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  1. HampiK

    Toyota GPS

    I recomment you install "google search" on your car. Then you can search the location with that and then transfer the location to the Onboard Navigation. I also had my problems somtimes to find the desired location, especially when you only have a name of a spot and not the exact location with street name. With the google search app (you need internet, this I do with WiFi sharing from my phone) so I can use the google engine to find the place I want.. and then the app give the coordinates to the Navigation onboard system. This works always. Bye the Way, even when searching with thai letters I not always can find the place, if I only have the name of the spot. So I don't think it's a problem of poor translation as more of the onboard navi not have that many places availabe.
  2. i also would recommend for a Extension, except they want to go out of Country for have looking something else like ankor wat.... So far i understand, it is correct the 60 days.