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  1. khounteen

    Net idol DJ Katoy netted in Pattaya club raid

    Err, I think their test strip was too sensitive like those that the Malaysian police used on that ruling party politician..
  2. Joke of the century. The thais prefer water guns that are weaker than their P...
  3. They were gung-ho in demolishing everything illegal without considering the losses to the people, now they appeal to keep this due to the large amount spent. I guess if the case goes to the court of appeals...
  4. Luckily he does not have the ambition to become a living god.
  5. This dr sanchai fella seems like he is trying to protect the red swift driver. Possibly related to some vip??
  6. I would say lock up this fella for a few weeks to show the others and you will see how fast they move away next time.
  7. Why should Abhisit support someone who overthrew a democratically elected government and have himself elected a pm in a non contested election?
  8. khounteen

    Pattaya to Korat by bike

    You may save some time then as you would not need to stop for food.
  9. If his passport was revoked how did he travel from Switzerland?
  10. Lol, serves them right for talking like the taliban
  11. Braces are at the side of your teeth, how can your thing get entangled into such a small gap? Even hairs are hard to get into the small gap.
  12. Theory and practical are 2 different things, look at malaysia who implemented the points system and the way they drive there, nothing changed. I would nit expecthe thais to change their behaviour as well.
  13. France and Europe is in sh*t due to them taking in many of these rubbish. Instead of building up a new life and thankful to their host country, they go around creating havoc and trying to make their host country to kneel to their demands.
  14. He is probably on the run from the law in his own country.