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  1. "Silk" Boxer Shorts

    I have a couple of pairs you can have,had them for years still quite new I think Worrowot Market would be your best option maybe upstairs in the rabbit warren of shops not necessarily on the street.
  2. pulsetv.net

    Sometimes the audio is out of sync.Using a wireless mouse and "pausing" picture and re starting can help.Snow is causing some problems but at least its on their "news" page unlike True whose service people offered no help or advice
  3. Poster of the Year -Dave2?

    +2 ..........Sadly missed not only for his imput but his helpfull,friendly attitude to fellow members
  4. Can imagine your frustration but to be honest you really didnt have a chance.Not married and if GF did not have a job or some real estate very predictable.Of course they should advise you this at intervew/submission time but they never do.Money for jam. You cant convince them,they are totally inflexible Some of the requirements are plain stupid .My Thai wife of 13 years has been 4 times to Oz but our latest application,which was successful, they insisted on a photo copy of her Bangkok Bank savings acccount even I was the sponsor,.This meant a trip back to our house and host of photo copies and the balance on each page never exceeded 25,000 baht.Not sure that would take you far in Oz or here for that matter.When I asked why ?it was met with a blank look Fees for permanent settlement in Australia for both of us ,if we wanted it, and letters re income etc from our embassy etc have sky rocketed and will continue to rise IMO
  5. pulsetv.net

    Chat function fixed my no program guide in a few minutes ,just had to re boot the app.I'm a slow, age related, learner having help on line is a big plus
  6. Maya intersection

    Approved plans ? can you provide a link ?
  7. Maya intersection

    For danger the road crossings around Airport Plaza must be in the top 3. That's 6 lanes where you must do an imitation of Usain Bolt to get across. Obviously as part of the building approval safe pedestrian access should have been part of the approval......ho hum. The faded pedestian crossings on Hang Dong Rd are ignored and if like us you do pull up to let someone across you risk being shunted up the backside,the concept of being courteous and lawful just doesn't wash.
  8. pulsetv.net

    Didnt think anyone would notice ....With systems like Pulse you are always going to get minor problems.Their chat function has been very helpful over the 9 mths I have been with them. Today there was no program guide on sports channels ,annoying but I can live with that
  9. The Geriatric Hospital on Hang Dong Rd is real sleeper.Recommended by our GP Dr Morgan,whose clinic is opposite, we went to have a look see. That must be 2 years ago when they first opened and we were given a list of Drs attending. Its naturally a very modern, underused facility judging by the empty car parking spots at the front When I asked the receptionist about when a web site would be available,listing practioners ,days, etc I got the standard "coming soon" reply. Did a search recently and there appears to be only a fb site,totally inadequate Will try to call in and get an update. Take no notice of the "Geriatric" label as Nancy L says its for 40+ which would cover a great number of residents, especially convenient for those living on the south side of the city
  10. cost of living Chaing Mai/provinces

    In Mooban Banwangtan,Hang Dong we water most days apart from rainy season ,every day in hot season,sometimes twice a day. Water bill from the village has never exceeded 140 baht, for the month, in 11 years .In winter 100-120 baht. 2 people, long cycle washing machine.95% of meals at home. Min 4 showers in summer per day, and you know how long it takes a Thai lady to wash her long hair Presuming water comes from the same source, under Gov control, the price fluctuation is questionable but no complaints from us
  11. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Please lets not all tar Thai women with the same brush. having said that long distance relationship rarely work no matter what the nationality. I never understand why anyone would any to hook up on a dating site unless they were in the same country, at the same time I have a friend who got caught up in a scam and only because his girlfriend ,who he was sending money too for a hairdressing course emailed him by mistake it was meant for boyfriend B. My warning to him that long distance relationships rarely work , was ignored I used to teach mature age students in Bangkok,mostly young women 21-30 ,and it was quite common for some of them to have 2 on the go at once. They expected me to correct their emails and when I refused and gave then a verbal volley they were quite bemused. Some students,who still keep in touch, have long and mutually rewarding relationships so not all are bad but to the OP move on, your chance of a trusting relationship now is practically zero
  12. You dont have to roll your sleeves up to get blood pressure checked,you chose to.I don't. Maybe you havent noticed that many women cover their arms to avoid the sun. Her head is not completely covered. I dont make eye contact when a nurse is taking my blood pressure or blood either,maybe I am a criminal in your eyes. The amateur detectives are coming out of the woodwork.
  13. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Yes how ? Improved service at CM Imm relates to more staff not a new building with limited parking. At the risk of repeating myself,as I have said for years, it requires more staff requiring only a Batchelor Degree, some training, an understanding of English and basic clerical skills.Many Thai people would kill for job there.5 days a week, loads of public/annual holidays and a retirement package Until there is the will from the decision makers to improve services by bulking up staff numbers nothing will change. I am happy to continue to DYI but when I see new arrivals non plussed by the process and the horror stories, or people who are incapacitated or busy in their jobs and having to turn to "Agents" its a sad state of affairs.
  14. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    Never heard of any PO not issuing an EMS or registered receipt and we get regular boxes of farm goodies from my wifes family outside in the boon docks of Pichit and Petchabun, next day delivery,sent EMS or registered and they get receipts. Never had a problem with Thai PO services myself over 17 yrs
  15. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    New fees.... poster PFV listed on G4T Promenade Chiang Mai thread.