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  1. There is a "pinned" topic with relevant info at the top of the forum. Consumer Protection Board. http://www.ocpb.go.t...?filename=index This agency deals with all retails, real estate and alike problems, including faulty products, incomplete jobs, warranty's etc.
  2. In view the issue has now been resolved. CLOSED
  3. A number of off topic and troll remarks remov.ed. Any more troll style remarks in this thread or personal attacks, will result in suspension without further warning.
  4. Post with Thai script edited to remove it. Please do not use Thai script on this forum. Thai is only acceptable in the Thai language forum. Thank you.
  5. Moving this to Bangkok forum for local knowkedge. MOVED
  6. A troll remark and response removed.
  7. As stated previously, I can move the app wherever you like, the problem is not the app its the data it contains, I have tried searching for a recognisable folder that might contain the data but no luck with that as there are hundreds and no obvious identity match. Edit// Ok I ended up just re-entering the info. Wouldve been easier to be able to move app & associated data but seems thats not possible. Thanks to those who tried to help. CLOSED.
  8. Done that doesnt work.
  9. I can move it anwhere you like, it just wont take data entered into it with it, thats the point.
  10. This has been dicussed and announced in great depth in the Audio/Visual forum.
  11. Android phone to android phone