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  1. Hmmm, wait. They are available here in Chiang Mai...at least during the Thanksgiving, Christmas season. I do not have an oven so its Duke's or elsewhere for these traditional meals with the "fixins".
  2. California burns: Where’s the president?

    Very funny. You are trying to be funny, aren't you? Whether one voted for him or not, as he so eloquently stated, he is the President and thus is to do his best to lead and take care of all U.S. citizens. Even those in Puerto Rico ... if you are going to comment, you gain credence by being able to check things like spelling if you are not familiar with the language. Using your lack of logic, would not the hurricanes be the problem of those Governors in Texas and Florida? FEMA is the direct result of the national government role in these natural disasters.
  3. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    You mean like the old age subsidy (minimum at best) or the medical coverage. Quite correct, the 3rd World countries do not have the social programs found in many of our home countries. Then again they do not have the same national income either. Which do you view as more reflective of age respect, putting the parents in an old age home or having them live out their days in the family? Agriculturally based societies around the world, including earlier days in the US saw the "extended family" as the usual arrangement. In the light of full disclosure, I think I would have a "survival" in the U.S. But can live better here becoming a part of a Thai family. In the West we raise our children to be independent and live, in the most part in " nuclear" families. I am still amazed that Thais would not (for the most part) consider traveling/retiring alone to a foreign country. Think it reflects the social outlook of several Asian societies.
  4. Social Security Announces 2.0 Percent Benefit Increase for 2018

    Good for us all to know, thanks.
  5. Social Security Announces 2.0 Percent Benefit Increase for 2018

    Let us revisit this. 1.) I did not address "Medicaid" 2. I did not address Medicare Part D (prescriptions). You are correct, when I had a heart attack in December 2015, there was no time to fly home to the US. Not sure about how the knee/hip replacement or cancer costs might shake out. Due to having had 5 by-passes, and at age 70 I cannot afford any kind of medical insurance here (did have a policy here upon retirement but they excluded any heart issues - my greatest risk). So, most medical costs are "self-insured". I am fortunate in having a provided (by the higher education institution I retired from) that will pay up to $5000.00 per year outside the U.S. (that offset the $11,000.00 heart attack bill).
  6. Social Security Announces 2.0 Percent Benefit Increase for 2018

    Major Medical if needed. My pockets allow a comfortable living here but a major medical issue would threaten to upend all.
  7. Social Security Announces 2.0 Percent Benefit Increase for 2018

    Correct. The closest place for us would be Guam. I keep it as a Major Medical backup if needed.
  8. Social Security Announces 2.0 Percent Benefit Increase for 2018

    So, wait and see. The last time SS went up, the increase was, at the same time taken back due to Medicare premium going up the same amount.
  9. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    Preparing to retire, I did what my education prepared me for and did my "due diligence". Read three dozen books from academic cultural studies to "Private Dancer" to get some Thai background. Discovered that 1.) In Asia, age is not an automatic disqualifier, in fact, age is respected (That is why you will be asked your age ... comes into your standing in society). 2.) Your current or past occupation also helps to identify your place in Thai society. 3.) Certainly having a steady source of income comes into play as a reflection of your social standing. Finally, 4.) deserved or not western men have a certain reputation of not running around on their woman. Wow! Retired, so of a certain age, retired Professor, steady retirement income (note that I cannot afford to live in my own country ... well, not as well), and yep, one female is enough of a challenge for me. And I am a student of Buddhism so Thailand sounded good to me. I agree. Find a traditionally raised Thai girl and live in Thailand. Short visits are OK, but do not relocate your Thai girl or you will find you have lost something along the way.
  10. Thank you for your ethnocentric input. My view is somewhat different, having gone from Bobcat to Eagle Scout and having served as the International Representative of my Scout Council in Western Kentucky. I conducted several international Scout Exchanges. Horrors! Worldwide Scout Movement includes both male and female members. We come by our Puritan, stifled outlook honestly through our history but ...
  11. I cannot fathom why the citizens of the USA have not gotten a bellyful of these regressive Trump ordered actions. Guess they just don't care otherwise they would be taking to the streets in mass to demand changes. Ha! What happened to the accusations of an "imperial" Presidency made during Obama's 8 years when he could not get Congress to act?
  12. Sailing in international waters, "a provocation", I beg to differ. My outlook is that unilateral claims by the Peoples Republic of China are the provocation to international law. I believe the International Court in the Hague found this to be true under international law.
  13. Sometimes we get it right. Same as the searing of monthly income statement for my Retirement Visa extension (although that costs me $50 ),.
  14. The major reason I try to concentrate on the seminal teachings of Christ, the Buddha, etc. rather than the "religion" teachings that grew out of these teachers. One does reflect on several "religions" and the money making corruption of the core teachings.
  15. Well, as we stand opposed it will be for others to decide as my vote balances against your vote.