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  1. Cannot rule out the possibility of sabotage as well if one were to look at its history.
  2. Panthongtae Shinawatra faces legal action

    I am waiting for the junta to charge them for using the Shinawatra surname.
  3. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    If she was charged, them prayut would have been next for the latest flooding, lol...
  4. Bullies without balls, thats why they need to be in a gang. They wont have the guts to fight alone.
  5. "untouchable" as in protected by P....?
  6. Clue emerges about Yingluck’s escape route

    I bet Thaksin an Yingluck are laughing at these fellas and until they come up with solid proof, she won't surface. That is also to protect those that helped her escape. The longer it takes the easier for them to erase their trail. And I find it hard to believe that she did not change cars on the way to the border.
  7. It has yet to show proof that it is a religion of peace as some claimed.
  8. The crux of the matter is that if you have a gang of people making demands and attacking your people and police stations, what would you do? I will flatten them all. These people do not assimilate nor blend into the burmese society, they keep to their own community, how the hell do you expect the Burmese government to accept them especially now that they are infiltrated by terrorists.
  9. Comparing Prayut and Thaksin ‘not appropriate’

    One is worshipped by the people, look at the scene when he returned to Thailand. The other thinks he is god, if the earth to opens up and take him I bet there would be dancing in the streets.
  10. Clue emerges about Yingluck’s escape route

    Better close down the whole junta government and get them all to search for clues on how she left the country.
  11. Does this mean that we can fill our pockets with 100baht notes and walk around with a sword?
  12. It would not surprise me if they are paying Taksin and Yingluck to stay away...
  13. NACC not to appeal 3 crackdown verdicts

    So the crackdown was violent? What about the yellow shirts bringing the country to a halt and looting parliament and the international airport? In any other country they would have been shot and teargassed. But not in elite Thailand where the police and army only standby and watched.
  14. Defiance after Abhisit reprieve

    And the snake show continues....
  15. The story is getting clearer, its yellow vs red again.