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  1. Could you elaborate on the most common reasons why these people were turned away? Were there any particular nationalities that stuck out the most?
  2. I was just going to ask @UbonJoe et al if this will be more common. Are local immigrations keeping track of extensions also and limiting those for Tourists/Visa Exempt entries? I was told by an associate of mine who was already on two visa exempt entries + extensions on each after finishing her METV (with an extension on the last entry) that she might not be able to extend another visa exempt entry. At first, she was supposed to do a border run in which a few hundred baht was supposed to be added to passport in exchange for a new visa exempt land entry. But then the border run agency told her it was no longer possible (don't have all the details, but she panicked that her plans were nearly ruined). So she flew out and then back in on a different G20 passport (dual national). But those with only a single passport would not have had as much luck. We'll probably see an increase in marriages over the next few years 555. Edit: But for the OP, I think just trying a different immigration office can work as an extension for Tourist/Visa Exempt has very little qualifying requirements.
  3. 4evermaat

    Parmesan Cheese? I don't think so.

    Recommend going to a foreigner food supply store and buying a small block of Parmesan cheese. It will be fresher than any of the pre-grated stuff and the block can be kept in the freezer for months. You can grate as needed or grate extra and keep in the fridge. The bulk cheese is likely to be much cheaper anyway. So you'll save ฿฿ and get better taste.
  4. 4evermaat

    5 Ghz wifi faster than Ethernet

    It could be a fault cable. Or a faulty port (less likely) It could be the settings of the computer (DNS) or other network settings. It could be the drivers are out of date. I think the advice to test each unit that can connect to the ethernet port individually until you see which one(s) are slow is the best way to diagnose the problem. If they are all slower than normal, than maybe it is the cable. a proper CAT 5e or CAT6 should be plenty for 100Mbps as the theoretical max is 1-10Gbps. But if the ethernet cable is bent out of shape severely, it can degrade the speed quality. Excess cable should be bound in a circular style with maybe 10-20 degrees max bend.
  5. 4evermaat

    5 Ghz wifi faster than Ethernet

    Where did you buy your cat6 cable?
  6. 4evermaat

    SURVEY: Should Thailand legalize prostitution?

    You can legalize it, but on both sides. For both the seller and the buyer. I would avoid the Sweden model that criminalizes sex for one gender/side of the contract but not the other. This is self-defeating and defeats the whole point of mutually agreeing to anything. It takes two (or more) to tango. So making one party's actions automatically illegal and the other's legal acting on the SAME contract is silly.
  7. I had a friend just do this the other day. EU passport was full of visa exempts and extensions and switched to a clean G20 passport. Some tips: - You leave the country on the same passport that you enter. So you only have to worry about making the switch mid-air when you enter Thailand. - When you buy ticket or check in to your flight, make sure that you use the correct passport #. That might require that you buy your Thai departure and arrival tickets on separate itineraries (vs buying 1 round-trip ticket on same itinerary). - Do it via air borders. Land borders they will check to see exit stamp from previous country. Maybe certain countries like Laos may discourage even air trip swaps. - Use Malaysia or Singapore. Penang has only 2 cheap direct flights daily from Bangkok. KL has 13 direct low cost flights DMK << >> KUL. I can't speak for the other airports (e.g. Phuket, Chiang Mai, Surat Thani, etc), but I imagine Malaysia will have the most [economical] daily flights + no visa fee, especially if you book even a few days in advance. Of course you could layover if the flight is too late. Again, Malaysia (Penang or KL) would be good choices. You can swap it either when arriving to PP or when you arrive to Thailand. Any particular reason/advantage why you need to swap it when arriving to PP?
  8. Friend is going to hop to Kuala Lumphur soon. After seeing what time she will arrive via air to DMK (domestic) and then have less than 2 hours to clear immigration int'l departures and be at the next plane going to KUL. Friend is also returning on a flight from KUL to Don Mueang and will have about 1 hr to clear immigration arrivals and catch a Thai domestic flight onwards. All assuming that the flights are on time [emoji21] Since she is on a tight schedule and has already booked flights, i think fast track/expedited is the only safe way to minimize the chance of missed flight. The golf/electric cart to shuttle you from plane to expedited immigration and then to the next plane. Costs? Where to buy online? Can you buy at airport when you arrive (or or order from flight attendant)? Where? Sent from my ASUS_X00ID using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. @Trouble Facebook has become a entire content medium for the layman: public/private groups with instant posts/comments, instant messenging, live/recorded video, advertising, "yellow pages" etc. Plus it is easy to connect to other group members. Newspapers and even local TV cannot keep up and have larely become obsolete unless they have an online presence. The gov't does not have control over it. A blessing or a curse, depending on what the effects of it were. Other marketers have warned about the pitfalls of using facebook groups; mainly that facebook can cut you off at a moments notice. I think it is great for quickly sharing things locally or even internationally (events, for sale, etc.). But important contacts and such should be stored privately (on intrastructure you control)
  10. Where is this? Normally paternity has to be established first before child support can be awarded. Unfortunately, in some places paternity fraud can be rampant if it is strictly "stated" (e.g. there is no DNA test requirement). There was a situation in the USA where a young male who was [statutorily] raped by his teacher was subsequently ordered by a judge to be liable for child support. #1 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/09/02/statutory-rape-victim-child-support/14953965/ #2 http://trauma.blog.yorku.ca/2018/05/when-male-rape-victims-are-held-accountable-for-child-support/ #3 https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/notorious-teacher-sex-scandals/
  11. A Wikipedia article said that the Mae Sai border was closed to Visa/border runs. I was checking to see if this is still the case. And if so, which border would be the next closest? Any other restrictions?
  12. How much extra is it to just have an "agent" do the application? At least it is better than the Chiang Mai local immigration situation.
  13. Quite a dangerous precedent that Facebook has set. Perhaps Myanmar will go the route of China and adopt a more isolationist policy when it comes to infrastructural communication channels.
  14. I have a friend who is attempting to fly out and back to Thailand the same day. If you get to DMK approximately 08:30 with no bags, check in online, how long to clear Thai departures immigration? Any particular day of the week that is busier than others? I looked at other threads related to this, but most people were focused on arrival immigration clearance.