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  1. You have answered your own question because without trust you have nothing and dont kid yourself othrrwise. Might be hard but let it go.
  2. Sorry, at first glance I thought that was "trumps hair piece"
  3. Lets not get "personal" please or the entire conversation gets "binned"
  4. Insensitive post removed and response to it. I fail to see why people see the death of another as a cue to practice poor attempts at humour !
  5. Accident, if someone stood there moving and flicking a brush there wouldnt be a perfect blank spot where the wing mirror caught it and the door didnt. Thats a directional spray (IMHO)
  6. CharlieH

    Isaan women a turn-off?

    Not gonna happen !! CLOSED
  7. Sick troll comment and responses to it removed.
  8. Wait until the "fiance" is "the wife" then reconsider the question.
  9. CharlieH

    Trouble with Bangkok bank wire to Canada

    A quick call to the (sending) Bank may resolve your concerns.If they claim its all done get any reference and call the Canadian side with said references. 2 -3 banking days (dont forget to allow for time difference too) is usually the norm.
  10. Offensive post removed and responses to it.
  11. CharlieH

    Thai man, 30, dies in Phuket motorbike crash

    "Thai bashing" Post removrd and responses to it.
  12. The "arrival' is retained when you arrived.What you should have is the "deparue" clipped in your passport for an "extension of stay based on retirement"