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  1. Too late. Haven't you seen some folks in the US are using blow-up dolls in the passenger seat so they can use the "car pool" lanes. Hmm, just a moment. With the advent of the developing sex robots....honest, its just to fill the passenger seat.... oh, never mind.
  2. Could we read some history, please...you know for truth...
  3. Meanwhile, it is time to renew my Retirement Visa Extension. Here for 6 years, this year...1600 baht fine. Say what? Well you need to report (TM30) you live in your owned condo. Hello? You already have my 90 Day Report of my address... Sorry, that will be 1600 baht because we have not asked for this from you previously...! And Thailand wants me to encourage other retirees to come???
  4. I'm just wondering what a general strike, closing down for a couple of days, would do to get the attention of the real costs of hurting walking Street trade? Please note: wondering not suggesting....
  5. Agree with cnx355 comment. I found riding the motorbike always spiked my blood pressure. I would add the observation that having a pretty, little Thai nurse check the blood pressure seems to have an added affect....just sayin...
  6. And no recognition of the statement concerning mental issues? Jeeez...
  7. Well, if a possibility scheduled surgery, I might well return home to have the Medicare coverage (I would check to see how that would work out financially with the flight costs). Having had a heart attack in December 2016 (Chiang Mai), I would not have any concern with the care I was given.
  8. If too long, I give two short beep, beep and wai... I have not been shot at to date. 555
  9. Dear Thai Authorities, I have reported my address every 90 days to you. You have my phone records available, you have my bank records available, you have my Driver's License, my chanote and other information available. As a retired professor who has lived here on my retirement Visa, I am now informed I am to be fined for not filing a TM30 form showing, once again the address you have on many records. Nice. This is Thailand's idea of how to attract and retain retired farangs bringing a minimum of 65,000 baht every month to be spent in Thailand? Any authorities out there thinking and having the power to address these shot sighted policies?
  10. Ah, longevity, sure does give one perspective. I do recall criticism of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and some others (Elvis' hips?). There were those who condemned all that "Rock and Roll" music...afterall, we all knew what "rock and roll" referred to...
  11. I do not necessarily disagreed as you qualified the goal. How broad is your brush? Can the same thing be said about the western nations? Ask many of the divorced western males here what their costs were.....
  12. OK, my 2 satangs worth. When I started reading about Thailand before retiring here, several things came to my attention. It appeared I owe many (note not all) Thai guys a great debt of gratitude. Many seduce a girl, have a baby and then before too long, look for a younger model. 1). This, I noted left a great "pool" of 20 - 30 somethings needing to work to support the children and appreciating having an older farang to help. 2). And I read that, like much of Asia, age was not looked down upon as much as it is in the west. 3). Thai culture also determines a person's standing according to the work they do or have done. 4). If you have a steady income, that too is judged as a positive. This is the reason Thais will often ask your age, income, occupation...it is in order to put you in the proper category. Bottom line for me? Sounds very good. What's not to love?! The age thingy? Get out of your own cultural mores (although I do point to M. Douglas and C. Zeta-Jones in the West as terrific age difference models). Is it about income? Well, more about economic security. Look I have already talked too long. Read some books on Thai cultural norms, history, economic disparity and then you may get a better handle on reality here. As for me...yes, with its warts considered, I am happy to be retired here in Thailand. Oh bother! Visa Extension due! TM 30? When my name is on my condo chanote...give me a break! Thailand, tie your computer records together. You already have all my information via my bank, land office condo ownership, driver's license, phone registration records .... get with the program!
  13. Ha! Very funny. Even his own erstwhile party cannot agree to support the man, who is clearly out of his depth.
  14. My only reflections come from concerns about the sharing of technologies with China. Thailand will continue to try to balance powerful outside forces to maintain some independence. While western cooperation might allow the west to keep an eye on Chinese technology, the opposite might well be true and so the west will have to be mindful of not allowing Thai access to cutting edge technologies out of concern that this knowledge will be shared with China.
  15. Deport him back to the USA. As an American he is an embarrassment to the country. Now if we could only do that for some US elected folk as an embarrassment to the country!!!