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  1. Sparkles

    VAR catastrophe

    Well only your opinion, as you are entitled to, but if you calculated the number of football pundits, who are paid for their knowledge and unbiased opinions it resulted in a very mixed reaction. Risden the defender made a very slight touch on the ball .Once sliding on his back he had no control over the direction his legs would take. Griezman made contact with the trailing leg causing him to go to ground.Risden confirmed post match he made a slight contact with the ball. The referee was in an excellent position to make a judgement resulting in him playing on.We don't know whether he got a message through his earphone to look at the VAR.To be a penalty the referee must be 100% sure, the VAR apparently convinced him .I dont have a problem with that if he didnt have a clear view of the incident at the time but he did. As Jellydog pointed out the foul on Pavon in the Iceland game was not even reviewed so we get back to inconsistency which VAR was suposed to solve. Australia, a team that is regarded with some scorn by many, deserved a point .France were poor IMO. The CB's for Australia were outstanding,Mooy was voted by many as MOM.I know the 10,000 Australians that made the trip were pretty shattered but would be very proud of their teams effort.
  2. Foreigners, the main consumers of wine are an easy target.Casks have almost disappeared from Rimping ,Tesco etc. The stupidity really is that Thailand could have a great wine industry employing 1,000's but they can't see the wood for the trees. I know those,experinced Aus wine growers, who have tried to do joint ventures,spent a lot of money coming here,presentations ,meetings etc and at the end of the day were told "we know what we are doing" yes making krap fruit wines full of sugar.
  3. Sparkles

    Neurosurgeon in Chiang Mai

    Hammies require rest and physiotherapy.May not require surgery a scan should indicate if required.Never been able to find a physio in CM that knows anything about typical sports injuries.Painkillers wont help, just mask the pain. Very debillating injury had a few in a past life playing football
  4. Sparkles

    Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Believe its now required,did read somewhere. Dr Morgans is just down the road or whatever suits
  5. Sparkles

    Toe nail removal, where perfectly done?

    Searching for photos of me castrating young calves on the farm.Still feel the guilt
  6. Sparkles

    Satellite TV

    I would by pass TRUE ,your attempt to get some information and being ignored is nothing new."True Customer Service" is an oxy moron. If you go the Audio ,Television etc, etc forum on Thai Visa you will see that better alternatives and programming are available. Really depends on what programs you want to watch. Android boxes can be purchased online from Lazada at very good prices.All on their web site
  7. Sparkles

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    I guess if you restricted yourself to dining at only one of the Dukes chain that statement could well be true. However times have changed in CM.Competition has hotted up to a point where you can discover new culinary treats that leave the Dukes chain for dead unless you are wearing blinkers. Oh and most dont have the "add ons" surprises when you get the bill.
  8. Its yet another 'sinister' development for Chiang Mai. The conditions now set to be legal in having a GH/small hotel are impossible to meet."Green space" and "Parking" in Thepae Rd ???? Yesterday I was driving my car in and around the old city most of the day.I went through 3 road blocks pulling over motor cyclists and judging by the numbered helmets many were tourists.Not long ago a friend who has been coming to CM for decades was pulled over 3 times in one day. Needless to say he now doesnt have CM on his priority travel list. What other major area has road blocks ? The chaotic situation at Immigration with people being basically forced to go the agent route or hire a "line sitter," what other province suffers this ??? The re discovery of the TM 30 law dusted only off to create income The buildings on Doi Suthep for the judiciary only stopped on completion ,there's more to come on this issue.I doubt they will be removed, why was that not stopped prior to construction ? The ongoing crackdown on bars and restaurants closing times ,totally repressive to a tourism industry that without the Chinese would be on its knees. Does anyone else get the feeling that there's an agenda for CM ?
  9. Sparkles

    Manchester United

    +Another. Axel Tuanzebe (20) another Academy player who played last season on loan at Aston Villa.The best game he had during the season was at right back. If my contact is right Darmian is in negotiation with Inter and Blind is also looking to move back to Europe but still far too many and too many young players not getting enough games. You dont get better sitting on the bench or in the stands.
  10. Sparkles

    Wine cask prices...

    Just a cash cow for the Gov.They are well aware that foreigners are the primary buyers so who better to target ? If they put the money into creating a "real wine" industry which would be very labour intensive and create jobs that might be an 'excuse' but its just a cash grab. I have a friend back in Australia, who being in the wine industry his whole life, was very keen to do a joint venture with a Thai company to produce a moderately priced quality wine ,after 12 mths of not even getting to first base he gave up.He was told by those he spoke to "we know what we are doing ? ....really ????
  11. Fake degrees,International driving licences,student cards, have been available from Khaoson Rd, Bangkok since time began
  12. The last thing Prayut wants is Yingluck back in the country ,same thing goes for Thaksin. Out of sight is partly out of mind for the masses who adore them. Can you imagine the 1000's that would be at the airport if she did come back and of course the obligatory kissing the bitumen ?
  13. Sparkles

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Got me into the Hot Springs National Pk, at Fang for 50 baht instead of 500 baht, so aready having a cost of obtaining it at 6O baht, I'm well ahead. Have used at Resorts for check in.Its a novelty. Majority of Thais have never seen it or been aware of .Obviously the rulers didnt explain to Thais what they were doing issuing it. It also has my blood group and finger prints for ID in case of an accident. Of course if you change address you start the process of getting one over again.
  14. Well you never originally made the observation that you were going to help a fragile person when I indicated that waiting times for others were pure speculation. I used the priority lane last January.The interns downstairs were rather confused but finally found me a washed out photocopy form whch I filled in and after being directed to the wrong place twice I finished up in thre TM 30 room.The questions asked were just standard stuff name ,address ,phone no, reason for using the priority lane, ie age. Took around 2 hours to get processed but sure beats an early start and/or hiring an agent/line sittter. Whether this service is stil available I have no idea. If there's is a new man at the top things do tend to change. Perhaps a phone call or vist will get some clarification