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  1. CharlieH

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Are there ANY first hand accounts of this ? As "he said she said" etc doesnt really count for much. (No offence)
  2. CharlieH

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    WRONG ! That entirely depends on which office and personal experience.
  3. Next time your stuck indoors .......try this.......
  4. CharlieH

    Visa runs for the incapacitated

    No use comment and response to it .have been removed.
  5. CharlieH

    Blacklist removal

    Descended beyond reasonable "benefit of the doubt". CLOSED.
  6. Posts removed as per public notice.
  7. CharlieH

    Mattress topper...

    I bought one from Lazada, great, like a cloud, a little warm but lovely for about 10wks, after that, went flat, lost its shape etc, waste of time and money. Choose wisely, I'm still searching !☹ difficult to trust what your told in stores etc, get a recommendation from a personal experience would be my advice.
  8. CharlieH

    Manchester City

    Bickering removed. Stop these personal insults please. Mutual respect for differing opinions costs nothing.
  9. A number of OFF TOPIC irrelevant posts removed. Once again, if you dont state your specific I.O. then anything you state is irrelevant to this topic and will be removed.
  10. Wrong forum. Plenty of info in "hobbies" forum. Will move this to there.
  11. Posts removed. Members - attention please !! If you do not state what office you are dealing with specifically then your post is meaningless and irrelevant. Stating "they said" etc means nothing if you dont state where.
  12. CharlieH

    Chinese vs Thai nationals

    Is that because you cant "see-um" coming ? And before long they were everywhere.
  13. And thats why I live where I do !! And no I am not telling anyone, I like it the way it is and dont need anymore farangs invading the area, thank you. You need to seek your own Nirvana and when you find it, keep your mouth shut or it will disappear.
  14. Killing for the sake of killing, high body count, minimal story, max special effects. Somewhat entertaining but totally unbellevable and ridiculous mostly.