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  1. Thanks Joe, it would be so easy to do that but unfortunately it's not an option. Here's a screenshot from her PR application explaining the matter: While researching, I came across a note on CIC website saying that if travel is within 8 weeks, then while applying for a passport, a receipt showing that you applied for a citizenship certificate can be submitted instead of citizenship certificate itself. Too bad I only made a mental note, I tried to find it again but was unsuccessful. Will try again later. In the main time I've sent an email inquiry to consular cervices in BKK basically asking the same questions. Got an auto-reply it will take them up to a week to get back to me, but I'm not holding my breath, while living in Thailand I figured Thais are very bad replying their emails, official or not. Will wait and see.
  2. Hi all, I'll begin with a little background. I'm a naturalized Canadian citizen and am married to a Thai. She's been living between Canada and Thailand for a while when I was working in Thailand but that is the past now, I'm back working in Canada and we applied for and just recently received a PR visa for her. She needs to leave the country and land in Canada before Nov 23rd this year. Now the problem (sort of) is that she got pregnant in the process and we are expecting a baby boy on Aug 22nd. She wants to give birth in Thailand for a number of reasons, and I support her decision, however this only leaves us 3 months window to prepare all the necessary documents for the baby before her PR visa expires. I've read a lot in the last few days and overloaded my brain to the point that I can't process any more information, so I'm kind of hoping for a straight and simple answer, preferably from someone who's been in a similar situation. Baby will be Canadian by birth and so will need a Canadian passport for traveling. Processing times for passport applications are 20 days, couldn't find the urgent application processing times when applying at any consular services overseas, including in BKK. To apply for a Canadian passport, he will need a proof of citizenship. His birth certificate will be Thai (not good other than my name on it will prove that he has a Canadian parent), so a proof he will need for a passport application is a Canadian citizenship certificate, processing times for which are 5 months when applying from within Canada, and 5-8 months extra when applying for a minor living overseas, for a total up to 12 months!!! Insane.... Couldn't wait that long obviously, but I heard that the citizenship certificate and passport applications can be submitted at the same time and then you just wait normal 20 days for them to issue a passport. Can anyone confirm whether this is correct?? 20 days we could wait, or if there is an option to process the passport application urgently, I'd gladly pay extra to get it sooner. If all this can't be done within the 3 moths time frame, then we need to make an urgent change in our plans, which means getting my wife into Canada right away while she still could fly and then her giving birth in Canada.
  3. Thanks, and how / where does she get it? From the condo owner or from the immigration? Does she need anything from the condo owner?
  4. OK, this is getting a little confusing. Does she need to do TM30 or resident certificate, or anything else other than the documents mentioned in post #2?
  5. I'm going to resurrect this year old topic, on behalf on my mom. She's on a single entry tourist visa with 2 months stamp in her passport, she's planning to stay in Thailand for 3 months so would need to do the extension once. Have the requirements changed in the last year? Is it still the same list of documents that is needed, that was mentioned in the posts above? Basically passport + copies, photos, money and a proof of residence? She's got a rental agreement from the condo owner, will this work as a proof of residence? Thanks
  6. That's what happens when you use batteries that are not designed to be used in mods, especially mechanicals. Like using a bicycle chain in a chainsaw. RTFM. Exactly! There's nothing in there that can blow up but the battery, which can do it if shortened or overcharged. There were also some cases of phones blowing up, didn't stop the millions of other users from using theur mobiles.
  7. My wife and I were trying for a baby for some time now, this time her period was late about 3-4 days but came today very strong. We are 2 days into touring on a bike and so she blames her sitting on a bike and shaking (road bumps and holes, etc) for losing the "baby". She found this rubbish article on internet http://www.mommyish.com/2014/03/28/what-not-to-do-while-pregnant/ and is pretty upset now and says she shouldn't went on this ride. Based on my somewhat outdated knowledge on this subject, the bike ride couldn't have affected the pregnancy (if there was one) at this stage. Maybe it (riding a bike) is not good for a baby or mother months into pregnancy but not when it's not even one month yet. Besides the article from the link above is mostly nonsense and I can't take it seriously. Would be nice to get some clarification on this subject. Would the bike ride somehow affect the early pregnancy, make the fertilised egg detach from the bomb wall and get lost? Basically that's what she's saying all that shaking did to her, even though we didn't take any terribly bumpy roads yet. What is the earliest the pregnancy tests (urine tests) can detect pregnancy? She checked a few times before our departure and they all came back negative.
  8. I don't really need a yearly extension, I will have to fly back to Canada in a month or two to finish some business so 60 days is all I need now
  9. @Eclipse is the above needed for a yearly extension or extension of any length? Who determines how long of an extension someone gets?
  10. Thanks as usual guys, very helpful. However reading all other posts here, I got more confused. 1. I read about yearly extensions here. Is it possible to get a yearly extension to stay based on marriage? If so, how is it done and what documents needed. 2. I also read about a requirement to show 400K THB in the bank to get an extension. I thought that was only needed when renewing a visa based in marriage, not getting an extension???
  11. And the last question, is there any particular immigration office I have to go to? The closest to me would be in Korat but I actually live in Chaiyaphoom province. Can I go to any other provincial immigration office? I know I can go to one in BKK but I don't like crowds so would like to avoid BKK.
  12. Oh and another question is do I need to do a 90 days reporting or will it be done automatically once I get my 60 days extension? Sorry never had to do it as I've never stayed here longer than 90 days.
  13. Thanks @rober507 you saved me some of the typing. I'm in exact same boat, I have a Non O multiple entry based on marriage and my 90 days stamp expires on 15/02. Is there a need to prove your residence or the above mentioned 4 documents are all that is required?
  14. Shurup

    Yamaha Grand Filano

    There's about 1400km on that Filano and the break is a lot better comparing to what it was new. Just wait a bit for it to wear in.
  15. The time is approaching for me to renew my 1st class insurance and I've got a quote from AA Insurance broker. The quote is from NSI and it looks good overall. Bike is 2014 Ducati Diavel Dark (2015 model). Screenshot attached. A few questions though. What is the Contract Garage? What does it mean in terms if I actually get into the accident, where will my bike be sent for repairs? Another question is in the subject line. Anyone has had any actual experiences dealing with this insurance company? How are they?