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  1. Both calling each other's bluff. You first...I dare you...Oh, yea...well, I double dare you! Double darers go first. I do seem to remember his...when I was a child.
  2. "The political benefits for Trump are unclear. The decision will thrill Republican conservatives and evangelical Christians who make up a large share of his political base." All should understand this is not just The Donald. He is doing this in response to his "base".....
  3. Agree. Give a national healthcare scheme like, you know, all other advanced nations.
  4. As national tax support for social programs diminish, watch for the states to have to pick up the slack.
  5. And now to come after my "freeloading" Social Security and Medicare. I'll be watching the Conference Committee, if they still go along with this .... give the people what they want. Then let us see the political reaction of working middle class in the 2018 elections.
  6. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    1st & 3rd Friday of the month the Chiang Mai Expats gather for a buffet breakfast at Rivermarket Restaurant. Good breakfast and a chance to meet new people from around the globe. If you wish, sit at the newcomers table and ask questions about anything Chiang Mai. Folks here visiting, some live here part of the year and others of us live here full time. You can get answers about immigration, insurance, cost of housing, transportation, health, etc.
  7. I can pretty well write the thinking of the current US administration's thinking on dealing with a Cuban future. The term "drooling" comes into play. One can only hope that Cubans will remember the reason a "Cuban Revolution" took place and not allow a repeat of the US predatory business interests supporting a corrupt Batista to happen again to the country.
  8. Hey! Come on! Hmm, OK, you do point out some valid issues. 555 I am going on record of not commenting on the last item. They are skinning many males in the US for sexual escapades.... Not that I ever, mind you...
  9. US gays on "World Butt Photo Tour" anger Thais

    BS. These guys are not only showing that they have but ARE <deleted>. And understand, thank you, I am left of center and an American. No one in their right mind defends this type of behavior, be they gay, green, fascists, etc. Yes, the PC has, at times, been indefensible but not so broad a brush, if you please. My vote, such behavior automatically earns a 10 year ban (if not for life).
  10. My experience as I retired in Chiang Mai in 2011. Rented a house the first two years to give me a secure location while learning a bit of the language, where to find things, insurance, buying things. I found the local Expat Club very handy to ask questions of those foreigners who had been here for some time and recommend you make contact with the Chiang Rai Expats. After renting, I bought a condo. Just sold the condo a few months ago as I decided, when I croak, it would be too much of a hassle for my U.S. Sons to come over and deal with... Now back to renting. Many properties available in Chaing Mai but I cannot speak for knowing Chiang Rai. Here I rent a 3 bed, 3 bath house, one year old for 13,000 baht a month.
  11. Social Security from USA.

    Not the US. On the other hand, we are taxed on worldwide income no matter where we live.
  12. Agreed. I hope I have many more healthy years (contrary to the heart issues hanging over my head). But part of the reason retiring far from my Sons was not wanting to become a burden on them (OK, some doubt that I would not be put in a nursing home). Still, slip me the pill at the own and I would be greatful. Not into pain or being a burden. Fortunately I have no fear of dying, just not rushing it while living healthy.
  13. The U.S. would never give up Security Council Veto Power. It would be outvoted on many issues in a democratic vote. I understand your idea of weighting the voting power. Afterall I should ... these are the very reasons, ironically, for the structure of checks and balances built into the American system of government.
  14. Nukes aside being used how are those conventional weapons working out in Iraq and Afghanistan. Past time for Americans to learn the lesson taught the British many years ago. It is extremely difficult to defeat a dedicated, native population on its own territory. "When will they ever learn..."
  15. Why would they not believe this when the "greatest military power on the face of the globe" cannot win in the two major wars in which they have been engaged with their allies helping for how many years?