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  1. Any leads on where I can get a car to rent for about 6 weeks from Early December to late January. Pick up and drop off Khon Kaen airport if possible. Smallish car, automatic and full insurance.
  2. patongphil

    Used Isaan house "check list" recommendations

    If you are married or have a Thai girlfriend then don't forget to get the house checked for ghosts!!!
  3. patongphil

    Fishing Kayak

    Anyone know where I can get hold of a fishing kayak? Tried searching nut all info pretty old and/or dead end.
  4. Thanks for all replies and help. Looks like I should be fine with new passport and old passport with visa and stamps etc. I will be coming back to Thailand in November and passport expires in June 2018 so wish to get new one before as much easier from here. My current extension of stay and re-entry permit expires in mid December so shpuld have sufficient time in Thailand to renew, transfer etc.
  5. Cannot find related topic. I am in Perth and will be getting a new passport while I am here. Will then require to transfer my visa and extension before returning to Thailand. Anyone done this before or can point me in the right direction? Cheers.
  6. patongphil

    Car air con mechanic needed

    Sorry dont know name but if you pull into the last set of shops before the temple and bridge you will find it ok. Sent from my SM-T819Y using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. patongphil

    Car air con mechanic needed

    Chao Fa East on the left heading north just before the bridge at Wat Ratchiwanaram. Sent from my SM-T819Y using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. patongphil


    My wife had both our daughters at Bangkok Phuket Hospital. A Dr Supajhit ( or something close to that ) Nothing but praise for he whole process both times and not really that expensive either. Great rooms and the nursery staff are excellent.
  9. 3 months after first application were asked for medical and police check.
  10. Got an email on the 4th Jan approving the application for the missus. Came with 100 visa so great. 5 months and 7 days since first applied at VFS in Bangkok. Looks like waiting times sre comimg down.
  11. patongphil

    Pharmacy in Maha Sarakham

    Norlund, Thanks for that, was exactly what I did. Strange how the same medicines cost 3 times as much as in Australia. We live and learn.
  12. patongphil

    Pharmacy in Maha Sarakham

    Looking to get some prescription medicines so am seeking a large well stocked pharmacy in the Maha Sarakham area. Cheers
  13. patongphil

    Photocopy Mahasarakham

    Well as it hapened I went into my bank to get the required letter for immigraton and whilst there asked the lady serving me where I could get copies made. She promptly said we can do them for you and proceeded to make all the copies required for the princely sum of ZERO baht. Hats off to the main branch of Ayudyha bank in the city centre and thanks to others for replies.
  14. Ha ha sorry to laugh but exactly what we ran into on monday. Pay 1,600 baht and you get it in a week, don't pay and at least 30 days. Officialdom at its best!!!! Aussie embassy give 28 days to produce documents, great way to force us all into the clutches of the greedy. Everyone I saw whilst there paid the money - probably to comply with embassy requirements.
  15. patongphil

    Photocopy Mahasarakham

    Anyone know where I can get some photocopies done in Mahasarakham city? My printer just died on me and am due to visit immigration shortly.