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  1. Which brand refrigerator.....

    I was going to go with a Samsung 9.1Q and at the last minute i was convinced to go with Hitachi. 8.7Q. The Mitsubishi is the #1 for overall quality.... But after that all of the major brands are 2nd place (for refriderators). He does have a bias towards Japanese brands. I think having the full freezer shelf and wanting to try a Japanese brand made the difference. Samsung/LG you can usually get more fridge space for the price. But seangTokyo had a bunch of promotions this week. What about air cond? I would think inverter compressor is more efficient. Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Not a lot of time to run to the market...well if you walk fast and know exactly what you want. Perhaps walk through, and then take the train back? There are only 3 or 4 trains per day that go to <> Hat Yai, which is kind of unfortunate IMO. Should be 6-8 times a day. Maybe not a lot of people cross via train I guess.
  3. Funny thing is that asking for "nit noi" of the usual is still quite a large heap of sugar. You have to watch the preparer and tell them exactly how much extra to add. Thai gov't will make a lot of money here.
  4. In case your employment is terminated early, your extension of stay based on employment is technically invalid on that day. However, with a multiple non-b, the visa itself is independent from your employer. So you can continue to enter/exit thailand unlimited times until the visa expires, even if you lose your job. The same is actually true for any extension of stay. If the reason for that extension is no longer valid, the extension is supposed to be invalid on that day. You are supposed to either leave the country immediately or go to local immigration and request a 7 day extension (and then leave the country). In practice, some people ride it out and then leave until the extension expires. That can be tricky if your employer calls immigration to assist in cancelling the extension. But extensions due to marriage that is ended by divorce or death is unlikely to be reported.
  5. I'm considering buying a refrigerator with a budget of up to 10k. I don't need more than 7 or 8 Q of space. (is Q = Cubic Ft/Liter?) Which brands are easiest to service or get parts for? Which brand is preferred for overall quality? I see Electrolux, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Sharp, Hitachi. Occasionally a Panasonic or Sharp. Is an inverter type compressor really that much better than a conventional compressor? From the past, the only thing I remembered was that Mitsubishi was preferred for the electric fans and air conditioners (very few problems) and Electrolux is also better quality parts. Rice cookers almost any Japanese brand will be ok. But not sure about refrigerator. edit: not sure if this was more of a general question or belonged in different sub-forum.
  6. It first got reported here: I did not want to spook anyone from not getting a PE. As @Mattd points out, these visas are targeting under 50s or even those over 50 that intend to stay in thailand for a while but don't need to have additional obligations (immediate Thai family, employment/business, school/education, retirement obligation, etc) and simply wish to philander enjoy the magic that Thailand has to offer for several consecutive months at a time. In these cases, the 5 yr / 20 yr elite visa is unique. Perhaps putting it in the tourist category was the only way they could offer 1-year-per-entry stamps without having to edit the non-immigrant rules. Here is an example of someone who had an issue with PE and attempting to obtain a yellow book: YMMV, and some offices (motor vehicle, land registration, etc.) may very well not care at all.
  7. Can you post a photo or scan of the final visa? Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. ^^ i figured it was an excuse to get a higher paying leasee in the door Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. It should be noted that TE visa is classified as a [long stay] tourist visa, NOT a non-immigrant visa. This probably wont have much impact on most members, but it is worth mentioning. A strategy worth considering might be to get non-o or o-a first, then open a couple of bank accts, buy a vehicle or at last get a yellow book, then switch to TE. I could be overreacting a bit. Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. How can you do this when the elevator is in a free fall?
  11. The facebook video link is private or unavailable. Can someone link the video that can actually be watched now?
  12. The interaction, or the feeling that one or several of the parties involved may feel from the interaction?
  13. Maat'S Guide To Living Near Chumphon Town

    ^^well, 1bed house is kind of hard to find. For that price you will get 2-3 bedrooms :). On the beach road is the exception, where the bungalows can be gotten for 5000 + electric all the way up to 20,000+/mo for a serviced bungalow. I recommend you come within the next couple of weeks as now is approaching high season at Thung Wua Laen. Especially now many schools have ended their term early or extended the midterm due to the upcoming Royal Cremation. Earlier is better.
  14. Can you upload a photo or scan of this document? Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app