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  1. And so it will continue... Hmmm, the traffic video that I was required to watch states that drivers are required to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. Law breaking car with license visable needs 1). to be turned in to law enforcement for prosecution in court and 2). put on social/public media. BS to allow defamation of the law breaker...
  2. Easy call for an American...basic health care for citizens (includes reasonable healthcare costs). But then this can be said for most of "civilzed" countries).
  3. Which westerner would you choose to spend time with

    I do this quite regularly at the Chiang Mai Expats breakfasts on the 1st and 3rd Fridays every month. I enjoy meeting others and helping answer some questions from those thinking about retiring in the Chiang Mai area. Meeting those from different cultures, from different occupations, different life experiences is informative and not a little entertaining as I find most folks easy going and curious (a beneficial attitude when living in any culture not your own).
  4. And, as a result of not thinking things through, how much business will this cost? I await further info. I would add that in these days and times, I would emphasize that there is more than profits that weigh on my mind.....
  5. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Agree, not a reason to take life. Disagree that being with an attractive younger woman causes a pretty much constant paranoia. Perhaps if the man is insecure or feels threatened in some manner.
  6. LOL. This would fit in well with some of my countrymen who state or stated the same every time there is a protest against the powers that be. I am thinking that if people do not like what is taking place in government, they should take to the streets. It is the masses acting in union that will be responded to by those in power.
  7. Yes, ugly but ugly is not the issue. Replacement of containers with biodegradable materials, sufficient waste containers along the beach and then the littering fines would go a long way toward helping the issue of human waste.
  8. So, I should inform those coming from the US not to bother?
  9. That's the way I want my country to be known worldwide as an American citizen! (said tongue in cheek for those who do not recognize my sarcasm).
  10. Not drinking

    I may be able to address this shortly. I am told the Mont Clair 5 litre boxes will no longer be available @ 969 baht. There will be 3 litre boxes for the same price at around the same price.
  11. So, just my observation. I did my reading before coming to Thailand made 2 visits in 2009 and another 2 in 2010 , staying for a month each vist. Traveled, ate, explored the possibilities. Sold all property in the US and went to investment to finance a comfortable life here. A consideration for selling all was, I am not a resident of any US state, thus no state tax. I do pay federal income tax as required of all US citizens worldwide. Approaching 7 years without regrets. Just one man's experience.
  12. Widely published falling Chinese Satellite???
  13. Craigslist, Thailand, and the new U.S. law

    Not focused on this subject only but I reject the idea that the USA can claim extraterritorial jurisdiction over its citizens' worldwide. I look forward to Russia an/or China claiming the same rights over their citizens on US soil. Somehow I think the US government would find they would not agree...
  14. The change to a cash economy did bring this change for me. Standard is 10K baht a week on average. The rent and a couple of other things are transferred or topped up through bank account online.
  15. Spoken as Christ taught.... others on the forum please note, this does not reflect all Americans thinking....