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  1. Yes and all in different directions. Its normal practice in most countries to make a "Development Application before you begin construction and operation. Go along Samoeng Rd from the Hang Dong Rd for a few kms and there is a massive development on the left hand side up a very steep,narrow road. I watched this being built in amazement when a friend, who works close by, said it was illegal,built on forestery land. We are talking about zillions of baht spent which may now be reduced to rubble unles an "ageement" can be found. I guess a zipline is easily transferable to yet another site
  2. Manchester United

    Shaw had another 90 mins in the reserves last Monday, I think it was, and this weekend is the perfect time to give him a run and, if not it would appear he's not wanted by Mourinho. Lindelof showed better form last night although he's another one thats hardly been seen. Young striker James Wilson hopefully will go out on loan in January another young casualty coming back after months of rehabilitation. One of my close friends, now a retired physio, still belives young players, that are still in a growth spurt, are victims of too much stress on their bodies before the body is stable.He quotes Danny Wellbeck as the perfect example.I think he may well be right.I well remember Michael Owen saying the same thing.too many games, too quickly in his case
  3. Manchester United

    Mourinho has been playing these mind games for season after season.For real football followers surely everyone has woken up to it by now. For journos they have to fill space and Mourinho is simple a great source of copy for them.No one seems to talk about the games its alll about whats happening off the field. Dead boring, poor journalism from some
  4. Thailand's history of finding people isn't that great is it ? You would need several pages to list those who have departed. Probably crossing the Cambodian border right now ,the usual EXIT point
  5. Flooding Baan Sala to Hangdong Road

    Isnt that why the Canal Rd has a canal running down it to collect run off from the mountains? 100 mm is not monumental, hard to believe it caused 1 metre + flooding. in basically one area.We may never be officially told
  6. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Can't say the photos of the breakfast shown would encourage me to try it but we all have different tastes and the decor ,Elvis, Red Phone Box is so old hat. I'm, sure some one with real creative flair could have done better . So many breakfast options from Mae Hia south.Starting at Pancake House at Mae Hia market, Yummy,Kwan's Kitchen all excellent then still on Canal Rd take a left and there are at least 15 coffeen shop/cafes through to Hang Dong Rd including Danisa ,Im, Bon Marche,Origin and many more whose names escape me,not all do tradional breakfasts obviously.Absolutely no need to drive into the city and an old favourite Hide Away cafe is still tucked away off Hang Dong Rd south of Airport Plaza loads of breakfast options on the menu. I wish them well.Being in the food buisness, and not on the tourist route, makes it difficult to build a customer base based on locals .Its not about the numbers trying it now its more about the ones that will go back,that's the key.
  7. Flooding Baan Sala to Hangdong Road

    Amost guaranteed that a major breach in some water storage area has broken.No way is that from just current rainfall. I guess we will get updates as to source
  8. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    You may need to explain ... too many Chiefs, ie bosses,Indians ie staff. Actually some real,authentic Indian food could go well there. CM appears to be burgers ,burgers and more burgers ,burger capital of the world thats before we get to Pizzas
  9. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    You may need to explain ... too many Chiefs, ie bosses,Indians ie staff. Actually some real,authentic Indian food could go well there. CM appears to be burgers ,burgers and more burgers ,burger capital of the world thats before we get to Pizzas
  10. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Today my Thai wife had to go from a one year car licence to the 5 .Got the medical certificate,which was required,70 b, from Dr Morgan's Clinic just down the road. Dropped her off at 1.30 pm expecting to pick her up 2-3 hours later.Was home in 10 mins and got the call 5 mins later to pick her up.She only had to do the colour blind test,no video,505 baht, out the door.Actually got 6 years as renewal a few days overdue, Afternoons the time to go.Very quick & efficient
  11. Hotel on BTS in BKK

    There has to be 100's of travel and hotel web sites with reviews of hotels along Sukumvit easiliy within that price range.Presuming you are not go to sleep 24/7 and need to get out maybe have a look around the Emporium Shopping Centre.Plenty of quality shops ,food courts etc.BTS station within walking distance
  12. Yellow Book at Amphur Hang Dong - how long?

    Never had had to to any of that, residence letter from Imm,passport,Details of my parents in Thai(been deceased for 20 yrs, very important) My Thai wife did translation of my name ,passport details in Thai. We didnt need a witness it was fast tracked .Thats was 4 years ago ,staff has changed completely since then ,the new head guy is very pleasant unlike 4 years ago,best to go and ask,the goal posts tend to move
  13. How do you set your a/c unit?

    With respect I would disagree.In the hot/humid months March/April to end October our little brick house averages 2,000 baht per month. I simply cant do without ac ,13 BTU bedroom and a 9 BTU study. In the cooler months November to March the monthly av is around 800 baht. We use more hot water in the cooler months and the electric oven ,toaster,TV's, computer,washing machine etc the same usage all year round
  14. Manchester United

    I was talking about Rashford and Lukaku playing up through the middle,not just up front,they both,naturally, want to play all games and then there the possibility of Zlatan coming back in the new year,good problem to have or potential discontent ? Zlatans recovery has been nothing short of amazing if you watch videos of what he's putting himself through. I dont have doubts amout Shaws attitude,I dont believe the media, only Mourinho and the stadd at the training ground really know. Dont forget he had his contract upgraded in the summer, now until 2019,that of course can be to guarantee a price if he's sold or they genuinely believe he's on the way back.remember he's still only 22. I had an identical break ,you could lay the x rays on top of each other and they would match up, and its very few who get over that injury,its usually career ending. Somone else who is coming back is young James Wilson ,a striker,who was being touted as a future first teamer,he's also back from bad injuries and looking good in the Under 23's
  15. We were at a nearby resort having lunch when the helicoptor came in maybe taking this photogragh. The work had been going on for months, maybe years, but nobody suggested before it got to this stage it was illegal. Somone had very deep pockets to build this or were on a promise.