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  1. So, in your thinking those "rebels" who opposed those in power were wrong to use force (perhaps our 5th Greatgrandfathers fought side by side at Princeton, Trenton, Bradywine, etc)? Those who actively opposed legal slavery? Those who actively opposed those in power continuing discrimination? We could go to other countries also to see examples also, active opposition or not active opposition and look at the outcomes. Yes, I agree, discourse is a much better way to go and fault can be found on opposing sides for pushing through policies which should require a balanced approach. As long as that is not happening, I want the opposition to The Donald's policies to take to the streets and actively oppose. Public space is much different than entering a church...we would be in agreement, in that case. There is too much at stake...building military actions/budgets, sending Americans to die, claiming national security to protect secrecy or, on the other hand, passing legislation demanding greater access to American citizens privacy. No, Trump's direction is very dangerous. We would probably agree that the country has strayed from core values and could agree to find middle ground...most of us not seeking election seem to be more reasonable.
  2. Hmm, I do react against those who make a public claim that they represent "patriotism" and "nationalism". As an American with roots going back before the Revolution. No one is authorized by me to claim they hold these exclusive to those of us who disagree with the Trump direction. Push this and expect pushback.
  3. More power to those who seek the wealthy. Too bad Thailand does not confirm through statistical analysis where the bulk of their retirees are income wise. It appears to me more favorable conditions needs to be addressed to the great majority having the required income spent mostly in Thailand. Yes, I have lived here long enough to realize that thought processes here do not seem to buy into this fundamental reality.
  4. 555 I am so backward! I actually want to have at least a friendly rapport with a girl before having her handle my pieces parts. Stopped some time ago, attracted by a cute little massage girl. Told her I just wanted a foot massage. I was thinking that if she was friendly, flirty well, I would come back a few times and work up to a happy ending (hey! I said I was backward, never having a massage with a happy ending). well, the girl started running her hands up my shorts toward the end of the hour. 555 I just about ran out, embarrassed. Hope the story brings a laugh and a shake of your head confirming that one hears all kind of stories here in the LOS.
  5. hmmm, read posts again. Think you were quite clear in your informing on your thoughts and your "I Love Jesus" seems clear enough.
  6. Sticky wicket. I am American, left of center. I also have a CDWL. The reported facts in this case .. breaking and entering (entry by force), armed, which speaks to violence including threat to life. We all have a right to protect our and/or our loved one's lives. Shoot them non fatally? Unfortunately, depending on the legal representation, you could end up on the short end of the stick. If in the same reported situation, my reaction would have been the same. We maintain the social contact or all bets are off.
  7. Hmmm, "no money, no honey" speaks directly for one who posts "I Love Jesus".
  8. I have certainly created a problem for myself. Corneas replaced with new lenses. Now I can see there are even more cute Thai girls at a distance. Of course any closer than an am's length and I need reading glasses to check out the particulars!!!
  9. Hey! That website shows a, "Kill Bill" citation. Does that constitute an attack on my good name? signed, Bill
  10. Bought my Airblade new from the dealer in July 2011.
  11. Hmm, all I know is there seems to be a sweet spot for retired farangs with many Thai ladies, having children, needing some financial help after their breakup with aThai guy (bless their hearts). I am here to help!
  12. I voted no. As with many things, the devil is in the details. Freedom of thought, expression should be limited only when clearly trampling on the equal rights of others. So wear your headscarves, crosses, etc. As to the full coverings making personal facial recognition blocked? No. In today's society, full facial recognition can be argued as the greater value. Thus, no motorcycle helmets, ski masks, etc in the banks, airports or any public spaces. Business dress codes present a more involved question...still, human rights do not stop at the door of the workplace. More complicated but I would start from this understanding.
  13. I am still, evidently, in the mourning period after the ending of my relationship. I live here fulltime in retirement. Its not just those who have yet to come to the LOS are stuck with reality. C. Mai is not the Isaan countryside by any means but the meeting of a good Thai girl willing to trade off her beauty and relative youth for econonmic security is a challenge. Currently on the websites looking and "toying" with trying to convince myself I can play in bars without getting emotionally involved. As observed... have not given up having my cake and eating it too.
  14. Six years and counting. Ended first long term relationship and currently re-evaluating but i do not anticipate abandoning thailand at this point. For me it is boiling down to trying to stay a detached single (difficult as I am an incurable romantic) or looking for that ideal little Thai girl to care for each other (yes, I know dream away). In the meantime, some travel and saving some money!
  15. Why not?He can follow the example set by Reagan. Run up the deficit. So much for any move to balance the budget.