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  1. Nice to see you active on the forum again VF. Thanks for this positive contribution.
  2. Marko I am sure you will, you may make some poor decisions or just been unlucky ,but then havnt we all, but you always bounce back mate, you always have, next time RENT and just relax and enjoy, with renting you can always cancel and walk away. You know I dont just mean the property !
  3. CharlieH

    Motorcycle insurance

    Motorcycle forum MOVED
  4. Just to point out that "visitors" are generally required to show their ID card etc to reception or staff and that's for your protection and should not be frowned upon but people should be happy about. Just a note of explanation for some readers.
  5. Stayed here a few times whilst down in Bangkok, good location, bar and Food etc on the ground floor. http://www.ruamchitt.com/en/ No idea about the last line of your post.
  6. I must be getting old as they all look like they should be in school, but not as the teachers !
  7. CharlieH

    Kenya Hotel Attack - DusitD2

    Not Thailand related CLOSED
  8. CharlieH

    Have you tried Jucing to loose weight

    It can be, but you do have to prioritise it, if its important you will adjust accordingly and make the time for it, if you cant, frankly its not a priority and there is a problem right there, dont make excuses, make a plan and make it happen. Its all about attitude in the first steps, in my opinion. You gotaa want it, be focussed and determined, the reward is in the results, and it really is worth it in so many ways.
  9. CharlieH

    Have you tried Jucing to loose weight

    IMHO you have to start with your diet, take out the crap, or reduce it one by one to illiminate it from your diet. Try to increase your physical activity, brisk walks are a good start if you are not a "sporty" type. Weight and exercise machines can help if you are properly shown the best routine for you and you have the discipline to keep at it. I lost 14kg so far, still got another 7 to go to get to where I want but its taken me a year to get there. I now enjoy a good circuit walk every other day of 8-10km and now introducing an hour of weight training twice a week. It becomes a habot and I was surprised I actually started enjoying it after a while and now I get cranky if I dont go on my exercise walks, its amazing how different you feel, but you gotta have the discipline and determination to make it hapen. There is no magic bullet or substance, its bloody hard work but does become easier the more you absorb it into your daily life routine. Good luck
  10. Well, I think thats enogh of that racist rant. CLOSED.
  11. CharlieH

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    Yes, and probably all based on experience and what we see on this forum year in year out. The 15yr is admirable and I know some who thought the same at that time but it all went "tits up" as you put it in year 17 and later. Its your money your decision, you asked for feedback and its been given, the way to make a small fortune in Thailand is start with a large one. I seriously doubt it will work.
  12. CharlieH

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    Do the Maths, what it will cost to build, what you could realistically get in rent, frequency and duration. Balance that against what you could get if you invested the money for 20yrs. Also, if your health or your relationship goes sour you can walk away with the money. The alternative is you got nothing. Bottom line, dont spend/invest any more than you are prepared to walk away from. Just an opinion.
  13. CharlieH

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Reported post removed.
  14. CharlieH

    Posting To Australia Large Item Help !

    There is a pinned topic at the top of this forum with useful Thai Post Office information, including contact details to get the info you need "from the horses mouth" both telephone and email address. From the Thai post website: https://www.thailandpost.co.th/un/article_detail/product/548/61 Terms and conditions Weight (total weight) weighing from 20-200 kgs./item Maximum dimensions (Width x Length x Height) Not over 150 x 150 x 200 cm.
  15. CharlieH

    Why can't I find Box Fans in Asia?

    How are you going to do the filter ?