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  1. This is misleading. The O/A holder only needs to obtain a re-entry permit if he intends to leave thailand after the Visa expires (enter on/before date). If he stays in Thailand, no re-entry permit is needed. If O/A holder wanted the maximum benefit from o/A visa, he would do a border run right before the o/a visa Expires (Nov, 2018 in this example). Then he would have gotten "up to 2 years stay" off of one visa. In this case it would only be 14 months because he used it late. Now after a multiple entry visa expires (enter on/before date) has passed, if you wish to exit Thailand and re-enter without losing the latest permission to stay, then you must obtain re-entry permit before leaving. In this example, Nov 2018 - Sept 2018 = 2 months. The key to getting the maximum use out of o/a visa (or any multiple entry visa) is to use it shortly after it is issued.
  2. 4evermaat

    Crackdown on the borders in Malaysia?

    @Chado, I suspect that those who used to simply do back-to-back visa exempt stamps unlimited # of times without any ties to the country (legal work, Malaysian immediate family, retirement, etc) will have a harder time. I hear even Cambodia it is more difficult now to get 1 year business visa. Cambodia being difficult with visas?? You know the crackdown is real when Cambodia can be picky, lol.
  3. If they were only in the first chamber of the cave, how were they "forced" back so quickly? And how were they able to squeeze through that small opening (without the water) that was further in? In an unexplored cave, it would seem more likely that you would stay in the first chamber.... Of course if you were already deeper in, that's a different story. Maybe now that emotions have subdued a bit, we can ask these questions. Sent from my ASUS_X00ID using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Perhaps this documentary will fill in some of the gaps in reporting that was first reported here: This cave incident has been blown way out of proportion IMO. It's like nothing else mattered or took any precedence. Hope I'm not being too negative.
  5. Really? Then why did one of the national newspapers remove a reference to an article about the Phuket tour boat fatality count? https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1047362-why-did-so-many-chinese-passengers-die-in-the-boat-sinking/?do=findComment&comment=13156719 Sent from my ASUS_X00ID using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Add question: Why was one of the first reported stories of boat related casualties deleted from the Nation's website? https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1046606-40-confirmed-killed-in-phuket-boat-accident-16-still-missing/ I'm normally agnostic to the majority of incidences that are reported. But that was a bit cheeky IMO. A real cheapshot to those who actually trapped in that situation. Sent from my ASUS_X00ID using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. I was thinking the same thing even if they went by ground. Either they lose control to reckless [Thai] driving conditions....or maybe they were stuck behind someone who refuses to yield to emergency vehicle. Perhaps a police/military escort to clear the way would make things smoother. Let's not jinx it though and keep it all positive....at least until everyone gets out. This article is kind of overkill though. Should just be a pinned thread with all the updates until the last person is out.
  8. 4evermaat

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    I'm not concerned about what two adults want to do between themselves; a girl can munch all the rugs she wants et. al. But for a same-sex couple to try to emulate hetero relationships; it is not sustainable. It's mathematics and has nothing to do with sexual preference. Do any of your same-sex studies go past one generation? They cant unless [surprise] someone in the "family" either becomes hetero completely OR emulates heterosexuality enough to reproduce. Assuming at least one of the adopted kids are of the opposite sex, incest would be the only way that a same-sex couple could procreate to continue their biological "legacy" or "lineage" That's the life-cycle process as I know it. When you are building a society that should live past 1 generation, lawmakers have to consider sustainability. But i'll leave you guys/gals to it.
  9. 4evermaat

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    I was referring specifically to same sex couples adopting children. Sorry if that wasnt clear in my first response.
  10. So how many [Thai] experts are rushing to Japan's rescue? These things do happen though. Hope those trapped or need medical support get the help they need.
  11. Thais are very superstitious. If the word got out that a restaurant had stored dead bodies where he restaurant food was also be8ng stored, how many people would eat there? How many staff members would play along also?
  12. 4evermaat

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    The endgame for the regender/transgender movement. The complete breakdown of the heterosexual family unit. Same-sex couples cannot have sustainable family units, unless incest is considered . It would also sharply increase instances of Oedipus/Electra complex. Additionally, you eliminate the primary benefit of being homosexual in the first place: [guaranteed] no biological kids and the higher income that comes with that.
  13. 4evermaat

    Rescuers begin evacuation of 'Tham Luang 13'

    This is probably a clearer infographic: https://twitter.com/MichCaldeira/status/1015889639222194177?s=17
  14. 4evermaat

    Rescuers begin evacuation of 'Tham Luang 13'

    Hindsight is 20/20. And we dont know for sure if anastetics will be used and if so to what extent. Edit: The armchair quarterbacking/doctoring here is truly amazing. Our patience on the rescue speed is lower than that of a typical Thai driver.
  15. Agreed. The OP seemed to insist that his comparison of a developed economy/country to a lesser developed country is somehow more than fair. Developed countries usually have several advantages; mainly the ability to earn more. Actually, you'd be surprised I know some thai lady who did this with her boyfriend who had a son 1/2 thai 1/2 Turkish. Booked the tickets and went without any issues. And both mom and child had Thai passports.