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  1. Not sure how Rawai is. A friend moved there several years ago. Might be too far away from the action. Surprised physical currency exchage can be so profitible, unless you are doing large volumes. Do you suppliment with digital currencies also?
  2. You can arrange it so that the days you go to work, she must stay at her friends. When i first came to thailand (Patong)... checked into a guesthouse. Met the maid that day or the next. Asked her if she wanted a massage after her shift. Gave her a hip and thigh rub down that same afternoon. Things move very quickly in the mating dept here. Welcome to Thailand.
  3. Heads up for new photo requirement at Phuket immigration

    When you went for the annual extension of stay based on marriage, did they request any additional paperwork?
  4. a/c versus fans

    what about putting a mesh Even my fan that is used nearly 24/7 gathers dust over time of about 3-4 weeks. rinse it off and start over. I suppose you could set the A/C on a shutoff timer after 2 hours, and then a ceiling fan will take over for the remainder of the night.
  5. Casual sex is not shamed in Cambodia or most of SE Asia for that matter like it is in some of our home countries. Don't they have love huts in some villages?: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/jpy7yb/the-struggle-to-save-teen-love-huts-in-cambodia The age of consent there may lower, usually more in line with their natural ability to make intercourse or reproduce, which is usually just before or at teenage age. Flashing a few images of brothels that do not conform to your norms about sex does not automatically make it sex trafficking. More developed countries sell sex also, marriage or not: lovehuts.pdf
  6. Normally, only US nationals and green card holders can pass through the US citizen services door. An exception is made if the service requested requires the physical presence of the non-us national. Common example: report of birth abroad/minor passport, they ask for mom/dad/child's name and passport/id when making appointment. If you think your wife or other non-US national is REQUIRED to be with you for some reason, forward your reservation email to US embassy bangkok citizen services and briefly explain your situation. They are helpful. You must make an appointment for all non-emergency services (either via online the appointment calendar or via email). If you go without an appointment, they will call up and let you speak with someone to see if an exception can be made right then, but prepare to be inconvenienced.
  7. Type O Visa extension

    Add: Cost is 1900 baht extension for 60 days due to being married to a thai national.
  8. what about at Sadao and/or Padang Besar border? Particularly interested in non-immigrant O or B category visa. Although it is true that at best it is just a couple of isolated reports.....not quite pandemic.
  9. might be more flexible to get paid into UK bank account, and then have standing instructions to send funds to bkb london acct. No need to go to the bank every month and sign for anything.
  10. It seems that because technically there is an option for those that do not pay for express service (and wait the review period), then it is not a huge deal. I was surprised how many people pay it, but I suppose it's a question of how much your time is worth? It's priced just high enough to where you ask whether it's worth the hassle. I've met expats on both sides of the fence "...It's the principle..." vs "...I just wanna get on with my life..." and I respect both sides. Even tourist visa or Visa exempt extensions....do you want the full 30 days or only 7 days? I think the boss toned it down on those... [another thread]
  11. Actual experience. Depends on the immigration office and how you wish to satisfy the income requirement. If you go the 800k THB in Thai bank, they wanted copy of updated Thai bankbook (first page + updated page with ending balance >800k) bank letter verifying current balance 3+ month bank statement to verify seasoning. If you use the income affidavit that you make 65k THB/mo, you must make the trip to the embassy (usually Bangkok) to get letter and all the travel expenses that go with that (USA embassy charge $50 USD for EACH notarized document). Then you also needed some additional proof that you bring the money from outside thailand....such as copy of thai bank atm card (don't ask me.....you can block out some numbers of the card if you want) 3+ month bank statement (was unclear exactly what they wanted here, but I think it was to see wire transfer or such from overseas) possible atm receipts if they were legible. We were told twice that if a different office does things differently to go there instead. She was polite about it. After the new immigration boss came, 30 day review periods seem to be the norm for all new retirement and marriage extensions. Not clear about ED or B long-term extensions. They don't keep the passport as far as I know. You come back after the review period and they put the stamp into the passport at that point. It was trivial, but then again we were heading back to the bank anyway for the 3 month statement....so we just did the income verification letter again at the same time.
  12. It is the same in the US Embassy in Bangkok. They are notarizing your signature, not verifying the accuracy of contents of the document. Of course perjury is a serious offense.
  13. I helped a friend of mine renew his retirement extension in Chumphon (in the bus station complex on the outskirts of town). He was changing offices from a different province where he has extended for retirement for several years already. I heard all the rumors and experiences from other expats in the area, but never actually had a need to visit the local immigration office until today. From what I remember, the requirements that he had to bring in: - passport + copy - copy of departure card [yes, they expect you to still have it], the original extension of stay, the last entry he made or last extension made (I forgot) - Original thai bankbook + copies showing 800k (she asked for the original) - 3 month statement from bank showing 800k (100 baht at BkB) - separate letter from bank verifying current balance was >800k (100 baht at BkB) - copy of lease agreement - copy of landlord's id card front/back + 3 pages of Tambien baan (1 of the first page, one of the page with landlord's ID #, and a 3rd page having the number of the property matching what was on the lease), signed by landlord - 1 passport photo - 1900 application fee** My friend tried to argue that the requirements were not on the immigration website (like that was going to work). But the immigration lady was nice and even showed some other packets of other foreigners who were able to bring the required information. He had a letter already, but it had 2 bank accts on it. One of them was sufficient to show as proof. So a new letter with only 1 bank account was needed + 3 month statement. Why not use the letter that already had the correct bank acct on it? Some tips: - go early (around 08:30). Be prepared to spend about an hour if it is your first time. It might be less if you already have an extension from that office. They do have a lunch break from 12:00-13:00. Going early gives you enough time to get any copies or additional paperwork and make it back the same day or the next day. - there is a copy machine across the street in the bus station. 2 baht/copy, not sure if they do color. - There is only 1 krung thai atm; so stop by the bank beforehand. Or the PTT/7-eleven 2 km down the road should have some more atms. - The big Tesco Lotus in Chumphon Town has most of the major banks there. Or you can go a little further to Ocean Mall / Sa la daang Road, there are more branches there or in between. - They have LINE app, but not sure how often they check it. They also have phone # to call. The English is not perfect, but there is a lady there that speaks ok and seems dedicated to helping the foreigners. - keep an extra copy for yourself of everything you gave immigration. Have a plastic paper holder so that next year you are better prepared. - **1900 gets you a 30 day under consideration stamp; 30 days after current extension expires. You must come back again after 30 day under consideration to receive 1 year stamp. If you want your stamp quicker, there is an express option that will be presented to you towards the end when you are asked to pay. So total will be 1900 baht or 4900 baht, depending on your needs. In short, it is not overly difficult once you have everything. But I do understand some of the frustration that I've read here over the years. Instead of walking in and having a proper checklist for each category of extension (or the common ones anyway), they have a very generic checklist of the immigration requirements, and then they verbally give you the specifics expecting people to know exactly what they mean. I got her to write down the bank documents needed in Thai, call the landlord, and we ran to get the necessary stuff. Only 35-40km to go back home (and go back) vs 100+km one way for some of you. They had no problems admitting that if you cannot meet the requirements, to go to a different office Well, like any gov't bureacracy, it's something that you just put up with once a year (90 day reports are a lot easier).
  14. He hasn't hurt anybody yet, but he needs to be cautious of the mob mentality that can form here.
  15. New Immigration Rule???

    Yes, if you look on the wall in immigration office, there is a list of regulations. Out of area > 24 hours is an old rule that got some recent buzz. I really wouldn't lose any sleep over this micro-regulation. As long as you haven't permanently changed the address that you use for your yearly extensions, you should be fine. You guys should be busy enjoying retirement.