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  1. patongphil

    Wet Stuff Comming Finally

    I always wondered why these supposed surfer dudes come to Phuket which is renowned world wide for FLAT water, whereas Indo has some of the best surfing in the world but they don't go there? Come to Phuket for the surfing ... come on.
  2. patongphil

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    Heaps more rain here again last night - looks like we will be OK for a while now. Very strong winds again we lost 40m of corrugated iron fence and many villager's lost their roofs. One lost complete house and 4 cattle corraled underneath were killed - sad.
  3. patongphil

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    Whoo Hoo 2 hours of good rain today. Plenty of wind as well and lost our back fence into the fish pond but who cares. Fish walking around on the legs they have grown over the last few months with mouths open sucking up the good stuff. Please a few more hours of this tonight or tomorrow and all will be well.
  4. patongphil

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    Well it had to happen and the main dam on the farm lost it's last little puddle yesterday and is now only a mud flat. TMD showing a few 40% chance of rain days followed by a few 20's and 10's so still hold out hope for my fish in the other dam. A few years worth of stocking, feeding etc some fairly exotic fish could all fall apart as now only have less than a meter of water/mud in a 5m deep pond.Here's hoping
  5. patongphil

    Patong - Kathu Tunnel

    Was in the Patong Municipality offices yesterday and see they have a scale model of the proposed tunnel in the entrance way on the ground floor. Was surprised to see where it starts from on the Patong side. I always thought it would basically follow the existing road over the mountain but this site starts from where the northern end of Haasip Pee road starts and then continues on an elevated section through to the new 3rd road.
  6. patongphil

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    I keep on wheeling out the old rain making machine (BBQ) but even that tried and tested old girl not working this year.
  7. patongphil

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    We had about 5 to 6 mm in mid Feb, other than that nothing at all. Everything dead or dying, rivers and dams bone dry - pretty bleak around here.
  8. patongphil

    Rubbish Tip Chalong

    I thought Chalong was the rubbish tip.
  9. patongphil

    Is It Possible To Enjoy Driving In Los?

    A lot depends on what you're driving and who you're with. Very true. Wel tomorrow at 5 am I am off on the 1350 odd km drive back to Phuket accompanied by My 2 Bosses the Missus and our 2 year old daughter. Could not think of 2 people I would prefer to have in the car with me - certainly entertaining.
  10. patongphil

    Is It Possible To Enjoy Driving In Los?

    I Was persuaded by one,two or more of my more "Careful, keeniow" friends that when driving up to a little town called Khao suan kwang 45K north of Khon Kaen from Pattaya I should take the 331 through the mountains and save money because it was a shorter distance than going up the motor way.It maybe shorter but heck its not quicker and certainly not quiet either with all the traffic on the minor roads evading the police check point on the main arterial roads.It wasn't cheaper either with all the slower heavies crawling up the mountain road with all the gear changing and slowing down on the two lane carriage ways.Checked it out twice now and in future will stay with the cruise control and relatively relaxed traffic on the motorways. Wow man someone that uses cruise control in Thailand. Probably have to set it at about 50 and sit in the slow lane. We do the Phuket to Sarakham trip regularly and never had occasion to use cruise control - too busy dodging the rest of the boys on the road. Must admit I do enjoy it though.
  11. patongphil

    3 B B - The Good Guys

    Agree completely. Nothing but good to say about their follow up service.
  12. patongphil

    Village Schools And English Teachers

    Depends on who was the one who couldn't speak English!
  13. patongphil

    Leaving Thailand For Good

    If you think that prices have not gone up then you sure live in a different world to me. For example my favorite BBQ chicken shop on the outskirts of the closest small town has raised prices from 80 baht to 90 to 100 and then yesterday to 110 baht for a chicken over the last 3 years. This just an example. Ask anyone who has been here a while how the prices of noodle soup etc have also risen dramatically. Percentage wise some very dramatic increases.
  14. patongphil

    An Isaan Dilema

    My thoughts exactly. 200,000 baht is only a weeks wages offshore - I would not hesitate.