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  1. Coconut oil or sunflower oil. It's a more natural approach, probably cheaper, and the lubrication will last longer with less irritation. You only need a small amount 1/2 or 1 teaspoon...but of course you experiment. If you want something more "refined", you can use avocado or jojoba oil.
  2. Boy scouts for boys. Girl scouts for girls. Trans scouts for others. What's wrong with having [private] clubs where gender is a requirement for admission?
  3. 4evermaat

    Nothing to LIKE here

    It's quite orwellian how much power Facebook, Google, et al have over a significant portion of world communications. Damn.
  4. At certain borders that are primarily for border runs, they (thai side) wont stamp you out if you are not eligible. Mainly certain borders into Myanmar. So that you are not stuck in no-mans land. Other borders like Sadao/dannok you usually need to spend at least a night out. You should be fine. Sent from my ASUS_X00ID using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. The last time i was there in Penang for ME non-o visiting Thai child, it was similar paperwork. I had the original birth certificate, but not the original bankbook. But he still accepted it after an initial grilling. The tourist visas got strict there also, although not impossible. Should still be easier for SETV than Kuala Lumpur. Good to know that it was smooth. Q: is Jim doing any agent services himself? Or is everyone with Jim going to the consulate and presenting theur applications personally? Also, how long was the wait at consulate?
  6. Tear gas is pretty effective in an enclosed area. In a bus, just one canister should have been plenty to at least disorient the persons inside. 5 canisters did nothing?
  7. isn't Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc all "One China"??? The mainland ruling party seems to think so. They will go to great lengths to limit western influence in these regions.
  8. As long as they are crispy and/or very new looking with NO writing, tears, or major creases, they should accept the 2nd latest generation bills. The latest generation bills should be within about 2-6 weeks after they are issued. I agree that ultimately the location staff is the only one that can make a final determination. Or shoot them an email / facebook / line message.
  9. 4evermaat

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    Initially it is in Thai to register the phone number (thai ID + mobile phone + email) . But after you confirm the number, you are brought to the main app page. Then you have option to change the language in the upper right corner. But to report an outage, i find their english is pretty good for the PEA call center 1129. And after the first time, they record your address/location info and attaches it to your phone #. The call center seems to use caller id, so they confirm the info they already have stored for that number. It's pretty efficient
  10. 4evermaat

    Thailand's universal welfare 'at risk'

    I [email protected] should make this into a survey. Sent from my ASUS_X00ID using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. How long does the milk last like that?
  12. At first glance, it did look like a minivan. But then I saw it could be a hatchback.
  13. 4evermaat

    Top 10 scams in Thailand

    The top 10 scams type post have been done to death long before this one. Not any new or refreshing insights. Seems like #8 and 10 is trying to impose his puritanical views about sex rather than warn people of pitfalls.
  14. Actually the affidavits are identical across all consulates: the notary verifies the identity of the signor, not the contents of the affidavit. Some of the Brit consulate staff may have informally requested additional docs for certain affidavits e.g. pension/bank statements for the income affidavit as a pre-requisite to the notary. No notary has to sign any document they believe is fraudulent......but No notary really desires to get involved in verifying contents; and legally they wouldn't want to. You only verify things you witness personally, such as a signature on a piece of paper. But some Thai officials want full verification from the notary.... which is actually the job of the person's accepting the notarized docs (Thai immigration) . They'd have to contact the bank, pension provider, etc (overseas) and get authentication directly. Usually an affidavit + seeing some local Thai bankbook/statement with 40/65/400/800k for x months would be more than sufficient proof. So because some Thai officials kept bugging UK embassy about verification that was beyond their legal jurisdiction, they decided to stop notarizing the income affidavit letter altogether. A stupid, knee-jerk decision IMO, as expats may need that for numerous reasons OTHER than for Thai immigration....but not my call. In other news, other embassies that still notarize income affidavits (such as US embassy) may be willing to do so for any national. That's up to each individual consular.
  15. Fortunately its not as bad as they say in most cases during the veggie season. They should see how the (veg/non-veg) food is prepared all year round. Thais dont usually have a concept of subtlety; they pour on the chilli, salt, sugar, etc. The problem is not so much that the food contains salt/sugar/etc. But often times they will add additional salt to the final dish. Some of the pre-saulted food is designed to be diluted or blended with other foods. You dont need to add more salt on top of that.