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  1. A Few Years On....

    OP: I bet you have a a big "S" under your shirt too. Self praise is no recommendation............next!
  2. They cant assume new identities either....
  3. Charlie... where has he gone? still around mate
  4. Audio unit in HRV

    Know how you feel, I couldnt get an Englush manual at all, not even on order for my Honda. Just had to sit and play with it to work out, not ideal and very disappointing in Honda.
  5. Post with links removed. 13) You will not post links to other Thailand forums, or forums which could reasonably be construed as competition to Thaivisa.com or its sponsors.
  6. Filmon.tv

    Try teatimetv.to Currently free but may change.
  7. Anything like ours Moobahn, theres the book, choose a number and sign next to it. So? tell us what it's not and that will tell us what it is
  8. Girl imprisoned by boyfriend. Need help.

    Sorry but I believe this to be a Troll post. CLOSED.
  9. I'll wager they hold waiting on favorable (for them) exchange rates. When I questioned it I would get 1 of two answers. 1. Its the rate the time the transfer is made. 2. The rate when it is deposited in the account. Whichever is better for them. The 3 day thing is just an excuse to gamble on rates. (IMHO)
  10. No issues and the letter allbeit a rip off ar £52 each year is easy to obtain by mail. As offices vary might be aswell to check with other expats at your location too.
  11. Met a girl in bkk

    Please do not post the same thing in multiple forums. CLOSED
  12. Agricultural law

    First port of call I suggest is the MooBahn. Let your wife/gf handle it.
  13. updatd

    These are questions for "forum support" not for opening threads in the Pub. Thank you CLOSED
  14. Getting Internet into my new house

    Once again demonstrating the lack of consistency anywhere. I bet you could retrace your steps and get a totally different experience next week. (TIT)