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  1. The Grumpiest Ex-pat In Bangkok

    If this is the case, then hats off to the GOM for learning a lesson! If he's being a better human being, then mission accomplished! Right. Now you all can move on to world peace, and ending world hunger. This week - the breakfast counter at the Emporium Shopping Center; next week - the world!
  2. The Grumpiest Ex-pat In Bangkok

    No comment, except to say, I really don't think the subject of this thread is all that unique in LOS.
  3. Ladies Meet-ups

    I think Shola should be back by then. How did your move go? I think I'll be up for it next week.
  4. Ladies Meet-ups

    Hey Ladies: I've been thinking a lot about my hang-out buddies in BKK! I miss you guys! I've been exhausted with a new job, and moving into a very unfinished apartment. I think I'll be ready for the 16th. I will be painting my apartment that weekend, but I'm sure I will find the time to meet up with you all. Kat *And by the way, V9 sounds good, Hu'u, or Vertigo ..... or, anywhere