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  1. Sparkles

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    A bit of trivia but an indication of how poorly Mourinho managed Rashford and Martial during his time. I think most would agree they are the 2 players most blessed with speed and potential goal scorers. Well they only started, in the run on team, 15 times out of 93 games. During Pogba's post match comments on Sky v Spurs he was asked what's changed ? and not mentioning the former manager he said "players are enjoying the team structure and the attacking intent and in fact in Dubai they had practiced the move that created the goal knowing the Spurs FB likes to get up field".If Pogba made that pass a 100 times in practice he couldnt have played a better ball.He also mentioned as a defensive midfielder he was not up to scratch. For the goal Lloris maybe could have done better,not the keeper he was IMO. Pogba has also become a Dad.SAF used to like that more chance of players not falling out of nightclubs in the early hours of the morning.
  2. Sparkles

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    The team wasn't different from before ???? are you serious ? poor memory, didn't watch past games or just dont understand ? Let me give you some examples . (a) Lukaku was an untouchable ie had to play every game.Yesterday he was on the bench.Rashford is thriving on that OGS decision (b) He played Mc Tominay as centre back a position he's obviously not suited to. (c) Publically humiliated Shaw and others.Something you never do if you want a united confident dressing room. (d) Didnt allow Lindelof on the rare occasions he was selected to play his natural game ,now playing full of confidence and ability without a leg rope on. (e) Put Martial & Pogba ,2 of Uniteds most creative players on the bench against Liverpool,that was pure spite from Mourinho and akin to sabotaging the teams chances .In fact Pogba one of the competitions most creative players sat for 4 games on the bench. If you cant man manage players with his quirks you shouldnt be coaching. Anyone who has played or coached at a reasonable level would know the actions of Mourinho were all about him not the welfare of the team.Selections just simply did not make sense and his negative attitude put a wet blanket on the whole squad.Players wondering am I the next one to cop the managers trearment The players didnt down tools they were playing in an atmosehere that was totally foreign to expressing themselves on the pitch. Anyone whose played with a coach with Mourinho's attitude will know what i'm talking about.The last 6 games havent been about luck they have been about putting the best players in their correct postions and with a positive game plan Mourinho will go down as dark stain on the clubs history and as Sir Bobby Charlton said on MUTV prior to Mourinho's appointment "I dont think Jose Mourinho is right for Manchester United" What a pity those upstairs didnt listen. Its probably too late to save their season but the "wait till United play a decent team" can now hopefully be put to bed
  3. Sparkles

    Car valet

    Car wash places springing up everywhere.For those living south of the city Hang Dong Rd 1 km south Makro ,other side, 99 baht wash and vacuum. We bought a book of 10 vouchers for 1,000 baht, covers wash and vacuum, from Car Spa near Nics Restaurant on road that goes through from Hang Dong Rd to Canal Road and the Night Safari. Coffee shop next door while you wait decent food and wi fi. Wow on Canal Rd near and opp Mae Hia market So if you paying more than 100 baht you're probably paying too much