have to connect those pesky little dots of criminality
  9. Seems to me they only sell the Nintendo portable:
  10. Some US banks don't require the "test " deposit method for activating electronic funds transfers via Bangkok Bank's New York branch. USAA for instance, only requires you to certify that transfers will only be made INTO a Bangkok Bank account and after a three business day wait , for account name verification, transfers will be allowed If your US bank does require the "test deposit" method an easy work around is to sign up for Bangkok Bank's SMS alert service which will send you a text message giving you the exact "cent" amount of the test deposits (as well as exchange rates used for future transfers )
  11. Shipito has a warehouse in Oregon, which can be used to save sales tax
  12. Shipito forces you to do the customs declaration as part of the checkout process when you choose your shipping method
  14. If you consider logging into My Social Security a little work Just log in and click on the link for your official benefits letter:
  15. Depends on what the document is for If for a US govermnent agency, Sheryl is correct, but if it is just a civil matter, any English speaking attorney in Thailand can serve as a notary Mine has a certificate, in English, that explains this and is submitted with the notarized document. Sold some property in the US and it was accepted without question