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  1. They were also not accepting Yellow Books, only residence certificates issued by either your embassy or Immigration. Since the rules change around here almost monthly, you would be wise to find out what your DLT requires before making the trip
  2. If you read my post my lawyer stated that the prohibition applied to both Thais and Foreigners and his experience is limited to Pattaya and Satahip Land Office. Posters here at TV think that they are the only ones that are impacted by Land Office policies. That is not true, Thais try and obtain unsefruct's and leases also and his comments were in the context of purchases via the company route. And yes, many Thais purchase via the company route for various reasons, not paying transfer fees is one of the most popular ones See my answer above. Don't shoot the messenger. I don't need a lease or a usefruct and am only reporting what one lawyer told me, at one particular time. Your mileage may vary
  3. Not according to the manufacturer : source:
  4. Until the OP tells us how he is trying to send a fax we really can't remotely diagnose his problem Is he using a dedicated fax machine ? Or a computer program using Windows built in FAX program and a modem ? Is he trying to send it via the VOIP (voice over internet protocol) or is he using a land line telephone ?
  5. Until such time as Interpol receives an actual request, it is all smoke and mirrors, INMHO Who want's to bet on how long it will take for his lawyers to bring suit to quash the warrant, probably based upon prosecutorial delay !!!
  6. No, the controversy is that she is NOT living in Washington, but has remained in New York so that Baron will not be disturbed by having to change schools ( at a cost to US taxpayers of around $18.2 million for security by June *) * source:
  7. Thank you for the reminder of why I am not married
  8. Does anyone have any more recent experience in getting a Residency Certificate at Jomtien ? You used to have to go into the small office way in the back and submit your request and then come back the next day to pick it up. I was told when I did my 90 day report last week that they have a new counter, directly across the room from the "overstay desk", and they no longer keep the documentation but process your request while you wait But since the young lady manning that desk could not speak any English I obtained this information from the Volunteer at the information counter to the left of the entrance. Unfortunately he was swamped so could not answer all my questions and the two most important ones were; where do you obtain the queue number for Residency Certificate desk ? And can you pre- fill in the APPLICCATION FORM RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE IN THAILAND ?
  9. I question if the reliability of these "underpass architect views ", if superimposed on the actual location as seen via Google Earth, the Ocean Marina will have to give up a lot of land to accommodate them
  10. Depends upon your Embassy At the US Embassy all you have to do is be breathing and pay the $50
  11. I just talked to my Pattaya based lawyer yesterday and he informed me that neither Pattaya Land Office or Satahip Land Office would issue usefruct's or 30 year leases to foreigners anymore When pressed why, he stated that both offices have been dragged into civil court cases by either Thais or foreigners trying to get out of those agreements so the easiest course was to not get involved in any way, therefore a complete ban
  12. Here is the actual announcement of the policy change: source:
  13. You could have saved yourself a lot of personal research if you had read any of the many, many threads here about ATM fees. The fees were established by the Thai Bankers Association, not the Thai government AEON is a Japanese Credit card company and as such are not a member of the association. At one time they had no foreign transaction fee and allowed 40,000 THB per pull. They finally realized that their cc customers could no longer use their machines because of all the foreigners getting their cash from them. So they started charging and lowered the per pull limit What I don't understand about your post is why you are not using your Schwab card and getting the fees reimbursed ? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. You are looking for an INR test (international normalized ratio) the machines are available on Amazon but are quite expensive and like a woman, need a constant supply of supplies (test strips) $119.99 for 24 strips and $300 for the meter (,B00M2IAQI4) I test every two weeks which is normal and unless you are staying in Buriram area for over two weeks it is not really necessary to purchase a machine. My machine and strips are provided by US Medicare