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  1. Are those alumni educated in islamic studies and nothing else?
  2. Be wary, Chiang Mai is in an earthquake zone.
  3. Just give the motorcyclist 500baht and forget the incident.
  4. How much was in that brown envelope i wonder...
  5. Unfortunately some types culture do not teach manners nor shame. Throwing tantrums like that is unacceptable in public especially on a plane. But she have to keep in mind muslim men are allowed 4 wives.
  6. That one on the right of the photo looks like a pumpkin.
  7. Ever since this junta grabbed power they have been trying to be the moral police. They might as well make the hostesses wear a burqa for the month.
  8. Probably was part of the settlement agreement whereby they give her time to find somewhere to go.
  9. You can't blame them if you witnessed what happened in the south.
  10. Cannot rule out the possibility of sabotage as well if one were to look at its history.
  11. Panthongtae Shinawatra faces legal action

    I am waiting for the junta to charge them for using the Shinawatra surname.
  12. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    If she was charged, them prayut would have been next for the latest flooding, lol...