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  1. Residence Certificates - Chiang Mai

    Just a walk down memory lane. A couple of years back,before I woke up to myself and got a yellow book ,I needed a residency certificate and went to the old building then opp Promenda.It was around lunchtime and the pleasant young guy, who now works for GT 4, said he could do it while I waited. He sat at the computer and it took him all of 3 minutes to insert my name and address on the template and print it out , and it was free. Fast forward 2-3 years the same certificate costs 500 baht and takes 24 hours requiring obviously another trip to Promenda to collect. One would think that for 500 baht for 3 minutes work it could be done while you wait or are my expectations unrealistic
  2. Yellow Book at Hang Dong Amphur

    Most likely, never heard of a Letter of Guarantee,pity you didnt get confirmation at the time. You know how the goal post keep moving but a residence letter has always been top of the list.
  3. Rain

    Thought it would never arrive,been watering the garden for the last 3 weeks,so very little run off in Hang Dong. Our dam photograhers seem to have gone AWOL.Be nice to see some shots. All dams/catchments only half full as has been reported by some media
  4. I note on my yearly calendar and then send it between 15 to 12 days remaining.Its 99% back within 4 working days.5 mins to the PO office for me as against a 30 min drive to Promenada. I've done both EMS and Registered there and back, max 50 baht. Theres some misconception, among some, that you send you passport, well you dont EVER as the pinned topic above explains
  5. Footy on the Telly

    Apologies the service is provided from the IPM company, the game through ITPV.Its basically a service designed for Thais vis satellite .You buy the box and the dish for around 2,500b and then no payments.We have had it on our second set for about 4 years.My wife is a bit of a Thai news junkie it suits her. I occasionally see CNN shows on it and they apparently get the rights for some of the bigger football games.They text on her phone well beforehand when matches are being shown.The Chelsea/Burnley game was in HD with a choice of English or Thai commentary with the HT round up done by 3 Thai guys... while I make a cuppa.
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    A fair analysis of the game which for the neutral was very entertaining.Burnley for the last 10 minutes were in panic mode, there for the taking. Couple of points ; At the back end of last season players/managers were well aware that a studs up challenge was most likely a red card.I dont necessarily agree if you make contact with the ball first but Gary Cahill knew the moment he mistimed and clattered the other players shin he was on his way.In his mind and his body language ,the arm band was coming off at the same time as the the card was being reached for. Fabregas never changes, always the petulant child, sarcastically clapping the referee is an automatic yellow, as he well knows, and then a stupid, frustrated, mistimed lunge from a player who has never learned to tackle.When things dont go his way he is a liability Luiz was in the referees face all match when a cool head, as a leader, was needed as were other players.Players have also been told this is not on ie to surround the referee mouthing off. I dont understand Conte's thought processes ,You pay a lot of money for a player and then use the excuse ,he's not match fit ,just had a holiday ,got married what total BS.If you are only going to play him for 30 minutes which is ridiculous as he is fit and ready to go why not from the start ? That encounter was made for Costa, yes a nut case but if he had been on the pitch instead of having a Conte enforced holiday you may have had 3 points and finally selling Mr Cool, Matic was a master stroke of miscalculation. Simple matter of beating Spurs next week to right the ship,good luck with that
  7. I dont consider myself smarter than other people because I have been doing 90 day reporting by mail for 17 years without a problem. I just have better things to do with my meagre savings than give it a to an agent or trekking out to Promenada. You are just basing your opinion on one isolated incident and others are paranoid about using what I have always found to be a very efficient Government department. We all have choices nothing about feeling superior
  8. Footy on the Telly

    Thank you for that link,just came across it.I am totally unfamiliar with the Sky network.I'm the new kid on the block in that regard and the history of no 3pm games plus with the current state of my cataracts I had to scroll through a few times until I found it. 10 mins in, on Pulse, it switched to a pundits talk show but was soon back on track. HT .....Carragher....... with no sub titles? My lovely wife has just told me the Chelsea/Burnley game is on IPM,her TV, a message came through on her phone,how good is that ? and IPM is free
  9. I buy stuff there all the time.Not sure a plastic dish or a roll of duct tape is going to do me too much harm.Common sense would tell you not to buy electrical products wouldnt it ?
  10. Footy on the Telly

    +1................. most constructive thread ever. I have Pulse and Sky have re arranged their sports programs and I have no idea what to expect this first weekend. I understand the 3pm saturday games will not be shown live on SKY ,maybe they will be repeated ? So Wilai we will very much be hoping you can guide us through the darkness and we will eventually have some sort of pattern emerge.
  11. Sorry I have no idea. Maybe someone here can help or you can call them.That still does not guarantee anything as sometimes it depends on the mood and knowledge of the officer
  12. At 2,30 pm today CM Airport looked nothing like the picture or rating I can assue you. From the vehicle entrance it took 10 mins to get to the "International" security check in to drop our friend off it had over a dozen people,spilling onto the road waiting to get bags checked. After saying good bye it took us another 10 minutes to get out the other gate.The footpath was shoulder to shoulder with those trying to get transport, vans,taxis and private cars double parked trying to find their customers/friends and a few guys blowing whistles. They cant seriously believe the life span of this airport is another 10 years and I know there are plans to expand facilities but this is low season for heaven sakes.Parking about 10 spots left of you were quick
  13. It was 24 hours, now 7 days .Don't you love how the goal posts keep moving.
  14. Arsenal

    Yes they did.I don't go along with this game being a "friendly" and the result doesn't really matter. Any player worth his salt doesn't want to lose especially against cross town rivals and managers ego's also come into play. Wenger badly needed a win to consolidate why he is still there.Tackles were flying in ,yellows being shown and that tired tackle from Pedro was a potential bad archiles injury for the recipient. I didn't sense anything "friendly" about it at all.In fact I enjoyed the tenacity of it and Arsenal look to have some depth in their squad,Chelsea didn't.
  15. pulsetv.net

    In the current climate of uncertainty "Be happy for what you get" is my motto