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  1. South Road barriers block illegal U-turns

    Who are they kidding, just go there and you will see the motor cycle drivers going to the end of the barrier, either end, to make their illegal u-turns Police don't know squat, they are never there to enforce the rule, their pronouncements of less accidents rates up there with TAT's tourist numbers The real fake news
  2. What is a 'normal' drinker?

    I can't tell you what makes a normal drinker but can tell you how you can spot one They don't have to chug down a drink before it is finished if they need to leave Look at a table when a group leaves and the non empty glasses are those of the normal drinkers in most cases
  3. SSI benefits and living in Thailand

  4. Dental Treatment

    I can second that, they have a full time English speaking manager who will insure your appointment is scheduled correctly and provide you with an English speaking aide if your dentist doesn't speak English (most do though
  5. At least they give you something for your $35 as opposed to Ryan and his ilk that just take, take, take Anyone else notice the similarities between Trump and Prayut neither one is ever wrong, it is always someone else's fault
  6. Neither is humor In a year as POTUS has he ever said anything funny, as in humor, not as in crazy
  7. You can't do research if you don't read anything but since he is such a very stable genius he knows everything already
  8. Wongnai

    Did you bother to look ?
  9. The only thing I can see is a long term lease for proof since my guess is that the country asking for the proof is interested in your residency status
  10. Army Vet planning to move to Thailand

    Why thank us for advice that you are not going to take it But you have satisfied the first requirement for being a Thai Visa Warrior, so your post wasn't entirely wasted
  11. Blue book -Yellow book makes no difference sound like you are getting information as if you are a Thai so they assume you have a Yellow or Blue book in you name Sounds to me you don't own anything , unless the condo is in the 49% foreigner quota, or it is owned via a company If the Chanote is in your name under the foreigner quota then a future sale has nothing to do with what kind of book you have, yellow or blue, they only show who is the house master, not the owner Same is true if the Chanote is in a company name , house book means nothing for a sale and that is a Thailand rule, not something special for Bangkok But would make you eligible for the Business rate you describe above or a zero transfer fee if the entire company is transferred
  12. It would be best for you to open a Bangkok Bank account here in Thailand then you can EFTS from your Schwab account directly to your Thai Bangkok Bank Account using their US Routing number, much cheaper than the fee for Schwab International wires: source: from chat with Schwab representative this date See this for complete information : http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/DailyBanking/ TransferingFunds/TransferringIntoThailand/ReceivingFundsfromUSA/Pages/ReceivingFundsfromUSA.aspx Or take advantage of your Schwab foreign ATM fee refund and transfer in smaller increments
  13. Because it weakens the sub structure and can cause cave ins source: www.groundwater.org/get-informed/groundwater/overuse.html
  14. USAA is so fast because they don't have to go to the Fed to reconcile their funds like most banks do With their Property and Car Insurance business, Banking, Life insurance and all the other profit centers they are awash in cash and self fund themselves; rather than pay the FED's overnight funds rate I keep the bulk of my savings in another bank account that pays 1.35 % interest and have USAA pull from that account when I need to make a transfer Just this week I needed to pay for a deck in the US and even though I only had a couple of hundred dollars in my USAA checking account I initiated a pull of $5,000 and an immediate push of $5,000 to the contractor thus taking advantage of USAA's float