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  1. Beer Leo on tap in CM

    Beer logos according to the latest laws, enforced by the current administration, is illegal.No logos of beer brands should be shown including beer coasters which have disappeared. 2 weeks ago my wife and I enjoyed a beer at Big C Mae Hia food court.The Leo logo,on our draught beer mugs, had been covered by black electrical tape. Without it we may have slipped into a bout of uncontrolled consumption. You really have to have a laugh
  2. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    Cost of living in Australia has skyrocketed in recent years.Rental for an average home/apartment is around $1600 a month which would eat up any future aged pension.Obviously different scenario if you own a house but utility bills, especially power, have increased dramatically .My daughter and her partner live in a small cottage ($1600 a month rent paid by their employer) working in a Blue Mountains GH . Their electricity bill for 3 months was $900 (22,000 b approx) and that's without any air con and no electricity for heating. Friends recently returned to Australia after 3 mths away to find a 5,000 b bill for water even none had been used .On enquring why the reason given was that was for providing the service not usage. That's Australia today, once one of the cheapest countries in the world .Sydney now rates in the top 5 of most expensive cities in the world to live. 40,000 baht month providing you own a home /apartment is quite doable in Thailand. Health Insurance for retirees is the elephant in the room once you reach 70 years of age
  3. 90-days-report problems again

    In 10 years of reporting by mail only once has the receipt not been posted back to me within 5 working days. On that occasion,after 7 working days, with time up my sleeve, I went to the then office at the airport where a girl was alone processing a bundle of mail ins. Showed her my pasport and photocopy of paperwork I had posted and she found it half way down the pile ,it was just a log jam. She processed it on the spot which took all of 5 minutes.Quite a small price to pay one time out of at least 30 + mail ins. Mail EMS or Registered in, 3 baht SAE return.
  4. If you are visibly ill ,before you board, many airlines will not let you get board as you become their responsibility.Many years ago I was sitting next to a rather overweight young lady who suffered breathing problems mid flight,she said due to anxiety.She had to sign a disclaimer,presented by the flight attendant, deleting any responsibilty for the company if she went into a coma or whatever.
  5. I am 75 with pre existing conditionjs, 2 mild strokes 5 yrs ago ,hypertension now under control through exercise. Pray tell me who would give me health insurance. ? My home country Australia kicked me out of the Medicare system years ago even after paying tax for 44 years and doing countless 1000's of hours of community activity No I dont have savings for any major surgery.Many of us life has been a hurdle race,messy divorce and in my case losing a resort,my life savings, through a typhoon in another country when the previously supposedly reputable insurance company did a runner. Alll well to say I should have been better prepared,hindsight is wonderful thing but doesnt allow for the unseeable
  6. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    Perhaps if you read the City Life archived interview with CM Imm you might be able offer a more substantial response but I realise that might be a step to far for you. As for me mentioning the logical step to reduce 90 day reporting queues that is not complaining its a positive step forward for those who choose not to use Agents but dont have a clue that the mail in option is available.
  7. Been using that address (post above) including the 71 Moo 3 for as long as I can remember. Some people use Promenada's address and I guess that works too but that will come to an end shortly
  8. Maybe its some sort of revenue income incentive.I too am in CM and recently was at Imm where a Dutch guy got pinged for not reporting ,been at the same address for 30 years,only been back to Holland twice in all that time. Nothing to do with bad guys out ,they dont go anywhere neat any Imm office
  9. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    No 2 days are the same,dont put your house on how many will arrive on the day you choose. Thats why the online appointment option(excluding 90 days) was so beneficial,albeit from memory only 20 spots available That got diced of course,seemingly never to return, driving many people to Agents. Doing away with the passport bar code, resulting in abscence of countless photocopies, also down the gurgler with online 90 day reporting not working for many. I use the post for 90 day,always have, but I'm guessing the hordes that turn up to do it at Promenada, clogging up the place, most would not even know the mail in is an option.A simple sign or flyer at the desk would correct that. I just read, while having a coffee out yesterday, City Life's interview,dated October 16 2016 ,with one of the top CM Imm guys with all sorts of promises for improving the system. Has anything really changed apart from creating a lot of business for Agents ? Well currently parking for cars and access but that will be reversed once the move is made back to the airport address. You would be well advised to try not to be doing business that week or how ever long it takes to move it all back.
  10. Yes of course they do but why go through that process and pay the laywer when you can just have your wifes name tied in on that account and she can withdraw at her leisure. We have wills but only because we might both be in an accident resulting in both dead ,then a close friend will process the will to the beneficiaries which are my children and her sister,alll have copies of the registered will. I frankly forget about the 800,000b ,over 12 mths its about 1.5% interest and tax taken out is reclaimed through my tax card. That amounted this year to about 8,000 b from memory,tax 1,800 baht
  11. Thats is what I did some years back,my wife is a signatory to the account but its not shown.All we had to do was sign another form to confirm our wishes. If I fall off the perch she can take the death certificate to the bank present the passbook and withdraw the 800,000 b.
  12. Prawit ‘close to resigning’ amid scandal

    Tragic loss for the country,man of great vision and sense of style,he will be greatly missed
  13. A few of us long timers have been hit with the 1600 baht fine even at the time leaving the country and returning there was no TM 30 requirement.But the classic was when doing my last extension a man,sitting next to me,originally from Holland was fined. He had returned from Holland and got caught when doing his annual extension.He told me he has lived at the same address in CM for 27 years,only returning to his home country twice in that time. 27 years of 90 day reports at the same address,priceless.
  14. You did well especially having all copies of all pages of passport with you, which I had never done before, and still dont have a clue why they are needed,neither do they.I got there at 9.15 am and confusion where I should go eventually up in room 2,out by 12 noon. Of course next year,all being well ,it will be at the new office,whole new ball game.
  15. Maybe the new building is for the Agents and the Imm Officers will operate from marquees in the car park