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  1. Thanks Joe, it would be so easy to do that but unfortunately it's not an option. Here's a screenshot from her PR application explaining the matter: While researching, I came across a note on CIC website saying that if travel is within 8 weeks, then while applying for a passport, a receipt showing that you applied for a citizenship certificate can be submitted instead of citizenship certificate itself. Too bad I only made a mental note, I tried to find it again but was unsuccessful. Will try again later. In the main time I've sent an email inquiry to consular cervices in BKK basically asking the same questions. Got an auto-reply it will take them up to a week to get back to me, but I'm not holding my breath, while living in Thailand I figured Thais are very bad replying their emails, official or not. Will wait and see.
  2. Hi all, I'll begin with a little background. I'm a naturalized Canadian citizen and am married to a Thai. She's been living between Canada and Thailand for a while when I was working in Thailand but that is the past now, I'm back working in Canada and we applied for and just recently received a PR visa for her. She needs to leave the country and land in Canada before Nov 23rd this year. Now the problem (sort of) is that she got pregnant in the process and we are expecting a baby boy on Aug 22nd. She wants to give birth in Thailand for a number of reasons, and I support her decision, however this only leaves us 3 months window to prepare all the necessary documents for the baby before her PR visa expires. I've read a lot in the last few days and overloaded my brain to the point that I can't process any more information, so I'm kind of hoping for a straight and simple answer, preferably from someone who's been in a similar situation. Baby will be Canadian by birth and so will need a Canadian passport for traveling. Processing times for passport applications are 20 days, couldn't find the urgent application processing times when applying at any consular services overseas, including in BKK. To apply for a Canadian passport, he will need a proof of citizenship. His birth certificate will be Thai (not good other than my name on it will prove that he has a Canadian parent), so a proof he will need for a passport application is a Canadian citizenship certificate, processing times for which are 5 months when applying from within Canada, and 5-8 months extra when applying for a minor living overseas, for a total up to 12 months!!! Insane.... Couldn't wait that long obviously, but I heard that the citizenship certificate and passport applications can be submitted at the same time and then you just wait normal 20 days for them to issue a passport. Can anyone confirm whether this is correct?? 20 days we could wait, or if there is an option to process the passport application urgently, I'd gladly pay extra to get it sooner. If all this can't be done within the 3 moths time frame, then we need to make an urgent change in our plans, which means getting my wife into Canada right away while she still could fly and then her giving birth in Canada.